Death Hand and ANBU


Yuurei, Kuroji

Date: June 24th, 2010


A Happened Chanced Meeting of a Kirigakure Death Hand and a Konohagakure ANBU.

"Death Hand and ANBU"


Still winter, however Yuurei thrived in this weather. Partly because it was part of his birthright and felt more comfortable in this weather than summer, a real mood releaser this temperature holds for the member of the Death Hand. For the most, he has been left to his own vices. He would scout areas surrounding the Land of Water to guage the size of patrols and possible paths in the future should the need arise. Having made his way through Kumogakure he attempted another direction this time, wandering within the limitations of the Land of Fire close to the village of Higure.
In full attire, the black robe was concealing his face and body only revealing the strting sections of the dreadful looking mask. The extended nodachi was strapped around his back as he preferred to keep to the trees, a kunai set in his hand as he makes slight markings on certain trees guaging the distance from each other. He had no need nor whim to kill today, he has had his share of bloodshed. Of course, the next encounter was not sure. Perhaps the neutrality within the Land of Fire would save a fight, though perhaps the fact that he was clothed in combat attire might point otherwise.

Nine was on patrol, though something kept catching his attention as he moved from tree to tree, attempting to catch up to someone or something. Then in front of him he could see what appeared to be another shinobi. He stopped on a large tree branch, his eyes narrowing onto the target behind the slits of his black hare mask, covering his face. His sandals digging into the snow as he stood there for a moment, the cool winter's wind blowing across his form, though it seemed not to bother him at all. His hand moved and senbon shot out towards the tree the unknown personal was landing on, striking the wood, "Identify yourself." escapes his lips loud enough for Yuurei to hear as he stood there, his gaze on Yuurei. The senbon was clearly a warning shot, though it is possible that this shinobi was already aware of his presence at this time. Slowly his right hand would move up and run through his hair slowly as he awaited a response, a deep sigh escaping his mouth.

The senbon created the slightest thump, enough to draw the attention from Yuurei. Coming to a halt, he does not reach for the nodachi but flicks his wrists. In his left hand he held four senbon, each one nestling and concealed between the gaps between his fingers A deep breath as he turns sideways first, then towards Nine. He peers at the senbon, it was a clear warning shot indeed. A real attacker would attempt to go for the immediate kill. "I'm nothing but a Ghost, do not concern yourself with me being here. I am merely passing through." The male voice escapes his mouth. "I'm not your friend nor your foe, I have no interest in drawing blood here today." He states glancing up. By now his mask could be noted but not the village symbols. But, does this specific mask have village symbols on it? Only time will tell.
"Yuurei. Is what you may call me." He extends his right hand and points towards Nine. "Now I expect the same decency to be returned to me if you do not wish to be nmed an enemy. Who are you?" The slitted eyes of the Death Hand mask glance at nine, clearly this one was of the same 'standing' as him. This might prove to be interesting or deadly. "Should I have wished you ny ill intent in these lands, you would not have found me so easily."

Nine watches and takes note of Yuurei's actions, his hand moving away from his head as he looks at him, his black hare mask in full view however no Village markings located on it. "If you are a Ghost then I am simply a Shadow." he says slowly, his voice rather calm and has a hint of laziness to it. "However I am simply the unlucky number Nine, Nine for short." he says slowly with a small nod. He stands there, not moving to draw any weapon his gaze still located on Yuurei, "However the mask and the term Ghost does, peek my interest. Since I recently heard of a Ghost of Kiriagkure in Kumoagkure. A Ghost who uses wind based ninjutsu." he says slowly, as he watches him. A soft gust of wind causes his black fishermen pants to rustle slightly, the two kamas hanging down at his sides hit against his sides softly.
"So am I too assume you are simply moving through this land, similar to that as how you where in the Land of Lightning? Words are simple and misleading, how am I too know you have no ill intent?" he inquires, his tone still calm and lazy. "I however agree that drawing blood today is not my intent, however to avoid this I would like to know why you have found yourself here, in the current state you are in. I am assuming that if the Ghosts of Kiriagkure require masks for what they do, then perhaps what they do is something they would rather not be noted." he says slowly, tilting his head a bit to the right as he moved and leaned against the tree trunk, his arms moving and crossing across his chest.

Yuurei cackles as he raises his left hand to the sky, a quick flick of the wrist as the senbon are concealed once more. Whether Nine would see or not he gestures his hand in the direction of the other before dropping them, a sign that he had nothing concealed. But was there? "Perhaps you speak of only one Ghost from Kirigakure. If that is the fact, then yes it is I." He chuckles slightly. "Now it all depends whether or not you are the tctical reaction for Kumogakure or from somewhere else." He paces slightly but doesn't approach Nine yet, they were a few meters from each other. However any movements might be seen as offensive from either of them probably. So it is a stand off currently.
"Last time I checked the outskirts of these grounds were neutral. Kumogakure are enemies to Kirigakure and I was simply passing through-" A lie, he was tempted to it. "Before the Kumo-nin had decided to threaten me. I was just idly enjoying my time within their lands." The mask of the Death Hand notes the wind around Nine, he claps his hands. "Now this would be quite interesting indeed, do you control that element too?" More chit-chatting at the moment. "We do not need to fight today, I'm as I stated only here passing through. Perhaps I'm too ashamed to show my face, you'd never know." He gestures his head towards the markings he made. "And that is my trail home. I don't expect you to believe me, I wouldn't believe you either. So. It all depends how you want to work this, Nine. Either you are my enemy or a neutral towards me. Which is it?"

Nine watches the hand movement, his gaze moving through the slits in the mask watching Yuurei. "I am not from Kumogakure, my loyalty lies else where." he turns and the tattoo on his arm becomes more visable, "That is who I am, if you are unfamilar with it, then it appears I am of no importance to you." he says slowly. Nine continues to lean against the tree his arms cross still against his chest, his head followed Yuurei as he paced, it was true they where at a stand off, any sudden movements could be taken as a attack even if it wasn't. "The outskirts are indeed Neutral land, however brows are raised when I notice someone dressed for battle, running around with a Kunai marking trees." he says slowly, his voice still calm and he still hinting at a bit of laziness.
"Now on the topic of the Ghosts of Kiriagkure, is that the term you use for your group. I am no fool and do not enjoy being treated like one, however since I know who you are, to a degree I simply would like to have my facts straight. I have also heard you called a Death Hand. Though that might simply be a nickname." he says with a bit of a sigh and a wave of his hand, "But there is no need to fight, a simple conversation between two obviously Tactical Related Shinobi, my Land and yours, though we may not agree on certain things, I am sure both yourself and I can agree that, however, I don't except a Shinobi who from what I hear is rather skilled, to need to mark trees to find their way back." he says slowly with a small nod, "So, is it Ghosts, Death Hands, are you a Tactical Group or is it as I have heard you work under your Kage and our tools? Please enlighten, me." he says slowly as he stares at Yuurei from behind the slits in his mask.
ooc This conversation has been rather epic, both side attempting to with hold as much information as possible, but at the same time trying to keep it from turning into a huge fight since they know very little about there opponent.

"Assumptions and hunches are very dangerous in our occupation, Nine. You and I would both know that, if you do not cleverly judge the situation you might be heading towards your own defeat. And possibly, even death." He himself crosses his arm over his chest as he listens to the masked one. "I have heard of a tattoo such as yourself, however I cannot place where you indeed come from. I would not assume Kumogakure, you would not waste so much time tricking me. As this is the Land of Fire, there's only two logical choices left. 1, you are an extremely talented Ninja from another village that can slip through borders quite easily. Or 2, you are part of Konohagakure. Which in effect would mean that neutraility between our villages, and each other, really matters on how this conversation ends."
He drops his arms and leans down inspecting the senbon set in the branch between his legs, not touching it yet. "Obviously they are standards and no specific design. Perhaps you and I might be the same, which would be quite devastating a result. However, I'll give you one hunch which is sheer truth from me. I will not speak of what I am, you will have to figure that out by yourself. However, thinking that others refer to themselves as Ghosts. You are mistaken. I /am/ the Ghost of the Mist, it is my title alone. So… Nine." He chuckles standing up. "What is your assessment of this situation, then? How will it end? I believe we can chit-chat for a little bit until someone says or does something wrong."

"I agree that hunches and such are indeed dangerous." is the first thing that escapes Nine's mouth. He listens to the rest of what Yuurei has to say and offers a small nod, "I see that we are simply playing a game now, both attempting to keep our tactical edge in this conversation and not reveal any thing we may feel is of tactical value to a possible enemy Shinobi, for your tact in this situation, you have my respect." he says slowly with a small nod of his head. "I will however answer one of your questions, since I have not been polite enough to do so thus far, in regards to my Element, I am also a Wind User. I will note that you have a very keen eye, most people do not take note of my as some would call the abuse of my element in random breezes and gust, very well noted." he says with a small nod of his head, a smirk forming on his face.
"However if I do happen to be the same as you, which is up to interpretation on both ends. Then I would be forced to agree that it would bring a rather devastating result." he says slowly with another small nod, "I will make note that it is The Ghost of the Mist and not of Kirigakure, and that it is your title alone. The same as my Title is The Unlucky Number Nine." he says with a small nod, his tone still sounding rather lazy. His hand moves up and slowly runs through his spiked hair, "My assessment of the situation." he says slowly with a bit of a chuckle, "How will it end? Well the neurtality between our Villages, if I am a Konohagakure Shinobi, would be in question in my eyes simply by you moving through the outskirts and marking trees, you state it is a trail of bread crumbs, though I could take it as you marking locations for a oncoming attack or perhaps making distances." he says slowly, "So how will it end? I have no issue with it ending in conversation, the same way it started. I also have a feeling that is how you would prefer it to end."He says lazily as the smirk on his face grows a bit wider, as he pushes himself off the tree, though a sudden movement and can be taken as a possible threat, none of Nine's actions up to this point has been close to threating.

Yuurei chuckles slightly, "Very well, however both of us being able to manipulate wind would be able to smell the stench and noticed the oddest of things with our abilities of manipulating the cause-and-effect." Legs growing tired, the Death Hand leans down once more. Not sitting, that'd give too much of an advantage to Nine. "I'll return the same honesty indeed. The markings are not a path for our soldiers, I work alone. I do not believe in weakness being dragged along. However, yes, these are indeed my markings to find alternate routes from the Land of Lightning. Obviously after assessment finding one such as yourself here leads to a deadend. I would not prefer running into you when I'm injured, you /might not/ extend the curtousy that you have now. Or perhaps you might assist, who knows." Shoulders lift slightly.
"Regardless of fact, this path is indeed dangerous."
"Perhaps in future we could meet again, perhaps in the near future without our gear and pass each other one." Perhaps this would aid Yuurei in the end as well, he was manipulating his voice. Though Nine's voice was slightly muffled. "You've read reports of me from Kumogakure? If you'd enlighten me that would be great. I would assume that I'm being marked by them and patrols around their lands are increased. That's a given. Is there any other concerns that I need to be made aware of. Of course, with information you might deem neccesary to share with me." He grins. "Perhaps when our great villages finally decide on an alliance, you and I might work together. Perhaps if the neutrality twists to the bad side. You and I might, see our potential." He glances around. No other Shinobi were surrounding him yet, so Nine was as fact, also staying neutral.

"I will accept your explanation of the markings." Nine said slowly with a small nod of his head, his voice still lazy as he moved across the tree branch staring at Yuurei from behind his black hare mask. "Working alone can be dangerous, as we both know it seems." is said idly with a small wave of his hand. "Though I am sure I would not prefer running into you either if I was injuried, the results would not be in my favor I am sure." he says slowly, his hands moving and interlocking behind his head as he stretched a bit. "Though I am glad you have marked this path as dangerous, that is I would have to say is for the best." he says slowly with a small nod.
"The reports Kumogakure has, I am not privie too, however the report I have gathered, simply contains the information I have on you and that you have simply confirmed." he says slowly with a small nod, "I tend to not focus on the Alliances and Neutrality, I am sure you do not worry too much on the subject either, that you simply do as your Kage orders, placing feelings and morality to the side." he says slowly with a small nod, his eyes closing for a moment as he gathers a bit of information from the surronding area, the few scout Kiakichu letting him know, that Yuurei was still indeed alone. "However, if we do meet in battle it will be a interesting fight. It is rare I get to fight another Wind User, also I am sure if I ended up fighting besides you it would also be a interesting fight." he says slowly, with a small nod.

Yuurei nods his head, "Though I have to survey one word of warning towards you, Unlucky Number Nine. When the time and day comes where Kirigakure makes a full attempt at Kumogakure, your village must not get involved. A neutral treaty is a neutral treaty, if you show favorotism to a village that might shift the scales. With Kirigakure surrounded and the alliances change to such an extent. It might be a futile war with many… many deaths." He chuckles and stretches, "I'm from the Village of the Bloody Mist. You do not want to hear the reputation that I have within our own ranks. I just ask you do not get involved with the Kumogakure occupation. I'm not interested yet to start assasinating their ninja yet. In fact, I prefer a thorough assessment."
Head nods.
"There's this one Shinobi from Kumogakure that you should keep in high regard. She uses sound, I must say, she indeed flustered me a bit with ability. She called herself Maia. Though, I'm not sure whether or not it was her true name. So some tactical information for you. Be sure to avoid her sound techniques."
Yuurei gets up once more, and paces. "Perhaps a gesture of good faith is in order." Falling to one knee the senbon tucked in the tree where he was set is yanked out of the ground and tossed forward towards the tree that Nine was standing at. Yes, this was more offensive. "You may have that one back. I have my own." He cackles. And yes, Yuurei didn't notice the bugs yet. A tactical disadvantage at the moment. Though, Nine doesn't know his capabilities as well. "I hope to meet you again, Nine. Perhaps in future we might indeed share a meeting as our alternate selves, or perhaps we might need to deck against each other." A pause, "I however think that my welcomed stay has been overstayed. I will return to my own village." He gestures his head. "Though, you're in my way back."

Nine simply listened, "As I stated, I do not envolve myself in politics, that is a Kage's job. I simple do what is ordered of me. That is the life I choose to lead, I believe you refered to yourself as a Tool, when speaking with Maia." he says slowly with a small nod. That is all Nine has to say in regards to the whole Kumogakure and Kirigakure situation. "Though I will also known, that I also have a reputation within my ranks, not one that many take lightly. I can simply say that if we meet on the battle field, well met and the most skilled Shinobi will be the victor." he says with a small nod.
"Aye I have heard Maia is a rather skilled ninja." is the only response he gave with a wave of his hand, then the black senbon is sent towards the tree, "I figured you would like a souvenir." Nine would say with a smirk, his tone still lazy as he picked removed it from the tree and slipped it back into the armband on his arm. "Well meet, and indeed I hope we meet again, Ghost of the Mist." he says slowly with another small nod, "I would recomend however that you find a different route back to your Village, though this is Neutral Land, I can not really allow you to move forward after you have made a trail this far, I am sure you understand." he says slowly with a small nod, staring at Yuurei from behind his mask.

Yuurei nods his head and sighs, "Very well, I'll grant you that request without being stubborn." He glances around at other trees. "Farewell, Nine. I will see you perhaps in the future, if life grants us thus." He leaps from one branch to another, back, then to the right to follow an alternate path. The general direction that he initially came from.

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