Death note


Ishino, Akane, Keichi, Sarasa

Date: March 18, 2014


A group escorts a messenger on his way to deliver a death notice.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Death note"

Land of Archives

Ishino was directed to a c-rank mission. Surprising on it's own, but then he got told he's working with his students and the experiment. Well.. that makes sense then. Thus it was that Keichi, Sarasa and Akane were contacted by missive from Ishino, instructing them to meet him at the docks, by this time, so they could begin the mission they were selected for. Once they did show up, Ishino had a bow already conscripted, the basic crew in place, waiting for those who were about to travel. The old man was near Ishino, holding the umbrella for them both as he waited, looking at his watch.

Akane showed up a touch early, a satchel over her shoulder. Her hair was up in a low-key kind of bun with her customary hairsticks visible in the fog. As was typical she appeared detached unti lshe came within a short range of Ishino. Her eyes focused and she bowed her head to the man, glancing at the 'old man' beside him. She stepped onto the boat and stowed her bag, though she kept within range of it as though guarding it. She looked introspective today and quite serious. She leaned ont he side of the boat, arms crossed over her chest.

"Oh come on, a boat!?" Keichi didn't like boats…. "I knew were headed for the docks but - A BOAT - …." Yes, those things go seperately! REALLY… …. Stop looking at me like that! Keichi was - just - in time… As always. Often with a winded jog too, indicating he snuck in those five extra minutes of meditation, sleep or … simply the fact he got distracted over some flower or something in the market. "Hey, Akane!" Keichi says, noting she's got here a little earlier, quickly checking a simple, bronze plated pocketwatch he had costumized in the shop later. Two rubies matching the stones on his belt and in his ears. He flicks it open… "Quarter past half three AM…" Yea, he needs to work on that clock-reading…

At least when Ishino (or the missive) told him to what numbers the large and small hands needs to point he was always on time. Though, what time he - thinks - it is on the unacanny machine is often not entirely congruent with the actual time! Can't blame the poor guy though, his day normally consisted out of waking up when awake, and going to bed when tired! That's the - natural - way of doing it…!

A mission with her sensei. Sarasa wouldn't miss it for the world. Although the reason for her punctuality isn't all based on joyous enthusiasm. She comes down the dock right on time, with a slight smile on her face. She sits across from Akane and says, "Hi Akane-san. You're right on time too, hmm?" She pulls out a watch and looks at it closely; yup. Sarasa settles in and gives a curt nod. Then she just twiddles her thumbs, and drums her feet rhythmically against the bottom of the boat, waiting.

"Yes. A boat. It is faster than walking there." Ishino eyed Keichi as he showed up, a small shake of his head given. Nodding to both Akane and Sarasa as they showed up, he'd finally turn to the captain and motion. Promptly, the sailors got the ship under way as Ishino leaned up against the mast. "We'll be on the ship for 6 hours. Rest is probably best. We have a two day trip guarding a man from death threats. It means constant survallance and thus alternating our sleeping schedules. We don't know when, or where or who might try. So, rest up and be ready."

Akane nodded to Keichi, a sign of budding respect, and smiled softly toward Sarasa, hoping to encourage the girl's good humor. From what she'd read the messenger was only half the story, though the official mission was to protect the man while he delivered the execution notice, Akane doubted they would find the reality of it so simple. She frowned faintly as she thought of the overall situation. This was one of those missions that one could get caught up in the side details and be led astray. She listened to Ishino's directives and nodded, sitting by her bag before she dug around in it, pulling out a vial and a cloth. She carefully removed the hairsticks from her hair — and amazingly it did not fall for once! — setting the sticks in a line in front of her beside the cloth and vial. Rest would come soon.

"What sane person would want to ride - anything - that's not controlled by a twitch of the finger. It's a dead-trap that floats!" Keichi isn't sea-sick or anything. But apperently he's not the type to like mounts or anything (he has to rely on) which he can't directly control with extreme precision. I'd - much - rather walk!

Regardless, Keichi replies that nod with a warm smile. "Doing a little better?" He knew she would be the only one who knows what he's on about. He looks at Ishino and smiles. "So I don't want to play moral knight here… But our mission's a bit ironic don't you think?"

Sarasa answers Akane with a wide grin that's good-natured. She doesn't speak much as she makes sure she has everything on hand. Pack, supplies, she even gathers a bit of chakra. Once that's done she turns to Keichi and says, "Trust me. It can be less stressful than riding underwater through a giant, paper thin bubble (though not as cool.) One pop and it'd all be over." That had been a fun way to ride though.
She had given Keichi's concern a brief thought. "We're all here aren't we?" she says. Then: "Though yeah it is pretty ironic, in a way."

Ishino shook his head, closing his eyes as the old man continued to hold the umbrella over them. "No. It is a mission. There is on irony in our mission, it is simply, a mission. If you seek to dig into the mission, then you get distracted from what needs to be." Ishino opened his eyes then, looking at each of them in turn. "If you don't wish to do the mission, then you should not associate with Kirigakure. We do missions that the Mizukage deems appropriate, without question. We do them quickly and efficently. Anything less and they should go to Iwa instead." Shrugging, he'd close his eyes again. "Any of you plan on resting?"

Akane glanced up at Keichi and blinked as he asked her if she was doing better. She chuckled and nodded. "I'm quite able to take care of burns, Keichi-san." She acted faintly insulted but it was all for show, her eyes sparkled playfully to show she wasn't honestly upset over such a thing.
Keichi's comment about the mission made her set her jaw and focus on her task at hand. She had only a split second before Ishino spoke up, laying down a hardline approach to Kirigakure's missions. She took a breath and let it out slowly, pushing the thoughts away stoicly. She had no interest in angering the Mizukage nor Ishino nor any of the Swords. She liked her life where it was not on the ground.
She picked up one of her hairsticks and carefully removed the metal sheath to expose the large senbon inside. Next she carefully wiped it with the cloth several times, reducing the amount of poison on it's barb. Next she picked up the vial and a second cloth which she soaked in the dark liquid before applying the new poison to the senbon. She was methodical and careful, and just to be sure she posed little threat to anyone around her she kept tabs on them by sending out waves of medical chakra, making sure no one came within several feet of her.

Keichi looks at Akane and flashes a friendly smile. "I wasn't talking about the burns…" What he was talking about he leaves in the middle. Looking at Ishino and sighing. Nodding slowly. "It's not something I'm good at. I have done odd jobs in the past, but with those I was the one deciding how informed I was. It takes a little getting used to." He chuckles and checks his equipment.. Yep, all there.

Sarasa glances out over the vast water. At the end of Ishino's words, she gives a nod. They hadn't been hired to philosophize. "Of course," she says. Although she has to wonder why her sensei is coming and yet they're getting paid only for a C-rank mission. She doesn't ask, but still she looks at him quizzically for a moment.
"Yeah, I'm gonna rest," Sarasa says, and finds a good place to do so. She sets some kunai beside her in easy reach. Within moments she's asleep. It's not as if she was exhausted, she'd gotten enough sleep. But one of her abilities is to be able to nap instantly and anywhere, including in a rocking boat with people talking around her. But she does resurface every half an hour like clockwork, to look around, and then speed nap again. But on the last leg she'd be yawning and stretching, now awake.

So, the time passes. 6 hours, exactly, the boat showed up at a new dock. Ishino would stir then, moving from where he had been pretty much the whole time. Straightening up, he gave a small stretch, nodding his thanks to the old man and looked to the others. "Alright. We are dealing with a foreign daimyo. Please stay polite. We were not hired to judge the actions taken, we are simply guarding the one whom has to deliver the missive." Ishino shrugs then. "Not much trouble is expected. It is a c-rank for the fact we have to travel.. and I'm on it."

Akane had finished with her hairsticks and replaced them before leaning up against the wall of the ship and lowering her head. she looked quite alert until one noted her eyes were glazed. She was stirred from her nap by the hour and Sarasa's yawning. It did not take much to wake her from this form of sleep. She stood up and cracked her neck and several vertebre before picking up her satchel and nodding to Ishino. She had noted the oddness of Ishino going on a C-rank mission, and chalked it up to a genin and two foreigners making up the team. She also felt eyes on her. She was being more careful of her actions than she had been lately.

Sarasa leans over the boat, not to far, but far enough to let her fingers dip in the water. She watches the line of water that sprays up around her hand. She's doing it for fun, or something to pass the time, until they get there. When they do she straightens her hair, and makes sure she looks presentable enough. She listens carefully to Ishino's cautionary warning. "Of course," she says, the same words she'd said at the beginning of their trip.

Nodding slightly, Ishino lead the way off the boat, the old man in step with him as they made it to shore. He didn't bother to glance at the others, simply walking through the fish market that is around all docks while leading to where the meet point was at. Of course, with it being Ishino, there was a small parting of the crowd around him. Everyone got a little quieter, hushed whispers among the calls of selling goods. A seven swordman was in town. That meant whatever was going down.. it wasn't going to be good.

Akane followed Ishino closely, her face a mask of business-like appearance and polite expression. She managed to keep from smirking as the crowd whispered about the Seven Swordsman and his team.

Sarasa can't help but look around at the fish market, comparing it with their local market. If they weren't on a mission she might stop to pick up a few things. She also notes the looks Ishino is receiving, and she has to repress a wide grin. Her sensei is quite the attention getter. On the outside she seems serious and ordered. Sarasa taps her hand lightly on the side of her leg, keeping beat with her steps. Sarasa exchanges a glance with her teammates now and then.

Keichi was a little surprised at things developing the way they did… Everyone was fauning over - him - … Because of a sword? Pfft…. Tryhard… "See, everyone's collecting over the great Keichi.." He whispers with a chuckle at Akane, trying to look super stoic and sophisticated. Yes, man on a mission … - totally - …. He's out protecting the promise of death itself. And it's itching…. "Ishino-sensei?" He asks eventually… "Have you ever done a mission that still haunts you?"

"No." Ishino glanced back at them, an actual look of amusing touching his face briefly at Keichi's posing. Shaking his head, he'd look back forward. "All missions are missions. I do what is needed. One of my missions was to torture information out of people opposed to the Daimyo. I did it. Without issue. Beyond that, it's hard to come up with something that may disrupt me." He'd lead the way to the local constable. The messanger was there, waiting for his escort under heavy guard. It seems at least it was being taken serious about the potential threat. "Most likely.. this won't be any shinobi. Simply people who don't want this to pass. Everyone ready?" Ishino looked to the others, then mentioned the messanger on. "Come. Let's go so we can travel quickly."

Akane shook her head at Keichi's posturing. The man was purely incourageable. She eyed that tricky dragon for a second before she glanced at the messenger. He looked like a kid, all baby fat and big eyes. She smiled at him brightly, a smile she hadn't used for weeks, though it seemed to light up everything around her and anyone it caught in it's shine should feel more at ease.. well anyone that wasn't shinobi…. She glanced over at Ishino as he spoke of tortureing information out of someone with no after effects on his part made the woman appear very serious for a long moment. She watched the swordsman out of half lidded eyes, wary and alert. She stayed back by the messenger, though, taking up a protective stance. "Don't worry, Tsukai-san, nothing will touch you."

Sarasa glances sharply at Keiji when he questions Ishino about his past missions. But just as quickly she looks to Ishino to hear his reply. She looks a bit surprised at his answer. She's not sure if she'd expected a different answer. But her eyes grow thoughtful until they reach the messenger. She looks into his eyes for a moment. As they start off she inclines her head to him. "It's a fine thing you're doing," she says to him. "We'll make sure to keep you safe, 'kay?" Her tone is a little formal but also a little friendly, as if she sincerely means it. She keeps a sharp eye out along the way.

Keichi rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "You know, if you never talk about your feelings they'll come to eat up part of you one day." He tells his sensei. Leaving it at that daily dose of self-rightious wisdom. And deciding to forgo his follow up question with a specific example. "I have yet to meet a man that doesn't flinch.." He tells Akane, nodding at the messenger. Unlike other smiles in the group *looks at Akane* his is actually genuine and heartfelt. He almost felt sorry for the messenger, having been put in a situation like this.

"I have yet to show you the full extent of every desire you might have in life and how easily they are crushed under a genjutsu so throughly that you wish to weep but can not even bring the tears due to how distraught it makes you feel." Ishino glances back at Keichi with an easy smile, yes, he was use to this from Keichi it seems.. non-kiri nin though, so there were a few.. allowances.. accepted.

The messanger was pale, but grateful. With a swordman along, they'd most likely leave him alone, right? He'd cling to Keichi at the real smile, almost cooing in reply as he'd latch on to Keichi's arm. "You all are so brave! The people have been mean.. they.. they even said they'd hurt me!" Ok.. So while the guy was doing his job, maybe not the brightest. Ishino just sighed softly and kept walking. "It's going to be a two day trip by foot. Make sure to stay alert."

Akane wasn't sure at first wether Keichi was adressingIshino or herself when he spoke about dealing with thier feelings. In her mind there was a snicker.~You're pathetic, Bakane. I /will/ devour you one day, just wait and see.~ The crimson haired woman frowned, mentaly hissing at the voice before focusing on the road ahead of them again. She glanced around to see if anyone had caught that particular slip… Keichi's second comment made her quirk a brow. ZThe image of Ishino flinching made her smirk darkly at the man…. Akane made a mental note to tell Ishino about the energy supplements she'd brought with in case someone *glance at the hyper-active Keichi* might need a pick-me-up…

Sarasa sighs quietly. Maybe they should have talked about this moral stuff before the mission, or at least during the boat trip. It may not be the most comforting topic around the messenger. But fortunately or unfortunately the messenger doesn't seem like the type to read between lines. In fact, he seems dumb or in denial. And now she's moralizing, jeez. Sarasa moves to help form a kind of perimeter around the messenger. She keeps an eye out in the direction she's best positioned for, though with an occassional scan around. After awhile she says quietly to Ishino, "Do you mind being asked these types of questions, Ishino-sama?"

Keichi looks at Ishino and chuckles. "See, a man not scared of anything won't think of that kind of stuff." He then shuts up, senses going sharper, looking around for any potential threats. Mandoreku creeps up a bit too, the wood cracking the way most puppets do.

Keichi does look to the side. "Truely, I'm flattered, but let's focus on the mission… Shall we?" He says, trying to casually bat the messenger off. Yeaaaa, no thanks. «repo»

"But but but! Mister Keichi-kun~" The messanger was determined to hold on to Keichi for a moment or two longer, before finally giving up. He'd pout for a few moments, but finally got over it. Staying back by the girls, he'd eye Ishino who was leading, leaning over towards Sarasa. "He's.. kinda scary. Isn't he?"

Ishino would say without looking. "The man and that girl are both my students. They understand that a tough, but firm approach helps to get things done the fastest." Ishino glanced back at the messanger then. "So make sure you listen." Looking back forward, he'd glance to Sarasa with a shake of his head. "Even if I did, it wouldn't matter. They would be asked. I'd rather share knowledge then encourage ignorance."

And that left Akane, a shinobi with no visible sign or symbol of her affiliation. She smiled at the messenger again, another bright smile, saccarine sweet in the delivery. She moves closer, being sure to allow her jacket to stay open, her revealing top in full view. She had a thought about that messenger but it was always good to test things.. besides, walking was boring. "Tsukai-san, we're here to protect you. We don't need to be brave for us to do our job." Brave was doing it for free. >.>

Keichi shakes his head and looks away… If only swearing wasn't a no-no because …. ! What did you get me into Ishino!? "So, ehm… Yes, perhaps … I'll go stand here.." he says quickly jogging up to Ishino so he can walk next to him… Making sure Mandoreku covers his other shoulder.. "Seriously.." He whispers….

Sarasa smirks over at Keichi's plight, until the messenger gravitates over to her. Then her smirk vanishes. Normally she'd answer his concern with a bit of reassurance. But she really doesn't want him clinging to her like a puppy. "It's as Ishino-sensei says," Sarasa tells the messenger in a cold, flat tone. "I take after my sensei and am… violent to people. Umm, very violent." She really needs to work on her deliberate intimidation factor. And to come up with some more adjectives. She sidesteps to avoid him. Have fun with Akane.

Keichi shakes his head and looks away… If only swearing wasn't a no-no because …. ! What did you get me into Ishino!? "So, ehm… Yes, perhaps … I'll go stand here.." he says quickly jogging up to Ishino so he can walk next to him… Making sure Mandoreku covers his other shoulder.. "Seriously.." He whispers….

Ishino glanced over at Keichi curiously with a raised brow. "Hmm? What? You act friendly to people and are surprised when they are friendly back? And you constantly tell me I should be more friendly." He'd shake his head with a small chuckle. The messanger hedged away from Sarasa with a visible shudder, going to lean into Akane, bumping shoulders as he'd peer half-over her shoulder. "They are kind of scary.. Why do they send scary people? Couldn't they of hired Konoha with the friendly people?"

Ishino abruptly stopped. Turning on a dress shoe heel to face the messanger, a glare leveled at him that could almost kill.. and if it was a genjutsu, may of done just that. "We were hired to guard you from anything, while you deliver your message. You want to complain, fine. But do no bring up another village into it. We were hired and we will do the job. Nothing in the contract said you had to be whole when you turned in the message. Remember it." Turning on heel again, he'd stride forward once more. Ahead of them along the road, a low murmur, like chanting, could be heard.

Akane blinked down at the messenger as he came closer to her. She had no problem being the target of his attention as it freed up the more powerful members of the group to fight if ned be, but his words made her pause and she flushed faintly. As soon as Ishino stopped dead in his tracks, though, she stepped half in front of the messenger. Her expression said she wasn't really defying Ishino as much as protecting thier interests. Once Ishino was done both lecturing and threatening the man she looked at the messenger with a hard set to her eyes. "Nice will not protect you, Tsukai-san. These people will." She glanced back at Ishino

Keichi looks at Ishino and shakes his head… "There's a line between friendly and flirty… sensei.." He peers at Akane and nods slowly. "Plus it would be logistically unwise. And inefficient. But I don't think you're the type to care for that. Look, Kiri is here because, believe it or not, below that hard shell they show, they care… They care that you (the mission) get to where you need to be safely (get's completed..) Seems someone missed his calling as a diplomat!

Success. Sarasa smiles slightly when the messenger gravitates towards Akane. Although he might be safer with Kiri nin. Konoha nin might be questioning the morality of getting the job done, while the Kiri nin are more matter of fact. They've been paid to get from Point A to Point B. She's nodding in agreement with her sensei. She sniggers slightly. Somehow, she doesn't think the messenger is going to try getting cozy with Ishino-sensei. She's quite certain of it actually. She goes back to doing her job, keeping an eye out.

Ishino would slow as they kept walking. Ahead of them, arrayed across the road and into the trees were a bunch of people. They held signs and were chanting 'let him go' over and over. As they saw the group walking towards them, their chanting got more intense, yelling almost at them. Ishino sighed softly, glanced at the others. "You three. Handle this." He'd step forward and.. vanish. Ahh.. the joy of genjutsu. The old man was left behind, holding that umbrella casually as the crowd stopped near them.

"YOU can't kill him!" "Yeah! Let him go!!" "He is for the people!! Stop the messanger and he doesn't die!" The crowd roared as they milled about in front of the shinobi, but they didn't get too close. It WAS kiri nin.. and wasn't one of them suppose to be a swordman?

Akane let out a sigh that Ishino hadn't called her ont he defiance, not yet anyway, and continued forward. She kept close to the messenger as the crowd came into view. And Ishino…vanished?! She started to question what good the swordsman was if he was going to just vanish but then she remembered he used genjutsu… Figured. She grabbed the messenger's arm and spoke to him quietly. "Stay to the center of the group. If something happens get behind me." Letting him go then she turned toward the crowd, gathering her chakra about her.. just in case she needed to make a show of it… lightning was always good for a show…

Sarasa doesn't look surprised as the people close in around them. Although more accurately, they're closing in around the villagers. They just don't know it. But Sarasa is also visibly drawing on chakra, a slight wind blowing the pebbles and grass back. She doesn't usually do it flashily, but maybe a show will help. It worked on the messenger. Although he's not the brightest bulb in the socket. She says to him evenly, "Don't run. Don't run away. Stay close to us, and as Akane-san said, get behind one of us if you have to."

The crowd continued to mill, the messanger would crowd *right* up against Keichi's back. "Protect me!!" Yeah.. guess he wasn't going anywhere. That crowd surrounded the three shinobi, although they kept a certain distance away as Sarasa was showy about her gathering chakra.

"He helps people! You have to let him go!" "He helped my son!!" A woman held up a small child to show to the shinobi among the wave of signs. "Please don't deliver the message! Just walk away! He can live!!" They were relentless.. but they weren't trying to fight, they were pleading with the shinobi it seems.

Akane narrowed her eyes as the crowd got closer. The situation could turn deadly — for the villagers — quickly. She saw the people back away from Sarasa's show of gathering chakra and took a cue from that. She would have to do this carefully, but she focused her chakra and used the metal hairsticks as the conduit… She put her hands into a praying gesture in front of her as though focusing and allowed the lightning to seemingly shoot from around her head into the sky harmlessly. "Back away or you'll get more than a show."

Keichi suddenly seems to wake up. He was burried in thoughts… "Don't Akane.." He says, firmly, like a father or brother would….. Placing a hand on her shoulder and squeezing tightly. "Violence will only act as a catalyst." He turns to face the crowd.

"Listen, we understand you're discontent. But this isn't the way to solve things. Protest peacefully and walk away unharmed, with your lifes… Perhaps with result or at least the admiration for trying. Please don't make us defend ourselves. I wish justice be served just as much as you do. But stopping this messenger isn't justice either. The Daimyo decides on right or wrong, you all know that. And if you believe this man deserves pardon, then please, plead the daimyo… Peacefully. No man in a position like his is irrational. I promise you, you will be heard." He stands still, trigger finger on a scroll on his belt. Mandoreku shifting unomcomfortably on his shoulder, like a snake prepping to strike. Despite his harmless 'look' and sound to civilians, he was quite ready to defend himself. He learned his lesson when he tried to be nice to those shinigami spear wielding pessants in the land of fire!

'Get away or I'll chop you to pieces!' is what Sarasa wants to say. But threats need to be carried out to carry any weight, and she was never paid nor had any desire to cut through these people. Sarasa watches as Akane shoots lightning into the air. That's pretty. And Keichi follows up with an interesting strategy by giving a speech about peace and rational thinking. These people don't look peaceful and rational, but maybe Keichi's words will help. For now, she simply waits, guarding the escort silently, and waiting for any new orders.

The crowd would back up a few steps at the display of lightning from Akane. Although Keichi got catcalled and boo'd. The crowd surging closer at his words. "We won't let you go!! You can't deliver that message! The Daimyo just wants him out of his hair!! It can't happen!!!" They were getting rowdy, circling in tighter around the group.

The messanger fainted.

Akane nodded as the people backed aaway from her display… but frowned as the messenger fainted. She sighed and bent down, lifting he idio—poor guy onto her back like a child. She frowned at Time Keeper…. Then looked at Keichi. "I hope you have his back since mine is now covered." Plus she didnt need full motion to use her lightning.

Keichi looks at Akane and shakes his head. "Please?" He says. Sighing and tapping the scroll by his hip. It was a simple soft touch. But it appears that Keichi learned something else too. Always strike first, a trick he could thank his sensei for. And he felt they were at a point of no return with the crowd. So Mandoreku shoots out, flashing with lightning while rushing through the crowd like a battering ram…. Aimed to hurt? Yes… Disperse? Yes… Knock out? Perhaps! Kill? No, no the move was inheretly not deadly. Though not accurate enough to avoid it entirely either. So Keichi was quite weary using it.

Sarasa doesn't really show off her abilities. She's a bit of a one trick pony, so maybe she should wait till the last moment. But she does call out, "Is this what your hero would want? For you to come here like a mob? If any of you want to leave right now feel free to do so. There's nothing wrong with choosing a more peaceful way." She stops after that. She really shouldn't quit her day job and became an orator. But everyone else put in their two cents, why not her?

The crowd tried to scatter at the attack by Keichi, most of them getting slapped about by the puppet as a result. They'd cry out in pain, anger and the crowd got quite ugly as they'd recover, albeit very slowly. They were pulling knives now, instead of carrying signs, gathering closer to the group. Until Ishino showed up at least.

At the same spot that the old man stood at, the umbrella still covering that front spot like Ishino had never left, Ishino stepped out of the genjutsu that was hiding him. "I scouted the rest of the route. This is our only obsticle." Glancing around at the civilians, he'd frown, focusing. That immutable, deep and heady wave of dread, a sense so chilling that the civilians scrambled over themselves, falling over to get away from Ishino. "I was expecting you to either continue through them, or to kill them. Why are we delaying?" He'd glance at Akane, giving a small nod. "Thank you for carrying him." And with that, casual as could be, Ishino started forward. The people scattered in front of them, staying away from the swordman.

Akane blinked as Ishino returned and the crowd fell back. He'd expected them to kill civilians that offered just an obstruction? She frowned but nodded to his words to her. Hoisting the messenger again she started forward, taking advantage of the path Ishino was making through the crowd. She kept her thoughts to herself, but that voice in her head was laughing at her again…. ~These are the ones you want to stick with, after all. HAHAHA.~ Shut. up. She sighed, continueing to carry the dead weight of the group. She winced at the mess the puppet had made of the crowd and as Keishi had said, violence would just escalate. which was why she had only threatened them.

"Yes.. I apple at crowds…" Keichi happily admits as Raidoreku flies straight back into his scroll. Following closely by his sensei… Sheez, Genjutsu is freaking scary!

"I thought we were supposed to be polite in this country," Sarasa mutters. Maybe that etiquette never extended to the villagers. She turns her attention to her sensei, and this time she doesn't bother to stifle her laugh. They sure seem to be tripping over themselves to get away from the threat of real danger. She supposes that's what mobs are like. She draws some kunai, three between each finger of her fist. Not an attack, just a threat that the first people to draw close will get some very unpleasant wounds. And she starts forward, keeping a quick pace with Akane to see if they can't simply plow through this with the crowd control Ishino-sensei is providing.

The crowd fell behind as they walked. One or two started to go after them but the old man would look back each time, making that person drop to their knees. Finally, left behind fully, Ishino would take the umbrella from the old man, who turned to Akane to offer to carry the man wordlessly. "So what did we learn? Other than the politeness. It is good to have, until the circumstances is such that you can not maintain it while doing your duty. Then the duty has priority." He'd glance over at Sarasa with that last comment.

Akane greatfully transferred the messenger to Time Keeper's care and she couldn't help but smile at the old man, though she quickly directed the look to Ishino before nodding her thanks and continueing forward. She made a note not to shoot lightning out of her hairsticks again… it tended to sear the scalp. She continued on, listening to Ishino speak, assuming he was directing the 'lesson' at Sarasa or Keichi.. She, after all, was the experiment.

Keichi nods slowly. While he doesn't always agree with Ishino sensei it's clear that he both respects and reveres him. And he seems to take in every bit of his advice, which became more and more apperant in the way he behaves. Pre-Ishino keichi would - NEVER - attack a crowd under ANY circumstances. So sensei does rub off… "Thank you, sensei.." Always polite, even if he doesn't agree.

Sarasa is rubbing her chin when Ishino asks. She doesn't seem to be searching for Ishino's answer, but her own, and she gives it after awhile. "Even when we're polite, we shouldn't see that as a weakness, or use it like that," she says. "We can be a threat and show our strength without having to cut people down, or even speak harshly." She thinks that's right at least, and they didn't do a bad job of it. Though not an amazing one. "It's why we should've kept on moving, even when we were talking."

"That would be it, exactly, Sarasa-san. They were obviously in flux about you. Any motion you did, would of kept you going. it would of kept you on the path for your mission. Which would of gotten you closer to completion." He'd smile back at her with a small nod. "Politeness is just politeness. Neither strength, nor weakness. It is a tool. But it can be used against you, if you do not attempt to maintain yourself and your focus on the mission, of course."

Akane glanced between Keichi and Sarasa as they both seemed to take in Ishino's words and agreed to an extent, though Sarasa seemed to add to the concept. Akane was watching Ishino closely, keeping him within her range of sight as they continued walking. She kept her face as neutral as possible while her eyes were sharp and focused. She kept her thoughts to herself and remained silent as the others spoke of politeness and it's place in the mission.

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