Death Of A Jinchuuriki



Date: July 27, 2010

"Death Of A Jinchuuriki"

The Land of Lightning
Standard Time: One Year Ago
Other Time: Two Years Ago

The two faced each other before the massive castle. Once there had been a
titanic mountain peak overlooking Unraikyou — the Valley of Clouds and
Lightning. The mountain was gone now. It had been levelled and the granite
and other materials crushed into gravel that was then used to fill in the
Valley below, providing a broader expanse to build the Fortress of Eyes
upon. The battered challenger didn't know why >he'd< built here nor did he
care. All that mattered to him was destroying the other man.
The man named Uzumaki Mimaru was presently in his Three-Tailed form. He
had never before desired or truly tried to use the powers of the Lord of
Chakra, and so could go no further than this without risking the Kyuubi
getting loose. He poured all the crimson Chakra that he could handle into
the unbelievably dense, black and red sphere forming between his hands.
Nothing seemed to faze his opponent, this was his last shot. It had to
The family name was one that he had hoped to pass on to his future
children, though his wife would not abandon her own Senju name. Once he
had known in advance the names of all of his future, unborn descendants,
via the Secret Prediction Technique that only someone with both his unique
Jutsu and the power of the Nine-Tails could perform. Now everything had
collapsed into chaos. This wasn't supposed to have happened! How had it
all gone wrong? A single day and everything that was to have been was
But all he'd seen was possibility. The future was not fixed and who
should know that better than he? Still he'd refused to accept it. He'd
accepted the potential consequences, and he had braved the raw chaos of
unformed time attempting to salvage the future he'd seen. He'd known in
his heart that his Jikuukan Ninjutsu couldn't beat the paradox wave but
for once he'd refused to accept the laws of the universe. Barely, only
barely, had he escaped erasure. Re-entering normal space from the
dimensional void had been nigh impossible. He'd managed at last but at a
point months removed from the disaster. The world had been remade during
his absence and he seemed the only one left to put it right. Two others
remained but they weren't strong enough to help him. Perhaps he wasn't
strong enough either. The enemy had shrugged off all his attacks with
little effort. Could he beat him? He had to! Now!

He stood silhouetted against the bulk of the Fortress as the Chakra
sphere shrieked towards him. One hand raised to meet the onrushing ball.
His fingertips brushed it and there was a massive explosion. Masonry
sprayed everywhere as the blast ripped open the walls like wet-paper,
obliterating the high-powered Barrier Techniques that protected the
structure. Mimaru's knees buckled and he leaned on his prayer-staff for
support. He'd thrown all his remaining power into that. It must have
worked! The red Demon Fox Cloak had already dissolved from around him.
He couldn't see anything except a haze of smoke and powdered wall. There
was the crash of falling masonry and the cries of the injured and dying.
Oh, Kami, the monster had been standing in front of the servants' wing!
Screams and prayers for intercession echoed out to a deaf heaven. He
hadn't known. Even if he had he'd still have blasted him. There had been
no choice!
From behind a voice cursed him. Two translucent figures stood watching
him. One male, one female. The two other points in the triangle. Their
images were transmitted from their palaces elsewhere in the world. This
was the end of the line. His powers were exhausted and so was he. Either
of the two could be Summoned here and finish him with ease. They were apt
to be upset at losing their master. Though they wouldn't have to bother.
Mimaru couldn't handle the approaching guards in his current state. He
clung to his staff for support. It was neither weapon nor ritual focus
now, simply a crutch.
His life was forfeit but he'd killed their god-king. A fair trade. With
the abomination gone things would change. The people stood a chance of
regaining the upperhand. A pyrric victory but far better than defeat…
why was only the male cursing him!? He glanced urgently to the right where
the image of the female stood. She was smiling at him! It couldn't be! The
monster >had< to be dead! He tried to straighten up as he glimpsed
movement behind him.
The agony hit an instant before the hand exploded through his chest. In
the instant before his eyes filled with blood he saw the gauntleted hand
clutched something in its grasp. Something whose regular pulsations were
becoming irregular spasms. Through the haze of the pain he heard the
monster's deep, rasping voice saying, "If you truly are the master of
space-time techniques, this is your last chance to change the future."
A normal human would have died almost instantly. Mimaru's Bijuu-enhanced
constitution kept him going for several agonizing moments. Long enough to
realize he was dying having failed utterly. The Nine-Tails railed in
Mimaru's mind to accept more of its Chakra, heal, and fight back! But it
was far too late for that. His fingers went limp and the staff slipped
from his grasp. It toppled and arced towards the ground. The instant
before its top could strike the ground, the staff and its sealing tags
winked out of existence.
Mimaru's last coherent thought had been, 'Hashi-chan… I'm coming to
join you.'

The male of the two watchers chuckled, his orange mask with black spirals
centering on a single eye-hole on the right side masking his broad smile.
Then he picked up on a certain tension in the air. The female silently
watched her master with an expression of concern. Garbed in black
samurai's armor, the Dead King's own gaze remained fixed on the place the
staff should have landed. He seemed oblivious to the slumped man impaled
on his outstetched right arm. To the Dead King's left, the mask-wearing
man saw an image of a certain woman who represented the Technical Division
appear suddenly. She observed the situation silently. The younger of the
two females' images present stood to the Dead King's right. The images of
the two women exchanged glances. Then the younger cleared her throat
loudly. "Excuse me, Master, but you appear to have something caught on
your sleeve."
The sarcastic tone got through. The Dead King glanced to his right arm —
indicated only by the slight turn of his helmet — then shook his head. He
seemed to have recovered from his temporary trance. He braced his left
hand on the dead man's shoulder, clawed gauntlet digging into the flesh,
then heaved his trapped arm backwards. It tore free with an unpleasant
slurping noise bringing blood, muscle, and fragments of bone with it.
Realizing he was still holding his enemy's heart, he let it drop. He
released his grip on the shoulder and Uzumaki Mimaru fell in that artless,
boneless manner that only the newly dead can manage. The glowing blue
slits of his eyes, mostly hidden in the darkness of his helm, flicked to
him momentarily then he turned to his left and spoke to the newly-arrived
woman's image.
"There is a problem. I want you to take a closer look." The other gave a
respectful bow and stepped backwards. Her image flickered out. The Dead
King's gaze went back to the dead man. He shook his head and rasped, "That
was far too easy."

The missing woman reappeared soon after, dashing in from the direction of
the Fortress. She had been Summoned here, naturally. She was carrying a
single large scroll in one hand, but it seemed not to burden her. She only
slowed when she approached the Dead King. The King turned to her. "Examine
him," he ordered. She nodded and knelt over the body. The scroll was
partially unrolled, and a number of medical tools and tags were unsealed,
and then applied to the corpse in a cursory manner — yet the unseen
techniques being used were probing quite deep indeed. After a moment the
Dead King asked, "Well?"
The woman shrugged, "I am not sure what you want me to say, Master. His
first to fourth thoradic vertabrae have been shattered, the lower half of
his left lung has been shredded, most of the lefthand ribcage has been
destroyed, his heart's been removed by rather crude surgical means and
there's a hole through him big enough to stick your arm in. It is my
considered opinion that this man will never play the samisen again."
"Thank you for that in-depth analysis, doctor." The Dead King did not
seem annoyed, but neither did he sound overly amused. Ordinarily he liked
dark humor, but not in this instance. "On a more serious note, we have two
problems. I did not see where his staff went, and when I broke the Seal I
did >not< absorb the Nine-Tails's power." That made the masked man's image
grunt in surprise. Inwardly, however, he was exceptionally disturbed by
that statement. It had been bad enough that the Bijuu that should be his,
and his alone, was being denied him. Now there was the possibility that
the Nine-Tails had died with its host!?
The kneeling Medic-Nin frowned. "One moment." She began using her Sensor
capabilities to perform a more detailed analysis not only of the corpse,
but of the surrounding area. There were residual traces of the Nine-Tails,
to be sure, but the vast majority of its Chakra was simply… Gone. Even
if the Lord of Chakra had somehow 'died' with its host, that would have
been indicated quite clearly by the environment. Her frown deepened. "What
the hell?"

"My unsealing technique has not failed me before. The other six have been
absorbed without difficulty. Why was this one different?" After a moment,
the woman responded, "I can offer a hypothesis, Master." "Speak."
"According to rumors, not only did the Uzumaki Clan have amazing
Fuuinjutsu, but Mimaru himself had either a Technique for controlling
space-time or time travel abilities. Perhaps at the moment of death he
somehow sent the Nine-Tails into a dimensional void, where it would remain
Sealed until an appropriate host is ready to accept it. Perhaps even
Mimaru himself, reincarnated. So a Jinchuuriki will be born at a later
date, with the powers of the Kyuubi. Perhaps years from now."
That was an unpleasant thought. But at least they would not have to worry
about Mimaru sending the Kyuubi >backwards< in time, so that there would
already be a battle-capable adult. Not only might that have caused a
paradox and destroyed time itself, but why bother if he could just go into
the past and destroy them all as children? Yes, it seemed there were
limitations to even the legendary Mimaru's Jikuukan Ninjutsu. "A
disappointing end to a disappointing battle. I had been looking forward to
the acquisition of the limitless Chakra of the Nine-Tails. If it will
appear in the future, however, then I suppose all I must do is wait. It is
not as though I do not have all the time in the world."
'Yes,' the Dead King thought. 'I will remain for quite a long time

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