Death of Katsurou


Katsurou, Takahiro, Tsiro

Date: May 25, 2014


Kiri hunter catches up to Katsurou

"Death of Katsurou"

Cliff Side

Its been days now since Katsurou left Kirigakure and had come across Takahiro. They still travel on horseback through the Land of Fire with the sun hanging high in the sky. Katsurou stops his horse and scans the area. He also orders Takahiro to do the same with a hand gesture. After a few moments he looks back at the boy and gives him a nod. "We will rest here and have lunch." The Shirayuki dismounts and walks his horse to the side of the cliff then leaps onto a flat platform. He then watches Takahiro get his horse settled and get their lunch ready. "Have you figured out a name for your horse yet?"

The boy would unmount himself off his horse while taking both horses towards a nearby tree with a low hanging branch. The boy would tie the horses to it before taking care of them, carefully brushing their hairs and taking off their equipment. "I still have no clue Katsurou-sensei". The boy would say before reaching for his backpack, taking some loafs of bread and some carefully salted dried meat. The boy would divide some of the meat over four loafs of bread, and moving the rest of it back in his backpack. "Lunch is ready."

Yari had been tracking Katsurou since shortly after he left the village. As he moves through the trees in the land of fire, he finally comes to a stop. He was able to spot his target and another man dismounting their horses. As he watches, he places his fingers together to build his chakra. After that he draws an obsidian sword from the sheath on his back. This was the mission of a hunter nin. One of the few times he got to wear his white mask with a blue swirl of water just off to the side of center.

Katsurou takes the food Takahiro had ready and lowers his mask. "We are going to change our route to Fuuma Alley. We are low on resources and I am sure there is work there that we can find for some change." He says before taking a bite out of the meat and bread. "I want to warn you. Fuuma Alley is…rough to say the least. I want you to stick close to me and do not get seperated. It is also best that you do not speak or draw attention to yourself in any way. At least not while we are in the village."

The boy would have been eating while Katsurou made his story. The boy would nod now and then while in the meanwhile eating his sandwich-ish thing. He would take up his surroundings before clearing his throat. "I guess some rough time is a quicker way to teach." The boy of ten would say bevore lowering himself onto the ground. "I'll stand close-by."

From his spot in the tree, Yari watches momentarily as Katsurou seems to give his friend advice. He did not recognize the man's face. He doubted he was in his bingo book. Now was the time to strike. With that Yari vanished from the tree and appeared on the other side of Katsurou. His blade would have already struck through the man, or at least attempted to. This was an assassination mission. For now he would leave Takahiro alone.

The assassin's sword drives right through Katsurou's shoulder which causes him to drop his food and his eyes to widen. He lets out a cry of agony along with, "Takahiro, get to the horses and get to higher ground!"
The Shirayuki looks to the assassin in furrows his brows. Instantly his eyes turn bright blue and blue symbols can be seen forming along his bare skin. A fiery aura erupts from his body as he leaps back from the attacker and prepares for the fight that could lead to his death.

As soon as the assasin hits Katsurou, he would gasp loudly and Takahiro jumps back. The boy would quickly reach for the horses as he would move them away from the scene. The boy would, only ten years old, would mutter softly against the horses, trying to keep them calm while searching for a small hill. The boy would retie the horses as quickly as he could before jumping back to the scene through the top of the trees. The boy would focus his chakra before finding his spot with a good overview over the scene and not being too obvious, into a tree branch covered by leafs.

The obsidian struck true. That was a wonderful start to an assassination, however it did not finish the job. Yari noticed the Shirayuki was powering up. The bones in his body start to form upwards. It was a precautionary method. He was entering one of the Kaguya dances. To anyone who knew them, the form might be familiar despite the bones not protruding. As Yari turns around, his free hand reaches out to the Shirayuki, trying to toss him into a nearby tree.

Katurou watches as the attacker come at him with his hand extended. In an attempt to create some distance between them, Katsurou weaves together a series of hand seals to activate his Frozen Gate technique. However, his attacker was too fast and he is flung into the air towards a tree.

The boy would look at the attacks of the assasin, before making a few handseals. The boy would then move his hands in front of him like a gun, before releasing a small bolt of lightning, trying to hit the assasin. Takahiro would quickly jump to another tree branch, trying to get another surprise spot. He would take again a good look at the scene before readying himself.

The grasp of Katsurou's shoulder allowed Yari to toss Katsurou into the tree. Now was the moment to take advantage of the situation. It seemed that Takahiro was powering up as well. He had built his chakra but that was it. He was either extremely powerful or out of his league. The suspicion is confirmed as Takahiro sends a bolt of lightning towards Yari. It was easily forcasted and Yari would vanish before it hit him. He would appear on the other side of the tree as Katsurou slammed into it. The blade once more trying to slice through him. Takahiro remains ignored for the moment.

Katsurou's sailing body is met with a sword impaling him through the heart. His eyes widen then his body goes limp. The Shirayuki instantly dies due to the wound.

The boy would have looked at the slice that katsurou took, and Takahiro would burst down in tears directly. He would lower himself towards ground level, running towards Katsurous limp body as he starts to cry. "Not you too, pl-.. no!" The boy would shout before falling on his knees next to Katsurous body. He stomp the ground once, while continuing to cry.

The blade went through the heart of the Shirayuki and killed him. Assassination completed. Flawless victory. This was another one to be added to Yari's list of black listed missions. However as he moved towards the body he noticed Takahiro could not have been more than ten years of age, even if he looked bigger at first glance. Yari had been that age when he became a shinobi. He had fought his whole life as an orphan. Though Kirigakure was not a nice place for those that had been orphaned, it was a life.
Yari walks up behind the wailing boy and places a hand at his neck. He hits a pressure point there in the neck. The boy would see the lights go dim. It was best he did not see what Yari had to do next.
After the boy fell, Yari moved to Katsurou. He used his blade to sever the head as was the custom of the Hunter Nin. The Mizukage would likely place it upon a pike for all to see. However the body was another story. Yari reached into his pocket and produced a vial of acid. He would use it while processing the corpse.

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