Death on a Mist Covered Bridge


Sakuryu, Tsiro

Date: November 14, 2012


The two shinobi are dispatched to silence some bandits holding a village's bridge hostage. They must now allow the bridge to be destroyed.

"Death on a Mist Covered Bridge"

An Island in the Southern Land of Water

The land of Water is made up of several islands. One of these islands in the southern region has a massive gap down the center of the land mass. To get from one end to the other a massive rope bridge was built. From time to time bandits decide to hold the locals hostage by expecting them to pay a tax to upkeep the bridge. If no tax is paid then the villagers are not allowed to cross. If shinobi are involved, then they have threatened to destroy the bridge. Finally tired of being bullied, the villagers have paid for the issue to be eliminated. Silence the bandits forever. Ensure the safety of the bridge.
Saku yawns a little bit as they reach the first checkpoint . "Man this village sure wanted our help bad if they made us rush here and made us take the long way so we wouldn't be seen." She sighs and brushes at her clothes "I don't think my clothes will ever come clean" she sighs before looking at the lead Chuunin for this mission, None other than the Kaguya prodigy Tsiro. "So….how do you think this will go? I know they assigned only us to it but I have a feeling this should be higher than a C rank mission…" she says as she looks around at the terrain. "Though I'm also tired so…could be my imagination." She chuckles before looking at the boy behind her. "What do you think?"
Tsiro pondered the question asked by the Genin. "Do you know the henge jutsu?" he asks. "I think we will need to henge to look like the villagers. We pay the toll and walk onto the bridge. You take the far end and I will kill everything between us and the end we started from. We then get our money back and they are silenced."
Tsiro then looked over Saku to see what she was thinking. "The other option is to use the hidden mist technique and to assassinate them one at a time. You got any preference?" he asks.
Sakuryu rocks back on her heels a little bit. "Hmmm since I specialize in silent assassination? I think I'll go with option B." She giggles childishly. "Though I'm sure they'd love to see a bloody child villager with giant bone spikes poking out of him." She gives a little grin before adjusting her uniform slightly, pulling out a map to set on the ground. "Okay we're here….the bridge is here….if we do hidden mist here….and here it should give a decent fog coverage that they can't escape quickly but we're used to since we're from Kiri…. I'll throw Senbon to hit they're points and if they keep going I'll trap them in my special justu then you finish them off right?" she asks as she diagrams the actions out in crude a crude manga in the maps margin
Tsiro nods his head. He was fine with option be. He actually wanted A but it did not matter in the end. He looks at the map. "Thats fine, but we need to be moving across the bridge quickly. We do not want them cutting or setting fire to the bridge. Once the jutsu starts, I will walk up the bottom side of the bridge. Once I hear your senbon sail through the air, I'll make my way to the end and kill the guys over there. We basically hit them hard before they know anything is happening."
Saku nods a little and quickly rolls up the map moving into position, "Here we go.." she takes a breath before splitting from Tsiro moving to the site where she was to begin the justu, she wanted to make the timing just perfect so the mist would look as if it were rolling in naturally, it didnt really matter since they'd be dead soon but for perfections reason she did it anyways.
Tsiro moved into position as well. He then nodded to Sakuryu. He would let her do the jutsu. She was a lot better with ninjutsu than he was. Technically that was the only real jutsu he knew. It was easier to let her do it, than for him to show off his limited ability with the jutsu. As he waited for the jutsu to take effect, he began to build his chakra. Soon his bones were ready to move. Each one waiting for that moment when his mind said GO. The seconds that he waited almost felt like full moments. He was starting to feel excitement over killing in the mist. Even an adept killer still feels chills when the nature of the Kaguya calls upon them.
Saku stretches out a little bit. With a small focusing breath she started in with the Jutsu, soon a large bank of mist started to roll in slowly blanketing the area. As she finished the last hand sign for the mist she began a second set of hand signs, and then a third. The first of the two was to lower the air pressure around her, allowing her to move quicker and jump higher soon moving quicker to move into position. When the mist was just right Saku made her move and soon flurrys of senbon were hailing towards the guards on the bridge, Saku only taking a moment to calculate before letting the thin needles fly trying to make sure she could paralyze them…or at least take out their arms and legs so Tsiro could make the kill swiftly and hopefully, clean
As the mist rolled in, the young Kaguya made his way up to the underside of the bridge. A few moments later Tsiro heard the senbon move through the air. He even heard and ugh or two as the people were hit by them. In one swift motion, he moved onto the top side of the bridge. He holds his hand out towards the men and fires off three shots into the men. His attention then turns to the far side of the bridge. If they had heard any of it, they were either running or cutting the ropes. 'If the bridge falls, we fail.' Tsiro thought to himself as he attempted to sprint in that direction.
Sakuryu hurrys after the last Senbon is thrown, quickly making more and doing another wind dash to move to the other side of the bridge. Knowing they can't risk this side she let loose the larger icicles, sure they wouldn't parylze but they would kill, and if not they would stun them long enough for the co-assassin Tsiro. Taking a moment to calculate she let them fly, soon moving to get a better angle to look keeping a few senbon ready just in case, and of course these were all ice so if the enemy showed up all they would see would be water and bone, enough hopefully to throw them off of her existence.
Tsiro was on the charge across the bridge. The guards had sensed movement across the bridge, but Sakuryu was able to get there in time and catch them off guard. As they were wounded, they turned the direction which the wound came. The mist was too heavy for them to see. Fright had naturally kicked in. It was only momentary for them as Tsiro crashed into them impaling them on bones from his knees.
Once Tsiro was completely certain that all of the bandits had been killed, he turns towards Sakuryu. "This is the best mission I have seen you take part in yet. You may have some hope kid." Though Tsiro was not much more than a kid himself, he was older than her. "So now what?" he asks.
Sakuryu just grins a little bit "I have to prove myself and get stronger if I ever want to get into Anbu….or be like that cousin of yours…" She trails off and looks towards the village. "We let the mist settle a bit so theres water everywhere, put a little more evidence that you were here to destroy my senbon and icicle holes… that way with you en point and me hanging back and off to the side, when they find the body they'll assume you did it and we'll have an open window to get them." She nods silently before looking down
Sakuryu thinks a little "We move into town and scout the edge finding out their locations then we try to find their headquarters and either try to herd them into the center and take them all out at once, or we pick them off silently one by one… My choice is of course Silent but that isn't a true part of this mission. Either way when we get to the boss we should make an example of him….to make sure others do not mess with those that have Kirigakure as an ally.
Tsiro pondered the idea. "From the intel we had, this should have been it. I am guessing there might be a few more, but the mission was to take down the bandits that had a strangle hold on the bridge. Check the bodies. If there is anything leading us to believe they have more friends, we'll go get them. Deal?" he asks.
Sakuryu nods a little, letting out a click of her tongue as she searched their bodies. "I didn't even get to show my new moves." She sighs and takes everything she can find from their bodies, checking teeth, tongues, and clothing for anything suspicious.

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