Death's Hand Meets Death


Yuurei, Kirin

Date: Unknown (log received July 22, 2010)


Yuurei catches a very fresh local rumor that the Swirling Spiral was cleared out and goes to investigate, he quickly finds out why.

"Death's Hand Meets Death"

Unknown location

It's a quiet night for the notorious Fuuma Alley, almost too quiet..the strange peacefulness for the area almost blatantly suggests an angst in the air, as if all the inhabitants and travellers through the area were weary of a dangerous presence lurking through the grimey town - even more so than usual. In a far corner of the town, the sign for the SWIRLING Spiral hangs over the front end of the wooden building, a very well known gambling/drinking/ramen house..a quaint little pub that usually sees many gangsters and thugs as regular patrols. Instead of having bouncers at the doors as usual, there are none - leaving anyone to enter as they please..but for some reason, it's dead.
Kirin lightly tilts back his head, his large ricehat and cloak obscure his position..he sits alone in the corner of the pub at a table by himself..a steaming cup of herbal tea sitting on the table infront of him. Glancing just under the brim of his ricehat, Kirin looks to the bartender behind the counter..only for his hat to tilt down again as he would go back to his business..whatever that might be.

Rumors spread quite fast, especially if you are well informed. This is the case for Yuurei, a member of Kirigakure's Death Hand. He had mysterious ways and means of finding out information, alas the information that he picked up lured some interest in him. He was not foar from the Fuuma district when receiving the news, it was no secret that he was about. Those who would see him traveling would only note a black shadow or the black ANBU robe he wore. Making his way into the light, those who were already weary of the news of the visitor within the Bar would be even more paranoid when noting the black robed figure and white mask just hinting from the hood.
The Death Hand pauses at the entrance of the bar, no guards, no bouncers and no people. A quirky smile is noted from underneath the mask as he makes his way in. Kirin would immediately note a new figure stepping into this abandoned loft, for effects as well the Death Hand does lift his head to lock his slitted eyes of his mask on the Uchiha. Not an immediate approach as he makes his way towards the barman and nods his head, "Water." He utters. He won't drink the water, it was a precaution. The Death Hand simply nods his head once the water is delivered and makes his way towards the only other occupant of the bar.
Throat clears first before the glass of water is placed opposite to Kirin, "Greetings and salutations." Tone neutral. "I assume that this seat is not taken, so I will invite myself, yes?" Cocky indeed, the Death Hand takes a seat and drops his hood from his cloak. The mask now completely noted, he stares at Kirin. "Well then. I was quite surprised to catching a silly rumor that a special guest had made his way into his area, I'm even more surprised that following this rumor didn't disappoint. I am Yuurei, Death Hand and assassin to the Mizukage. Might I be privileged enough to hear you introduce yourself?" He didn't make complete eye contact.

Kirin reaches for the cup slowly, only to freeze as Yuurei steps into the room. Slowly withdrawing his hand back the few inches it advanced..he remains quiet and motionless.
As Yuurei approached the bartender and spoke for water, his request would be honored..wordlessly. Kirin lightly tilts back his ricehat..the brim slowly giving way to his red eyes, his high collar set snugly just above his nose. Kirin stares for a long moment after Yuurei speaks, almost perplexed why a member of death's hand would bother to speak instead of outright attack - unless.. he was already surrounded, but this isn't the case. Kirin's eyes narrow ever so slightly. "Your next words could be your last, Yuurei-san." Kirin says calmly, making no other movement.
The bartender simply watches on, though..when he hears that Yuurei is indead Deaths Hand as his attire would suggest..he sits down on a simple stool behind the bar, leaving only his head to peer out at the two shinobi across the darkened and abandoned pub - his right hand raises into a seal.
"Are you here on behalf of your village?" Kirin asks without answering Yuurei's own question, his gaze an unblinking stare.

Yuurei glances at Kirin and seemingly chuckles when the Missing-nin asks his question, the slitted eyes of the mask stare into the Sharingan that appeared. Call it curiosity to say the least. With the attempted Genjutsu link, the Death Hand simply counters the chakra flow with his own and nullifies the effect. He glances at his water and shuffles the glass between hands whilst still keeping it on the table. "As much as I appreciate the attempt, please do not do that again. I am well scholared on the ability of the Uchiha, but for safety sake I won't allow you to do that again. Unless you want this to become deadly." As a precaution the Death Hand would not stare into Kirin's eyes for the moment and kept the focus on the glass of water.
"Kirin-kun, I'm here on my own personal choice. If I were indeed after you, I would not bother sitting down at your table and attempt to start a humble conversation with you. Yes?" The Death Hand takes a few moments to ponder, "You may keep your guard up as you choose, think of this chance meeting nothing but sheer curiosity on my behalf. I have no intent or reason to cause you harm, my Mizukage has not ordered that I capture or kill you. However, it all depends whether or not you will attempt to harm me. If that happens."
He plants his hand on the glass.
"My attitude will change."
He cackles. "So enlighten me, confirm your identity for me and we might have a little chat?"

Kirin's eyes, slight of narrow..receed as Yuurei speaks..very few things can surprise Kirin in truth, but this was truly unexpected. "Very..well.." Kirin says at a length, slowly with the utmost deliberance and patience. Audibly, Kirin poofs into a cloud of white smoke which nearly instantly dissipates; and whether it was noticed or not, the bartender does the same.
As the smoke clears around the bartender, it reveals Kirin standing in his place with a half frown on his face. Kirin takes a few slow steps forward, moving through a part in the counter. Kirin reaches up with his left hand and removes his large ricehat..holding it in his left hand as his arm falls back down to his side. "Even words can be used as an illusion. It is also, a form of manipulation. However," - "I have no intent or reason not to cause you harm." Kirin closes his eyes slowly, "You know my identity. I'm only interested in what you can do for me, or a way to artfully kill you in as few movements as possible." Kirin says calmly, standing now just infront of the bar counter..his eyes opening slowly once more to regard Yuurei.

Yuurei chuckles as the image poofs up in smoke, he doesn't glance at the bartender but heard the voice carry from the bar. Someone with the experience of the Death Hand would know what was going on, there was no need to act or become violent for any reason. Kirin was hunted, paranoia was something which easily settled. He knew this, he had hunted a few faces Kiri Missing-Nin during his time and training. It was this experience which kept him calm, the emotionless state he was taught to be came in good for this event. He remains sitting at the table he was originally at, not bothering to glance at the Uchiha.
"Uchiha Kirin, Missing-nin from Konohagakure. I do not have a full report of your sins to accomplish your title, however I'm not interested to find out. I have heard of your name, I have heard of your Bounty. Alas, I'm not interested to collect it." Neck rolls slightly.
"But alas, this is where it is called a Stalemate for the moment being. You have to think to yourself why would someone such as myself risk encountering you if I am not satisfied with my own abilities?" He cackles. "I am not here to negotiate any treaty with you, nor give any crucial information. You misunderstand me completely. I'm loyal to my Kage and my Village, which could be completely opposite for yourself. I simply want to engage in a little conversation with yourself, if you think that you can take me out for simply being friendly." He lifts his shoulders. "Feel free and attempt to take me out with as little movement as possible." A chuckle.
"So let's engage in talks, yes?"
"What brings you all the way here so openly?"

Kirin's face is a blank stare as his name and title is repeated to him, his eyes falling to the ground thoughtfully halfway through Yuurei's reply. "Hnf." Kirin's eyes shift back to Yuurei with a slow blink. "You are skilled indeed, that much is certain. Alright then, Yuurei-san. Lets talk." Kirin's speech is calm and deliberate, like maybe he's reading it from somewhere. "My reason for being here, is a lure. For ANBU, for the wayward mercenary. This room is an entrapment. Though, you are here of your own..curiousity. How curious." Kirin continues, though his words may be latent with sarcasm and cynicism, he never misses a beat with his calm and relaxed tone of voice. "So tell me, now that you know, what will you do?"
<Public> Guest says, "hmm"

Yuurei listens to Kirin's response and shifts up from the seat and takes the water with him, he moves towards the bar and eye the counter. It was a tactic he had practised. He did not want to stare at his eyes, no matter how confident he was. The Sharingan was a dangerous tool of the Uchiha. The glass is planted on the table but he himself remains standing, "I would call if Fait, then." He chuckles and closes his eyes as he rolls his neck, "Whether you think that I'm here as a Bounty Hunter is your own choice, but as I have wandered into here, I will wander out once we are done with our talks. I'm not going to attempt anything, but will wait for you to attempt something first. "No harm will come to either of us if both of us remain as we are now. Calm and collected."
"You may do as you please, but you are in neutral ground now. Should members of Kirigakure step into this bar, I will side of them. Should members of Konohagakure step in, I will withdraw myself from any confrontation. I do not have any alliances to neutral villages."
Pacing slightly, he nods his head and plants his hand on the counter. "Kirin, starting a fight with me would be a worthless sacrifice indeed. I'm here on my own accord, I did not report the rumors to anybody. I'm here to find out simply on your motives. Perhaps in future you might aid me. So long you aren't part of my orders I'm not interested to do anything against you. But alas, why is your former village so intent on getting you killed?"

Staring at Yuurei, Kirin can already tell that Yuurei is trying to avoid eye contact. Kirin shifts his eyes down to just before his own feet, keeping Yuurei within his peripherals as he approaches the bar; as Kirin holds his ricehat atleast one could determine he is atleast still using that arm to hold the hat, unable to form handseals. "..It's complicated. I am simply doing what must be done. It is important." Kirin says calmly, seriously. "I can only be sure of who you are by fighting you." Kirin half-turns in the direction of Yuurei, his eyes raising to rest on him once more..his body begins to softly glow, blue chakra rising off of him like steam visible to even the naked eye. "If you are a Konoha shinobi, I'm sorry - but today you will die. If you are who you say you are, I have much respect for your organization - you won't be killed."

Yuurei sighs as Kirin draws the more offensive motions of doing things, he simply takes the glass of water and plants his other hand on it and leaps back in order to spill nothing. A pill is dropped in the water as he does so. Standing there he simply chuckles, a slow build up of chakra is finally released with energy as well. "Think carefully on your choices, Kirin. I came here humbly and you threaten me now." He pours the water on the ground and flings the glass into the wall to crack. "I am a member of the Death Hand, you insult me by calling me a nin of Konohagakure. I'm not from their side." He chuckles rolling his neck.
"Be careful with your attempts, I have a tolerance of rationality."

Kirin's eyes follow Yuurei's motions, nothing escaping his the water is poured, Kirin's eyes momentarily shift down at it..looking back up at Yuurei..Kirin fully turns to face him now, seemingly unimpressed at the other ninjas flourish of movement. "You know of my clans reputation. I know of the Death Hand's reputation. However, neither of us have a reason to fear one another. It is important we establish that fear now, Yuurei-san." An exact replica of Kirin poofs into view beside him as the smoke dissipates. Kirin lets his ricehat fall, and before it would even touch the ground..his hands have blurred through an extensive set of handseals.
A soft clink is heard as Kirin's kage bunshin effortlessly flings a handful of shuriken at the many alchoholic bottles stocked on the walls behind the counter..and immedietly, a spray of water needles shoot out of the resulting alchoholic splash torwards Yuurei indiscriminately.

Well then, using the gathered atmosphere around, Yuurei manages to replace his own body with a clone was the water attacks heads to him. The original however appears at the spelled water which the capsule was dropped and glances at Kirin with a smirk from underneath the mask. Hand thrusts releasing one water needle, then another, then a third. All three needles are composed of water but has the extra added poison of the capsule added to it. He leaps back and flicks his left wrist, four senbon seen held in his fingers. "Sharingan or not. There's a manner you need to conduct with opponents. Ity is not acceptable."

Kirin and his clone stand side by side, mirrored in how they look - glaring back at Yuurei still as stone statues with complacent expressions. "We are shinobi. We do not have the luxury of honor." Kirin says calmly, just as Yuurei would prepare to loose his senbon - a bright light flashes and the entire room shakes, a chilling cold is felt in the air..and a spine tingling presence floods the room and makes it darker still; the senbon all collide with the breast of a demon-like beast of inhuman nature, shielding Kirin from attack like an unbreakable shield..Kirin simply stares blank at Yuurei from seemingly within the demon, the beast ethereal in nature surrounding him protectively. "I have spoken with you as a means of respect. But, you do not fear the Uchiha, as all clans once did." Kirin closes his eyes slowly, "And so, you do not respect me."
Kirin opens his eyes with a start, and Yuurei would feel the sudden -babump* of his heartbeat. Kirin moves into a a slow walk, only to flicker out of view; reappearing infront of Yuurei as his right hand firmly grasps Yuurei's left wrist..snapping it - followed by a kunai which Kirin firmly thrusts into Yuurei's midsection twisting and slicing, at a critical spot and weakness in his armor..stepping back to leave him to slowly die, mortally wounded.
Still holding the blood stained kunai with his left hand, Kirin's eyes slowly fall to stare at the blood as it slowly drops down on Yuurei's mask. "It's a shame for you to die like this, Yuurei-san.. you could have been a great asset to Higure." Kirin says calmly, but with a notedly disappointed tone.

Yuurei remains silent as the Genjutsu takes effect, he remains quiet as his death event unfolds (one does not want to describe this as it is very graphic). Falling to the knees the Death Hand remains silent and topples to the ground taking large gasps. Chuckles are managed at times during this. "Death, personification. You've started this. I've wanted less than this. Why force it." HE cackles. "STupidity comes with thos that push."

In reality, Kirin's kage bunshin stands with a blank stare at Yuurei. Kirin himself shifts his head to the left, glancing at his clone. While Yuurei is caught in the illusion, Kirin reaches to his utility belt concealed beneath his cloak..producing kunai with seal tags attached, tossing them all about the structure. Loosing a few at the rafters, around Yuurei, the floor..the entire room is rigged with deadly explosives. Slowly picking up his ricehat, Kirin dons it slowly..making a calm walk out of the door.
In Yuurei's mind, the graphic scene of his death continues. "It makes me wonder, what type of training your ANBU has. If one comes too close to fire, you are burned. Is that not what they say?" Kirin's eyes lose focus on the blood kunai..onto Yuurei himself, looking quite pitiful. "Noone wants to die, that is to be sure. Though even as you die, you remain resolute. -You- are the curious one afterall, it seems." Kirin lowers the kunai to his side, his expression obvious full of contempt..his brows creased. "You died just now. Approach me again with meaning or intent or never again, my gift to you is your life this day." - "Oh, you have about four seconds to escape. Good luck." Kirin says before the entire illusion would be cancelled - and Yuurei would find himself standing face to face with Kirin and the room littered with seal tags that begin sizzling, starting his four second timer to escape. "Don't mind me, Yuurei-san. I'm just here to see what becomes of your escape." Kirin's kage bunshin says calmly, indestinguishable from the real him.
Almost a mile away, Kirin easily scales a large building from where he can see out onto the town in the direction of where the Swirling Spiral is, and would only be for a few seconds more.

Well Yuurei died and was then struck back to reality, the Death Hand cackles as Kirin had left, "Indeed. Such such fun. Here I wanted to discuss an agreement and he did that." Making a mental note the Death Hand gathers his thoughts. "Very well, should he not be reasonable, his chance is death." Although just still a little freked out. Kirin went with this meeting the wring way. "Death it is."

Staring out across the town atop the building, Kirin waits.. and then the explosion lights up the night from the distance of almost a mile..the illumination reflecting in his red eyes. As the clone is released, Kirin's eyes drift thoughtfully as he thinks over the experience. "Hnf, as I expected." Kirin says calmly, slowly turning around before flickering out of view as he utilizes the shunshin no jutsu.

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