Deconstruction, A Failed Attempt


Shuuren, Roku, Ryuusei

Date: November 17, 2015


Shuuren, Ryuusei, and Roku set a trap for a group of criminals planning to disrupt the reconstruction of one of Tea Country's shrines and steal the materials.

"Deconstruction, A Failed Attempt"

Tea Country Modoroki Shrine

There are few things in the world more annoying to Shuuren than a bandit, especially ones that think they're going to put a stop to his work for their own selfish reasons. A criminal organization mole made his way in among Shuuren's construction workers secretly (or so he thought) to figure out shift changes and such on the reconstruction of the shrines on Nagi and O'uzu Islands. The building materials and items for inside the shrine are valuable ones, after all, ones that could be sold or used for their own needs, and all they have to do is reach out and take what they want. By the time anyone realizes anything is wrong, they'll have made off in their ship with the goods and won't be trackable by any conventional means… At least that's what they think is going to happen.
The truth is that an eye has been kept on this organization since they surfaced in Fuuma Alley. The mole was allowed to make his way in among the construction workers purposely so the bulk of them, at least the ones that come for this heist, can be captured in one fell swoop. Since Shuuren can handle the situation with clones if it does actually get out of hand, he's decided to let some of his newer recruits in on helping take care of the situation. They'd be given disguises to look like night shift construction workers, which are generally just there to keep an eye on things and do minor things that are better left to be done at night when heavy work can't be done. Shuuren himself remains hidden for now, waiting to see what happens.

Roku is actually in the crowd. She doesn't actually have any weapons or tools. In fact, she's got nothing on her to protect herself should she be discovered. The woman sighs a little bit as she walks along. Roku knows that after this mission, Shuuren is likely going to let her borrow her scroll for a bit, as well as give her a check up. Lately, Roku hasn't been feeling well, and her coughing is getting slightly worse. Either way, her focus is on the crowd…

Ryuusei was okay with this. As long as the night construction uniform wasn't entirely strange to wear. She tries not to walk around in plain sight, even if the night made it hard for sight to detect her. By her side is a modified weapon, different from what she usually wields. Her seastone blade was katana-length, with an extra long grip. The blade still undulated, but seemed a lot more manageable. It was basically a Nagamaki. Control was something she needed, ergo, extra long handle. Minimal practice, but she was ready to serve Shuuren to fight off the enemies of tea! She thinks. She is just glad she had help today, because she was definitely not tip-top shape for this kind of thing. "Hmm. I feel like… I feel like… I shouldn't really be here. It's kind of dark…" She knew she was here with that other woman, the one she knows little about. It's fine. She supposes she'll get to talk now, given nothing was happening. "It's so dark…"
She's no sensor, and not really good at detecting things yet. Thus, she is sort of stumbling around… There was even a soft thunk, for where she tripped over a piece of wood. It's going to be a long night… "Hey, what was your name again?"

The area is quiet for a while, but the man that was indicated as the mole would finally be seen coming in to work. He unknowingly walks right up to Ryuusei with holds out some papers that looks basically official. "We've got borders from the Daimyo to move the bricks here to the other island. He's apparently decided on a different color for this place." Following behind him, three dozen men walk into the construction around, all adorned in workers uniforms but not really looking like actual workers if one really studies them.

Roku blinks a few times. "But the Daimyo was just here a short time ago. He gave us papers, and told us that this is the project we're sopposed to work on.", she tells. The woman coughs a little bit, watching the group coming in…..

Ryuusei would be thrust into a decision position. She could barely see as it was and suddenly, now she has to make a decision. "Uh… Uhm… I mean… These papers do look official… Well… actually… They don't look official, because I can't see them. Do you have a lantern or anything?" She asks, as her hands reach back to rest on the grip of her unique blade. "I… I'm pretty sure. uh… that…" She looks over to Roku whom merely says the Daimyo was just here. She swallows her fears back and tenses her muscles. "Yeah! He was! How do you explain that!?"

These two definitely have to work on their undercover work. They've managed to immediately tip off the mole and thus all the men that just walked into the construction area that they know something is amiss. "Well then," he says with a smirk as he reaches to his side and withdraws long knife. "Guess I'll just explain it with this." Suddenly the girls would find themselves surrounded by men all drawing knives and charging at them.

Shuuren remains still for the moment yet… or at least he would seem to. These men are a bit too dopey to know a Shadow Clone has moved past them on their sides to move to the ship they came from. That and his real speed is something most people can't detect.

Roku eeps as the knives come in. There's a bit of a chakra surge, and her feathers come out. THey start swatting at the knives, keeping them at bay as Roku stands in her spot. Then there's a shift in the chakra, and three of the feathers become beasts, suddenly lashing at at the bandits….

Ryuusei's blade would burst out of it's sheath in a watery explosion, which allowed her to slice across the man's chest rather easily, knocking away the first stab in the process and making a watery mess. The second stab, however, plunges into Ryuusei's stomach. It makes her wish she could turn into water, for she just got dunked on. She would draw back from the attacker she had, shuffling as she sheathed her blade before pulling out the strike in an arc while reversing and using a burst of chakra to cause water to explode out one side of the blade to reverse trajectory. Complicated. Basically a double slash that was water assisted… "Hurts…" She says as she bites her lip. That went in deep…

"What the-" Roku's power is starting to some of the men, in so much that she gets a good flurry in, though some have their wits about them enough to defend themselves. Ryuusei's has good luck as well, slicing one man across the chest and another, though other manage to avoid her attacks. The numbers are still quite thick in comparison to what's been cut down, of course, so the blades keep coming at them.

Back at the port where the ship is docked, Shuuren's clone appears and looks around. He smirks at the sight of the ship then flickers onto it with a powerful kick to the mast, which is sent tumbling down and crashing onto the deck to destroy quite a bit of it, including the rudder.

Roku is still learning how to actually use her own style. The beasts run around while the other two feathers try to defend her. It doesn't work out as Roku doesn't move from her spot, as two blades end up in her back! She goes into OWIE mode, sending her beasts behind her to try to get he jerks who stabbed her….

That was a terrible defense by Ryuusei, whom was backed against an area of incomplete wall. She was unable to get any jutsu ready for defense, and such as stabbed a few more times. It was such that she felt she might have serious internal damage, because she can feel how much she is in right now. Fortunately, she still had the wits about her to put much, much more chakra into her swings. She raises her blade over head and uses her blade's function to slash down upon her assailants, before drawing her blade to her side and swinging wide. "Roku, we might need to run…" She says, not sure that they can fight against the group. It… it was partially her big mouth that got them into this situation. She'd drop to a knee after her attack.

Though some of the men are struck down by the girl's combined attacks, many are still left, and they're not giving up! Just as they all start to charge toward them with intent to kill, an enormous puff of smoke surrounds them and fades away to reveal that they are surrounded by a wall of snakes in innumerable amount that lash out and end the battle, at least this part of it in one combined attack, not that they would see any of it since all they can see are the backs of snakes several stories high. Another puff of smoke later, however, the snakes have gone and they are surrounded by piles of mostly dead bandits.
"You did quite well," Shuuren says as he appears before Roku and Ryuusei with a flicker. "I could've step in sooner I suppose, but, if I step in too soon each time, you won't gain any real experience." Stepping directly over to Ryuusei, he brings his hands into a seal, creating an aura of chakra particles around his arms that flow into her as he places his hands over her shoulders to heal her from the inside out. "You'll be next, Roku, since I believe you're going to need a bit more work."

Roku lets out a deep breath as she falls to the ground. "You could have warned me that we were goign to do something like that.", she tells. The woman sighs a bit as she yawns.

Ryuusei was going to squeal at the fact that there were SO MANY SNAKES! Yet, there was the issue of having a few wounds that took her mind off of it. "W-what in the world kind of… of jutsu is that?" She asks, as she holds her wound. "Ugh…" Then she heard him, but regardless she slid down to sit upon the ground to rest. Keeping upright was hurting. "Shuuren-dono…" Fortunately, he was there to heal her, thus starting to remove the pain from within her… "T-thank you…" She did not feel as if she did good…

Within moments Ryuusei is fully healed, and Shuuren nods down at her. "Trust me, you did better than you think. For the sheer amount enemies you were facing at your current level of skill, you kept your head and fought valiantly and even knew when you might possibly need to make an exit." He then turns to Roku, stepping over and bringing his hands into a seal to create another aura of chakra that flows into her as he places his hands over to begin the repairs, both from this battle and the long-term damage done by her jutsu.

Ryuusei spends a few moments on the ground, a little blood still caking the clothing that lined the entrance wounds, but Shuuren is one of the best medics. She would be apt to standing up. Her blade scrapes the ground as she raises it to sheathe it. "This was all my fault, though. I forgot what I was supposed to do, and blew the mission." She would bow, closing her eyes. "Forgive me. It won't happen again…"

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