Delivering Supplies Together


Rockpath (emitter), Tsukino, Mayuri, Soren, Kyuketsuki

Date: February 9, 2015


An easy mission that will build Kumo/Konoha relations; members from each village are to bring a supply of food and comfort to a village on the border.

"Delivering Supplies Together"

Border of Land of Fire and Land of Lightning

Between the Land of Lightning and the Land of Fire was a small village. The people of this village were suffering from lack of food, so both Kumogakure and Konohagakure worked out a way to provide them with supplies. From the Leaf, food. From the clouds, bedding supplies. Each team was to meet up where their borders touched (there's definitely a point like that…) and then continue on towards the village, working together from there. Kumo Genin would, of course, be accompanied by a Chuunin to make sure they are safe while the prison break is occurring.

- Leaving the village and going somewhere, even if it is with other shinobi, is exciting for one like Mayuri who loves to travel and explore the world. So, despite being watched by a chuunin, she has plenty of bubbling excitement. As she goes along, she ponders the various plants she comes across, occasionally stopping to pick some and put them into a pouch. At the meeting place, such activities become far more common for the Tenjin.

Tsukino had returned from her last mission visibly shaken. She had taken this mission as a sort of act of atonement for taking another life. Still, she was under no illusions that this was going to just be a simple mission. She met Soren and exchanged greetings with him and Kyuketsuki, introducing herself as Uzumaki Tsukino, a member of Uzushiogakure that was living in Konoha now. (Though they may have heard rumors of her being the Hokage's girlfriend.)She led them to the meeting point and turned to the two with her. "They should be along shortly I'm sure."

Soren smiled just a bit, as he bowed towards Tsukino, introducing himself as Inuzuka Soren. Technically not a combat asset to this mission, Soren's presence was more for the actual transportation of the food supplies, with a large scroll specifically for food storage, and lots of it. Both Tsukino and Kyu would probably note, he didn't wear a headband, and possibly even know him as a blacksmith in Konoha. Either way, he seemed to have no problems with traveling, or helping out a small village, so he had volunteered for the job.

Kyu bows respectfully to Tsukino but not quite as deeply as most people do, he introduces himself as Uchiha Kyuketsuki, Kyu for short, he also introduces the reason for his slightly odd bow, a kitten thats sitting calmly in his hood, he introduces the cat as Nona. Kyu looks around briefly before asking "So, any idea who's gonna be working with us?" He asks the question curiously.

The Chuunin with Mayuri, one Saito Renaru, simply shakes his head at the girl's inspection of plants. "Mayuri-san, we need to be quick about this… People need these supplies soon, and the food is being held up because of us." They are the last to arrive, sadly, though the Chuunin does offer a bow to all three, introducing himself and Mayuri. "We should get going, I assume?" he asks, making sure the horse drawing the cart of supplies is staying still.

- Mayuri looks up from where she is hunched down over a few plants. "Of course it is important to help them, but a lot of the stuff I have collected can be usd in medicines and even as food. So, it's not entirely time wasted." She smiles reassuringly to the chuunin before getting back up and moving back to his side. "Sorry, though. I suppose I Should ask permission before running of like that."

Tsukino bowed her crimson haired head to the Kumo Chuunin as he introduced himself and Mayuri. Tsukino in turn introduced Soren and Kyu then finally herself. She did not expect them to know of her background, though the spiral on her hitai-ate marked her as a member of Uzushiogakure. She had long crimson hair that fell freely down her back and brushed her thighs, her clothes were black and grey and her eyes were a bright blue, though dull somehow. She looked over at the cart and glanced at Kyu. "Uchiha-kun you can probably put that scroll int he wagon if it gets too heavy for you." The suggestion was also a question for Renaru. Once everything was set Tsukino turned down the appropriate path. "The village is this way." And began to walk in that direction.

Soren smiled just a bit, and bowed as they traded introductions. "Inuzuka Soren, at your service." he says, as he rises. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." Soren follows after Tsukino quickly, and raises a brow. "Mayuri-san, would you have happened to find anything for inflamation?" he asks with a tilt of his head.

Kyu nods at the recommendation of putting the scroll in the wagon. "Yeah.. I'm not very strong physically, my strength is all mental. But anyways, remind me what our mission is again? I… may have not been paying attention earlier." Kyu looks away and seems slightly embarassed by admitting that. Nano curls up in his hood, yawning slightly.

The Chuunin nods lightly and follows after Tsukino, allowing the scroll to be put in the cart. He stays back a bit because he's leading the horse and cart. "The mission is just to deliver supplies to a village. Fairly simple, Kyu." He nods a bit. "We shouldn't have much trouble beyond the occasional bandit." A light grin. "But just be prepared, as they can still be nasty.

- Mayuri moves over a little closer to Soren and empties some leaves and other items into a little bag before handing it to him. "Crush that up and boil it like tea and it should help. It's not the best, but its the best I've got with me." She smiles reassuringly, then turns and moves back to her chuunin's side. "Let's go save some people!"

Tsukino sent Kyu a disapproving look when he said he might not have been listening to the mission. If his strength was mental he should pay more attention. But her eyes dulled again and she simply looked forward again as they traveled. She listened as Soren asked about the herbs Mayuri had spoken of and though she should have been interested in that herself she only paid half attention to the conversation. She was mentally elsewhere so she couldn't exactly scold Kyu about it. When Renaru mentioned bandits The Uzumaki princess seemed to bear an even heavier weight but she remained quiet as she led the party, glad that everyone was behind her and thus would not see her face or eyes. Just to be sure hse let her bangs fall in front of her a bit.

Soren smiled and bowed just a bit to Mayuri. "Thank you much Mayuri-san. The weather this year has been taking a bigger toll than normal." He says with a knock to his prosthetic. Soren walked forward, and patted Tsukino on the shoulder. He passed her a 'leave it to me' look, and that was it. "Kyu-san. You really should pay more attention. This is kindof important, you know." he says with a small smile, looking back at the boy. "So roughly how far to this village?"

Kyu nods, "I'll definitely pay more attention, Im sorry." he lowered his view a bit, looking at the ground of the path ahead of him instead of his usual straight ahead. Kyu clears his mind and looks back up at the path ahead. He listens to Soren's question about how far the village is and shifts his gaze to Tsukino's back, listening for the answer.

The Saito just continues to casually walk along, chatting with the people on the mission amicably. He seems to be a pretty relaxed guy. Hopefully he is as reliable as an actual Chuunin, as he may not seem like it… As luck would have it, he trips… And his clumsiness is just exponentially growing in his companions' eyes, likely, as he also ends up letting go of the horse, which is now startled by the sudden fall of the man, making it dash forward. Runaway horse!!!

- Mayuri is, indeed, growing suspicious of the chuunin that was sent to watch over her. Was her really as useless as he seemed? She wasn't sure she could be that pathetic… he survived to become a chuunin, though, so that had to count for something! When he falls, Mayuri moves up to help him back to his feet, leaving the more experienced, and likely faster, shinobi to do the rest. "Are you okay?"

Tsukino jumped a bit at Soren's casual touch but saw that expression and simply gave a small nod in acknowledgement. The rebuke was proobably kinder comming from Soren considering, Tsukino might have been unintentionally harsh with the boy. Though why he carried that kitten made her wonder…. She couldn't imagine an Uchiha being allowed to imitate another clan, from what she understood they were pretty… proud.
The sound of a body hitting the ground and the horse whinying then clodding toward her had Tsukino turn suddenly, her hands automatically flashing through signs and seals. As the horse barreled forward Tsukino reached out to slap the thing on it's rump, a seal glowing from her palm to freeze the horse in a formation of chakra. The wagon would jolt and a few crates might snap but nothing should be too damaged….

Soren stepped out of the way of the horse, and was obviously about to do something, but then Tsukino acts, and he nods towards her, his chakra threads reaching out to support the horse so that it wouldn't fall in it's sudden ridgedness. "Nice shot." he says with a nod.

Kyu stumbles as the horse rushes past him, Nano waking from her short nap at his sudden movement, he regains his balance in time to see the horse get frozen and to see Soren use his chakra threads to hold the horse up, he looked confused and looked back at the one who had fallen and seems to realize what happened and walks to the back of the wagon, checking to make sure nothing was damaged, Nano simply scanned the area, now wide awake and thoroughly confused by what happened, she seems a bit annoyed by the sudden rude awakening.

The Saito gets up and brushes himself off. Oops… He offers a sheepish grin. "Thanks for the hand, guys. Sorry I'm a bit clumsy." Kyu would see that many of the goods are unharmed. What's within are things meant to be used for bedding. Pillows, blankets, comforters, etc… And the food is stored safely within the scroll. "Uhh… Let's just continue on, I guess. We're about two miles from the village, if I'm remembering the trail correctly, so we should manage to get there with not much more trouble.

Tsukino blinked as Soren helped steady the horse and paid her a compliment. She then frowned a bit at Renaru, wondering if something had happened or he was really that clumbsy. She looked around them then as she released the horse slowly from her seal. Stroking the animal's muzzle she cooed at it quietly. Once it was clear that it was not going to try bolting again she looked at the others. "Is anywone hurt?" Her blue eyes showed concerna nd a hint of her usual softer, gentler nature. She nodded to the Saito and put a hand on the horse's mane, stroking the hair softly and hopefully keeping the animal calmer.

Soren nodded. "I think everyone's fine." he says, walking over and nodding towards Tsukino. "I assume this means you're ok too?" He particularly spared a glance at Kyu, and Mayuri, the two being younger, and much more crushable by horse hoof.

Kyu, having confirmed nothing is too badly damaged, returns to the Soren and Tsukino "I'm fine and so are the things in the wagon. Don't worry too much about me getting hurt, I'm used to taking a beating. Be it by hooves or by fists or by a tornado of cutting wind…" He seems to get distracted at the last part and trails off a bit, but quickly returns. "What I'm trying to say is, you don't need to worry about me!" He smiles a bit at the two.

The Saito grins a bit. It seems the mission wasn't very exciting except for an almost runaway horse. They reach the village with little issue and are able to hand out all the supplies, making the villagers very very happy with the shinobi. Many people come for a 'feast' held in the center of the town, most of them inviting their saviors to stay and dine before they leave for home. "You can stay in an inn, if you have a long ways to travel," says the Innkeeper to the group. "Half-price."

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