Delivery Complete! An Audience with the Hokage


Hashiramako, Haruka, Daisuke

Date: August 19, 2012


Haruka is finally able to gain an audience with the Hokage, carrying an important bit of information from the Sealmistress of Uzushiogakure that she is to deliver to the Hokage for safekeeping.

"Delivery Complete! An Audience with the Hokage"

Hokage's Lookout

Haruka barely says a word as Daisuke leads her on toward the Hokage's lookout. Their earlier conversation and revelations about seal research seemed to stun her. "I mean all that research, and work. I know what it's for. But I never really thought about it actually being put to use. A bit naive I guess, even for someone who's gone through the wars." Her thoughts leading to a faint frown, as if she's finally processed what's going through her head she quickly looks up toward him. "That kind of seal… To hold something like what I felt there. It would require more chakra then… Well someone strong would have to give up almost all of their own chakra to power it. Wouldn't they?" That of course doesn't ease the frown on her features but she shakes her head. "I guess if there was little choice. But it just reminds me of things that my Grandmother was speaking about, and makes me realize just how dangerous the work she's been keeping secret has been over the years. So I guess there is, yes we need to talk to her. It means I have a potentially dangerous scroll on my hands, far beyond just simply hiding it." Haruka shakes her head, and sighs. "Grandmother… What an understatement."

Daisuke listens to Haruka as they make their way to his aunts office, still not quite sure how he felt about Haruka's grandmother and messing around with a seal like the one he had on his body, a gift from his father and Hashi long ago. As Haruka mentions 'giving up chakra' it hits a sour spot for him, quietly mumbling, "Something like that." Finally they arrive at the lookout and Daisuke nods to the two chuunin on duty who let him pass, no sinister stare necessary anymore to spook them into passing. They had developed a small bond after Daisuke kept 'hanging around' the Hokage. Once the duo were up the stairs in front of the office, Daisuke turns to Haruka and asks "Are you ready?" With a smile and not even waiting for her answer, he knocks, his usual 'code' knock, Knock, Knock, Kno-Knock, Knock. *pause* Knock, knock.

Being back in the office has to be the biggest pain in Hashi's rear end, almost literally. Sitting with this armor on in a seat and writing all day is not fun or engaging. Nor is listening to old farts yapping in her ear about how to handle the village. While she values their input, sometimes it can be a little excessive…and boring. Oh well. Such is the duties of the Hokage.

She stretches and yawns while leaning back in her chair to lounge for a bit. She can say she got a hand cramp or something if someone asks about—Oh shoot. The door… "I have a hand cramp! You're not going to get me to write anything more until I give it ample rest!" She calls out to the door. "And my bottom has a bruise from excessive sitting…and I might perform defenestration!"

"It would appear that she's had quite a bad day." Haruka raises an eyebrow as she eyes Daisuke. Though her eyes shine with a little amusement as she thinks about the Hokage's visitors being thrown out windows. "At least I know how to walk back down the building safely." She takes a step back away from the door and gestures to it. "You first, I do believe you are less likely to be thrown out the window, being a favorite relative. Yes?" She doesn't really appear worried, of course she rarely shows most of her emotions openly to begin with.

Daisuke is embarrassed by his aunt even outside the door. He opens the door with a roll of his eyes and already lays into his aunt. "Jeez Mako-baa, I bring you guests and you embarrass me even before the door opens? You are becoming as work-adverse as your nephew and that isn't a good thing." Throughout the mini lecture you could tell by Daisuke's tone that he cared deeply for his aunt, being a kid as usual around her felt natural as she was the only parental figure in his young life until much later. "Don't worry, you don't have to do more wor-…" he says before stopping, remembering Haruka was bringing a scroll. "Actually maybe you will, but it is important."

When the door opens, Hashi is nowhere in sight. It's only until she hears Daisuke's voice that she peers out from the ceiling and makes her way down to the ground. "It's my job to do that. I wouldn't be a good aunt if I didn't embarrass you at every chance I get," she chuckled. "I still do my work, though! If I didn't do that, this village wouldn't be running as efficiently as it is!" She nodded at the truth of this issue. "So, I hear the serious voice. Guess I ought to take a seat and see what this is about, hm?" She looked to Haruka and bowed lightly to her in greeting before taking her seat.

"Hmm…" Haruka quietly watches the interaction between Hashi and Daisuke, her head tilting a bit as if curious or confused. Though the tone in her voice does sound faintly amused as she speaks quietly. "Reminds me of Chiyo…" She takes a breath and gives Hashi a bow. "First I must thank you again for taking my sister and I into the village. With the troubles with Shirayuki and my family, it means a great deal to our family." She reaches up to the rope sling over her shoulders, pulling a large scroll off her back and setting it in front of her. Her hand rest on it, balanced on it's edge it's a little over half as tall as she is. "At first I thought that was the only reason my grandmother, Elder Chiyo, sent me here. However, now I realize there may have been a bit more to her intentions. She does like riddles, and hides more secrets then I think she even remembers at times." Haruka shakes her head and pats the scroll once. "Anyway. A recent, most enlightening conversation with Daisuke here brought something to my attention. His seal. I have seen it before. Or at least parts of the diagram."

Daisuke groans and shakes his head as his aunt appears to be hiding from them in the ceiling and only comes out once she sees who it is. How embarrassing to have told this young woman all he would show her to the woman she has been trying to meet for awhile only to have it turn out Hashi acted just like any other young ninja of the village some times. "Anyway Mako-baa, this is Haruka, the one Hinotori told you about." he says as a brief introduction before Haruka goes into what she was here for. He winces a bit as Haruka comes out to reveal he has already shown her his seal, whistling innocently.

Hashi smiled while taking her seat back. Her expression was mildly annoyed as she's been in this seat for a while and wasn't in the mood for sitting back down. Guess she'll just stand up and walk around for a bit. "It's my pleasure to help give you rest and a place to stay here in Konohagakure. As for Daisuke's seal…" She started and casted her eyes on him. She wasn't exactly thrilled about it, but she supposes she could go over it a bit. "It's a special seal. It helps in making sure his chakra is contained and isn't so erratic that he can't use it properly. One of the worst things a shinobi can have is erratic chakra and it makes it more difficult to perform jutsu so long as its working against the ninja," she explained simply enough. "I am sure this seal may have been seen before. It is rather unique, I'd say."

"Yes. A variation on the four symbols seal. Usually used to contain something large. You see… My grandmother and a few others had been working with the concept. To create stable seals to control…" Haruka briefly turns her attention to Daisuke then back to Hashi. " Well, it can be used to contain evil spirits… But I think the concept was mostly to contain and control specific Biju with a lot of chakra. We have been away from our home for some time now. I do not know if any ever used it or intend to ever us the theory and the diagrams. Or even if any told you of the research. My grandmother always explained to me that she hasn't always been happy with the formula. That the requirements to power such a seal against say a beast with more then five or six tails… Well, just that the sacrifice could be too great for anything except desperation. Not that research hasn't continued." Haruka eyes the scroll in front of her and nods, lifting it up and settling it down on Hashi's desk. "This is a puzzle scroll, I have two in my possession. Uzumaki use these to play games to be honest. Leave it to my grandmother to put serious research into a tool used for learning game. The scroll is opened by completing the seal on it, of course with someone of Elder Chiyo's skill, most likely the seal will have more layers to it then first assumed. But inside I believe are bits of research that she would like to keep safe, and away from prying eyes."

Daisuke was kind of lost in the talk of seals and chakra and so he takes a seat. What he does pick up from the conversation is Haruka's mention of tails, something he really had a pet peeve over, having met Shukaku who thought the opposite and others who thought as she did. "I assure you that the number of tails don't mean a thing in terms of strength." Daisuke says, taking a bit of offense at the comment. "I've met seven and beat em down all the same as one or two, granted there were different circumstances in each." he says mildly as he dusts his knuckles off, showing off a bit maybe, but it was mostly all true and he didn't want people to go thinking it was some kind of ranking system.

"Hmm. This is unusual. Uzumaki seals are typically stable. Are you saying there are some unstable seals?" Hashi wondered with a thoughtful frown. "That…is the concept, yes. I just made up what I said before because I wasn't certain about what you were coming to me for or why, but now that everything is on the table, so to speak, I feel safer about discussing this information. It is right what Daisuke has said. The tails don't determine the strength of the bijuu. So, this seal might just be easier to figure out with that in mind. What is this seal for? In this puzzle scroll, I mean. Is it for sealing bijuu?" She questioned while looking the scroll over. "The secrets will be kept safe here. You speak of Chiyo, so I know this is something that is in need of protecting."

"That is often just a matter of skill and determination. Experience, or even true raw strength Daisuke. For the purpose of seals, the importance is not on aggressiveness or ability in combat. But the amount of chakra it has, or the amount it might require to seal." Haruka shakes her head as she turns her attention back to Hashi. "Well not experimental seals, but seals aren't used by most of us until we know they work completely, and strength isn't the matter with a tailed beast. Well unless someone was making a weapon, they might care about that. The issue is the amount of chakra they have… And yes, in the scroll there are a few sealing diagrams just for that purpose. The intention of the research of course was to make the perfect seal. Of course almost useless without the correct kind of host. My grandmother never explains the details, but I know she wanted this scroll here. For the knowledge to be kept safe. eventually anyone can solve that seal puzzle on that scroll. It's just a deterrent to keep those who don't know anything about seals from playing with things they do not understand. I just know now, that alone… I cannot keep something like that secure. No matter how confident she is in my abilities with seals."

"My chakra is plenty large, thank you." Daisuke says towards the comment, being a little belligerent maybe, but remains in his chair with his arms crossed behind his head, resting while these two talk about things he doesn't care to even try to understand, let alone talk about. With the previous mention of the four seals, and him knowing that his was an eight, he does ask Hashiramako a question. "Is the reason why you modified the seal because 'I' was difficult? Or was it just an improved seal like Haruka sounds like she is trying to strive for."

"Hmm…" Hashi hummed. "Are you saying you want to experiment on Daisuke? I ask because he's here with you and has revealed his seal. I figure this is the direction its leading and to be honest, I'm not sure I approve all that well. Trying to unlock the contets of this scroll might secure more confidence for me, but even then, seeing this presented by you is…a little concerning. Your level of skill, while I'm sure is great, is not enough and it's revealed in he way you speak about this situation." She hummed. "If anything, we'll need to call an Uzumaki in who knows what to do about this. All this research is nothing I can help with, exactly. Not something of this caliber." She folded her arms over her chest in a relaxed manner.

"It's an improved seal…" Hashi added to Daisuke's comment before sighing softly. "I'll try and help where I can, but I'm unsure if I'll be able to solve this puzzle. With enough time, I suppose I can do it, but having some help from some Uzumaki would make this quicker."

"Not in the least. His seal is very well made. Unless someone tampers with it, it should not be altered. Altering a powered seal is something that I have always been taught to treat with extreme caution. Even if it's something more well known like a flashbang or explosive tag." Haruka shakes her head and eyes the scroll. "I believe there is a little confusion. Daisuke's seal, just showed me how important the scroll is. I had seen similar work on this scroll before my grandmother sealed it away. What I am suggesting is more of a favor, that this scroll be kept sealed as it is, and as secure as you can keep it. It's research that my grandmother does not want outside of our knowledge. While I believe there are benefits to security and I know there may be a careful balance of power between villages. I would not trust others enough to let this knowledge fall into hands of someone that would use it as powerful and dangerous weapon. I just cannot take the responsibility of keeping research like this secure alone. And even if I tried, it's my responsibility as a ninja here to inform you of it. It's beyond foolish to not inform an elder, or in this case a kage of what's going in inside their village."

"Mako-baa… how close are the Uzumaki and Senju clan? People say we are distant cousins, but could you, like, marry one of them without it being kind of creepy weird family marriage like the Hyuuga?" Daisuke asks as his thoughts turn to speech, often saying what he was thinking without realizing it.

After Haruka was done, Daisuke thinks for a moment before summing it up. "I think she just wants you to store it someplace safe, Mako-baa." Daisuke says simply, figuring it was easier to move the conversation along and perhaps get to spend some more time with Haruka if they finished what she had to do here. "We can do that, can't we?" he adds, raising an eyebrow curiously as he looks to his aunt.

"Oh, then if it's protection, then this is the right place!" Hashi chimed, but gave it a bit of thought. "Actually, I think I have a better place in mind. Since this office has been compromised before, I think I should find another place for it. I'm sure I'll think of something, though." She offered to Haruka. "You made it this far, which is admirable. Having information like that must mean that you've been or are a target in some way. It's safe in our hands now, though. I'll ensure its protection and make Daisuke the guard dog." She snickers. "The Uzumaki and Senju clan are distant relatives," she started shortly after finishing her snickering. "That's how close they are. Being married? Yes, you can marry an Uzumaki. It won't be all that bad unless they're very close cousins, which they're not." She grins. "We're far enough away that it won't be considered bad, you know?" She winked. "But yes, we can place that scroll or scrolls away someplace really safe."

Haruka eyes Daisuke after his marriage comment, studying him carefully before speaking again. "It is not unlikely of a possibility Daisuke. In fact…" There is a brief flash of amusement in Haruka's eyes and a faint smirk. Though it's wiped off her face before she turns back toward Hashi. "Elder Chiyo wanted you to know, that if you still have yet to find any marriage prospects on your own. She knows at least a couple interested eligible Uzumaki." Her blunt delivery and rather un-emotional expression might make it a bit difficult to figure out if she were joking or not. "Ah… Yes. Well, my sister and I have been a target in the past. Our… Other grandmother. She clearly intends to have us killed."

"Ruff ruff." Daisuke says, not amused by the guard dog comment but goes along with it. When Haruka brings up marriage and Hashi in the same sentence, Daisuke can't help but keep a wide grin on his face, even if he is trying to hide it with a hand. A few bits of a chuckle sneak out as well as he shifts in his chair. But as quickly as things are light within the room, they turn heavy as Haruka explains that her own grandmother is trying to kill her. "I thought I had family issues." he says, looking concerned for Haruka.

"Every clan has them, I suppose. I don't know the source, but if your grandmother is trying to have you killed, then it's probably a good idea to let us know what's going on," Hashi states. "If you want to, though. I don't want to place you in any more danger than you need to be, but I only have your safety in mind. For now, I think we should probably focus on this scroll. I want to make the hiding place a good one. One so obvious that it'll be…unobvious," she grinned. "The best hiding places are the ones where you can hide in plain sight, yes?" She smiled.

"Well, she is a Shirayuki. Izumi has her reasons. I understand them. We have been enemies in the past, and then her daughter runs off with an Uzumaki. Then there is the bloodline issue." Haruka doesn't appear all that bothered by the concept, of course it's rare that she openly displays more then a hint of her emotions anyway. "However I don't wish to be killed any time soon either. So as much as I can understand why, doesn't mean I will just let her. But it also means as long as she is alive, I am a target." Haruka nods and eyes the scroll once more. "That would work out quite well I believe. As it is, being locked inside with a puzzle scroll already does that job partially. I assume that is one of the reasons grandmother Chiyo did that. Normally a scroll like that is just a teaching tool. A fun way to learn about seals."

Daisuke had tried to keep his eyes open long enough so that they could exit the meeting and he could say his farewells but this overworked chuunin lost the battle against sleep and chakra exhaustion. His training had been ramping up to the point where it took a lot of chakra just for each attempt and things weren't going all that great. And so the chuunin finds himself lightly sleeping in one of Hashi's guest chairs while the duo of women talk about specifics of hiding the scroll and Haruka's past.

"So, one can't live as long as the other is alive. Well, not that you can't, but that means both of you will be vying for each other's throats. This scroll seemingly at the center of this issue among other things. Again, it'll be safe with us, though." Hashi reaffirmed. "We'll place it away so that it can't be found and make sure it's as secure as it should be." She smiles at Haruka and says, "Anything else I should be concerned about or is this all for this meeting?" She took note of Daisuke who had fallen asleep in the chair. She didn't think the subject was that boring…

"Izumi should be the only real threat I believe. Or any she might hire. But I do not believe she wishes the rest of the clan to know, or get involved… Probably to save the reputation of her own family. No, that is all I know that could possibly be important or a pressing matter to attend to…" Haruka's voice trails off as attention is diverted to a now sleeping Daisuke. Her brow furrows a bit in confusion, or possibly frustration. She just watches him for a few seconds, almost as if she were studying him somehow. "He is… Like a puppy." She shakes her head then turns her attention back to Hashi. "Ah… My apologies Lady Hokage. I was distracted… Yes, I think that's all. Unless Daisuke wanted to speak more. But I do seem to think he's a bit preoccupied at this point."

Hashi nodded slowly as she returned to her seat, her rear now well rested and able to endure sitting once more. "I imagine not considering the weight of this issue, but if it is all then I suppose I'll keep tabs on it, at most," she remarked. Silence sat between the two of them after this after attention was directed to Daisuke. She chuckled, repeating her same phrase from earlier, "Guard dog." Soon after an apology was issued, she waved her hand to dismiss it as it wasn't necessary. "It's alright. I wasn't offended. I think this just about concludes our meeting, though. I've some matters that need tending to, but I think I'd like to get a bit of a nap in before I take them on. You don't have to worry about Daisuke, though. Once he's asleep, not even the loudest sounds can wake him," she shook her head in amusement.

"Hn." Haruka nods and returns with a faint smirk of amusement as Daisuke is referred to as a guard dog once more. "Yes, of course." She turns to head out of the office, however just as she's about to step out she takes one last look in Daisuke's direction, shaking her head. "And he was very energetic about this meeting to begin with too. Huh…" She shrugs and gives Hashi a nod before stepping out of the office and quietly walking out of the building.

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