Delta Training #1: Tracking


Naomi, Hige

Date: January 15, 2016


Naomi receives her first lesson in Delta Clan basics.

"Delta Training #1: Tracking"

Toshiba Forest - Clearing

It was time for some learning! It was night time when Hige had told Naomi to meet him out in the training area, in a clearing a bit deeper in the woods, for a lesson in tracking. It was cold which wouldn't help things but at least it wasn't raining. Quite yet. Konsho and Hige were waiting in the clearing, the 'pup' sitting quietly while the boy leaned against him. Konsho might still act a lot like a pup but at over five feet…it just made for easy leaning for the smaller teen.

Naomi had left her home well after sunset, dressed warmly for the cold weather. Kuromaru was bundled up in the front of her jacket, his nose poking out to sniff the air as she ran towards the clearing, using the movement to try and stay warm. It was time for one of many training sessions to get her ready for some real Delta clan missions, so she didn't want to be late. Arriving in the appointed spot, the red-headed girl slowed her run and approached Hige and Konsho, offering them a small bow. "Hige-san.. I'm sorry if I kept you waiting."

"Don't worry about it Naomi, you're right on time." Hige pushes off of Konsho and smiles at the arriving pair. "I hope you're both ready for some training. Excited?" Konsho's tail wags when the two arrive and he offers a happy sounding "Hello!" Hige moves forward and looks between Naomi and Kuromaru for a moment as if he's trying to decide something. "Alright, as you know the Delta pack is in large part a search and rescue group. So our ability to find people needs to be above and beyond the rest of the Clan. Today we're going to practice in finding someone that's gone missing."

Naomi's eyes widen slightly, her focus sharpening. "Who is it? Has someone really gone missing?" Perhaps Naomi was a little too quick to jump the gun, but she sure was excited for some action. Kuromaru let out an ARF!, and almost visibly rolled his eyes. ~Hige-san said we were practicing, you silly girl!~ Naomi blinked a few times down at the pup, then blushed and laughed a little nervously. "Oh… Yeah, I suppose that makes sense…"

Hige chuckles at Naomi's words and shakes his head. "It's this very life-like practice dummy I found the other day," he says with a wink towards the girl. "I've wrapped it in some old clothing I gotten from someone so it will carry their scent for a while. This," he pulls out a scrap of cloth from his pouch, "is a piece of that clothing. You need to find it as fast as possible."

RP: Naomi joins the roleplay.
COMBAT: It is now Naomi's turn.
RP: Naomi transforms into KUROMARU.
COMBAT: Naomi focuses 2900 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Naomi looks down to the scrap of fabric and nods her understanding. "Hai." Unzipping her jacket for Kuro to climb out, she takes the cloth and holds it down for him to get the scent. Once he had it, he raised his nose to the air and sniffed a few times, pawing forward before letting out a sharp bark and taking off, with Naomi close on his heels. No time to lose!

RPCOMBAT: Naomi defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…24

Unlike last time, this time Hige follows along after, taking to the trees with Konsho coming right behind as well. "Don't leave it all up to Kuro, Naomi. Your nose is strong as well. Try and channel just a little bit of chakra to your nose to help enhance your senses." The instruction comes from above while they continue to follow after the younger Inuzuka pair.

Glancing up, Naomi nods slightly.. focusing her chakra slowly to her nose and feeling it open up exponentially, her eyes sharpening as she hunts for the scent. Kuro seemed to be on the right track, though he was faltering a little. She guessed it was her turn to help. Sniffing the air a few times, she could catch a trace of the scent from before, and she ran along Kuromaru to lead him in the right path. "This way, Kuro!"

RPCOMBAT: Naomi defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…37

"Much better," Hige says as they turn a little and continue in another direction. "Finding someone is only part of what we do. There's dangers that come with it. Why is the person hurt? Were they attacked? Is someone using them as part of a trap? These are all things you need to consider while at the same time trying to find who you're looking for."

"Hai," Naomi responds shortly, continuously checking the air for the trail of the scent. Up into the trees she went, cutting through some of the denser forest to follow it. Kuromaru followed along on the forest floor, keeping his nose perked as he ran. "So the scent of blood would be something to check for. And anything else like gunpowder or chemicals along the way, that might be part of a trap."

RPCOMBAT: Naomi defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…20
RPCOMBAT: Naomi defends against with a PERCEPTION…23

"Correct. And as you get closer you'll watch for any additional scents that are fresh. If there are any other people around you'll want to take note. IT could mean nothing but it could also be part of a set up." Hige continues with Naomi but Konsho has…vanished? At some point or other he had dropped off. Really he'd snuck ahead to duck under some other clothes that smell of another person and get them moving so the scent was more fresh in the air. A test."

Naomi nodded, and took her nose to the air once more. The further they moved in the trees, the more she slowed with a bit of a confused expression on her face. The scent she was following had changed… It was only slight, but it was apparent. "Refocus," she called down to Kuromaru, and took out the scrap of clothing they were given. After inhaling once more, she jumped down to give it to Kuro, and he nodded. Before long, the pair was off again, seeking out the correct scent behind the fresher one as well as they could. It had gotten a little more tricky, admittedly, but Naomi was determined.

RPCOMBAT: Naomi defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…36

Hige smiled slightly from the trees as he watched Naomi and Kuro verify the scent. IT wasn't always an option but for the moment it was allowed. He said nothing else this time while Konsho continued to try and lead them off the trail a bit. As they neared where the scent was Hige made a hand seal, activating a tag ahead that gave off a very minor explosion to open a bag of goat blood, letting it start to flow and throw the scent into the air.

Naomi's nose wrinkled at the sudden heavy, metallic scent that entered her scope, and she turned her head towards the source with a frown on her face. It was definitely blood… That thick of a scent was going to make it hard to follow the one they needed. Should she follow the scent of fresh blood? Or try to pick out the scent of the clothing that they were already following? Whatever the choice, she knew she didn't have long to make it. "Stay focused," she called out to Kuromaru, who let out a quick "Arf!" as he paused to check the direction of the scent once more. There was no guarantee that the blood belonged to the target, and it could very well lead them into a trap. Though they were moving a bit more slowly, now, Naomi and Kuro moved ahead carefully, taking their time to follow the correct scent through all of the distractions.

RPCOMBAT: Naomi defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…28

Hige wasn't being overly mean for the first time out so, while he was using distractions, he hadn't set any traps or anything. This time. He just continues to follow after the two even when they slow down. They weren't far now. In fact the target was just ahead. Once they get there they'll find a training dummy just like in the training grounds, though it has a face rather poorly painted it to look like an Inuzuka with the fangs and all. Art was not Hige's strong point.

Approaching the training dummy laying on the forest floor, Naomi tried to stifle her giggle. That thing looked ridiculous, laying there with its painted on face. "Is this it?" she asked Hige, grinning broadly as Kuro goes up and sniffs it closely, barking affirmatively. ~We got 'em!~

"Yes it is, good job both of you." Hige moves forward to look at the dummy before he tsks softly and shakes his head. "Man, I don't think this one is going to make it," he laments before grinning over to the other two. "You guys did well. You avoided any distractions and got to your target. Not bad for your first time out." He crouches to give Kuro some quick vigorous pets before standing again. "Any questions?"

"Mmmm… I want to be able to tell the difference between human and animal blood, just in case there were any distractions like that… And if the blood was human, would it have a scent like the person we're tracking? Or would it just cover it up?" Kuro ducked his head into Hige's pets with a soft grunting noise of pleasure, before trotting back to Naomi's heels and sitting down with a curious glance between the two humans.

"We have a lot of things to work on Naomi, that can be one of them. Don't worry, we'll make sure you're ready before you go on any missions by yourself," Hige says with a wink. "But for now I think such a job well done means that you two should get a reward. So how about we head home and see what kind of grub I can dig up this late."

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