Destructive Healer: A New Sensei!


Kenta, Arika, Daichi, Tatsuo

Date: October 9, 2015


Arika starts her lessons with Kenta to learn how to heal others, and she ends up getting some real nice experience thanks to Daichi getting badly burnt on one of his missions.

"Destructive Healer: A New Sensei!"

Medical Facility - Recovery Bay 1 [Konohagakure]

Recovery Bay 1 is filled with passages marked with numbers leading to individual rooms be it a shared room or private rooms for patients. Medical Ninja wander around the alleys entering and leaving rooms on a frequent basis, however the essence of visitors and patients walking around is more frequent. The beds are comfortable with thick mattresses and blue sheets. Two pillows are seen on each bed as well as a television, two wooden chairs next to it and finally a simple coffee table next to the bed. Charts of the patients condition are placed at the foot of the bed where Medical Ninja review and update cases. Each room has a view from the outside as well as a pair of curtains. This bay is kept clean and proper at all times.

OOC Note: This location boosts healing over time for those who are injured.

Daichi was escorted to a room not long after getting back from his mission with Hige. The first aid he did helped, but it wasn't going to be enough to help completely. He mostly drowned out most of what was told to him by the person who escorted him. Had he been told who or what was gonna happen. Well he was going to find out soon enough it seemed. He sits on one of beds, and decides to lie back while he waits.

"Umm… and this one has all the common medicinal herbs that can be found or grown in the Land of Wind," Kenta says while he hands a surprisingly thick volume to girl next to him. "This one details some basic medical ninjutsu, which you probably won't have the chakra control for yet, but will come in handy afterwards." He pulls out another book from his side satchel to add to the dozens that he's already given her.
The senior medic-nin, dressed in a long white lab coat, is walking down one of the hospital's long hallways with Tatsuo and Arika in tow. They're headed for his office, where Kenta is planning to give Tatsuo a new assignment. Since he agreed to give Arika some medical training, he intend to squeeze in what he could while she's still in Konoha. He's a busy young man, so Tatsuo will be in charge of helping her practice what she's shown when Kenta isn't available.
Kenta comes to a pause when a nurse stops him and bends close to whisper something into his ear. The young man's eyes narrow slightly in worry. "Ummm… change in plans everyone. Tatsuo, we need to handle a burn victim." He turns to Arika and opens his mouth, but seemingly changes his mind on what he says before he even speaks. "Ummm… you might as well come with us."

Arika's eyes widen as more and more books are (literally) being piled on top of her, and she struggles a bit with all of the weight in her arms. "Ken-Chan, why can't you give these books to me /after/ the lesson is done?" she whines, trying to peer out of the side when Kenta apparently stops handing over books. The girl is eager to learn, but books aren't always the best way to go about it… "Eh? Change of plans?" She perks up greatly when Kenta says she can come with, and she almost tosses all those books out the window… But she restrains herself and instead just has a huge stack of books in her arms while she follows after Kenta to this 'burn victim'. "This sounds exciting, Tatsuo-Nii-San!" she says eagerly. "Also, can you hold one of these, pleaaaaasse?"

Tatsuo was a frequent volunteer at the hospital these days. While he currently only dealt with smaller cases it was all good experience and it gave him something to do besides just train his water ninjutsu. Plus, it helped him to get better with his medical ninjutsu and…had an unexpected side effect that he found he generally liked. People who you helped and healed were generally grateful and nice. Some folks actually talk to him and thank him and it's even branched out to when he passes them outside of the hospital. It wasn't a big thing for most, but for Tatsuo…it just made him feel better and made him feel like a little less of the monster he was.
While Kenta gives Arika volume upon volume Tatsuo just smiles as he watches. He remembers when he'd first started medic training as well. He'd already read a number of the books, but the sheer amount that Kenta relied upon was…something special! He had already begun taking some books off the top so that Arika didn't buckle under the weight and by the time she asks he's already got nearly half the books. But he piles on a few more since he's bigger and all that. Yep, he'll carry most of them as they follow after Kenta. Really need to get her a cart or something…

Daichi was getting impatient waiting for someone to come so he eventually got off the bed. He started looking about the room, and ended up at the window. He would stare up at the sky for sometime in deep thought. He got an idea, and figured it would be quicker if he just went to get someone. So with the lights going off in his head he starts walking to the door, and starts extending his hand to the door.

"Here we are," Kenta says when the trio reaches the room where the burn victim is. He opens the door and immediately sees his patient on the other side. Upright. He blinks, startled. Then, the medic-nin frowns faintly. "Ummm… Daichi, you're not allowed out of bed. You're injured. Go sit back down, so that we can examine your wounds." He glances back at his companions. "You already know Tatsuo. He's going to be assisting me today and Arika will be observing. Before we begin, I want you to tell me exactly what happened and show me your injuries."

Arika gives Tatsuo a grateful grin and she continues on her merry way! When they stop at Daichi's door, the girl pretty much almost runs into Kenta because … Well, there's a huge stack of books blocking her vision. She stumbles a bit before the girl loses all the books. "Itai… Gomen, Ken-chan! You should'a given more warning, though!" She huffs and starts stacking the books, intending to push them into the room because there were just way too many to carry at once.

Tatsuo peers around his own stack when Kenta opens the door and he hears the medic scolding someone. The Nara blinks in surprise, then frowns at Daichi. "Were you training in the sun again and not taking breaks?" he asks immediately. But then he realizes that, no, the sun can't do that kind of damage. Still…well, Kenta's questioning him so he lets that go for now as he goes to set down the books, then moves back to help Arika clean up the spilled ones before closing the door.

Daichi was about to open the door, but it started opening from the other side. When the three become visible in the doorway he jumps backwards. He rushes as quickly as he can to get back to the bed. He winces as he climbs up onto the bed, and finally settles down. "Hello Tatsuo. Anyways I…uhhh. I was on a mission with Hige, and it was a B-Rank mission. Kurome was also there, and she was the one that stuck with me most of the time. We were hanging back while Hige went to wherever to complete the mission. She saw a few of the rogue shinobi around, and tried to silently take them out quickly. That failed and more were alerted. Well at one point it became to much for her to protect me from all at once, and Hige was only just arriving so he wasn't close enough. I got hit by the greater fireball jutsu." He frowns before pointing to where some of the worst of the burns are.

Kenta winces slightly. "Oh, that would not have felt good…" He grabs three pairs of latex gloves and hands off two of them to his followers before he pulls on the last one. The latex fits snugly around his hand, producing a snap when he lets each one go. "Umm… Ok, did one of the nurses give you a shot for the pain yet?" Kenta asks Daichi gently while he carefully lifts the boy's arm to get a good look at a section of burns along the ribs. "These are pretty nasty, but not as bad as they could be."
"Tatsuo, diagnostic jutsu," Kenta says as he continues to examine the burns from different angles. He slowly lowers Daichi's arms and looks towards Arika. "Ummm… the diagnostic jutsu is one of the most important jutsu that a medic-nin learns. It allows us to send medical chakra into a body and determine what's going on inside by listening to the subtle differences in the returning echoes. I'd normally show you how to do it and have you practice for a few weeks, but…" Kenta suddenly steps back and forms a few hand seals. Tatsuo and Arika would suddenly feel a mental touch on their mind. "Let me in, please."

Arika's eyes widen a bit when she feels the mental touch. "I… umm…" She hesitates a bit. ~Tch… I won't do anything /that/ terrible to the man. I doubt he can even reach me, too.~ She nods minutely and doesn't resist whatever it is that Kenta is doing, instead turning her blue-green gaze to Daichi's injuries. Ouch! Those looked painful. Arika hasn't really seen many injuries in her life because a certain someone tends to watch her back in the injury department. "So … diagnostic jutsu? I think I c'n do that if I super-practice…" She could barely follow those handseals, but hopefully they weren't important! Most handseals are taught slowly, too.

Tatsuo doesn't seem to happy that Daichi is so badly hurt! And a B-rank mission? He's a Student! Who thought that was a good idea?? He keeps his thoughts to himself however, a small frown the only thing that betrays him as he leaves Kenta and Daichi to talk. He's just there to assist, nothing more. He's not there to talk. When Kenta calls him forward the boy steps forward and reaches out a hand to a non-burned portion of the young Student, pulsing chakra through and waiting for the return. "Second degree burns in various spots, internally nothing was damaged or ruptured. I think something might be wrong with his brain though for going on a B rank mission." Tatsuo frowns at Daichi, then looks to Kenta when the man wants…in? He doesn't fight it, thought he's curious what exactly Kenta was going to do…

Daichi glares at Tatsuo when he says something is wrong with his brain. "Hey it could have been worse. I won't be doing it again anytime soon anyways. I learned a lot from it even if it took these to teach me." He looks back to Kenta quickly before speaking again. "Yes I was given something for the pain, but it still kinda hurts."

"Yes, you shouldn't have gone on that mission, but what's done is done. Be more careful next time, Daichi," Kenta says with a nod of his head. He speaks in an absent voice, because most of his attention is turned elsewhere. With neither Tatsuo nor Arika refusing the connection that he forged, Kenta's now the hub of a three part telepathic link that connects all three of them together. The link could be used to share thoughts. He's not sure whether his idea will work, but with some concentration…
Suddenly, new sensations flood into Arika through the link. Kenta uses his jutsu to read Tatsuo's surface thoughts as the diagnosis occurs and send it to the Suna shinobi. This has the result of showing what's going on with the diagnostic jutsu to a degree - how the chakra's molded, what the returning echoes feel like, what some of them mean. Kenta lets Arika gets just to this for a second before he lays a hand on Daichi and performs his own diagnosis as well. This time, he actively sends his own findings to her, so it's a much stronger reading.

"WHOA!" Arika says at the sudden rush of … thought? Feeling? It was a bit of both… Seeing that was quite impressive either way! "So… That part… which is that?" she wonders. "That weird wavy thing… And then it looks like there's a slice missing…" she says, sort of pointing out some of the cuts/scrapes/burns that Daichi received.

After his own diagnostic Tatsuo starts gathering supplies for Kenta that he might need while the medic nin does his own diagnostic. A big bowl half filled with room temperature water, some forceps, another shot for the pain if it's needed, and some scissors. After all, there are bandages around some of Daichi's burns, bandages that had been 'soaked' in burn cream to help him for the trip home. Those would have to come off and…it might hurt a little. Unless…"Um, Kenta-sama, what if I soaked the bandages? If it's wet they might come off easier…" Of course Kenta could just heal the burns too and then it wouldn't hurt nearly so much to take the bandages off.

Daichi watches Kenta and Tatsuo each take turns at diagnosing whats wrong. He stares at Tatsuo as he starts preparing everything. "So what are you planning on doing then? Probably worth remembering don't you think?" He grins even at a moment like this ignoring the burns on parts of his body. "I mean one day this kind of thing could easliy happen again even if I was ready for a B-Rank… Might as well plan on it, and try to learn a bit."

Wavy. Slice missing. That's not -exactly- how the echoes feel like, but Kenta could see how those words could be an approximation of the information he's getting and transmitting. He could tell what Arika means well enough while linked to her. "Umm… that first is due to some muscle bruising. The second is a cut, but it's small because the cut's actually very shallow," Kenta explains to Arika.
Kenta removes his hand from Daichi. He shakes his head slightly at Tatsuo. "Umm… soaking the bandages now won't help very much. If they stuck to any parts of the burns, which is likely, it'll tear however they're removed. We'll do some minor healing first to encourage a layer of skin to regrow underneath the damaged layer. We don't have to strengthen it too much, since we need to conserve chakra for other patients, but even a partial healing will help a lot."

"Ahhh…" Arika tries to digest what these little echoes feel like to Kenta, mulling over the mental images she received. This was a useful skill! She wished that she could learn it! Alas… "Ne, Ken-chan… How come that piece looks a bit odd, too?" It was another burn, of course, but one of the worse ones that probably would need a lot more medical attention than other spots. If Arika actually looked at the whole of Daichi's body, she'd be able to figure out why, but she'd rather not look since Kenta and Tatsuo are more important for this whole thing!

Tatsuo frowns faintly at Daichi and shakes his head. "Um, you need to take better care of yourself Daichi-kun. I don't want you to get hurt like this again, okay?" Not that he can stop it and the chances of that happening are slim to none. But he can at least voice his concern and such! When Kenta says that soaking the bandages won't help Tatsuo chews his lip a bit before he nods. Just means it's gonna hurt!

He smiles in Tatsuos direction. "Don't worry Tatsuo! I wasn't planning on letting this happen again. I will make sure I am good ready before it even has a chance of happening." He then looks back to Kenta. "So this is going to hurt isn't it?" He frowns as he waits for whatever is going to happen happen. He got himself into this anyhow, and should be lucky this is all that its come to.

"That's a burn for sure, Arika. There's a layer of dead skin over inflamed flesh. The way that an inflammation caused by a burn feel is usually different than other types," Kenta explains. He pauses to set his hand lightly over the spot and send an extra pulse to the damaged location. He transmits the feedback to the Suna girl.
"Ummm… Daichi, please hold still for a moment. Tatsuo and I are going to work on your burns. You'll probably alternatively feel itching and pain while we do this." Kenta nods at Tatsuo. "Please use a light healing jutsu to reduce the inflammation. That'll also calm down the nerve endings a lot. Include hand seals and transmit the process to Arika." As soon as he gives that instruction, he starts his own jutsu. The young man slowly forces some seals and holds his hands about an inch away from Daichi's side. He "shows" Arika what he's doing while he encourages fresh skin to grow.

Arika nods lightly at Kenta's explanation, studying the mental and physical realms as best she can. Good thing she's used to this 'two thoughts in one mind' thing. Inwardly, she hopes she can remember all this, which is sort of a signal that Gyuki should pay attention and teach her things she forgets herself! Of course, she's not going to rely on the ox-topus, but having a backup is always nice! "Hmmm… So you have to make the handseals… And then focus chakra into patient… But how does the chakra know what to do?"

Tatsuo makes similar if less complicated hand seals, doing them slow so that Arika can see before he starts showing her what he's doing. His hand is actually resting lightly on Daichi's shoulder as he sends a continuous wave of very light healing chakra through, squelching any swelling before it can really start and soothing away any parts that are just a itchy too. He sends the information to Arika, but who knows if she understands it all. ~Pay attention squid. If your host screws this up later it could be bad for you both.~ Truth or lie? Hard to say…

Daichi frowns as the potential pain is spoken of. He could deal with hopefully. "Yeah I will try and keep still I guess… I don't imagine your gonna do anything to keep the pain down besides whats already been done?" He asks before sitting as stills as possible, but making sure he doesn't tense up. Stay as comfortable as possible, and relax!

There's actually not much real pain at all, but the whole process is uncomfortable. It feels like something's trying to crawl all over Daichi's body and that he's being lightly jabbed with pins in some places. "You already have painkillers, so all I'm doing is suppressing activity to your pain centers a little. Saves chakra," he explains to Daichi.

At the same time, Kenta's showing Arika how the healing is actually working. She won't be able to do it yet, but at least she'd get an idea what it looks like when it's done properly. The young man make sure to insert the information from his end between lulls in what Tatsuo's sending. "Ummm… A lot of this have to do with how the medical chakra is shaped and how it's applied. The books I gave you have some explanations on that. But most medical jutsu, especially lower ranked ones, require a medic to pay attention and make constant adjustments. That's why the diagnostic jutsu is important and chakra control too."

Arika watches intently as she gets the influx of information, trying to listen at the same time. "Hai! I'll learn it as soon as I can!" she says cheerfully.She squint a bit as she watches the medic continue to heal Daichi. "Hmmm… Tatsuo-nii-chan, what're the handseals again?" She asks uncertainly. Then she hears a loud face palm from her inner realm. 'It's not like I remember!' she huffs at Gyuki.

Tatsuo waits a few moments to make sure that Daichi won't have any sudden swelling or anything, then removes his hand and turns back to Arika. "Hai. Um, pay attention…" he says before slowly doing the hand seals again, finishing as a green glow surrounds one of his hands. "Um, did you get it that time?" he asks uncertainly before looking to Kenta to see if the Medic Nin needed him to do anything more…

Kenta gives Tatsuo an encouraging smile. There's no sign from him that his student's efforts don't meet his approval. While Tatsuo works with Arika, the senior medic-nin dampens the stream of thoughts that he was sending to Arika and focuses his attention on Daichi instead. After a second, he nods his head up and down. "Ummm… we can remove the bandages now with no problem. Don't worry if it comes off with a layer of skin. The layer that peels is the dead and burnt layer only. The new layer we just encouraged to grow should provide enough protection."

Arika nods quickly and makes the handseals herself. "Like that?" she asks? She had gotten them all correct, though it wasn't as fast. And she noticed that the others do it without handseals… How?! The girl bites back the burning question, instead practicing the seals for a bit more until she hears Kenta. "Should I help?"

After showing Arika the hand seals the boy watches her do them in return and he nods quickly. "Yes, very good Arika-chan. You did them perfect even. Your hand seals are really clean." His attention shifts back to Kenta when the medic nin speaks and he hmms softly before glancing to Arika at her question. She wants to heal peel off the bandages? Hmm. Tatsuo goes back to stand next to Daichi, his hand glowing green without the hand seals this time. "Um, I'll make sure to numb any possible pain Kenta-sama."

Daichi looks between Tatsuo and Kenta. He watches the healing closely to try, and learn the seals himself for later practice if he wanted to. "It is going to feel uncomfortable isn't it?" He stares down at the bandages preparing for them to be snatched off.

Kenta considers Arika's question for a second and nods his head slowly. "Umm… you can, but you'll have to be careful. Even though we repaired a lot of the damage, the new skin is still sensitive and not very strong. Removing the bandages too quickly or with too much force can still cause the newer skin to tear. That'll increase the risk of infection and force us to use up more of our chakra to do additional healing to fix."
Once that's out in the air, Kenta shapes a small scalpel of chakra with his right index finger and uses it to slice through the knot holding the bandages together. "Ok, go ahead, Tatsuo. Umm… don't shut the pain endings down -too- much. We want Daichi to be able to feel a -little- pain, so he can warn us if we're going too fast." He gives their patient an apologetic look. "It won't be bad, especially with your painkillers too." Kenta slowly begins to peel off the first layer of bandage, showing Arika how to do it properly as he goes along.

Arika watches Kenta as closely as she can. Perhaps a bit too closely, even, as she gets a nice view of some of that skin peeling off. Ew :( The girl wrinkles her nose a bit, but she nods and goes to find a different (smaller) bandage to peel off. She tries to do it /very/ carefully, once in a while glancing at Tatsuo or Kenta to make sure they think she's doing it right.

Tatsuo nods to Kenta before he puts his hand on Daichi's shoulder and sends his medical chakra through in a very specific way, dampening the pain receptors in the area Kenta is working on so that he'd only get about thirty percent of the normal amount of pain. It'd be enough that he'd be aware and be able to tell Kenta if something felt wrong, but it would only feel like someone lightly dragging their fingernail across his palm.

Daichi obviously seems unconfortable with it at first, but doesn't speak up like it hurts at all. "It seems fine… I have felt worse at least." He grins before switching back to a frown. Yeah it was pretty uncomfortable at times. Could probably be much worse, and because of that he doesn't say anything about how uncomfortable it is.

Yeah, the skin that's peeling off Daichi isn't looking very good. It almost looks like he's shedding, except what's stuck to the inside of the innermost layer of bandages is dirty looking patches of burnt brown and some off-white fluids. It's definitely something that a non-medic and even some medics not used to the sight would find very disturbing. "Umm… looks good actually. You were treated and brought here quick enough that the burns didn't get too dirty, Daichi. No infection before Tatsuo and I started working on you. The chance of scarring should be minimal as long as you keep to the instructions I'll give you later to keep your skin cleaned and medicated…"

Arika peels off some more of the bandages, using extreme care. The girl is just… generally being careful. She continues to glance at Kenta, regardless. "I'm glad yer gonna heal up!" she tells 'her' patient with a bright smile. "Next time, you should be careful!" Uhh, why was he all burnt again? She forgot… Oh well.

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