Destructive Healer: All the Questions


Arika, Keiji

Date: February 4, 2015


Arika gets her first lesson on medical things. Today's topic: the Chakra Network

"Destructive Healer: All the Questions"

Tenrai Hospital

It is early in the morning, perhaps just a bit after 8am. About the only people working are the academy and the merchants that are setting up for the day. The hospital is also working. Keiji happens to be there drawing on a chalk board in one of the side rooms. He has a picture of the human body drawn on the board. Then there are several different colored chalk lines moving around the body. These lines are drawn in blue. He has yet another set drawn in red. There is but a single chair at a table facing the board. It seems like Keiji is about to teach a class.

Arika comes into the classroom with Ping following a bit behind her to drop her off. He doesn't trust her to go off alone anymore, it seems… And now that he's no longer busy, he is going to make sure she gets to her destination and /stays/ there. The Jounin gives a small bow to Keiji before leaving to watch the hospital from a vantage point where he could easily see most of the doors and windows an Arika could escape from. Arika, for her part, seems pretty determined. Not her usual bouncy self, at least. She takes a seat in the chair and waits for Keiji to start talking, looking a bit nervous at the diagram. It was complicated and confusing… Though she does vaguely remember what the blue line might be from her textbooks from the Academy.

Keiji decides not to waste any time. He offers a slight bow to the Jounin that brought in Arika. Once he is gone, it is right to buisiness. "I trust that since you applied for the internship that you will take this seriously. There was a little hesitation due to your age, but it was all around accepted that you are more than capable."
Keiji does not wait for a response. Instead of moves to the board and points his finger. "This is obviously the human body. Will you tell me what the blue lines and the red lines represent?" he asks. He then turns his head to focus on the girl as she tries to answer.

Arika nods to the statement/question, though she might not have been seen… She peers at the drawing, trying to take in its various details before saying, "The blue lines… are the chakra network, right? And so the red is how blood moves through the body?" Her answers are more like questions, revealing her uncertainty. She mentally crosses her fingers to hope she's right and not making a fool of herself. She really does want to learn to be a medic, at least, so maybe the determination will outweigh that fear after a bit.

She was right. "That is correct. The blue represent a normal chakra system. The red represent blood flow." Keiji then moves his hand and removes a single line of the chakra network. "This is a break in the chakra network. Perhaps it was a Hyuuga that blocked a tenketsu or just a crushed chakra vein. What will happen to the chakra and how does it affect jutsu?" Keiji asks. Though she had been given no materials to study, he wanted to see how much she could easily piece together.

Arika thinks a bit, wondering what it would be like to have a 'vein' of chakra cut off. She imagines the feeling itself isn't good. It meant you … Well, she should perhaps voice her thoughts? "If there's a break… Then wouldn't it be harder to use chakra? Cuz you would have to use like… a different vein of chakra to use the same jutsu, and you wouldn't be used to doing that… Especially if you already think you know how you need your chakra to move."

The answer was close enough for Keiji. "Yes, damage to the chakra system causes jutsu to be less stable. It would be like performing a jutsu and having to burn more chakra through the other veins to make up for the one. So even minor damage can make chakra useage less efficient. Major damage can prevent use of jutsu."
Keiji then moves to the desk and reaches into a drawer. He pulls out a manual and places it on the table infront of Arika. "Originally I was given a book that was over a thousand pages. It was a tome of medical knowledge. I have since taken bits and pieces out of it and placed them in this manual. In there you will have some reading and a question and answer session at the end. The entire topic is this chakra network. This is lesson one. Do you know why it is important to know the chakra network?"

Arika blinks when the book lands on the table, opening it to a random page out of curiosity before her attention goes back to Keiji. "… Umm… Is it because if you know the chakra network, you could help people who can't use theirs because of a Hyuuga attack?" ~Genjutsu…~ comes a hint. Apparently Gyuki is awake enough to help Arika and also angry enough at Keiji to give this help freely. "You could also… ummm… see if a person is under a genjutsu, couldn't you?" she wonders, tilting her head a bit.

"Not exactly. If you could see the chakra network, you would be able to see if someone was under a genjutsu. That is basically just the flow of chakra to the brain being enchanced enough to see illusions." Keiji starts to answer. "If someone recieves damage to the chakra network then you could help fix it. The main reason though is if you know where the chakra network is, you know where to insert your own chakra to theirs. This will help in allowing you to heal them. Think of it like a road. If you have a road between you and your destination, then it is quicker to use it, than if you had no road and have to make one. Does that make sense?" he asks.

Arika ohs faintly and nods lightly. It made sense to her. After he explained it, but it did make sense. "… Wait, but if I put my chakra in someone, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Usually isn't it a bad thing?" And is she even allowed to do that? Sure, the chakra /she/ uses is probably fine, but the Eight tails rests within her. That would mess with something, wouldn't it? She would have to keep it under control….

Keiji had pondered that himself. He was not completely sure what the answer was. He had a number of theories that he wanted to try to answer it though. "Have you ever used the eight tail's chakra to perform a jutsu?" he asks. "The reason I ask, is that I believe it is in how you focus the chakra. I know that bijuu chakra usually gives it's host a self healing ability. I am not sure if that means the chakra would be harmful to another or if it has to be focused a specific way. Either way, I'd be leaning towards chakra control to limit the amount of chakra."

Arika thinks back, nodding. "When … I use some of Hachi-jii's chakra, I've started to use it to make kunai. It's kinda hard to do, and I usually do it like how I make kunai outta wind and throw it at people. It's easier because they make spines from the chakra around me and then just shoot out when I want. And it really hurts, too, from what I hear. Umm… I can control my own chakra pretty well," she adds.

It seemed that this was something they would need to focus on. "My main technique is the regenerating touch. It is extremely simple and very effective. It does not require a lot of other preperations. I will try to teach it to you. If the eight tail's chakra makes it unuseable, I may know someone who can steer us down a different path. So do not get discouraged. We will make this work one way or another."

Arika nods a bit, unsure how to react to this. "Okie… That sounds good, then?" She brightens a bit. It sounded like Keiji was going to help her achieve another goal of hers: to become a medic. Well, she didn't so much want to become a medic as she wanted to make sure that when her friends got hurt, she could help them in battle. "Really?" she asks, his words only now clicking. "Who?"

Keiji could only smile behind his cloth mask that he wore while in the hospital. It was a little less offensive than the metal one to those who had been in battle. No one liked a man with a metal mask working on their body. It made them think butcher of some sort. But to the task at hand. Arika wanted to know his source. "There are two major medical practitioners known through out the lands. You have Shuuren who does special surgeries in the land of Tea and then you have Mushi who is much more respectable. Mushi helped me learn. I am sure she would have a greater knowledge than I."

Mushi… why did that name sound familiar? Arika blinks a bit, recalling an old friend. "Oh! I heard of Mushi-san! She visited Suna with Red-kun once!" the girl nods a bit. "D'you think they'll come back here if you ask? Or would you just send a message?" To be honest, she has no idea how Shuuren would factor into all this. She isn't planning to do any surgery or anything.

There was a certain amount of confidence Keiji had that he could get Mushi to come to Suna again. "Mushi loves to travel and heal people. When she finds out that Suna is starting its own medical corps, I believe she will come on her own. If not, I can always invite her. It would be nice to have her medical expertise to help us get this thing growing. Medical ninjutsu is not just about healing others. What if someone's face is badly burned? If you know the proper jutsu, you could reconstruct the skin on their face. You could even attach a severed limb. There are many different techniques all apart of this."

While healing scars wasn't on Arika's 'to-learn' list, it did capture her interest. "You can fix a burn? And attach a severed limb? Could you … regrow one? Or maybe… If you borrowed an Iga or something? Would that even work? Because if you get an Iga to lend you something, it'd be under their control, right?…" So many questions. It's a wonder where she keeps them all. Hopefully Keiji doesn't end up kicking her out of the place with all the curiosity.

Questions were actually a good thing. Questions lead to new ideas which lead to advancements in the medical field. "For the most part curiosity is a good thing Arika. Most of the medical advancements we have came from people asking questions." Then there was always a down side. "Sometimes it can be a double edged sword. Once the medical advancement is taught to someone else, that knowledge could be used for bad purposes. For instance, my knowledge of venoms allow me to create super toxins that poison my enemies."

Arika nods a bit. "Hmm… super toxins? Like if I poked a kunai in it and then poked a person with the kunai, would the person die right away?" comes another (likely expected) question. Ooh, another question popped into her head: "Is there any way to use stuff from medic training to defend yourself? Not like… avoiding stuff… But like using healing chakra to avoid getting hit by things, I mean."

Keiji mulled the concept over for a moment. It was more for the proper wording. "Yes, toxins can cause near instant death. Mine are centered around causing great pain and temporary paralyzation of a victim." That was the first of two topics down. "As for medical jutsu being used to defend, it is unlikely. Though because medical ninjas have excellent chakra control, most of the time they are able to master jutsu using chakra. So for instance, a pulse that you might send to diagnose something might be used to repel something. It would different type of pulse, but still able to be used because you can use the other…"

Arika hmms and nods a bit. "I guess that makes sense." She seems about to ask some more questions when Ping knocks on the door and comes in without even waiting for a response. "I apologize for cutting this lesson short, but I realized that Ikitara-san needs to finish a few chores at the house." And apparently that's more important than her learning medical jutsu… why? "But Ping-san, I was just about to get to the good part!" Arika whines, pouting at the Jounin, who ends up just shaking his head.
The man goes over and casually scoops Arika up, offering a light bow. "Thank you for your time, Shippodoku-san. I'll make sure she's at the next lesson as well. Just let me know when and whre you plan for it to be." And with that, he's gone. ZOOM!

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