Digging Deep


Ayumu, Jiya

Date: June 4, 2014


The insatiable hunger of a certain Iga has led to an orchestrated random encounter with a certain Hebi-nin, and… a promise.

"Digging Deep"

Tenrai Hospital [Sunagakure]

The Hospitals entrance is small, nothing more then a foyer really. There are always nurses standing at the ready to lead loved ones to their lovers, or reunite family members. The actual hospital itself is a large single floor, divided by curtains, with the patients laying on small cots. One side of the building has a few rooms, the operating theatre, medical supplies, and intensive care, for the most serious cases.
All across the floor, visitors can be seen talking with men and women in cots, all of them in varying degrees of healing. Some of the sheeted 'rooms' have had the door drawn across to allow privacy, but for the most part they are left open so the patients can see what is going on and who is moving around the building.
OOC Note: This location boosts healing over time for those who are injured.

Ayumu was tired to say the least, but the Iga's work was never done. His plans for the future, though nebelous much like his character, required much of him and a great deal of patience. Also, there was that added bit of strangeness to it as well. One such being his investigation into inviduals who — by all accounts have probably lived in Sunagakure all their lives — were of foreign descent. From his understanding, Jiya fit the bill nicely enough to warrant intruding a bit on her daily schedule by checking out Tenrai Hospital during the time she was said to usual visit the place.
Jiya would drag herself and rat breath out into the morning sun. Her schedule would have had her off from duties for a few days. Which would mean it would be time to visit the hospital. Taking the normal route to the hospital throught the streets Jiya would take a cut down a ally to a back entrance. Pulling a key out from around her neck, unlocking the door holding it open for rat breath. "Come on in sleepy you know what time it is. Move your sorry bottom the sooner you get this over and done with the sooner you get fed." The snake slinking slowly into the hospital. Both of them just entering form the side so they wouldn't cause a commotion of a 20 foot snake entering from the front.

Ayumu had, for once, only the proverbial eyes and ears around the hospital, monitoring the comings and goings of its staff and patience. It wasn't easy, but the Iga managed somehow. The scent and sound of some great slithering thing alerts the Iga in an instant. He hops out of his chair, bids a nearby ingoing patient missing a leg a good day, and made his way quickly to Jiya. He has to do a bit of dodging and stealth work just to avoid the potential question of "Why are you here?" or "Sir! You can't go that way." before finally reaching within visual range for Jiya. Not one to startle his potential 'prey' Ayumu comes to a stop a good few meters away from Jiya and waves. "Ohayo, Jiya-san… correct?" He asks, maintaining that foxy smile of his all the while.

Jiya would almost whistle softly walking about her business. Checking in with hospital security with a nod. The guard on duty just throwing her a set of keys as made her way deeper into the hospital. Nobody paying Jiya any mind. And only a second glance and to move out of the way of the snake. Turning the corner into a intersection, going to the very back of the hospital, Jiya would bump into Ayumu. Looking at the Iga ninja with curiosity. Wondering if she knew him. "Yes I am Hebisuuhai Jiya. How can i help you." The snake turning the corner a moment later would rise up looking down at Ayumu. Its tongue tasting the air giving him a good look over.

Ayumu canted his head slightly to the side. "Perhaps. Assuming you do not mind a few moments of your time being taken up. I understand that being here should make it clear enough you have your own tasks to complete, so I'd understand some hesitation on your part to spare even one." He says, explaining things in that long-winded fashion of his. Rat breath would pick up on the fact Ayumu 'smelled' like citrus and dust, the latter of course being no big surprise, but strangely enough… nothing else.

Jiya was not overly worried about a strange person confronting her, at least not here in middle of the hospital. Walking a few more steps like she was going to go to a stairwell door. The snake was a little less forgiving, showing interested why this strange person smells of only citrus and dust. "I am actually not doing anything offically on duty. So have plunty of time for a brief moment or Too. Just doing my part to help save a few lives." Motioning softly for Rat Breath to calm down.

Ayumu doesn't show, but the snake is given equal scrutiny by the Iga. It has been some time since he's had the… pleasure, of confronting such a critter. Although obviously not long enough for him to forget how they moved and reacted to certain stimuli. "Good." He replies, following after her with hardly any concern about future security bound to be along the way. "And as I said, I'll try to be brief… *clears throat*… Exactly how long have you and your family been residents of these fine lands?"

Since Ayumu seemed content in following her Jiya would keep walking all be it a little slower. Opening the door to the stair well she would start to go down stairs. She would give Rat Breath a annoyed look as he kept close to her on the stairs almost pushing her into the wall. Looking at Ayumu oddly at the question. "I have been living in these lands all my life. I was born in Sukoppu Machi. Moved to the ninja village a bit after it was founded." The snake keeping a close eye on Ayumu, eyes on the snake ever blinking kinda freaky

Ayumu slows down as she spoke. This action being more of a safety precaution against getting smooshed into the wall by the overgrown reptile over having anything to do with Jiya's reply. "And why was that, if'n ya don't mind me digging a little deeper?" He asks, brows furrowed and hands along the wall or railing to help navigate the stairway. "Surely not for a life of adventure within the strict structure of a shinobi's life." He says with a smile behind his voice.

Jiya looked more annoyed at the snake by the minute. "I am sorry he does not know you. He usually just slides down the middle of the stairwell. And avoids the stairs entirely." Looking sternly at the over grown snake. Wondering as she continues down the stairwell. Looking at Ayumu thinking why the snake was being so annoyingly protective. "Ever been in Sukoppu? Suna is allot better. Mom wanted a change of scenery she had something the village wanted." Coming to the bottom of the stairs to a door a guard would be posted paying Jiya no head. Walking up to the door Jiya would wait for it to open from the inside. "I don't know if you have the proper clearance to enter the snake farm. Its mostly just dangerous in there to say anything."

Ayumu dismisses Jiya's concern with a shake of his head. "It has been some time, but yes." And that is all he would say on the matter. Before long the duo — trio make their way down to the lowest levels. "I do not in the strictest sense, but all shall be fine. That is, so long as my connection to this place has yet to be revoked. I have been… helpful, after all, in regards to those that matter." He explains, or sort of does but not really. In any case, the guard beyond will pay Ayumu little more mind then he does Jiya. Perhaps even less so given whatever circumstances have allowed him free reign in certain parts of the Hospital. "But where were we… ah, right… What made you decide to join Sunagakure's shinobi forces?"

Jiya goes threw the door, behind it is a standard air lock security set up. First door locking before the next will open. It made Rat breath hiss and shake its tail a little being in such a small space. The guard giving Ayumu a slow dilibrate nod, checking his lists several times in the process. " Way back when, well if you asked my mother that question she would say to make sure there was one less mouth to feed." The door closing behind us as the second door opening in a moment. Leading into a lab., it was filled with rows and rows of glass cages. Many different shapes and colors of different snakes around. "Way back when to the start of the village times were still a little rough. It ensured I would have a secured future." Shrugging, Jiya would get to work quickly pulling out a large glass beaker starting to cover it with a rubber sheet. "It really was a no brainer. You have a giant snake that tends to do you what you tell it. Makes a life as a shinobi easier. Okay Rat Breath you know the drill" Shaking its head almost sighing the snake would go to the jar and bite down on the rubber. Venom starting to fill the beaker

The Iga follows along after Jiya, slipping the guard the usual in passing. Ayumu frowns at the statement, but refrained from commenting on the 'one less mouth to feed' bit. He'd have to inquire into that a little more, as well as pay his old stomping grounds another visit soon. "Perhaps… though the price of that easier life may come back to haunt you one day." Ayumu says off-handily as he observed the proceedings. "… Is that his name in all honesty?" He asks.

Jiya would finish milking the snake in short order. The snake shaking its head like the whole process was a bad taste in its mouth. Caring the beaker over to one of the lab attendents Jiya would hand him the beaker. Coming back over she would go to end of the cage line pulling out large jack rabbit from the cage. Hissing once toward the snake it would scurry over like a dog begging for at treat. The rabbit does not get to struggle much. The snake quickly choking the life out of the rabbit, down it goes down the snakes throat. "So will the price of being born depending what your clan is. Just imagine how much information each of us has. Trapped in our bodies." Scratching and patting the snake over its head, smiling as she asked if he wanted another rabbit. "Hmm not actually. But nobody really seems to speak snake. A hiss to you sounds like a hiss. To me it has suddle meaning. Giving him a human name is a little insulting to his sensibilities." The snake would move a little down the row of cages, looking into the glass looking at all the snakes.

Although he wanted to refute her logic, the Iga could only nod along sadly in agreement with a bit of scowl in view. The matter of clan has and may always be a sore subject for Ayumu despite his dispostion. "Hmm… True enough, though I'd imagine the case wouldn't have been the same had I been born of the same species." He admitted, averting his gaze (not that he can see to begin with) as Rat Breath went to town on his rabbit treat. "But then, I am odd one by all accounts… One last query before I'm out of your hair for the day." Ayumu drifts along until he found a solid enough place away to lean against without worry. "Do you have a dream?" He asks plainly.

Jiya would stop over to a counter and fill out a little paper work. Listening to Ayumu as she makes notes on the a paper. She would be marking off date time, amount of venom collected, and notes on strength of the venom. The pen would pause and fall to the floor as Ayumu mentioned a dream. Jiya having to blink a moment for her brain to realize what he was actually asking. "Well everybody has lots of dreams really. I would not mind learning all my clan secrets. There is allot I will just never know about since all the other Hebi Ninjas are well from another country."

"I would not be so quick to write of a dream, especially one of that nature." Ayumu says as he pushes off the wall and folds his hands behind his back. "Indeed, there is more than enough time for such a thing to reach fruition. And with lucky, I'll still be around to see it so or help you see it thru… that is, if that dream means more than you than simply a child's fancy and an adult's bane." He adds as he makes his way back the way the came. There's a brief pause before he exit. One in which the Iga, half-turns briefly to say. "In any event, I bid thou thanks for this moment." He flashes a fox-like smile, one last time, then returns to leaving once more.

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