Digging For Answers



Date: July 20, 2012


None given.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Digging For Answers"

Unknown location

Suzaku Yuri had been trained by Kaguya Mitsuo, the First Mizukage. She
hadn't particularly liked him, but then she doesn't really like anyone
much. Samominoryuu Kei had been the closest to someone she liked, and
mostly because she knew she could control Kei emotionally. There were
others who were amusing, of course… Kaguya Tsun, for instance. But in
the end, she didn't truly >like< anyone.
And she sure as all shovel didn't >trust< them.
Mitsuo's disappearance had many rumors surrounding it. That somehow,
Shirayuki Hikan had been responsible. That Mitsuo was simply in-hiding to
allow his enemies to think he was gone and would re-emerge when the time
was right. All sorts of conspiracy theories lay around the disappearance
of that mad warlord who had not so much been a leader as a ravening
monster who forced people to aid him with fear of death.
Yuri fears everyone and everything. She is a bundle of paranoia covered
in a deceptive layer of beauty and physical fitness. She has thus been
doing some digging into a series of abandoned facilities that had once
been employed by the wielder of Samehada, Samominoryuu Kei. In one of
them, Yuri had found what she was looking for…
It looked like a book, but it glowed when it was opened. Pages made of
light. All kinds of information scrolling across them, floating in the
air, projecting into the rest of the room… It took time to crack the
code used, but Yuri eventually located a device described in the book that
had been stored away. The 'Electrical/Neural Stimuli Amplifier Locator'
showed quite clearly that there existed something in this ninja world that
was resonating with the Lightning Chakra Nature on a level that it could
be detected from thousands of miles away — but only through indirect
measurements. The location of the object matched the last known mission
that Kaguya Mitsuo went on prior to his disappearance.
It was time to find out, once and for all… Just what happened to the
First Mizukage.

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