The Silence - Digging up the Secrets


Tsuchi, Akiko, Ayumu, Isura, Kie, Soubi

Date: December 3, 2014


People from various parts of the world have been sent to the Land of Wind to investigate members of the Silence poking about some ruins.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Silence - Digging up the Secrets"

Land of Wind

It had been seen by Suna scouts, possibly by others. The now deserted village that was attacked by the Silence a while back seems to have activity once again. The activity, however, is not by a group that used to live here, most of those people are dead. The activity is once again by Silence soldiers which seems to make no sense seeing as Yuuma drained all the life out of this area almost two months prior. One would think there was nothing here, yet reports by Suna scouts (and possibly by others) were that Silence soldiers were now patrolling the area. They almost seemed to be searching for something.
For her part, Tsuchi had called up Akiko for this and found that Rikuto was already busy on another mission. With that, she was assigned to work with Ayumu as well. Already, Tsuchi has summoned up Maki and Sora, a pair of ferrets she regularly summons to help on this mission. The four are already moving along the desert toward the village, "Be aware, we are observing first. We want them to lead us to where they are thinking something may be or to where they are working. Whatever, it is. We then crush them…no survivors. This gets out that we are attacking the Silence and we risk open conflict again. We may not all agree with this truce, but I'll be damned if anyone is caught breaking it under my watch."

Akiko offers a light salute in response. "Alright, Sensei! I'll be sure to keep an eye out!" she says, looking up to make sure Kotone is above their heads still. "Feels like forever since I've worked with Sora-san! I wish Rikuto-San was here, too, though…" She hmms lightly, removing her bow from her back just in case. No arrows have been nocked yet. "Hmm… But if we kill these guys, then wouldn't someone realize that they were gone?" she then wonders, tilting her head just slightly.

Laughter was impossible for Ayumu to resist the moment the request reached him. The Iga clan elders had already been grudgingly considering enlisting his assitance with looking into what remained of villages and towns the Silence visited, and now he had a more official reason to do so! Knowing that they would insist on certain precautions being kept in mind first, Ayumu wasted no time gathering what few supplies he needed before rushing off to meet with the rest of the team. Presumeably if the team were to meet within the village before setting out, there would be few moments in which the Iga didn't keep the proverbial eye on Tsuchi's furry companions, or Kotone for that matter.
Unfortunately, his actions left him a little… out of touch with Tsuchi's directions. BUT a curt nod in agreement and a foxy grin is given to overshadow that fact! At least that was the plan anyways. "Depends on the how, Akiko-san. Or at least to a degree it should… hmm… maybe a bit of masking as desert bandits and leaving one to flee would work in our favor, Taichou?" Ayumu asks curiously.

It had been some time before Kumogakure could get an understanding of the situation surrounding this particular recently abandoned village, and the potential for information was enough for at least one scout to be sent. Unfortunately, many of the more skilled shinobi could not be spared as they had to stay and work directly within the village unless important matters arose. It was really a debate as to whether or not Kie might of been ready, but she and Suoh showed promise with their stealth as compared to other Genin. The village seemed abandoned and beyond potential guards, the worst case scenario seemed to be that some gifts would be left for any shinobi snooping around. It was enough to allow Kie the chance to see what she could find, though she was warned that it was better to return empty handed than to die for the sake of the mission.
Kie herself is crouched behind a rock, bundled up to leave her identity difficult to distinguish right off the bat. She waits on Suoh, who she sent ahead to help her figure an estimated time of arrival to the village. Travelling from the mountains took some time, but she used the opportunity to learn more about what she might expect when it came to traversing these sands. When she feels the sand shifting around Suoh, scales and all, her eyes turn to the slithering line approaching her in the sand. The green and black snake pokes its head out and flicks its tongue out at Kie, who inclines her head. "I see…the approach will be soon. Stay in the sand and I will continue on foot…I will alert you if I happen on anything and I know you will do the same." The snake flicks his tongue at her twice more before burying himself again and heading back towards the direction of the village. Kie stands up from behind the rock and trails behind Suoh, using the over-sized cloak she has draped over her to smooth out her foot prints and the lines Suoh's burrowing left in the sand behind her. It would not be long before she may be in sight of the Suna shinobi.

Isura and another select two nameless ninjas were sent out to scout with Suna where they met wasn't really iced out, and the orders were clear. Don't fight with Silence just investigate the recent disturbances in the AO. As they moved they kept the formation tactical. They kept a strong eye outward as they moved quickly waving into Suna and with a flash they appeared. Bowing before their Kage they each spoke their names and the reason they where there. Given knowledge of the mission at hand Isura would vanish in a poignant of smoke and leaves as hey headed towards Tsuchi and her teams last known location.

Soubi trekked the sands all about her lonesome, moving through the sands as she went out to investigate a rather…preculiar problem in the Land of Wind. The idea was to investigate the situation, nothing more and nothing less… And that was exactly what she was going to do. Clutching tightly along her jet black cloak tattered with red clouds, she began to hone in on the village from a distance, keeping her pace. She had no intention on fighting the silence, she simply was here for information, and protecting her own interests.

Rushing along the sands, as they move, Tsuchi looks to Akiko, "Good thought, but we aren't doing it." She then looks to Ayumu and nods, "We are going to kill them. The reason is simple. Their army is huge and so is the desert. If this one team doesn't report in and we clean our mess well, they won't be missed or heard of." She then looks forward, "A group like this could be lost in the sands, attacked by bandits or any number of things. They die here and they likely will never be thought of again. We let one run back, we risk that they might figure out we are not bandits. Not worth the risk. Dead men tell no tales."
Sora chuckles a little as they run and then shakes his head, "You sound like a pirate, Tsuchi." He gets thumped and then chuckles more, "Sorry." He then looks back at Ayumu and then to Akiko, "Akiko-chan?" He glances to Maki, "Maki-san?" He looks from one to the other, "Either of you see anything?"
Maki glances over at Sora and then to Tsuchi before shaking her head, "Not yet, too far away just yet. Trying to sense but too many dunes and I'm not able to concentrate as well while running." Maki then glances back at Ayumu and then forward, seeming unsure of him as she had never met that man.
Even as they are approached, the scouts of the Silence are not yet aware that they are being converged upon on all sides, in a sort of way. Soubi, Isura, Kie, and Tsuchi's group are all unnoticed for hte moment as these men have something far more important in mind and they are yet too far away to see the others. The group is approaching a building that is half-blown apart. It was only after discovering something in another village that it had been made clear that this first village held more secrets than what had previously been thought, as such this group had been sent here to recover this little secret and bring it back to the Silence. Even as they hit the blasted building, the leader of said group, a man with a massive…well, it's a weapon. The huge pole like hilt holding it leads to an almost axe like blade that could easily be said to be as long as the man is tall, the man himself is easily six foot six if not a bit taller and wide like a barn door. He pulls back his weapon and gives it a massive swing, ripping the building open and sending rubble flying away before he chuckles to himself a little as he watches the dust clear, "Well, search."

Akiko shakes her head. "I don't see anything, and neither does Kotone. We're too far away right now… Though Kotone says she saw something moving … I'm not sure what it was, but I think there're others around here? Hopefully the people are allies…" She frowns lightly, adjusting her hold on her bow. "Oh! Kotone says she noticed a glint of … hmm… I think that's the sign of a Kumogakure shinobi?" She looks up to her falcon questioningly, then nods slightly. "Ah, Yep! Kumo."

Ayumu lips part, but after a brief moment of consideration, they close without a word slipping free. As tempting as it was to tell Tsuchi otherwise, the consequences of giving away a clan secret wasn't worth at the moment. Without warning, Ayumu flashes a grin back at Maki the moment she glances back before refocusing his attention ahead of the group… and around.
Hidden sensor organs about his person and in his hair are either commanded to fall free or stirred to full alert, absorbing every promising detail their surroundings had to offer. The 'taste' of an Uchiha and snake prompts Ayumu to swivel his head in their general direction and grin broadily. "Clouds and Fire and Darkness to be more exact, Akiko-san. That is.. unless they are… mmph… in any ways, shall we see to the first two, Taichou, or hope that whoever they sent have read our minds?" He asks, and as soon as he obtained an answer, the Iga adds on a little more in regards to the darkness with some idle comment about blandness.

Kie glances up at the sky, noticing Kotone soaring across the sky. She takes a moment to regard it, before she continues on, since it didn't seem to be an unusual species of bird from where she stood. She continues focusing on taking one step at a time and pressing forward while attempting to cover her tracks. "All is clear so far…it is still too early to tell…I do hope the hawks do not spot Suoh…I do not need him distracted." She huffs and shakes her head. There were many things about Suoh she could dictate, but at times the primal desires for his needs to be met were hard to conquer. Kier was only thankful that he was a fast eater.

After it appears as though he was getting closer to Tsuchi Isura sharingan was active as they came close before vanishing from sight using pure speed. Flashing back he have the other two search the local area moving in an arch manner like a clover leaf and once they met up once more Isura called the the team to a halt before starting to move slowly and more carefully then before. "Were about a click and a half out, look alive guys."

Soubi wasn't truly concerned with everyone, especially after the relay of information she received. From her sleeves dropped about more than a dozen long slender snakes, sinking into the sandy dunes as she continued to move forward, information being relayed to her. Soubi wasn't staying out of sight, if anything she was begining to approach the silence base at her leisure, hands hidden down within her pockets… This was a cease fire after all right? She could only hope the others wouldn't ruin it. "Hopefully this won't be troublesome," Soubi mentions under her breath, continuing her path towards the sight for silent and observant investigation.

The big man with the massive weapon settles on to a rock and pulls out a flask. He takes a big swig out of it as he settles in, the blade resting on his shoulder with his right arm casually wrapping the polearm like handle. He watches as two young men with bandanas direct soldiers to work inside the building to uncover whatever it was they were searching for. Even as the big man known as Iron Course looks over he glances into the desert and then sniffs the air. He chuckles a little to himself and states, "Storms coming." He grins and glances over to one of the young men, "Rio!" He calls out and the young man sighs, glancing to Iron, "Ryu, sir." Iron Course gestures him over, "Sure, whatever. Get the boys ready. We got trouble and it smells…like fun."
Meanwhile, Tsuchi approaches nearby and as they crest a dune, she spots the building still having some dust coming off of it from where the big man hit it. She watches as the soldiers move over it and at those directing traffic. Even as they arrive, she stands at the top of the dune, her right foot resting at the peek as she looks over the area. She glances back, "Cut the chatter and lets do this. I want every single one of these idiots dead without mercy and that's an order. You got me?" She then glances to Maki even as Sora joins her up top and nods. "Maki, which one of these pearls is the toughest and meanest of the bunch?"
Even as she asks, the little ferret that could scans the area, sniffing at the air and then nodding her head. She points, "The one with the giant weapon. The two directing traffic are pretty tough, too." She then gestures, "The rest are weaker but don't underestimate them." She then nods.
Sora grins, "Ready when you are, Tsuchi." He chuckles and looks at the group below.
A nod and Tsuchi looks at Akiko, "Lay in to those soldiers but keep an eye on those two that Maki mentioned." She then looks to Ayumu, "Bring down the two chuunin level guys there. Lets make this fast. I'm gonna take out their boss." She then starts making handsigns even as Sora joins her. Even as she does, the sand before her begins to whip up and around, spinning in places as it lifts up out of the sand, even as that wind starts rushing forward it forms progressively up into a massive wind funnel of sand as it approaches where Ryu and Iron Course are. Even as it approaches, the big man stands up grinning.
"Gem, I knew this seemed like fun." He glances at Ryu, "When I said the storm was coming, emerald, I was just turning a phrase." He starts laughing immediately and turns to face into the coming wind. Even as he does, the tornado passes right over him and Ryu, who was trying to get out of the way but too slow. Even as it passes by, Iron Course is still just standing there, grinning and reaching up to wipe a bit of sand off his mouth. Ryu is screaming out, "I-i-i-i ha-ha-hate th-th-thissss!!!" And Iron course looks back, "Just ride it out! You'll get down eventually, HA!" He the points toward Tsuchi's group, "Kill 'em all, boys!"

Akiko gives her head a slight tilt to Ayumu's words. "Fire? And… Darkness?" she echoes, not sure what he means. Though Kotone also notes Isura and co., so she's a bit more enlightened. "Oh… So a Konoha-nin…" She nods a bit. "Well, then, I guess aside from the other shinobi from the different lands, I have yet to see anything…" She gestures to Kotone to circle closer to the fort, maybe, but also be careful when seeking. It wouldn't be any good to have her only seeker be shot down…
Eventually they approach the ruins, and it's exactly as Kotone reported: several members of The Silence looking around for some… well, something. She's not quite sure. Her bow is fitted with several arrows, and the girl takes careful aim at the targets before her. "I'll do my best, sensei!" she says, half whispering. A little after the Sasaki makes her tornadoes, the girl send several arrows at her targets. The first two are weighted in such a way that they end up curving in a wide arc, making it more difficult to see where they are going. The third arrow has a spring-loaded net that erupts, expanding to try and capture a third (weaker) man in its barbed wires.
A small whistle from the girl calls Kotone to prepare for an attack, and the falcon moves in preparation for an attack. She spirals a bit, making sure to avoid the storm that Tsuchi sent before aiming to hit another of the more weaker men. Preferably one that's already been struck by Akiko's arrows.

Although he hears the orders, Ayumu is not so quick to follow them. His sensors were still trying to orient themselves when an idea hits him. "Of course.." He says after facepalming himself. Immediatly after, he forms a single seal, summoning a trio of Shadow clones. Silently, they move out without even waiting for orders, and would use the Suna-nin's attack upon the Silence to mask their approach into the village. After all, the whole point of the mission was to investigate first and foremost. Right?
A rain of shuriken follow in the wake of Akiko's arrows. All expertly thrown to either use Tsuchi's tornado (oddly enough) or other less obvious means. Most sought the grunts, though the last barrage is heads for Ryu.

Kie lifts her head, sensing the vibrations from the confrontation starting in the distance, right near the village. She furrows her brow and sighs out, lowering her head to quietly murmer to the sand. "Approach first, but return to me. Combat is not our priority, the knowledge from the encounter is…" She lifts her head again and jogs to approach the scene. Once it is within sight she works her way around it, remaining low to the ground and attempting to not draw much attention to herself while she gets closer to the village. Suoh in the meantime slithers through the sand on a collision course for one of the grunts. The six foot snake lunges out and tries to sink his fangs into a grunt's ankle, attempting to send his venom into his system. He breaks away quickly though and chooses to try to bury himself in the cover of the sand again, using it to his advantage.

Isura blasted into the scene along with his covering fire blasting a couple of bad guys as well. As he crossed his arm he bowed to the friendly forces before slipping his hands into his pocket. "That was a close one…"Isura smirked as he eyed the looking about before frowning and opening his mouth "question what are they looking for here? What are you guys looking for here?" Isura sighed as his eyes shifted from person to person. "This is getting annoying…" Isura looking up into the sky before bring his attention back towards the conflict at hand.

Soubi began to gradually make her way towards the ruined building, despite the fact that the silence were now being engaged by…Sunagakure shinobi. her lips had creased into a firm frown, and then she could feel it…that anger seeping in. Her frustration of those who would bother to disrupt her cause. "They appear to be…incompetent," Soubi whispers to a dear snake, who slithered back into the depths of her cloak. Upon those words she took light steps towards the big man at the ruins. "Big man with the sword. We need to talk… Or else you will become swept up by these fools who wish to break foreign policy," Soubi speaks out loud to him, more snakes begin to feed out, trying to find data within the rubble and figure out just what may have been hiding here, she also applies another seal, expelling a flood of water from her lips, the sands around her became muddled and damp.

Even as they rush in, Akiko is able to fire off two arrows that bring one soldier flat on to his back and then a second is caught up in a net, squirming and crying out from the surprise. He will be stuck for a little while with that. Meanwhile, Ayumu's attacks rip into a few more soldiers that, hwile not dead, are not happy with their lot in life. Ryu's cries of annoyance are cut down to simply being dead as he was caught up in the tornado only to have Ayumu silence him forever. He didn't stand a chance caught in that small storm. Kie is noticed by several of the guards, pointing toward Kie even as one screeches out and the others look back as he simply drops dead, the stealthy snake slipping away back into the sands even as the poor man falls down from the poison coursing through his veins. As Soubi approaches Iron Course, he glares at her, "I'm sorry to tell ya this…but I'm busy." He then turns and whips around his blade and with one hand, whips it bakcwards before swinging it forward in a vicious arc toward Tsuchi.
Even as he swings, Tsuchi is just finishing up her last handseal beside Sora who is finishing up his own handseals. The air around her whips into another smaller version of the previous full sized tornado that takes Iron Course clean off his feet even as the ferret named Sora finishes creating a handful of ninja tools that he slings into the Dust Devil she created, every single one made of lightning as it slams into Iron Course at various angles, leaving the big man grunting in pain.
Maki is already racing through the ranks of the soldiers, attacking here and there, her dual katanas out as she swings at various soldiers, bringing two down in vicious cuts that take one's leg clean off and the other ends up gushing blood from his back even as she spins around to face the remainder of the soldiers.
A chuunin known as Bryu, brother of Ryu, watches his brother get hit and immediately starts throwing a seeming storm of kunai toward Ayumu, glaring, "You jade! I was going to kill my brother!"
Even as Tsuchi finishes up her attack on Iron COurse, she turns quickly to look at Soubi and glares at Soubi, taking a step toward Soubi and staring, "Who the sapphire are you and what did you just say? We agreed not to stop them from attacking villages of topaz…said nothing about randomly stomping on a bunch of people who are stopping us from completing our mission." She then takes a step forward, "Are you with the Silence?" Even as she states that, one can see the sky above actually starting to blacken as, inexplicably, it seems, a storm truly is coming to the desert.

Akiko scrambles to avoid the flames, but is a little bit too late as she gets some new burns. The girl winces, but quickly moves again to avoid further pain, flipping and cartwheeling to avoid the next fiery bullets. She phews lightly, drawing her bow back to send a powerful shot at the man she already caught with the net. "Well, at least that was easy…" she comments, watching Kotone spiral down to viciously peck at the man who now has several arrows in his being.

The Ayumu tune out all save what their objective at hand: To Search and Survive. So far, they have not found true resistance, but none of them believed that was to last long…
Meanwhile, Ayumu proceeds closer, altering his course as necessary to maintain his approach without being harmed in the process. Unfortuantely, his predictions are off. Despite the pain that shoots through his system from the flames, Ayumu ignores it and tears off a still burning sleeve without slowing. "Brother?" Is all the original has time to answer with before being forced to retreat a step with only a barrier of quickly woven hair to protect him. In time however, his defenses fail again! Or so it seems into a weeping Tanuki explodes into being where the Iga once stood.
"Yo!" The only warning Ayumu gives before flying a barrage of shuriken into the vicinty of Bryuu and whatever more silence members are still about. One of which bears an explosive note for the ring leader. r

Kie cants her cloaked head to the side when the guards point her out, something that had to be expected sadly when there wasn't much cover available. A predatory smile crosses her lips though the moment the first man drops to the ground. The hunt had begun and she was getting shown up by her partner. She doesn't have much time to revel in this observation before fire starts coming her way. She does her best to roll out of the way, but still gets singed from the heat. She grimaces and takes a deep breath to steady herself. She retrieves some kunai from her cloak and throws them at the group. Meanwhile, Suoh is still lurking and waiting on his next target. He leaps out of hiding again and tries to sink his fangs into one of the grunt's ankle before he hides again. The precision of a true predator using his prey's ignorance and fear to his advantage.

Isura laid back nature didn't conflict with his natural speedy defenses in which he avoided the attacks with easy. Pausing Isura notice a break in the system so to speak as Isura smirked at this brief moment. Bursting with pure speed Isura vanished from view as he tried to gain access to the meeting hall like building. If he got inside he would stay stealth as he searched for what the whole mission is as about. "If I was important where would I be?"

Soubi briefly tilts her head at the man spinning in the the dust devil, her expression however quickly turns to Tsuchi and the ferret by her side. "You are incredibly reckless, disrespectful… and I am not a fool. You not only flirt with death, but you are also are willing to blatantly satisfy for bloodless despite the fact that such an assault could once again tip us into war. Once again the great villages have no regard for the collateral damages that the other lands suffer from…" Soubi pauses briefly, tugging back a few strains of hair behind one ear, her azure eyes narrowing down upon her. "Kneel," Soubi commands Tsuchi, suddenly she could feel an immense crushing force, bearing down against her. Soon after Tsuchi could also begin to feel her windpipe close, leaving her breathless if she couldn't resist. "Call off your assault. You are here for blood shed, not information… and you…" She glances at the dust deviled Iron Course. "You will show us your secrets. You will not die, but you will suffer if you don't comply,"

Even now, the soldiers are all falling one after the other. There's only two left still breathing and then there's Bryu who has slipped away from Ayumu's attacks but is now looking over to see Iron Course up in a storm, see all the other's but two dead and then Iron Course falls to the ground with an oomph. He chuckles and looks at Soubi for a moment before looking to Tsuchi, "I don't know who's side you are on lady but thanks." He walks up with his big huge weapon and aims it right for Tsuchi, "This ought to hurt real good, lady!" He doesn't seem to give one fat *bleep* what Soubi had to say and aims to use her attack on Tsuchi as an opportunity to finish Tsuchi off.
Tsuchi meanwhile, drops to a knee and then to the ground wincing at the feeling of the genjutsu pushing into her but she is able to stave off the asphyxia, "You dare…" She winces out and then looks up in wide eyed surprise as the big man brings up his massive blade and attempts to bring it hammering down upon Tsuchi and unless someone stops him or interrupts the attack, he's going to do just that. She might live…but she won't like it.
Meanwhile, Sora is caught under the same genjutsu, trying to mvoe but he can't. So closely tied now to Tsuchi that he ends up caught in teh same situation. Maki, however, is her own ferret and she comes racing in with an X shaped slash at SOubi, trying to cut her down and stating, "You are a foolish woman who will die a foolish death."

Akiko blinks as someone attacks her sensei. She doesn't know who this woman is, nor does she hear the words being exchanged, but she /does/ know that she doesn't want anyone to hurt Tsuchi! The girl gets another arrow ready, firing off two of them separately. The first one would leave a net of barbed wire around Soubi, perhaps trapping the woman, while the second arrow is aimed at Iron Course's arm. This second arrow is barbed at the end, and hopefully will catch his sleeve or something to halt/divert his weapon from Tsuchi's neck.

It isn't a suggest; it is an order. And though it was whispered underbreath, all three of the scattered Ayumu's stop whatever it is there doing and turn there attention back towards where the main battle was being waged. Out of the three, only two race at full tilt back to their creator, enhancing their speed every step of the way with the assistance of chakra. Within a few short moments the duo arrive and act again in that eiree synchronization. The first to arrive rushes Bryuu, tackling him the distracted man if able while its brother took hold of the original's already outstretched arm, swung him about, and launched him…
Ayumu's landing scatters, but sets him between Tsuchi and the blade. It slams into the thick man of red hair, and yet doesn't even off-balance the Iga. "Foolish she may be, but ye be more so in my opinion." He says with a wirey grin.

Kie relaxes when she notices the number of guards thinning and she uses the opportunity to silently instruct Suoh to find a way to slip into the broken down building. She reaches into her cloak and retrieves a tiny pellet to toss onto the ground. Smoke bursts out and spreads out until it thins out to nothing again, before then though Kie attempts to sneak off to the building herself. Should she make it inside she glances around and keeps her hand connecting to a wall, feeling the subtle vibrations from movement to try and prepare herself for anyone inside before she commences her search of that room in particular.

Isura scanned around the room and notice something out of the oridinary his sharingan was beaming as he scanned thr room his eyes moved onto Kie as he vanished from view once again. "Oh my what's going on here?" He then notice something under the rubble and once it was Kie he smirked as he landed softly onto the ground below and started to poke around the rubble. As he search he made sure to keep his attention outward as well as inward so no one would get the drop on him. "Hey give me a hand over here would ya!?"

Everything began to happen fairly quickly. And if someone told her a ferret would attempt to chop her in two she would consider herself crazy… Swift movements had allowed her to roll her body to the side and retort the attack, bearing the weight of her blade down against the ferret, though suddenly…Ryoji had appeared? He looked different, and the massive head of hair didn't help. The sight of him forced her to reel back her lightning blade and merely push the beast off to the side. Akiko would see her arrow literally go right through her. "Ryoji… This is a little disappointing. You should keep better handle of your shinobi…For they are known feed the fires of war," Soubi speaks to him directly, a sudden flash in her eyes then revealed a hum of chakra from her eyes, her sharingan twirling into existence, though it was an off shade of blue rather than red. " We are finished here, and I don't plan on hurting you…" Soubi speaks softly to Tsuchi and her 'pets'. A genjutsu began to wash of them, hopefully strong enough to cease herself as a threat. "I'm here to see what's inside. This could have been accomplished without fighting,"

Attacking the woman with fury, Maki is blocked and pushed away, with a blink, skidding to a stop and blinking as she suddenly has an odd feeling of passiveness flow over her. She blinks several times even as Tsuchi does the same thing,s tanding up and staring for a moment before tilting her head, "You…think we could have found out what is inside this place being searched by Silence members by simply walking up and asking them, 'Oh, hello chaps. We were wanting to get at what you want, would you be oh so kind as to step aside and let us have a peek. What say you, friend?'" Strangely, Tsuchi rubs her head, feeling odd and then looks over, given her new less violent feelings and looks to the man with the giant blade that everyone seems to be ignoring so they can talk out their feelings and states, "What do you think? Would you have let us just go inside?"
Iron Course stares at her even as Byru is tackled to the ground in the background and blinks, "The ruby is wrong with you, turquoise? And diamond no…speaking of…" He then turns ahd swings his massive blade right at Ayumu and yells, "When I'm executing someone, don't get in the way!" He then brings his balde around for a massive swing on Ayumu.

Akiko is way too confused to be of any use at the moment. A sharp whistle would call Kotone off for the time being while the girl just studies Soubi and Ayumu. The heck was going on???? Kotone would be able to see better, and the falcon reported to her companion. Akiko just shakes her head, not sure how to act in response…. "So … confusing…" she mutters, grasping at her quiver, but unsure which arrow to even select.

For his part, Ayumu gave no sign of having been surprised by Soubi words or actions. Everything regarding her up to this point had been securely tucked away the moment he noticed her presence earlier. Now he could do so no longer it. "You know me, pumpkin. Control was never my strong suit, nor would it suit a spirit like myself, altered and… twisted though time has made it." He says calmly along with some off-handed hand gestures after glancing in Soubi's general direction. Unfortunately, he can say no more without first slipping under and past Iron Course's blade, then hopefully cocooning the oversized agitator in a makeshift iron maiden of hair. Regardless of his success or not, Ayumu trusted his chakra enhanced sensors enough to seemingly disregard the man after by focusing back on Soubi once more. "That all aside, she means that we could've been more… discrete with our actions, though ask not for an example. A healthy number is known, but not worth extending things." He explains.
Meanwhile, back with Bryu, while one clone continues to pound the man's face in, the other moves on to find a way in. Even if that way means dealing with Isura or Kie first. With that in mind, it calls out for Akiko to follow it.

Kie pauses when she reaches a room to the north-east of the building. She freezes and tilts her head down, whispering quietly towards the floor, "You can approach. You'll have to get through the rubble before me, but I'll be right behind…you." She pauses and looks up at Isura, narrowing her eyes at him suspiciously. "Silence…do you know nothing about stealth?…" She looks down and whispers quietly again, "I will try to contain the loud one, just focus and report everything you see…and be careful." Soon enough Suoh slithers inside of the room, casting a piercing glance in Isura's direction before he slithers in between the gaps in the rubble to scout out this suspicious basement below. She breathes out quietly and shakes her head slowly before she starts trying to work on moving the rubble. "If you are wanting to be…useful…help me…what we seek may very well be down here…"

Isura would be searching around the room and notice a letter and a scroll; without wasting time he pocketed his scroll and dashed off with Kie before cracking his neck. "Well I hope this pays off for everyone…all this work I hope it wasn't for nothing." Isura would slip his hands into his pocket before dashing off with pure speed to head back outside until he notice the basement as he went inside he notice a books like a whole set just stacked there. As he searched he would pull out a sack and slowly placed the books inside before using bandages to place them onto his back. "Okay its time to get out of here before they catch on…boy these are some old books perhaps the Hokage knows what to do with them." ISura would shift his weight onto his back foot before taking off in a puff of pure smoke, leaves and speed.

Iron Course was fairly annoying, perhaps things would have been better if his head was lobbed off after all. Soubi relents however, nodding along with Ryoji, or at least whom she remembered as. "Discretion… Yes perhaps a little of that would have been better," Soubi herself bore no further interest Tsuchi, if anything, suddenly Tsuchi was no longer hindered by the genjutsu used upon her, and Maki as well. "I won't scold you any further, the damage has already been done…" Soubi then pauses, her eyes scanning the debris, curious on what information may have been found…. She can only watch as Isura for some reason begins to run off with whatever he found. So much for sharing.

A look at her even as Iron Course is snatched up by Ayumu's hair and Tsuchi glares deeply at SOubi, "And don't pretend to know my team." SHe states, "I am not good at stealth and frankly, Akiko isn't either. Ayumu is a good sensor but I've never seen him use a great deal of stealth. We weren't likely going to sneak in so our best bet was to take them by surprise. The Silence has never done anything /but/ attack up until the head honcho got all cocky recently with his storytime. Otherwise, they are violent and have KILLED whole villages. They don't deserve kindness…instead I can kill them all and I have 3 high level sensors with me so none could escape. Now, let us go inside."
Ayumu and Akiko will have no trouble getting inside and even as they are going inside, Maki will point out, "One of the other ones here, is trying to get away. He appears to have something with him, too. By the way. It'd be a good idea to stop him." Maki points out, able to sense and spot the leaving Isura even as she looks to Ayumu, Akiko and then to Tsuchi who glances in that direction.
Tsuchi nods to Ayumu and then to Akiko, "Stop him from leaving in case he has what we are looking for. Don't hurt him…use…/discretion/." She glares at Soubi.

Akiko slips inside, following after Maki carefully. Kotone keeps a careful lookout on everything as she moves, the girl not wanting to miss anything that might be important. Upon spotting Isura, Kie, and Suoh, the girl pauses in her spot and peers at both Kumo and Konoha shinobi. "Hey, you two… I dunno what you guys are up to, but if you guys have something that might be worthwhile, would you mind sharing?" she requests. She has her bow in her hand, but no arrows nocked. Unless he tries to escape, she won't be doing much against him. Kotone is sharp enough to spot that the boy has something in his pocket, and she frowns a bit. "Whatever's in your pocket, I'd like to see it please…"

Ayumu smiles crookedly, but doesn't disupte Tsuchi's claim. It was to be another topic saved for later… if there was a later. In the meantime, the Iga would either follow along after Tsuchi or lingering behind with Soubi should it seem as if she intended to do so. Whichever would allow him at least a few moments to take in the changes to her being before their situations forced them apart again. Regardless of which, Iron Course is forced to suffer a long and painfully slowly death by way of crushing and having his essence — er, chakra being absorbed by his cage until not a drop remained.
Akiko and Kie may have been content to try and convince Isura to stop and reconsider his actions, but the Ayumu clone was in no mood for it. It sought him if necessary, and the moment the opportunity presented itself, Isura would find himself bound in a constricting web of hairs that left only enough room for his head to poke out.

Kie stays eerily silent once the debris is cleared up enough to walk down into the basement. She retrieves Suoh and glares at Isura when he runs away, "No doubt he found something before we could…fool…Didn't even act like I existed…" She sighs and looks down at Suoh sympathetically, gently running her fingers over his scales to help her thought process along. "You are the only thing keeping me sane…We will give this room one last look over together…then…maybe try to find that thick headed Konoha shinobi…inform the shinobi of Sunagakure of what happened if he's gone before our search is finished here…then…we can return home…There are several points we need to work on…You though…did excellent." She smiles warmly and carefully drapes the snake around her neck, letting him curl around like a scarf before she works on searching the basement more thoroughly. When Akiko stops by, stopping Isura in the process, she spares a mute glance to her and speaks softly, "You sound suspicious, we are just trying to do what your group became distracted from…I will be more than happy to share what I find, but you should confront the Leaf about what he is trying to stash away…it does not seem like he plans on being so kind…" With that said, Kie silently returns to her search, presumably reporting anything else of note, offering further assistance within reason, and departing from the village with Suoh.

Isura swiftly made his way to the entrence before he spotted the other and he was stopped, shaking his head he would sigh deeply before frowning "well if you must know I found these old volumes of books if you want to know more how about you get me to a safe spot yeah?" Laughing to himself Isura would try and stay focus as he yawned and placed his hands onto his head in a basket manner. "You guys have my back now and the name is Uchiha Isura if you wanted to know."

Soubi suprisingly turned an ear to Tsuchi, rather than out right ignoring, there was a comment she could make about the team but even at that point she decided to hold her tongue. " You remind me… of a little bit of myself," Soubi merely relates to Tsuchi, her express becoming mild rather than so rigid. With the book in their position… Or rather an Uchiha with a book in their position she looks to the group and nods. "If you don't mind, I will need to simply take a few peeks at the book. I do not intend to bring it with me or take it,"

A nod to Sora and Maki and Tsuchi gestures to both, "Go home, thanks you two for helping out." They both bow and disappear in a puff of smoke. Even as she approaches Isura, she nods to Soubi, "We can all take a look at this together…especially as one of my leaders is with your Hokage right now." She eyes Isura, sighing and shaking her head, "We all go back to Sunagakure though, first." SHe nods, "Where we can be secure and not get jumped by more silence."
Meanwhile, the two still living members of the Silence peer at the group and go, "Umm can we still-ACK!" And Tsuchi flings a group of lightning tools right into them that she makes quickly, causing them to die pretty quiclky and she sighs shaking her head.

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