Diplomacy Fail


Fuyu, Yoshimaru

Date: March 5, 2011


After making her report to the Hokage, Fuyu takes a moment to contemplate matters only to be accosted by a very rude Student…

"Diplomacy Fail"

Hokage's Lookout - Konohagakure

It has been a rough few days. First Fuyu comes back from a mission to investigate the possible appearance of the Nine-Tails and then she finds out the Land of Fire is being invaded and then she gets sent back out again to try to capture intelligence or prisoners who can provide such from Kirigakure's forces… And maybe mess up their operations a lot while she's out there.
But now she is back, has reported to the Hokage on what she discovered, and is taking a moment to catch her breath in the courtyard downstairs. 'Nuibari…' she thinks to herself as one hand reaches out to prod some lilacs blooming in a garden-like portion of this area. 'The Seven Swordsmen… At least three are involved. That will make things tough…'
She is expecting at least a few minutes to recover before being sent out on her next mission. Little does she know that the Uchiha Elders have a very long list of things they need her 'official attention' directed towards and they have conscripted a Student to deliver these matters to her.
The time of day is late morning, and the sun is shining in defiance of the gloomy atmosphere. Maybe most of the Village is nearly empty of ninja, but the weather seems not to care about the troubles of human beings.

That student would happen to be Yoshimaru, also known as Maru to his friends. The kid leisurely walks on to the Hokage's lookout, and climbs up. When he spots the Uchiha woman, he grants her a wave of his hand as he marches on. "Uchiha Fuya?" He asks, getting closer. "I am Senju Yoshimaru. I have a message for you."

Fuyu turns her head, the vaguely relaxed/thoughtful expression on her face turning back to a stern one as she is addressed. "Hai," she answers. Then the young boy introduces himself. Fuyu may have grown more subdued over the past year or so… Or at least better able to conceal her loathing for the Senju. But with the stress of the war upon her, she at least allows a frown at the child. "Speak," she orders briefly. Perhaps that can be excused. This IS war-time. There's no room for frivolities like cordiality and so forth.

"It's wirtten down." Yoshimaru answers, digging through his backpack to retrieve the sealed scroll, then handing it over to the woman. "I trust you are able to read." His own loathing for the Uchiha is not entirely absent either, his statement's tone heavily implying that he doubts that is the truth. "If not, I'd be happy to read it aloud to you."

Fuyu steps forward to accept the scroll. Once she has it in her hand, her other hand lashes out with a backhanded slap at Yoshimaru's face. It's intended to sting, but not to inflict any permanent damage. She stands there with the scroll in one hand, and her other hand on her opposite hip, and stares at the youth before her. "We don't have to like each other, CHILD, but we are allies in this time of war. Further, I am your superior. Dislike me all you wish, but you will show me respect — at least to my face. If I can work alongside your Clan's leader, the Hokage herself, then I am sure you can deliver a message without being snide. Understand?"

Well, that stung. "I can, yes." Yoshimaru responds, a hand rubbing his sore cheek. "But I'm not sure someone who responds to snide with violence is worthy of being delivered a message to without suffering snide." He grins a little, "I do understand, however, that you will resort to more violence if you feel you have to, so I shall quit being snide."

Fuyu shakes her head. Words of wisdom wasted on children. 'He has not experienced the Clan Wars, and he does not understand the importance of a unified front…' she unrolls the scroll to read it. '…With any luck, he will never have to learn what war is really like.' After reading the long list of messages and updates and so forth, she sighs and nods to Yoshimaru. It is not as painful as it once was, but even so, she feels weary with having to say, "Thank you," before she then offers, "You are dismissed." Manners, manners… Diplomacy is NOT her strong point, but she has had to learn it.
"And one last thing," she tosses out as she turns to walk out of the courtyard. "We have a chain of command for a reason. Just as I take orders from Hokage-sama, and Chuunin take orders from me, and you take orders from your Chuunin instructors, one day you may be in a position to give orders. You are responsible for working with your allies — friends or not — to protect the lives of those in the Leaf Village. If any Konoha ninja starts working AGAINST the Village instead of FOR the Village, then I consider that to be treason. Dislike or hate me all you want, but in a time of war we have to work together in all things or risk losing the people we DO care about."

"Well, fine. I'll try to keep that in mind." Yoshimaru responds, still not seeming very convinced. "But I believe you just dismissed me, so I shall be on my way, and not waste your time any further." As it was said, so it is done. The boy turns around to head away, not looking back as he walks off.

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