A Smug Discussion


Koudo, Maia

Date: May 1st, 2010


A meeting in Sunagakure with Kumo representative Maia, and Suna rep Koudo.

"A Smug Discussion"

Kazekage Administration Dome

As part of the diplomatic envoy to Sunagakure, Maia has arrived in the village with various gifts from the Raikage and Kumogakure. It was a time of war, and her village could use various allies and thus she was the diplomat sent from her village in order to try to form alliances with other villages. Having already given the gifts, she waits in the Kazekage Administration Dome in her finest regalia.

She's dressed in a sleek dark blue dress with the symbol of Kumogakure proinently displayed on her back. Her hair has been cropped short as she remains standing, not taking a seat until she's told to do so. Her forehead protector is actually prominently displayed on her forehead as she waits for her hosts, just taking a look around the area, pursing her lips as she's lost in her own thoughts.

It was a typical day for Koudo keeping busy with paper work in the Kazekage administration dome. He was however looking forward to a diplomatic meeting that was scheduled for the late afternoon. A representative from Kumogakure was coming into the Sand Village, and with everything happening such as the war in the Land of Waves he was not exactly sure what to expect, giving him a sense of excitement.

Making his way down through the upper levels of the dome with desert robes garbed as was his uniform when he was on duty, he walks with a certain strut that was rhythmic and easy, yet he held his posture well. Arriving at the front desk to meet the Kumo rep, he notices Maia in her blue robes and greets her, placing his fists together and bowing. "Greetings, I am Fukuzawa Koudo, Suna Council." He introduces himself in a nice manner with a deep tone. "First, I must tell you that I only have the authority to meet with you and can not rule on any decisions without the rest of the council or the kage…" Making a gesture inviting her to walk past the desk and up the stairs.

"Of course. I only have authority to present such an offer for an alliance and cannot make the final decision as well. I am merely a tool for the Raikage to extend her warmest wishes to Sunagakure." she replies with a bright and cheery smile as she bows low at a perfect ninety degrees before she eases on up, smiling the entire time. "And my name is Yamayuki Maia." she says introducing herself as she starts to follow him, still looking around.

"Your village is quite beautiful. It's amazing that you all have made such a harsh climate quite comfortable." she says, trying to push through as many compliments as possible.

Koudo looks at Maia when she mentions an alliance. This brought up many questions for him, so it was good to have a meeting such as this. "Pleased to meet you Maia-san." He says with a sincere tone of voice and a pleasant grin. We shall send our thanks to the Raikage, and will provide you and your outfit with gifts to return with." Moving along and taking her compliments in stride "Yes, well the mountains of Kumogakure have given me a sense of awe and peace in my travels so I can say we are not the only ones with a beautiful village, yet Sunagakure is my home and we tend to keep it comfy." Coming up to the meeting chambers he opens the large doors for Maia. The room has a large table with comfortable chairs around as well as some fabrics and other decorative pieces. He moves by a chair and invites her to take a seat.

"The mountains are beautiful. Still, I am used to colder climates for I come from an area north of Kumogakure actually. The desert heat is something I am not accustomed too, but still, it's an interesting change of pace. However, I have to say I prefer the cold. You can always add clothing and layers to get warmer, but there's a limit to what you can take off when it gets relaly hot."

There's a wry wink sent in the Jounin's direction as she steps into the meeting chambers peering around once more. She makes note of the decorative pieces beore easing on down in the seat, crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable.

Koudo listens to Maia while making eye contact and chuckles a bit at her remarks about cold and hot climates. Taking a set himself and folding his hands together on the table he says "I'm glad to see you've made yourself comfortable already…" A nod "Now we can get down to business." He says lightly. "My understanding is that Kumo would like to set up an alliance with Suna. Tell me, how would this benefit both sides?" He does a double take his own thoughts had made him pass up a step to the meeting "…Excuse me, is there anything you would like to say before we begin?"

"Well, other than the obvious thank you for your gracious hospitality, nothing at the moment. Getting straight down to business is quite fine with me." Maia replies with a bright and war smile curling onto her lips as she lens back and watches the older man for a few moments, studying his features. Her brows furrow as she hrmms for a few moments at the question.

"Well, there is the obvious. The Land of Waves is under the tyranny of the Land of Water, and we wish to free the peoples so that they can have a greater quality of life. Now, there is a great deal of water found within the Land of Waves, and helping us free those peoples would gives Sunagakure access to such resources." she explains before taking a deep breath to pause to catch her breath.

"And there is the added benefit of peace. WE have just come from a Great Ninja war, and alliances are always a way to ensure peace in an area, yes? Diplomacy before war, as I always say. It is just unfortunate that diplomacy failed with the Land of Water. From what I have seen, they are a brutal people. I myself have just recently returned from the front lines. Having seven year olds trying to kill you, having Kiri-nin brutally murder an entire camp of wounded is well.. it just goes to show you the brutality that the Land of Water can produce. Surely, you wouldn't want the Land of Waves under that kind of rule as well."

Koudo looks straight at Maia from across the table, his eyes were that of an exotic nature that could easily melt the right person, and he nods in acceptance of her thanks. The water and resources were surely a commodity that Suna had use for, yet they were already dealing with Kiri to acquire them. "The tyranny of Kirigakure is of no consequence to Sunagakure…" He says in a monotone voice, for he had to do his job "But, I agree with you. Maia-san, I share your interests in diplomacy and peace, but it is much easier said than done." A slight frown, he did not like the brutality of the Kiri ninja. "So you have seen the battlefield in the Land of Waves first hand, the losses you have suffered are reminiscent of the great ninja war, and in my opinion this is something we should try to avoid. Is the Raikage that serious to further the goal of peace and willing to sacrifice some of her own ninja?" Starting to think outloud, these matters weighed heavily on all of them, but there was only so much he could do. "The Kirigakure ninja and the Mizukage are brutal, tyrannic, and powerful, yet they couldn't stand up against all the villages at once. What is stopping us from joining forces to stop their reign on the Land of Waves? Well, the world of ninja is full of secrets." Tapping his finger lightly on the table "I think you have the right idea Maia, but it is like walking on thin ice. We must think of this matter from all angles. Sunagakure is a neutral force. If this changed there would be a far greater chance of another great ninja war."

"I simply wish for the liberation of a peoples who are under the tyrannical rule of the Land of Water. The Daimyo himself has yet to send reinforcements for the faltering Kiri-nin, which to me, shows that he is perhaps truly not interested in the occupation of the foreign land. Thus, I do wish for Sunagakure's aid and support in this matter so that the people of the Waves maybe free." she says rather mephatically, smiling once more. She knows and is familiar with the rhetoric of war, and that is what her silver graced tongue is focusing on. The noble reasons for the war. It's for justice and peace. Surely it's not just to appease nthe ego of her own Daimyo and Raikage.

"But if Sunagakuare wishes to remain neutral, that will be good news for Kumogakure as well which is still a satifactory ending for me. I simply do not wish to see a tyrannical people get help from such a wise and noble people as yourself." she says, smothering on the compliments, trying to get him to eat out of the palm of her hand. There's a reason why she's part of the diplomatic envoy afterall even if she's just a chuunin. Her words are honeyed and sweet.

As much as he wanted to he couldn't just up and leave to help the cause of Kumogakure which fell in line with his own personal goals. This girl had him by the tongue and he realized it. The last compliment almost sent him off the edge to follow through with his own goals of peace and justice. A smile as he leans back and brushes his hand through his hair, for it to stick right back up. "There is still conflict all over, even right here in the desert. We must choose our battles /wisely" He says. "If I were you, meaning Kumo, I would pull your forces out of the Land of Waves, there is nothing there for you but more death as Kirigakure will obviously not back down. Have patience. I know there's nothing more distrubing than sitting around and doing nothing while others are taken advantage of, but all things come to pass. I know we will find the answer, even if it's buried under mountains of ninja secrets." A long breath out "I will talk this over with the rest of the council, they know my will, but I will be persistent as always." Another nod "Patience, and persistence…" He mumbles and raises an eyebrow at Maia.

"There is conflict all over unfortunately. That is life." she says with a sweet and the most charming smile she can come up on her features. She crosses her legs to get a bit more comfortable as she nods her head in agreement. "And I will give your message to the Raikage. As you know, I only follow her will, though I am one to try diplomacy first." Maia explains matter of factly. "Kirigakure will definitely not back down, that much is true. Their elite forces are there murdering and brutalizing our weak and wounded. It is a shame, and that is why I came. Still, thank you very much for your time. I will be patient and can only pray that your Kazekage will support us in our noble cause." she says with another bow of her head.

Koudo listens to Maia and nods respectfully with a smile. "Diplomacy first…" He repeats wholeheartedly "I am glad to meet with other ninjas who share the same views as I." Taking a brief moment to examine the situation "Off the record, Maia-chan, you have peaked my interest in this matter and in my opinion if the Raikage truly shares the same views, I would consider you an ally already." He wanted to help, but his duty was to the sand village. "Thank you, we appreciate you taking the trip to come meet with us, and I apologize this meeting couldn't be in the presence of the rest of the council." He stands, and opens the door to let Maia out of the room so that he may escort her back down through the halls of the dome. He takes out from his robes a couple pieces of rock, and holds them in his palm for Maia. They appear to be perfect replicas of large mosquitos with sharp ends "Here is one gift for you and one gift for the Raikage, take it as a symbol of friendship from me personally, so you can remember me as the Fukuzawa or 'Lucky swamp' guy." Handing them over to her he places his fists together and bows once again.

"Lucky Swamp guy, I will definitely remember that." Maia chirps rather cheerily as she beams brightly. It seems that her propaganda was working, at least for now. She bows as well and curtsies in the end before she takes the offered gifts. "Thank you very much. And nhere.." she says, reaching into her napsack of sorts to pull out a full autographed CD from her pop idol group. "Before devoting my life to Kumo, I wandered the world as a singer." she say with a wry grin, handing it to him. "But thank you for your time and generosity once more."

Koudo takes the autographed copy of the CD and bows his head in thanks. Looking at the disc he utters a deep laugh "That was you!?" Looking at her sideways and from all angles to make sure "Very nice to meet you, again! Have a good trip." He smiles and waves her off "Wow I can't believe it, that was really her." He says to himself taking another look at the album.

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