Diplomats and Jinchurikki


Misaki, Nariko

Date: January 15, 2014


Misaki asks Nariko to teach her diplomacy

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Diplomats and Jinchurikki"

Raikage’s Training Area

"Seriously, don't you guys get tired sometimes?" Misaki was sitting in 'annoyed Lotus' … A yoga position she invented while in that god-forsaken lockdown. Ugh, how is she going to convey the right message to Ogo when they both feel like they're talking to a brick wall! Misaki certainly didn't have a clue. All she wanted was for Ogo to acknowledge her moral obligation to not just the village, but the entire world. Considering her… predicament. "I mean it's not like I'm going anywhere anyways. You could put me on lockdown outdoors without barrier and I would stick! I promise, I went with you voluntarily remember?" Her sharp tongue lashes out at the sufficiently annoyed, but ever silent KRD guards maintaining an additional barrier. next to the actual cell she's in lockdown for.

Walking into the area, having been asked by Hiei, to converse with Misaki. She looks to the KRD and gives a small wave and a bow. "Pardon their protectiveness, but they are still wary." She shrugs and walks closer to where Misaki is. "So, Hiei said, you wanted to discuss something. What's up?"

"Did I?" Misaki wasn't entirely sure, thinking back on what they discussed. She looked at Nariko and the tone of her voice immediately became a little softer. She then pffts. "Seriously though, if I wanted to I'd let Matatabi out. This little barrier isn't going to stop him. So it's more for show than anything else." She grunts, a little annoyed by all the extra layers of protection. Or mayhaps a little more than a little. "I guess Hiei told me to not be a bad girl at Ogo… And by the way Ogo walked out on me.." She sighs. "It seems like I didn't even know how to do that." She looks at Nariko. "So I guess…." She sighs. "I guess I could use some help with that… If you're willing…"

Nariko looks at Misaki and raises a brow. "I hate to tell you this, but it's words like that that keep you behind said barrier. Threatening is not the way to go about anything." She crosses her arms on her chest, looking at Misaki as she asks to be taught. "I'm not exactly sure where to start if I tried."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Misaki says dryly. "Well, not threatening doesn't seem to do much either so!" She crosses her arms stubbornly again. "I even tried please…"

Nariko looks at Misaki. "It's also your actions. Your actions and words speak louder together. You ran from the village, you threatened the village, and you are saying that you would willingly release matatabi to break out of your cell to prove you're a good person." She sighs. "Where would I start?"

"I have heard this before." Misaki says while crossing her arms. "Last I heard there's no time-jutsu to change those things. So I'll need to do it the hard way. Which I'm not going to be able to do IN A TACTFUL CAGE…" She looks at the guys maintaining the barrier. Returning to her angry lotus zen. "All I want is for Ogo to say he understands I can't promise blind obedience. Obedience sure, but I can't guarantee I won't say no to him or the next Kage, if what they ask goes against what my heart tells me is right. As a human being.." She pauses. "I'm a Jinchuuriki, and Matatabi helped me understand that's a moral obligation not just to the ones you love, not just to your village. But to every living being, including Bijuu…"

Nariko looks at Misaki and shakes her head after her little fit. "Screaming doesn't help, in fact, it puts people on edge and makes them wary. Why would you think that lashing out at those trying to help you would make it easier? It makes it worse." She moves a hand up to the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes a moment and then reopening them. "We all promise blind loyalty to the village and the Raikage. That is what we have promised to do."

Misaki looks at Nariko and blinks. "Well that's the issue. It's a promise I can't make." She pauses again. "I mean, I can promise obedience. I want to in fact, but blind obedience is something I simply can't afford. Blind obedience is what causes a mess…" She shakes her head. "I won't be like Daisuke. I want to be able to make my own decisions. For the village yes, but if some lunatic seizes power, I want to reserve the right to say no!"

Nariko shakes her head. "Then you're unfit to be a shinobi of the village." She shrugs. "We all made a promise. And we currently don't have a lunatic in power, so I don't see why that would even be in your head right now."

"So nobody cares about the future? About what if? You won't renew your oath if we get a new kage." She pauses. "I'm a Jinchuuriki. And I belong to me." She pauses. "My loyalty may be with the village. Where it has always been. Despite what I might have said. But heckling about a stupid oath isn't going to get us anywhere is it?" She pauses. "So then I won't be a Shinobi. Ogo won't have that either. I'm not asking for anything extreme am I?"

Nariko just shakes her head. "You think you belong to yourself? I believe that is wrong. You belong to the village. I'm not heckling about an oath. I'm reminding you of what you had promised the village. If you're loyal to our village then the oath you have sworn is what makes you a loyal shinobi of Kumogakure." She sighs and shakes her head.

"I never swore an oath." Misaki tells Nariko. "Not the one you describe anyways." She then shakes her head. "I simply can't belong to a village. Not in that way…"

Nariko stares at her blankly. "It is mandatory to swear an oath upon graduation of the academy. So, if you didn't swear an oath then you're technically not a shinobi." She shrugs. "If that’s what you are telling me."

"I swore I would be loyal to the village, and do my best to protect those within it. I didn't swear to follow orders blindly. I didn't swear or promise blind obedience." Misaki looks at Nariko. "If that means I'm not a Shinobi, then great, let me out of this cage and I'll go live a merchant’s life somewhere else…"

Nariko shakes her head at Misaki. "So, you swore to be loyal and to protect the village, but at the same time you didn't swear to do as they said?" She gives a thinking look and then shakes her head. "But we can't let you just leave. There’s a matter of village property that would need to be settled to let you leave."

"I swore to listen sure. But not to blindly do so. You as a diplomat should understand the fine lines." Misaki pauses. "Look, I need to get Ogo to acknowledge my moral obligation beyond the village. If he does that, I can peacefully agree to most of what he wants. Isn't that what you do? Mediate?"

Nariko does a facepalm gesture and shakes her head. "This isn't mediation. This is a one on one discussion between two people." She sighs. "But I'll tell Ogo-sensei that you wish to speak about fulfilling your moral obligation to the village."

Misaki chuckles and clearly doesn't get the difference very well. "Well, can't you understand what I'm saying? If Ogo would be killed and someone else seizes power. Would you let your oath force you to carry out any order?"

Nariko just stares at Misaki. "You are so focused on the future you can't work on the present. This conversation is just a circle. I'll let Ogo-sensei know you wish to speak to him." And with that she turns around and starts to make her way to the door.

"Wait, wait!" Misaki says looking at Nariko. "I want to focus on the present. But how do I do that? Do I just lie? Take an oath I can't stick to?"

Nariko turns her head to look at Misaki. "I've tried explaining it to you, but you didn't listen. You argued with me. I cannot help you now." She shrugs. "Good luck." And with that she would leave the room.

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