Discourse on particulars and training


Nariko, Zankuro

Date: October 22, 2016


Zankuro comes to Nariko to find information and discuss the opportunity for learning lightning stuff.

"Discourse on particulars and training"

Head Diplomat’s Office

Sitting behind a pile of paperwork was the Yotsuki known as Nariko. She had returned from her to Konoha to do some work that had been piling up before she went on another excursion. On her desk sat a teapot and a few cups in case she had visitors to her office, and another cup of tea which seemed to be hot, but half gone. As she looked at a packet of papers, she picked up the cup and sipped from it, burning her tongue and cursing, which seemed par for the course today.

If there is to be at least one bright part of Nariko's day, then her next visitor certainly held that promise! Maybe! Probably? Either way, soon enough there's a knock on her door, and brief announcement from an aid on the otherside about a visitor from Konoha seeking the Head Diplomat. Just as soon as the all clear is given, Zankuro — in all his bright, tropical shirt wearing glory — enters with a broad smile, and a bit of pep to his step.

"Thank ya boss. Really 'ppreciated." He states, offering the aid one last quick bow and a wink before turning his sights on Nariko. For a brief moment, the smile wavers as the Sarutobi goes all squinty-eyed at Nariko. "Do I… naww… heheh… It IS my greatest pleasure to meet'cha tho' o' Nariko-sama." He states, sweeping his hands into a flamboyant bow.

Nariko looked up from her paperwork as her secretary walks in with Zankuro and tilts her head. She stands up to offer a bow to Zankuro. "Hello, welcome to Kumo. And who might you be? And what can I do for you?" She offers him a seat, a little confused by the tropical shirt he was wearing. I mean, why would someone wear a tropical shirt? So strange. But that’s Konoha for you. She reaches for the teapot. "Would you like some tea? Straight from the Land of Tea."

Zankuro straightens out, smile diminishing to a broad grin. "It doesn't matter to me if it’s from the Land of Tea or Land of Tea. But knowing that it has been brewed by such lovely hands, well… How can I refuse?" He asked while making his way over to the seat. Plopping down without fanfare, Zankuro waits eagerly to take up a cup, and yet delays in the first sip to finally reply with, "Not sure if you've heard of me or not, but the names Sarutobi Zankuro, slayer of the thousand dead, lord of the burning sands, and etcetera etcetera." He rolls his free hand near the end. "And as for what such a fine beauty like yourself can do for me, well… I'm looking for someone. Two someone's actually, though only one of them I got a name on. Still, I was directed her first, so…" He rolls eyes part way, then seeming to think better, quickly shake his head. "Not that I'm complaining, mind'ju… *clears throat*… But anyways, I'm looking for this smith called Iwao. No last name apparently, but he's supposed to be up in these parts."

Nariko smiles and shakes her head. "As much as I would love to take credit for the brewing of the tea, I did not. My secretary outside did actually. But thank you." She pours him a cup, offering it to him. "Unfortunately I have not, but now I have. It is a pleasure to meet you." As he explains that he is looking for two people, she goes through her papers on her desk and hmms. "I haven't seen anything like that pass across my desk." But then she thinks hard on the name. "Wait…Iwao. Why does that name sound familiar?" She tilts her head like trying to think of where she knows that name. "Wait, are you talking about the person who makes all those fancy swords and what not? If so, I think I've heard about him living near Kumo." What she means by near, is very vague. "Are you looking to get a weapon made by Iwao?"

Zankuro pouted over the revelation, but had quickly recovered throughout his earlier spiel. "Eh, something like that." Zankuro replied after sighing in relief. For a while there, it seemed almost as if his trek to the north may have been mostly for naught. After taking a moment to let his racing heart calm down a little, Zankuro straightens back out in his seat, and takes another sip of tea.

"Mm.. still good…. *clears throat* Wait… near Kumo? That's it?" Zankuro starts to furrow his brow, only for a mental reminder leaving him wide-eyed for a second or two. "Ah! Right… He did mention the man being a bit of a recluse." He sighs lightly. "Aww well, I'm sure a bit of personal footwork will take care of the rest… As for that other thing, uhm… You wouldn't happen to know of anyone in cloud city here that would be up for teaching me a thing or two about lightning fist?"

Nariko reaches for her cup and takes a sip. "Well, yes, unfortunately, I can only tell you that he is near Kumo, but he's still a decent amount away. I don't think he wants to be near the village, but that is his choice." She smiles and nods. "Yes, he isn't much for visitors and if he does have visitors, he is picky about them." She tilts her head and thinks about lightning fist. "Well, I am not sure about who could teach you, but in our village my clan, the Yotsuki's are the ones who are familiar with lightning. So maybe someone within my clan. Are you looking for a specific person?"

"Yeah, he said that might be the case, but I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to get this guy's help." Zankuro freely admits. Afterwards, he leans more easily against the back of his chair, and folds his hands behind his head. "'Fraid not my lady. As much as it pains me to admit it, I haven't had the pleasure of getting really acquainted with your folk up here. Last time I was up this way, my focus had been elsewhere, to say the least, what with the chuunin exams and what not." Zankuro sighs, and shakes his head lightly. "If /you/ on the other hand happen to know of anyone in particular I should ask for training, it'd be mucho appreciated!"

Nariko nods and then smiles. "Well, I can try to find the exact location for you before you leave to go search for him. I'm sure that will be helpful." She tilts her head. "Well, we have plenty of instructors and trainers in the Academy and training center that someone in there is more likely to be able to teach you. But the Yotsuki clan is more educated in the ways of lightning. So while you are here do enjoy the sights and get to know our small village." She smiles and then hmms. "I wouldn't mind, but I am about to take off yet again for diplomatic relations in another village. But our training center and academy are well known for their teachings. You can just let them know that I sent you and they should be willing to take you in."

"Understood! And all in all, I very much appreciated everthing ya'v done for me, and thensome." Zankuro nods curtly. "Naturally, this all ain't for free of course. If Kumo ever needs for anything while I'm here, I'd gladly be of service to ya. Just say the word, and I'll be there free of charge!" He pops out of his seat, and offers Nariko a handshake on the deal. "Just so long as that 'thing' doesn't violate the agreement our villages of course, right?" He adds with a wink.

Nariko rises from her seat. "Not a problem. As long as I can help in any form." She smiles and then takes Zankuro's hand to shake. "We shall remember that And will keep you in mind. At least, I hope that you will help out, due to the fact that we have an agreement with your village." She eyes him for a moment when he brings up the Kumo-Konoha alliance and shakes her head. "Believe me. I know the limits of our agreement better than anyone else in this village. So I will not." She dropped her hand and bowed her head. "Enjoy your visit. We will also make sure you have a room at the hotel that will suit your needs."

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