Dismissing the Bad, Piercing the Lost


Amata, Takahiro, Kiji, Kiyoshi, Sei

Date: May 30, 2014


A hastily scrambled team of Kirigakure shinobi are sent out to liberate a village, eliminate all targets, and keep the casualties to a minimum. The mission proceeds as planned at first until misfortune strikes, resulting in the critical wounding of one of the team's members…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Dismissing the Bad, Piercing the Lost"

Minor Village within the Land of Water

A light trickle of rain washes down from the sky, refreshing the air. Refreshing or not, though, few people venture out without an umbrella. The shinobi cutting through the tree canopy could not afford such a luxury to begin with. And worst yet, the rain falling now was merely a prelude to a more heavy downpour later on. With that in mind, haste would be prefered over the typical pace, thought ultimately, the decision was up to Amata; team leader and recent inheritor of the nuibari. The rest of the team consisted of Kiji, Takahiro, Sei, and Kiyoshi. All in all, the team consisting of Kirigakure shinobi was a mix-bag in terms of skill level; but, at least the mission in question was rather simple and straight-forward.
They were to liberate a village under bandit control, minimize casualty numbers, and eliminate all bandits down to the last man. Kirigakure would not, nor could not tolerate such a balatant statement that their authority was slack at their home front. Plus… it was a request made by Kiyoshi on behalf of a child; the sole escapee from the village.

Approaching the village, Amata would turn to face the group before they got too close and look at them in order. She hmms before looking to Kiji first and nodding, "Your job is simple, stay toward the back and behind everyone. You are the only one here that can heal us if we get in trouble and I know you can fight from range." She nods her head and then looks at Takahiro, "I want you to act as back up and guard to Kiji." She nods to him, "You are to stay close to Kiji and put yourself between her and anyone after her. If she dies, you had better already be dead." She then looks over at Kiyoshi.
"You are going to be with me. I need someoen else on the front lines with me. We are going to all slip in quietly but once everything begins, I need you with me making people dead. Our first priority is the safety of the village but we need these guys dead for that…none of these bandits will come out of this alive."
Finally she stands up straighter and looks to Sei, "That brings me to you. You are going to flank us. Move as quietly as possible. If possible, I want no bandit to be sure that you were even here with us." She nods to him, "As I said, no bandit escapes…not one. You are to make sure of that with me by setting up traps outside and around the village. I am already having my spiders move." She looks down and indeed they are moving from her, "Setting up traps and choke poitns through the village. No one leaves, Sei. I want the word to go out that if you attack a village in the Land of Water, you die."

Kiji kept pace easily enough. Her leg had healed well enough that even the doctors said she could be released to active duty again. The girl wore a short sleeved t-shirt over plain pants for this mission, her long raven hair held in a thoroughly soaked braid. It was heavy enough she could possbly use it as a blunt weapon if she'd wanted. She listened to Amata's orders and frowned but remained silent. She glanced at Takahiro. The boy would guard her? Suddenly her simple sharing of healing essences felt very small indeed… But she could as Amata pointed out, fight at range… she simply nodded and waited for it all to start.

The boy would make a quick nod, looking at Kiji with a small smile before shaking some rain of. The rain dwelled heavy on his black coat that reached his feet. His black pants and brown shirt were soaking wet, and there would be raindrops falling off the chokuto and scabbard's surface. "Yes Okumo-san." The boy would state before reaching to his red charm, the boy would lower it inside his shirt, making it invisible for anyone. "Ready when you are."

Sei watched the others, then looked to Amata. A nod was given with a whistle of his voice and that pause, before he'd simply vanish. The clone left behind within the pause poofing as he'd move away into the surrounding forest. Hmm.. make them not aware he wasn't there, but make sure no one leaves. Sei's brood, his strongest point and thus one of the largest known within Kiri would spread out, working with Amata's own brood in tandem as they'd set up that barrier. The whole village would be ringed in spider silk, the Okumo starting the first part of that capture and destruction. On the other side of the village from the others, some of his spiders left to watch each of them, including one nesting in Kiji's hair if she notices, let him keep track of what they did, as he'd start on phase two's work.

If there had been some expectation — some collective belief that Kiyoshi would be happy at having first knock at dismembering the bandits for stealing away the homes of the weak and defenseless, those that thought as much are to be sadly disappointed. He merely nodded his consent with a mask of apathy in place. Then, adjust his shades before giving the others a closer look over. His gaze lingers on Kiji and Sei the most, though the latter earns the most scrutiny before his attention returns to the village itself. It's been well over a week since they met at the hospital. Longer since the two have had the 'pleasure' of working together. Kiyoshi ground his teeth behind close lips in vain hope of driving down memories of their last foray together from his mind.
It would become all too clear once the team begins to make their move that the bandits were both prepared and lacking severly in a number of ways. Sure, they had their patrol men within the village, but even a child could slip in and out so long as they were quick enough and smart enough to use the high grass area just outside the village. Which may beg the question of why only a single child managed to escape in the first place? Then, there was the number of bandits on patrol. Their numbers were far too small in comparison to the number homes present within the village. So, potentially more in hiding. Whatever the case may be, sneaking in or sealing the village (for the most part) wouldn't be so much of a problem.
However, It would remain up to Amata to decide just how they would procede with the selective genocide. Do they eliminate the patrols and occasional guards posted outside certain homes first? Or search for the villagers first? Or perhaps an option C thru E?

A look back at Kiji as she is about to move, Amata states, "Kiji, you and Takahiro must make sure no one slips up behind us. You are our rearguard as well as our healing." She looks at Takahiro with a nod before looking around, "And also…be on the look out for villagers. Some may be injured, others may get int he way. We need them kept safe." She then hmms as she looks at the area and then she hmms before pondering. She licks her lips even as she starts to send spiders out from herself into the village, though she is running low on that front given her work around the village, "Be careful. We want to take out as few as we can as we slip in. Something isn't right."
With that, she starts moving and starts to slip into the village. She isn't out to attack or kill just yet. No one would be leaving hte village by the time Sei and her own work was done. Now she wanted to know what was happening before they made any rash desicions.

Kiji felt the spider on her hair and caught herself halfway to touching it, not wanting to harm it once she figured out what it was. She sent a bit of a smile at Takahiro, encouraging him, She watched Sei disappear then looked at Amata. The designation as rear guard made her nod, and she kept to where she was for the moment. If the group moved forward she would follow but remain behind them as a rear guard should. She nodded to Takahiro and gathered her chakra about her….

Takahiro would nod quickly, making sure he noted everything Amata had said was clear in his head and figured he was certain of knowing. The boy would smile back at Kiji, staying with her and mimicking her moves. The boy would gather his chakra, making sure he could defend Kiji at any time he needed, while listening closely. He would not want to let a bandit slip on his first mission, and the boy was a little scared of making mistakes but made sure that wouldn't be noticeable.

Sei scattered his chakra, expanding his field of control as well as speed with those spiders. He'd quickly finish up the sealing outside of the village so no one could get out now. Not without knowing how to get through the rather thick webbing. With that done, his spiders moved forward, speeding towards that village. While Kiji with the one in her hair allowed him to keep tabs on them, the rest of the spiders would reach buildings, scattering into cracks, more of his brood coming into play as they started attempting to find the innocents. Once each one was found, the spider would stay nearby. Amata of course, could sense where spiders were at. Indeed anyone that could see chakra would sense the twinkling little lights that were his brood. Sei himself kept in hiding, searching, marking those to live and those to die.

The patrols and guards are easy enough to maneuver around. But again, another strange thing would become clear. The dressed like bandits, walked about like bandits, but not a one was going around complaining about the weather, their boss(es?), or how bothersome it was gathering up the villagers. Nor were they celebrating their recent success, or properly shirking their duties with the occasional pause to consume some libeations.
In any case, based on the heavily amount of foot traffic prints in the earth and reports made by spider spies, a large number of folk were, or at least may be found, gathered in the larger homes at the center of the village. Slipping in without the guards noticing would require either going underground or some serious wacky magic. Or perhaps a decent henge/stolen disguise if one reeaally wanted to get in through the front of one of those homes without killing. Given how irritable the two guards posted outside of each of these homes (roughly 4 in total), entering through the front even under guise would take some guile, and perhaps smaller numbers (as in 2 Kiri shinobi per home).
Again, it would be up to Amata to make the call, discretely, and quickly in case one of the random patrols happens open the drenched Kiri shinobi.

A frown comes to her face as she watches the situation unfold. She would stare at the whole situation before she would look back at Takahiro and Kiji. She hmms for a moment and then finally looks up for a moment. She hmms before pondering shaking her head. "No." She states softly and then looks around for a moment before she nods her head and starts back and away from their original location.
She doesn't say a word until they have neared one of the guards that was patrolling. She would stop for a moment and look back at Takahiro and Kiji, "You two from the front if there is trouble. Don't ask questions yet." She then would start up a wall quickly and go right to a roof where she would move to where the patrol was, already directing spiders and she would simply do one thing, send webbing all up and around them, attempting to cover them from head to toe before dragging them off to Kiji and Takahiro. Should she get them over to her, she will nod to Kiji, "Lesson time, Kiji. I want you to find out from these two men what they know about what is going on quickly and quietly."

Kiji looked up and followed orders, her face curious, her eyes purple. When she was presented with the two cocooned patrolmen and told to interrogate them. She blinked a few times, but orders were orders. She tilted her head the other way, her purple eyes shifting slowly to a pale orange. She slit her wrist with the ring on her right hand and the blood poured forth, forming shards, needles the size of nails. She slid her hand over the webbing to get a good idea of where the pressure points were hidden before she spoke in a very innocent and light tone. "If you jsut tell us everything I won't have to do this." She sent the needles straight through the webbing and into one of the man's arms, just one. Being certain to impale his hand through the sensitive palm. "…Again."

The boy would have no idea what Amata meant this time, but he figured it was just a matter of following Kiji. The boy would however be not surprised by the caccooned patrol-men. He would stand back, watching Kiji slicing her self again. He would quickly move his hair from one side to another with his hands and then flip it back with his head. His nervosity tic. ~I guess cutting yourself is not something I can stand in between~ The boy would think, halfly laughing and halfly hesitant of what was going to happen. He would take note of the needle entering the coccoon, but no emotion would occur. His face, now they had approached the village, would stand on emotionless.

Sei's own brood would assist Amata on anything she did, his gathering spiders for the patrol webbing them to help with the pinning down. His spiders stayed in the webbing, crawling on the men, although avoiding getting crushed as Kiji would do her questioning. The spiders listened and watched, Sei didn't move further while they figured out what was going on as this wasn't right. Something was very, very wrong with this whole scenario and hopefully they'd have an answer too.
Kiyoshi remains Amata's shadow throughout the operation, quick and observant of any silent cues from the Okumo. As for Amata's plan, well, it goes off without a hitch for the most part. Sei's brood being thrown into the mix provide just the reinforcement Amata needs to ensure her captives remain captives. It doesn't take much at all to convince the guard that gets impaled to talk. A good thing too, considering the fact his friend was passed out. Seems the guy has a severe case of arachnephobia and passed out as soon as he realized he was wrapped up in webbing.
The talker swears again and again (following the initial outcry of pain that thankfully went unnoticed by the bandits) that he and his buddies were simply following the new bosses orders. Said orders consisted of attacking the village, killing its defenders — male folk first to take up arms, round up the rest in the larger homes, then keep an eye out on them until the boss gave new orders. Just what those new orders and who this new boss was he either didn't know or couldn't say. As for their numbers, he'd stumble over trying to get it out, but eventually say that there were at least five holed up where they kept the villagers. Any attempt at prying more would only result is his relieving himself, and eventually descending into a useless, blubbering mess.

A look at the men as they speak and Amata would nod to Kiji, "Good job." She states and then sends spiders to finish wrapping the men up so they won't be going anywhere. She then turns her gaze back to the way they were going, "This plan changes only slightly." She nods her head, "These men are still all dead. T hey are murderers and that makes them dead." She nods her head, "They arent' just bandits. However, this new leader is to be brought back alive to be thoroughly questioned. He has put the fear into these men to the point where they act like good soldiers."
She then starts off again and back towad where the hostages are being held. Once they are near, she looks to Kiji and Takahiro, "You two will be going after one home, we'll be going after another and Sei a third. We go fast, hard and quick without question." She nods her head and then starts off toward a home with Kiyoshi.

Kiji's eyes were grey rimmed in orange by the time the man stopped talking and her expression was cold. She backed off, allowing the blood on her arm to group itself around the slit skin and gathering there as the cut bled. She glanced up at Kiyoshi and Sei then just looked away, nodding to Amata and abandoning her previous post of rear guard to stand facing the house she was assigned with Takahiro. She had reservations about these orders, though. She would wait and see what happened.

Takahiro's face would not change, the boy knew what was going to happen to either him or to the bandits, and he preferred the bandits. He would have looked at the guards muttering, not sure if he should make any notice of it's words, but before he could do so, the new orders arrive. The boy of ten would look at Kiji for a doubtful moment, focussing on the injured arm she just got, but knew it was her thing. He would quickly regain his position next to Kiji, this time facing the house he was assigned at, making himself ready for what would come.

The spider in Kiji's hair clicked to confirm Amata's orders. Sei went to work quickly and efficently, the house he was assigned to besieged by that brood of spiders. Those whom were villagers, as it was obvious by dress who was what, would get left untouched. Anyone with a weapon would die that horrible, vile death of consumption by spiders. Once the house was 'clean' of those whom would threaten the villagers, even the bones would get dragged away for use elsewhere. Sei's brood would support the others as needed. Sei himself stayed out of the house, having gone into high gear with his hive mind, focusing on making sure no one got out of his web. They were within his nest and therefore they would die.

The Moto kept an eye on Kiji throughout the entire time she's tormenting the guard, marking the cold expression that over took her as she went to work. The wound on her arm is given even more scrutiny, but soon after his attention is on their leader. Kiyoshi lips part, but not a sound escapes them before they are sealed again. He could try and call in his rights as the client, but doing so would only risk slowing down, if not fragment the team needlessly. So, he would keep his mouth shut, wish Kiji and Takahiro a silent good luck, then follow Amata's lead into the assigned house.
What they encounter is just as the guard states with varied exceptions in the exact number of guards, and… other complications. Not for Kiyoshi and Amata's group. A few well placed strikes, snapped necks, and webs quickly settle the matter before a single guard can say anything. Unfortunately, Kiji and Takahiro's group would have it the hardest, for you see, Sei's brood caused a bit of an uproar by descending in such large numbers. The guards are easy enough to silence, but the woman folk and children can't help crying out in freight and huddle that much closer together. Knowing the Okumo, he and his brood would find a way to quiet the villagers without killing them. But nevertheless, the damage is done.
To make matters worse, Amata and Kiyoshi are faced with another deliemma should either or both of them exit to try and bring things back under control. The other patrolmen were gathered around the houses… along with a large number of bandits that should not have gone undetected earlier. Although calling those 'new' bandits bandits may not be entirely appropriate. Ten them at least wild eyes, some sort of armor encapusulating much of their bodies, bore crimson skin wherever it was exposed.
Oh, And the downpour has gotten worse…
"A little lost, Kiri shinobi?" Someone speaks up. That same someone would push his way to the front, revealing himself to be wearing similiar armor, a trench coat, and is the only pale skinned one out of those wearing the armor.
After having taken care of the issues in that home, Amata slips up toward the door and hmms as she notices what is going on outside. Slowly, she removes Nuibiari from her back and looks at it carefully, she then nods, "I was worried about this." She nods her head, "Kiyoshi, we are going out there and we are going to kill them. End of story." She nods her head and then she starts out the door without a second though. She flips the blade in her hand once before she will simply send her spiders out from her. Even as she does, she makes a quick hand gesture and then another and immediately the air around some of those shinobi will be blasted with electricity in the air before she rushes forward and slashes across one then another, "Surprise, surprise. Something new in this village."

Kiji had expected a fight. Ignoring the mandate for Takahiro to protect her, she led the assault into thier designated house and thus came under fire first. Her hands flew through the seals for a clone. It looked as though the blade entered her throat.. but then in a poof of smoke the clone disappeared and Kiji was standing there beside the bandit with that same cold expression on her face as she lifted her arm and formed the blood needles she was known for. Aiming for the throat with her first attack. She used a bit more blood than was technicly needed. The expression on her face cracked into a flinch and suddenly she closed her fist and exploded her blood in the bandit's own body as it went through the heart, the blood going from fluid to crystalline spikes, completely ripping apart the muscle of the heart and lungs. A spike exploded from the man's chest and blood from his lungs dripped from his mouth even before he hit the ground. Her eyes grew ever darker, though there still remained the oarange ring about each iris. She turned then to see if Takahiro needed any help….

The boy would have seen the blade coming while moving inside. Quickly making a few handsigns as the blade would hit Takahiro directly in the chest. A loud zap could be heard, and a soft flash of light could have been seen by anyone in the vicinity. The boy would keep up his emotionless face, not budging an inch before appearing next to the wall of the building while making three seals. The boy would move out his fingers in front of him, holding it like a gun while aiming securely at other bandit that threw the blade at him. There would be two flashes of lightning emiting from his finger tips. One, aimed at the chest of the guy while he was standing still, the other one slightly off to the bandits right knee. The man however would not make it through the first one. It hit him right in the chest, sending electricity through his body, making him budge forward and kneeling. The man's twitch due to the electricity would be the worst mistake. His head, now in position of his right knee, would be directly hit by the second bolt of lightning, damaging his brain cells and nerve system in his brain, causing him to twitch five times. He would fall forward in his twitching movements, hitting his head straight onto the ground multiple time due to it's twitches. The boy would then remember his mission to protect Kiji instead of himself, frowning his eyebrows before taking in the environment.
The villagers are simply and utterly horrified by Kiji's tactics. Some faint right away. Others coil back and shield their faces from the blood and gore that sprayed just about everywhere. Then, there were those unlucky few get sprayed and can only stare in complete shock. Needless to say, the display is enough to elicit a few screams like Sei's prey, though nowhere near the amount. The noises from inside the house is also enough to strike some fear into the bandits gathered outside the house, awaiting what they now hoped and prayed would be easy kills.
As for their compatriots, things quickly degenerate for the worst and the better. Sei's more stealthy brood pick of the stragglers and even thin out the ranks of main horde… but, there are still plenty left to cause some trouble. Heavy rains plus electricity equaled the regular forces not doing so well. A good number of them are down within seconds, but the rest — despite doubts creeping into their mind — charge Amata in an attempt to exploit her attention being turned on the armored ones. It was a mistake Kiyoshi would do his best in forcing down their collective throats before slitting them with the o-katana he had strapped to his backside the whole time.
The armored bandits are quick. Too quick, and should any of their counter attacks land, too strong to be just regular man. Their leader was no joke as well. Being balatantly ignored twice over did not sit well on his tongue. So much so that he actually stopped half of his powered armor unit and sent them to deal with the webbing scattered around village… and the creator of the net. Meanwhile, he would draw his own sword and try to work in tandem with his elites to try and overwhelm Amata.

Taking a slash from the boss as her spiders try their best to deal with the regular bandits, she takes a step back and looks at the wound which is quickly wrapped up by spiders. She then looks at him carefully and shakes her head, "Fool." She then calls out, "Deal with the armored ones. I will bring the boss down." She then proceeds to point at the ground at the boss's feat…which will reveal nothing as her spiders descend from a rooftop with a pile of webbing to attempt to wrap him up in before she'll step forward in a sudden spin kick aimed right for his head, her leg snapping like a whip at the end.

Kiji watched the far less messy kill from Takahiro and nodded her head, seeming to offer approval for a clean kill before she turned to look at the villagers. She spoke with a command in her voice that she did not really own. "Remain here and you won't be harmed." Then she motioned to Takahiro to follow her out the door. She'd heard battle outside, though if those were anything like the one's she and the boy had just killed, it would be over before Kiyoshi even got warmed up. She'd never really been in combat with the new swordswoman Amata, but she figured she'd be just as fast.
She stepped outside just in time to hear the leader's words to Koyoshi and the girl nodded. Her cold eyes were now deep grey like a thunderstorm and rimmed with a near glowing ring of red as she narrrowed her focus to the men closest to her. She lifted her arm and gathered the blood needed into two clouds, one for each hand and flung them forward, the blood forming into needles and splitting apart half way to the target, thereby comming at the man from 4 different directions at once. The girl showed no emotion….

The boy would have inspected the kill of Kiji, grinning slightly from the amount of screams, ooh's and aaah's she had conjured from the villagers. He would take up the scene in mind, noting in his head he would never even would try to fight Kiji before turning around. The screams had reached his ears too, and he would wait not to witness Kiji speaking at the crowd. He would have looked outside carefully, waiting what Kiji was going to do. The boy would quickly repeat his move, moving his hands in front of him like a gun and shooting two bolts of lightning seperately on one of the bandits. He didn't however do the same like he did with the others. He tried to judge the level of his opponent, shooting the two bolts on different parts of the area. One would be fired at the bandit's his chest, this time aimed directly for the heart, while the other was aimed more in the stomach and bowel area. If he would hit the latter one, the man would either vomit or poop his pants for sure. But the boy remembered his mission. Make sure Kiji stays unharmed. The boy would notice Kiji's attack, following her movements, ready to jump in at any moment if needed.

Amata's words aren't lost on Kiyoshi, but the blonde-haired giant gives no indication of hearing her words. Not immediatly… but soon enough by abruptly changing his target from the remaining unarmored bandits he had taught to keep a wary distance from him to the closest armored bandit nearby. He grabs the man from behind by the skull, the man weak point in their armor, and yank him off his feet. If he can manage as much, the man gets tossed into the other red sh—his fellows.
Despite Kiyoshi's assistance, out of the four other armored bandits, only one breaks off to attack Kiyoshi. The rest would quickly try to cover for the poss after seeing him stumble back from the kunoichi's strike.
"Heheh… That needle.." The boss emits through gritted teeth before wiping the blood from his lips. Then, clear what little webbing managed to make it past the armor's auto defenses before gradually making his way into the fray.
The villagers quiet down quickly enough. Those capable of more nod, accepting her word and go about trying to calm down the young ones. They would stay for the time being, allowing Kijji and Takahiro to take care of the bandits outside. By blood and lightning, more fall like stalks of wheat before the reapers blade. But plenty more still remain…

When the armored guys come in to attack Amata, she simply has her spiders come up to take the hits. She idly sahkes her head at the trio of armored people in front of her and idly brings up Nuibari, "You think you will do better than your boss?" She hmms and then idly she whips her blade up, sending quick back and forth slashes at each, attempting to slit them right in the throat before she would then turn to the boss last and grin, "You are next." She chuckles before turning her gaze back to the three armored men.

Kiji saw the attacks comming and met each one with a clone. Each clone had the same cold expression and grey and red eyes as Kiji. The wounded ones would be the easiest to attack for her, and she went with it. Aiming her blood needles at the open wounds. She targeted 2 of the wounded bandits, her cloud of blood needles splitting off and attacking each from a separate side. if she managed to get her blood mixed into thiers, she would explode thier hearts.

As the boy would have been taking a good look at Kiji, trying to make sure he would be able to deflect the attacks on her, a wounded bandit must have caught eye on his move of attention. The boy however would have seen it coming, making a few hand-signs before getting hit in the face by the blade. So it seemed, however it was just a lightning clone, disappearing a zap while the real Takahiro would have Jumped high into the air. The boy would have aimed directly for the head and the mid section of the attacker, firing two small bolts of lightning towards the bandit before landing behind his attacker. The boy would quickly turn around, firing one more lightning bolt from his gun pointed fingers before readying himself. Making sure he would keep an eye on both Kiji as his potential attackers.
Kiyoshi is successful, after a fashion. While the armored bandit would be able to get up in time, his less compatriots were less lucky in avoiding the man's path. At the very least they wouldn't have to deal with Kiyoshi turning his blade upon them while their down. Not while he his forced to defend himself against not one, but two of the armored ones… once the first guy recovers that is. This was fine with Kiyoshi. The more blood on his hand, the easier it would be to… to… he couldn't remember what exactly, but he knew he needed to rend them limb from limb. So… that is exactly what he tries to do when an opportunity presents itself.
But not the two that faced him. Oh, no, no….
The armored bandits only response to Amata is to grin broadily back at her. More than likely a side-effect of whatever it was coursing through their system to help compensate for the demands of the armor. It mattered little in the end. Amata aimed to end them quick by attacking one of the few spots exposed by the armor. Her efforts are not in vain, though two of the armored bandits manage to avoid suffering a truly fatal injury in the process of avoiding the girl's strikes. Unfortunately for one of the barely recovered armored bandits, Kiyoshi decision to leap into the thick of things meant holding off revenge for the time being.
Still, Amata would still have the boss to deal with. "Maybe. Maybe not." The boss says before dashing forward, blade held high for a powerful downward stroke. Hit or miss, the man is quick to recover and follow-up with a powered round house kick to the face if he can.
As for Kiji and Takahiro's target, things are relatively quiet. Those still capable of breathing groan, but the rest are either a gorey mess or silent from de-activated heart. The only regular forces left were those now watching the fight between their leaders, Amata, and Kiyoshi. Perfect targets for a surprise attack to finish them off…

"Finish off the armored men." She states to the others even as Amata winces and takes a vicious slash even as her spiders catch his kick and block it. She spits out a little blood and then shakes her head, "Now now." She states and then idly flips the blade and then gestures. Up come her spiders, attempting to web the man up again before the spiders will be webbing all the more. They are going for broke on webbing the man up and even as they do she does a move she has taken to using very often. She whips her leg up straight above her in an almost perfect line with her other leg before sweeping it down in a vicious axe kick made to break the collar bone.

Kiji looked down on the fallen enemies and narrowed her eyes at those groaning but not moving. Amata had said kill them all… Suddenly she turned and slashed her arm again, the first cut already slowing in it's let of blood and drew a larger amount of blood than before, she formed it into three orbs, one above her and one to each side, turning her blazing red and grey eyes on the few who remained standing. She had turned away from easy kills and was now trying to scare these poor fools with a show of force.
The orb above her snapped apart into hundreds of droplets. The one over her right hand did the same then both audibly crackled as they formed into the needles she'd been using. "Takahiro-kun… attack with me." If the men run she'd let them go, Sei would enjoy devouring them she was sure, if they stood thier ground she would shoot the two configurations at them in a zig-zag pattern,making it harder to avoid and aiming for vital points like the jugular.
You paged Takahiro with '4 armored guys (left), the boss, and the few gawking red shirts.'

The boy would have watched his opponent, seeing him fall down on the ground. His expression would not change. Takahiro would look at who was around him, taking a good look of what had happened, and would move closer to Kiji. The boy would follow her movements with his eyes, but nodding quickly as she told him to attack with her. "Yes Kiji-san". The boy would jump up, aiming for the angles the blood darts were going at before releasing his lightning from his finger tips. The tips, now black from the burn marks the lightning had left, would emphasize the color of the rest of his skin, and his paleness looked like it was shining when the bolts were released from his fingers. He would come down on the ground, gasping for air as he would quickly focus his chakra and trying to relax himself. He was used to killing one prey, not five of them.
Kiyoshi presses the initial attack, but to no avail. So, he switches tactics by turning his forced retreat into a surprise straight kick into the guts of one of the armored bandits. It won't be enough to take the man down permanently. Still, it placed the odds more in his favor.
He rolls his shoulders when the opportunity presents itself, ignoring the brief jolt of pain from manipulating the slashed limb. One of the original two had gotten luck in pressing his defenses before he broke the engagement. Sadly, the effort would soon mend on its own, and serve only to invigorate the boy's adrenalined fueled desired to cause pain — to kill.
That invigoration is immediatly turned upon the one that survived his surprise chop attack. If he can manage it, the man will get thrown bodily into one of the nearby houses. Then, smashed through it.
The boss's cackling at Amata's vain attempts at binding him come to an abrupt close when the Axe kick connects. The pulse from the armor softened the blow, but a few more like it would put the man out of comission. Permnantly. He growls out his defiance and abandons finese in favor of trying to grab the girl by the throat and slam her into the rain soaked earth.
The gawking remnants of the foot soldier bandits wince, cry a little, and even start to seriously consider taking advantage of their boss bad position to flee. Less than half of them are successful in transforming that thought into action thanks to the combined efforts of Takahiro and Kiji. And even then, they are but chowder for Sei's broodlings still guarding the perimeter while the teen handle his own armored troops.

They tried to restrain him, to call out and stop the boy before he burst out of the house. But by then, it is far too late. He kept along the houses, skirting much of the action, and ignoring the grizzly deaths as they unfold. He sought only one thing and one thing only. That thing being the man Kiyoshi was preparing to smash through the house. Moments before Kiyoshi can accomplish the task, the sound of splattering mud nearby alerts him to another's presence. There's not hesitation or forethought beyond what it takes to draw upon his corrupted bloodline to turn his hand as hard and penetrating as a certian legendary beast's horn. He turns and strikes…
Bone will be shattered to piece..
Blood will hit the air…
Taking a breath, she is grabbed and then Amata gasps out said breath as she hits the ground and hard. She groans and shakes her head, shuddering and then shaking her head, "K…" She licks her lips and hten gestures with both hands, lifting Nuibari and bringing her hands together as she brings them up and looks up at him, "Time to wrap…this up." Even as she speaks, all the spiders around come racing in, leaping toward him in an attempt to literaly cover him completely in webbing from both directions even as she gives the order, "Bring him down." She nods her head and then shakes her head a little as she tries to get the cobwebs out.

Kiji had seen that there were no more standing bandits left to worry about and she could see Kiyoshi and Amata had wounds. So she started in thier direction, if only to get close enough to use her healing abilities at range. And that was when the boy brushed past her, startling her for a split second. She saw how close he was getting to Kiyoshi and her red and grey eyes flooded with gold. She knew how Kiyoshi reacted to people comming up behind him in normal conditions. This child stood no chance. It took her seconds to rush forward with a shouted "No!". Lucky for the kid she got to him just barely in time to use her momentum and remove him from danger by literally shoving him aside… hard. Unfortunately, the mud at her feet, the mud that alerted Kiyoshi to the child's presence makes her footing slide. Time seemed to slow and she could see Kiyoshi turning, his hand held like a weapon. And she cannot find the traction needed to avoid the blow. Her gold eyes widen in that split second and she made eyecontact with Kiyoshi the milisecond before his hand pierced her jsut below the sternum…
The girl's body jolted and for a moment she looked stunned, unsure what had happened. Her eyes darken from bright gold to a deep brown. She coughs, a trickle of blood slipping from her mouth, proof he'd knicked a lung possibly, tearing ribs and organs, the tips of the hardened fingers and hand exit her back thankfully to one side of the spinal column.
Kiji coughed again, more blood slipping from her mouth before her brain finally kicked back into gear. She reached out and with all her strength latched onto the arm that was impaling her. "Do…don't…"

Takahiro would look around, he would stand just behind Kiji while taking good note of the envoirenment. He would notice the wounded Amata and Kiyoshi, shaking his head. "I hope this ends well." He would mutter before readying himself to jump up, but he would hold himself back. The boy would run past him, he could have had him in his reach, but he failed to notice the full envoirenment. Why would a kid run up to a fighting scene anyway… the boy would wonder. However his question would leave his mind quickly. The boy would see the fist of Kiyoshi impale Kiji's guts before he was even to think of something to do against it. The boy would carefully, but quickly, sprint and move himself between Kiyoshi and his opponents. "Fix that problem." He would say, while quickly firing two bolts of lightning towards one of the opponents from Kiyoshi. "I'll try to hold them off while you two try to fix your incident." He would say while flipping his hair twice due to his nervosity tic but not having his hands free.

The big boss would pay for his arrogance, and swiftly no less. The armor was powerful and held a myraid of abilities, but it could not withstand the stress of so much webbing being tossed upon it at once. The man is bound within moments, trussed up and ready for a long haul back to Kirigakure. That left only his armored units to take care of the rest. Said bandits had been looking for their opportunity to strike when things took a dramatic turned that shocked even them enough to continue hesitating…
It was too late. Far, far too late. By allowing himself to become completely enthralled by the rhythm of battle, the giant missed those precious few seconds that would've spared him future agony. It felt almost… right for that brief instant. The tearing of flesh…
her insides parting and slipping over his finger tips…
The lifeblood mixing with all those other juices that once flowed through those punctured organs…
The shattering of bone that now protruded in fragments outside her back or fell upon the mud soaked earth…
Then the moment passes by, leaving Kiyoshi paralyzed in place. A lucky thing perhaps, seeing as how his following thoughts demanded that he pull the limb out so she could regenerate. Yes.. Yes if he acted fast enough then… maybe? Regardless, he needed the hand out before it all came tumbling out. Not her organs, but — A sharp gasp escapes his mouth upon hearing her voice. "I-I…" He starts to say — think he has said, but it was all spinning out of his control from there. He could feel the desire seep to the surface. A desire that he knew would burn her insides if she didn't, freaking, let, go. His eyes were already carrying the taint of that desire. A cereulean glow, even though they should've been been a dull brown. The boy meanwhile stares from stares up at the scene from his prone form, all but having forgotten his reasons for running out onto the battle field.

Standing up, Amata would stare wide eyes at the sight of Kiyoshi's hand in Kiji. Amata would stand up much more quickly than she should, her whole world going dizzy but she holds standing tall, taking Nuibari to the side, she'd send more spiders to web up the men who were left, staring not at them but at Kiyoshi as she'd walk forward and not lookd own at Kiji, stop the threat, save the person, that order.
When she was before Kiyoshi, she'd eye him carefully, "Kiyoshi! You stand down right now." She nods her head and then idly puts Nuibari away and stares at him carefully, even as more spiders move to attempt to start trying to create web bandages for Kiji, given that moment they wouldnt' be able tow ork quickly, they were too busy with teh men that are left but they would try to help out, "We don't need another incident…do we?" Amata tilts her head and eyes Kiyoshi.

Kiji felt the pain faintly, as if from a far off place and she could feel the desire to sleep creeping up on her. She heard the fall of blood and bone and the rain cleared gore from Kiyoshi's hand protruding out her back. The rain would have kept some of the scent down for Kiyoshi, but he would still scent her, she was sure. Slowly the pain started to return to her and she could feel her blood flowing, but still it was slower than it would be if Kiyoshi pulled his arm free quickly. He was in essence keeping her bleeding down. For the first time that anyone's known her, she finally openly flinched in response to the pain. She did not cry out or panic, but it showed in her eyes and on her face.
The grip on his arm was losing power by the second. She closed herr eyes for a moment before opening them again, and again they were becomming ringed in orange, adrenaline kicking in to aid her. She tried to back up slowly, hoping she could regenerate as his arm moved… But she slipped and unless he caught her she'd end up on her knees in the mud before him. She lifted her eyes to Kiyoshi's face and was suddenly caught as if mesmerized. A soft smile touched her liips and she reached up with a bloody hand, speaking softly. "Lovely…." If Kiyoshi wanted to pull his arm free he would have no fight left from her, All she could think was how lovely his eyes looked like that…..

The boy would have gazed in agony at the mess that would have been made around him when he took the place of Kiyoshi. The blood that dripped on the floor was not a new thing for him… just normally it was a ducks or another kind of animal that he would have killed or attacked on purpose and needed to eat. The boy would have fired the shots of lightning, however he soon noticed he would miss without any question. "Need a hand here?" He would gasp while repeating his handseals and firing off two bolts of lightning towards his opponents. The boy then would quickly charge into one of the opponents, grasping for his chokuto while swinging it once, taking good grip while taking it out of the scabbard. The boy would try to slice through the opponent's shoulder, hoping the first two bolts were enough to catch the man off guard. At least he hoped, it was a while ago since he used his sword and his training was basic on that area. The boy would quickly move back to his old place after the attack. Making himself ready for any attack that could come.

Every movement from her sends his heart racing all over the places. It is an agony he suffers through solely because there was little else he >could< do. His mind was rapidly spiraling deeper into dispair with every passing second. The only reason he hasn't fully fallen by now were the simpliest of things. Her scent most of all, strangely enough, is what kept the descent slow until signs that maybe — JUST maybe she was recovering. As it turns out, his wishful thinking doesn't go unrewarded.
Amata's words go either ignored or unnoticed by Kiyoshi. Instead, he focuses on getting a hand on her waist as soon as he felt her begin to pull away, steadying her only until she's free from his arm. Then, its wrapped around her torso, holding her up long, if albiet at the price of more pain. The other is pulled carefully free and, following a brief hesitation on his part, swept behind her legs so she can be carried in his arms, bridal style. His weapon is left half buried in the muck since dropping it to hold Kiji steady in the first place.
Meanwhile, the boy from before finally recovers enough to recall meaning to help his father, the man Kiyoshi brutally slammed into the side of the building in the first place. What he finds upon arrival is unclear, though by the looks of thing, the child was far too late to save his father. A man who either betrayed his village willingly or was some misfortunate soul manipulated by the bandits abnormal leader.

Amata's bind's work with mixed results. Although one manages to escape her wraith, the other is bound and subsequently made to feel like toast if it was live. The two that remained now were faced with a very difficult decision and much to considered. Their miniature army was decimated in every since of the word. Their boss was trussed up like some holiday package. And on some instinctive level, they knew that the guy that just got through accidently impaling his friend by accident was bound to be looking for something to rage at soon. AND that is not even to mention the fact that they had a seven swordsman and a kid just itching to kill them.
They are already running well before the last thought has fully even sunk in. Unfortunately for them, they would meet the same fate as those the boss sent out earlier.
A look at Kiji and then at Kiyoshi and Amata would let out a sharp and angry breath before glaring over at the fleeing men. She then remembers Sei out there and grins, "They'd have been better off staying here." She then looks back at Kiyoshi, "Are we done, Kiyoshi?" She hmms at him, staring for a moment before looking to Kiji and then looking at Takahiro, "Takahiro." She states, "Go around and make sure all the villagers here are well and safe. We'll be moving out with our package soon…and if you see any bandits still alive…finish them off." She then walks over to make sure the binding is solid on the boss.

Kiji flinched again as Kiyoshi steadied her. The withdrawal of his arm the rest of the way pulls a choked sound from her. Amata's spiders were on her then front and back, applying the silken bandages to keep the blood she needed to recover within her body. Once the bandages were in place she felt Kiyoshi lift her into his arms and she turned her head so she could rest her forehead against his shoulder and chest. She appeared to feel safe then and Kiyoshi would be able to see the color drain from her eyes before she closed them, mumbling just loud enough for him to hear that she needed to sleep. Her body continued to regenerate and it was plain that the bleeding was already slowing greatly.

The attacks would have run, and Takahiro would stop keeping himself big. The boy of ten would turn out in heavy breathing before nodding quite slowly at Amata's order. The boy reached inside his jacket, taking out a small piece of clothing while wiping off the blood from his Chokuto, sliding it into his scabbard quickly before kicking his legs into a motion. He would go to every house, taking a look and informing the villagers the fight was over and that they were free to resume life again. Some cheered, some cried, some were still astonished by the nasty amount of blood Kiji launched on them. One thing was certain however, there were no bandits left. The boy would make a round throughout the village and the outskirts of it, hitting the wall of spiders and web, following it, he would find the two runaway bandits. They wouldn't have stand a chance, but they were not so dead yet. The boy would put his fingers onto their foreheads, releasing his lightning bolts directly onto their brains before letting them hang for the spiders of Sei. The boy would then return to the middle, lowering himself onto the floor as he would take a deep breath. "W-we… did it".

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