Dissidents in Konoha


Noab, Yuya, Naru

Date: September 15, 2012


A team of Konoha nin find a lead on the group which has been causing trouble over the visitor from Kirigakure. (Plenty of room for follow-up on this one!)

"Dissidents in Konoha"

Kanana Moon [Konohagakure]


The great Kanana Moon, a middle of nowhere location with countless possibilities. This is the pride and center for all the needs of the villagers be it Ninja or villagers. A constant bustle of activity is seen here during the days as people wander around heading towards the several interesting small shops set in this area. There are coffee shops set next to take away shops where the smell of fresh ramen looms in the sky. There are news stands and hawkers, the essence of voices chatting in this area is not a shy sound to come upon. What's the most attended shops is the large item shop set in the north where things such as scrolls, stationary and even toys can be purchased. This shop is rumored to be the biggest in the city and has just about anything someone might need.

Furthermore there is a small tower marked with a picture of a Kunai and Shuriken, the sign 'Hiro Weapons' is read above it. All matters of Ninja items are sold here and up for display. There are common items, interesting items and even the few rare items that can be purchased here. Ninja from all over the village come here to do their majority of shopping for weapons due to the fact that stock is never limited at Hiro Weapons.

The village housewife also finds a place to shop here. Set in a corner in the southern section of the moon is a grocery store stacked to the brim with fresh and colorful vegetables. The vegetable shop always has business selling not only the freshest vegetables in the village, but the most nutritional and tasty to note. Known to be somewhat pricey it doesn't seem to ever not attract business. Often woman come here to converse with each other as their husbands wander to Hiro Weapons or the item shops


B-rank - The Revolution: With the recent meeting with Kirigakure within the village it is obvious that there are those who aren't "fans" of the Mist Ninja especially how they came and went without any issue. A mysterious gathering of rebels seems to have been put together in the village. Graffiti and other forms general juvenille delinquency have increased. Though it is hoped that it is a simple villager uprising, the elusiveness of this rebel group has led officials to believe that Genin and possibly Chuunin are involved. Ninja have been assigned to observe the Kanana area over night to locate the hooligans' hideout and assess their strength while interaction with the rebels is possible, it is not recommended.

So, it seems as though there are those in Konoha who are more than a little put out by the fact that dignitaries from Kiri are being allowed to visit the village. Not too surprising, really. The Land of Water has launched several unprovoked attacks on the Land of Fire in the past, and Konoha was on the frontlines each time. There are those who sustained injuries and lost comrades and even loved ones to Kiri ninja. But, the Hokage has decided to try and let bygones be bygones, and that's the official stance of the village. So people vandalizing public places to display their ire, especially as there seem to be ninja among those doing it, is more than a little problem.
Normally Noab's not the best candidate for a stealth mission. While he has the training and experience to do it when necessary, let's face it, he's a big guy, and his old war wounds don't help in staying out of sight. In this case, though, he doesn't really have to physically hide. Rather, he's just being an old man out for a night on the town, enjoying a bowl of ramen at an outdoors cafe. It puts him in a good position to observe the main square of Kanana Moon, while his subordinates the more hidden alleyways and such. They get to be sneaky. "Anything to report so far?" Noab mutters into his radio.

"Nothing." Yuya responds to Noab. The young chuunin blends with the darkness and sits silently watching all that goes by from the sanctity of the abyss. His training was centered on stealth and assassination, such a mission wasn't out of the ordinary for him. In fact one could say Yuya was in his ideal environment. Still his last B rank mission ended in a violent disaster costing him more than he could ever regain. Still as did the Hokage Yuya would have to leave the past in the past and let bygones be bygones. "Naru-san anything to report on your end?"

The clandestine Uchiha remained elusive and silent, clinging against the shade of the night, observing from within her cloak of darkness. Brilliant crimson hued eyes illuminated lightly, her sharingan activated in its lower powered form to pick up on anything unusual. "Nothing quite yet," Naru's voice whispered softly, almost barely audible as she attempted to maintain her silence. The Uchiha was hidden within the darkness of one of the town alley ways, focusing chakra into the soils of her sandals, trekking up the side of one of the buildings to catcha better view of the square, yet still maintaining her cloak and dagger.

"Acknowledged," Noab replies. "Just keep watching, it'll probably be a long night." Noab ponders how many bowls he'll go through before the shop closes up and he has to find another way to look inconspicuous. e.U Even the night-life shuts its doors eventually, and that's when the ideal time for vandals to strike would be.
Luckily for the surveillance team, though, it turns out that those perpetrating these crimes have gotten pretty bold. Maybe they feel like most of the village, or at least the people who hang out around here at night, are really on their side, so they don't have to worry much about being caught. Whatever the case is, a group of young genin swagger into the square, with rather obvious cylinder-shaped bulges in their pockets. They have the look of kids who think they're doing something cool and rebellious and somehow heroic at the same time. They split into groups of two and head for the alleyways, some of them even pulling out their spraypaint cans and shaking them in preparation. "Bogeys headed your way," Noab muses. "Remember, we're interested in finding out who's behind them."

"Heh." Yuya remarks to the 'long night' comment. "Of course." Yuya complies and prepares himself for a long dull night indeed. Fortunately the targets were spotted rather easily. Their arrogances gave them away. Yuya shakes his head softly at their carelessness. Yuya nods softly "Copy." he softly acknowledges Noab's orders and moves in cadence with the approaching genin. Their arrogance gave them away but and as Noab said they were there to find out who was behind them. Yuya wouldn't engage just yet he'd stalk them and relay what he saw, if anything back to Noab and Naru. He'd expect Naru to do the same.

The trailing along the top of the bulding came easy for the Uchiha, and as she nested amongst her shadowed perch, her piercing vision took notice of the genin collecting amongst the square and then dispersing to commit their vandlism. With a light grimance she groaned and kept her body sandwhiched along the roof, remaining out of sight while scanning for "anyone else" who might have been spear heading the group of genin. "It looks like the first part of this mission is complete…" Whispered the sneaking Uchiha, her raven hair slightly falling infront of her crimson eyes, all she could do was wait and be vigilant, even if they could apprehend the genin this very moment…

The genin head into the alleyways and take a cursory look around. Yuya has a close call with his group; one of the genin does a double-take in his direction, just missing him around a corner. "Hey, what was that?" His companion glances after him and snorts. "A brick wall, dummy, what's it look like?" The almost-alert-enough one tries to save face. "Um, it, looks like a masterpiece waiting to be born!" "Oh, heh, good one."
The genin spend a while painting KIRI GO HOME! and MIST-LOVERS OUT! on the walls. When they start running out of paint, they swagger back out and head on their way, away from Kanana Moon. Noab finishes his second bowl of ramen and sighs. "All right, this is where it gets tricky. Try to look ahead for anyone who might be acting as lookouts while you follow 'em."

Yuya falls deathly silent as he's almost spotted. It seems he almost let his arrogance get the better of him this time. He sighs softly and slows his breathing to a steady almost inaudible tempo. After he spent the time watching the young genin vandalizes the wall with anti-kirigakure remarks Yuya can better understand their feelings. 'So this is hatred.' Yuya blinks hearing Noab over the radio. HIs voice interrupted his thoughts. "Keep an eye out for look outs." Yuya mutters back softly. Still in the blanket of darkness that hugs the alleyways Yuya acknowledges his orders once more and commences with trying task of remaining hidden and spotting the lookouts if there are any.

Following suit, Naru had swiftly moved along with Noab's orders. Managing to escape from the genin's eyes and maintain herself within the shadows, she kept the the roofs, leaping from one building to the other. The crimson eye'd stalker was careful to keep her silence, while sustaining her footing to keep up with the fleeting genin ahead. Her eyes narrowed, searching for who might have been the ring leader behind all of this, her insight, empowered by her sharingan hopefully to find someone that might fit the bill, stronger chakra reserves, a firmer posture… Something…

The genin head out along the bridge and into the main part of town. After a few turns, they come to a simple residential area. They stop at a home where a chuunin is sitting out on the porch, keeping a wary eye up and down the street, but not seeming to particularly expect unwelcome company. Yuya and Naru both manage to spot him before he can see them, and their approach goes undetected.
"Mission successful, Urami-sensei!" reports one of the genin cheerfully. The chuunin nods. "Good. This'll show how the citizens really feel. Word should get back to the Hokage's office and our esteemed visitors, and if they don't go back where they belong, well, anything unfortunate which might befall them will be on their own heads." Wow, that's quite a leap of reasoning. c.c Well, it's established whom they can question for further details about this little plot, so the mission for tonight is complete. Time to go report to HQ.

Yuya spots the chuunin that awaits the genin on the porch of what seems to be thier HQ. "We've found the targets base of operations. It seems his name is Urami." Yuya waits and listens more to see of he.can recover any more information. It seems that they've dug up as much as they could. Yuya sighs and turns around to regroup with Noab. "Naru-san, I'm heading back. The mission requisites have been met. Out." he concludes. Like a shadow once cast Yuya vanished into the darkness heading back towards Noab's position.

The mission was completed without a single issue, which caused a slight smile to loom across raven haired Uchiha's lips, "Right…Urami-"sensei" he seems to be esteemed enough to be considered a teacher," Naru had pointed out, pulling away from shadowing Urami and his squad of genin, she followed after Yuya, inevitably to lead them back to the renedevous point with Noab at the Kanana Moon. Surprisingly the mission was easy and the chuunin soon leaped down from the tops of the buildings and back onto the ground for, slowly making her way amongst the darkness, as if nothing at all had happened.

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