Second Promotion Exam - Distantly Relative Ninja: Berii vs. Ryo


Aoitsuki, Berii, Ryo, Hinotori, Daisuke, Taiki

Date: December 14, 2012


Chuunin Exams Tournament Battle, Berii vs Ryo.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exam - Distantly Relative Ninja: Berii vs. Ryo"

Unknown location

The Semifinals for the chuunin exams was soon going to commence! The suspenseful battle had been announced throughout the village, a match between two very formidable Uchiha. Once again a familiar Shirayuki took a stand within the center of the arena, gesturing for the crowds voice to silence as she began to speak throughout the area. " It is my pleasure to proctor a very interesting match between two Uchiha! Uchiha Ryo and Uchiha Berii! Please take your spots in the arena!" She exclaims, summoning the combatants to the arena. The Shirayuki's gaze peers across the crowd, paitently waiting for them to arrive. She too was rather excited how this would go down.

The female of the two Uchiha didn't really luck out at all, somehow being swept off in a mission the day before, she wasn't as well rested as she hoped but, this should be fair seeing as she got to skip out on a fight. Though, it did add one disappointing factor, not being able to see any of the other fights. "Bweh…" Berii sighs at that thought, adjusting her clothing to make sure everything was in place, ensuring the more important seals were working as intended.

When just about done, she'd hear her name be called and gets up with a long yawn and stretch. "Finawy, hnn." Arms crossed, she steps out into the arena, giving it a quick lookover only to find that missing out on the fights really didn't do much to harm strategy. There was… almost nothing to this arena. Berii's eyebrow perks up, finding that they meant it for it to be a flat out brawl. With a light nod she gives Aoitsuki one weak wave and does her best to ignore the crowd by looking to the ground.
In this silent stare off with the gravel, she'd rethink everything. Noting what skills would be more or less useless here, trying to figure out how to make them work while she waited.

Ryo entered the arena. He was still visibly upset over the death of Ryuu. At this point it did not matter. Risu had given her scrolls to Usagi and managed to escape the bracket. All of his anger seemed to be without a real target now. He knew the fight was against Berii. As far as Uchiha go, he saw them as near opposites when compared. Then again he did not know a whole lot about her.
In the second round, his planning got him through the exam. Then in the first match of the third round, he knew a lot about his opponent. Now most of his information dated back to the last Chuunin exams in Sunagakure when they sparred to pass the time. If memory served right, she was going to try to fight from a distance with wires and weapons attached to them. He was certain her Sharingan was just as good as his if not slightly better. Yes, this was not a fight to take lightly.
As Ryo moves out into the center of the arena, he gives a grimace towards Aoi. The last time they met, he set fire to her clients wagon and killed the man. He told her he'd be here, but he did not expect his fate to be partially in her hands. He wanted to mouth the words "no hard feelings?" but instead turns towards Berii.
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"Honestly as far as I know, Ryo doesn't use genjutsu much, and Berii, I don't know. I only helped in her training a few times." he shrugs at Daisuke. Leaning back a litle and waiting while the pleasentries are being handled down below. "So been having fun Dai-kun

From Dammed Arena - Stands,
"Honestly as far as I know, Ryo doesn't use genjutsu much, and Berii, I don't know. I only helped in her training a few times." he shrugs at Daisuke. Leaning back a litle and waiting while the pleasentries are being handled down below. "So been having fun Dai-kun?" Hinotori asks his little brother. Granted he did miss his and Naru's match which he hoped went well.

It was interesting seeing the familiar Uchiha she had run into not long ago, the one who went by the name of Uchiha Ryo… Still she ignored him with more or less indifference. "Good luck to the both of you. Victory in this match will be determined if one of you surrender or I deem you are unable to continue fighting…With that said…" She nodded her head to the both of them, taking a few steps away from the battle field itself. She huffed and held a single hand into the air, judging to see if they were ready or not. " You both may begin!"

Berii gives Ryo a quick look over, clearing her throat though she doesn't follow it up with anything at all, the thought in mind was to simply make up for lost time with this exam and she'd use this thought to push butterflies down, soothe them as she could already feel her ability slipping. "Wyo, I'm gonna fight a bit sewiouswy this time, hnn." A weak Sharingan swirls in, already not holding true to her words. "Why can't it be someone you hate…" She mumbles to herself, slightly nodding when Aoitsuki tells them to start.
Despite how she carried herself, as many find Berii's lazy demeanor was just a form of defense as she quickly moves forward before her nod was even finished. Quick to start, as usual the girl often enjoyed rushing her opponent and she doesn't make it easy to be kept up with, reaching to her scarf and causing a cloud of smoke to erupt around her. Partially masking her for a moment and the two large shuriken that come speeding in and she comes in just as hot, a wakizashi now in hand she unleashes two cuts in the instant of one.
Berii was internal on the verge of exploding from all the eyes from above, but her Sharingan forced on a different expression. The pink haired kunoichi just studying his reaction.
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Daisuke starrressss at Berii.
"Well we will see how they do. I give an edge to Berii if she goes all out, since I've been with her on a few missions." he says to the others in the stands. Though, come to think of it he had to save her and do all the work each time.
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"Berii's normally one for hiding her abilities," Taiki says after a few moments of silence. "But when I was on her team, she was primarily a long distance fighter. She has a few other skills, that I know of, but most of her stuff is rather on the unknown side. So it will be interesting to see who wins this. I can't predict anyone's victory here."

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Hinotori laughs, "We will see, I'm not betting anything, either one of them could surprise you." Looking to Taiki as he speaks about Berii's abilities, nodding his head a bit Hinotori nods. "I see. Well like I said this is going to be fun."

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And there was first blood, the first strike belonging to Berii and yet, even though Ryo was hit, he still had the reflexes and recovery ability to counter the next attack that followed. Now they were both injured, but Eremi was sure it was still going to be a long battle before either gives up. If he was lucky, they'd put each other in the hospital allowing him to just skate on to the winners podium. Though that would be a lame way to win it, he's not against taking the easy path once in a while.

A nod comes from Ryo as he accepts that she plans on being serious about the fight. The smoke startles him but enough to activate his eyes. The shuriken surprises him as it appear, but more so his attention is on her following behind. He attempts to move to the side of the shuriken while drawing his ninjato blade. Unfortunately he is grazed by the shuriken in the leg. He does manage to step forward and make a clean slice into Berii's leg as he steps forward to counter her own wakizashi strike.
Now moving away from Berii, Ryo holds his blade in his left hand. His right reaches into his uniform and pulls out a fuuma shuriken. He tosses it towards Berii. Now his hand reaches in for a kunai, which he also tosses forward, however this is mainly done in an attempt to distract her from the return path of the fuuma shuriken.

Berii doesn't look to amused with what happened but, it was expected, the sword play just to check his strategy. As for the wound muscle would do a decent job to deflect the true damage, since there wasn't much else protecting it. It wasn't enough to slow her down just yet so she continues to chargeThough he also does something she didn't really see last time she actually paid attention to the boy, the shuriken is casually evaded, perhaps too casually as it nearly cuts her. Calculation would leave no thought of fear as she continues her advance on him. The kunai evaded by her dropping, low, sword disappearing back into the glove seal before she launches forward on all fours, the windmill shuriken going wild elsewhere.
"Hnn." She pops back up onto two feet, eyes focused on him as she unleashes a genjutsu seamlessly with her movements, the wound she created earlier starting to burn as she flicks her wrist just as her hands come together. The charging assault all a ploy as she had been manipulating the second loose shuriken that comes wheeling back around, adding to the pain and appearing to be much more painful than it should if the previous simutaneous genjutsu also played an effect.
With her hands together from the shuriken movement she breathes in deep, firing off a barrage of small fire bombs, trying to read every movement with sharingan to lead him into place.
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Watching more on the match then speaking, his eyes are easily able to read teh moves of the two younger Uchiha that are fighting, taking in their moves and reactions, a slow nod is given. This is the first time he's seen Berii fight and is amazed at how well she is doing currently.

Ryo saw the glint of the wire too late to really evade the shuriken. He used the blade in is his hand against his forearm to cause a small cut causing the wound to cease flaming up. If it had been another opponent the boy would have suspected some type of poison, however the Uchiha were known for Genjutsu. The balls of fire however hit Ryo causing him to burst into a puff of flame. Ryo on the other hand appears behind Berii placing his fingers together to build his chakra. As his eyes open, his Sharingan has been revealed at full power.
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"Oookaaaayyyyy…" Taiki drawls out as he watches this fight. Even the guards seem rather shocked from what their boss told them. "Well, I said she's normally one for hiding her skills, and she proved me right there," he says as he watches Berii spring into action. "I didn't know she knew any genjutsu though," he says as he watches Ryo self-inflict his way out of something he couldn't see. He sends some chakra to his senses, augmenting them so he can watch better. "Ryo does seem to be fighting a bit better though…"
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Not able to see the Genjutsu, Eremi was only able to assume that's what happened as Ryo took a blade to his own skin. It was like Ogosokamaru had warned Eremi while he visited the man in the hospital, to be wary of genjutsu. It wasn't something you could necessarily see and had to be able to feel it entering your mind. It would take practice to discern the difference, not watching it happen in a battle. If it came down to it, he didn't want to face someone in the tournament that knew genjutsu. Not yet…He wasn't ready for it.

Berii had spotteed the replacement, clones don't trick the Sharingan even in its weakened form so his movement doesn't catch her off guard. She turns to face him, hand reaching out to and the shuriken lands safely in it. Those crazy Uchiha and their magnet powers. So that's how he reacted to Genjutsu. Berii gives a small smirk, flicking blood off of the blade as she too gathers chakra.
This was no time to play risky. "I wondew…" Berii's eyes begin to spiral and glow as chakra flows into them. The Uchiha blood starting to cancel out and quickly override the non-chalant demeanor that Berii was carrying when she came in. She hasn't gone up against this boy with that many tomoe, "How good you awe with those now, neh?" Her free hand grasps a blade of the shuriken gently, giving it a sharp tug to make it go into a whirring spin around her hand.
Once again she was studying him, putting together what she had gathered from her early use of Sharingan. She was looking a liiiiittle bit smug right now.

"Not nearly as good as you are with yours." Ryo states as he places his blade away. His fingers now form some hand signs as he curls a hand around his lips. Soon a small fireball blows out towards Berii. It looked a lot like a mini fireball, but if it hit her, it would cause a giant firestorm. Ryo had been testing the waters before. Now he seemed intent on testing them in a different manner. It was similar to what she seemed to be doing.

Berii pouts slightly, "Neh? You haven't even twied yet." In silence the handseals are recorded and she nods, fire technique. Of course she had no idea what exactly would come out, with the amount of chakra being used she knew not to get hit at least. Not a single movement wasted as she moves aside, avoiding collision from the small fireball with a perked eyebrow. "Hot but… that's it?" The fireball hits the barrier and erupts into a giant firestorm. "Ah…oh." Berii swallows, mouth going dry after that. 'Right…' Berii figured that she'd better wrap this up quick if stuff like that was being fired off.
Her hands run across her scarf and the a rapid poof effect follows. A few oddly shaped, small shuriken lining one hand while a medium size one rests in the other. They are all fired off, the shuriken curving about in the air, two curving wildly, not really requiring Ryo to evade while the third little one collides with the larger of shuriken, and actually boosting it suddenly in Ryo's direction while sending the larger one off.
The action is repeated again this time with two larger shuriken sailing wide and two normal looking shuriken being fired late to bounces off of them, launching them at Ryo too. While it may seem like a lot of work for nothing, it was quite hard to fool a Sharingan… maybe Berii was stressing this a bit too much?
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Taiki winces as he sees that little fireball come from Ryo. He's seen that technique before. It's one of Naru's signature techniques. He quickly closes his eyes as it hits the barrier, and eyes the resulting damage, or lack thereof. He then shakes his head and makes mental notes. "So far, they seem equally matched…"

"I have seen the Sharingan in its mastered form. I like my eyes as they are. I have no intention of keeping them on like Naru does." Ryo states as he watches the barrage of projectiles. He was well aware not every single one was aimed for him. As he watched the projectiles, he did his best to plan their movements. In what seemed like a few seconds to the boy, he came up with the best way to avoid the projectiles. He first stepped back before ducking down. Luckily his predictions seemed to be accurate. Unfortunately Ryo did not have anything like that. At best he was looking at trying more fire which had proven ineffective. Then there was Kenjutsu. While he was decent at it, it was not enough to catch her at the speed she was moving. Ryo moved to his side picking up his fuuma shuriken from early. He tosses it once more towards Berii. Again he pulls a kunai out and tosses it towards her. He fully expected her to remember it would be making a return trip.
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Wincing a little bit, Hinotori shakes his head, "Yea it is a bit even but I got a feeling this is going to get a bit more rough as this match goes on." Hinotori smirks,

"Neh?" Berii wasn't sure what he was talking about, the Mangekyou? She couldn't really believe he wouldn't want to be able to use his Sharingan in the weaker state, so the Mangekyou had to be it. "Oh… neh, Wyo…" Berii moves from side to side fingers twitching slightly as he attacks, a few of the smaller shuriken slam down into the ground and the larger ones go spiraling around. Berii's red eyes dancing around as she talks. "We can't hit each othew at this wate, maybe give up, neh?"
She brings her hands up to her mouth and bites down on… well at this point it was evident wire was in play again but, it may be too late. One of the larger come swinging around with the intent to impale him in the back, while wire from all direction suddenly tight, all slack from the other wild flying shuriken getting cut as it becomes evident the little ones were used to pin some of the loose wire down.
Sadly, with all this effort, all these wires coming in. She's seen plenty of people with average eyes escape this all the time. x.x

The first signs of fatigue were starting to show in Ryo. He was letting off a bit of sweat. This match was no longer about beating an opponent. At this rate it would become one of who barely survives. As Berii bit down, Ryo knew the wires were coming again. This was not the first time he had seen someone throw many projectiles out and then pull them in, however as he turned, something about the wires seemed unnatural. Something close to a four letter word is stated in Ryo's mind as he notices the shuriken holding wires down. Ryo drives to the side and makes a log roll to out of where he was at. As he makes it back to his feat, he dusts himself off. "We are both hard to hit. That is correct Berii. You are not the first opponent I have had this issue with." Ryo moves once more to the side. He was attempting to stay out of range of all the wired projectiles. This time he forms his fingers together to create fire style hand signs. "Secret technique!" is yelled before he curls his hands once more around his lips. He was hoping to catch Berii looking at him to see what type of jutsu it was. A searing wave of air was coming out to blind her momentarily. He really needed her to close her eyes. He then draws two kunai and whips them at her. He had to remain on his toes.

Berii's hide tilts to the side as he rolls on through, "Bweh…" Though it wasn't as if it wasn't expected. The strings are held to the scarf and a majority of the weapons are sucked right back in. Handseals are observed along with his motion and she prepares for something big but… with that little effort she sighs again. Fire jutsu, recorded and acknowledged. "What was… so secwet about that, neh?!" The heat wave is evaded as she hops aside. The girl slightly shifting her body and letting the kunai zip by her, looking a bit annoyed with the boy. Well if he was going to do crap like that she just crosses her arms and sits there staring at him. "Fine I won't fight you eithew."


She wasn't moving, sure but, her eyes began to spin.The Sharingan’s Hypnosis starting to begin, each eye working its own Genjutsu. If he didn't fight it properly he'd soon find himself locked up under the effects of an intense Kuppuku, not simply bringing him to his knees but, it seemed as if gravity itself was trying to crush him. Meanwhile the pressure would apparently make his wounds kick up, almost feeling as if they were going up in flames. It would be obvious it was a Genjutsu but, Berii was confident the strength of it would keep him in place as she makes a casual approach his way.

Ryo was not certain why Berii was upset. "This coming from the person who has defended everything the exact same way." Yeah, so he did not fall for going all out and getting chakra drained and now like a child she was stomping her foot. Then the eyes started to spin and Ryo moved to cut himself with a kunai from the ground but did not do so in time.
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"So that's what she was doing!" Taiki says as a scene from a while back replays in his head. "I knew she was up to something, but as I said, she's pretty secretive of her techniques." He tilts his head to the side and then blinks. "I wonder if Ryo-san can get out of it," he says as he watches Berii walk over to him. "Not so far.."

Berii's approach is halted midway as she summons up the sword again along with a twin, head tilting as she observes his chakra system for a while. "Eh… this feews kinda." Right, she was supposed to try and win this thing besides she wasn't thaaaat close to Ryo. This is what she keeps telling herself as she lingers back a while longer before standing over him, all this time wasted he'd probably break out of the Genjutsu soon. 'Get over it Berii.' With that she starts to cut rapidly into his back, a series of six cuts unleashed within a few moments. She then waits there to see how well he deals with it, hoping that something would convince him to give up… forcing her body to breathe normall at this point was causing her to tire faster, she couldn't play this up for much longer.

Ryo heard her speak. He closed his eyes a moment. He was not focusing on what she was about to do but instead he was calming himself. Before she is able to strike a grin forms on the bald headed boy's face. He rolls forward and turns to face her. "This is not over." He then dashes to his feat evading each of the strikes using his eyes. Unfortunately he needed a new plan and quickly. She had to be feeling similar if not worse. There was no way for Ryo to truly tell. Right now it was a gamble that he might be able to wear her down from a distance. This time the boy pulls out three kunai and tosses them directly towards her. "Face it Berii. When we are done here, the winner will have to concede the next match. Neither of us will have the chakra to compete." he states.
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There was one thing Eremi had figured out from watching this fight. Which ever Uchiha he went up against, if he was going to win, if he wanted to win that bad, he'd have to go in at 100. There could be no holding back. Both were granted incredible increases to their abilities through using their Sharingan with little to no adverse effects from using it. If his body was more conditioned, if he had more time to train he would be able to open the seventh gate and might stand a chance, but as it stood now if he did that his muscles would be torn to shreds and there would be no healing back from something like that and his career as a shinobi would be offer. He'd have to rely soley on the sixth gate to help him and even then it did nothing to help in dealing with genjutsu.

Berii peers, the chakra fluctuating for a moment and exploding outward and in an instant he was up in his feet firing off kunai. To say the least, that was a bit unexpected. The boy was as hard headed as ever but to get up and move that quickly, it wasn't too hard for her to keep up by simply stepping into the assault as he threw and she began to swing. Though still not entirely used to the weight of the sword in her free hand it gets caught by a kunai and pulls back, leaving her attack not so effective and a look of irritation on her face. This is what people get for being nice, either chunks taken out of them through dark matter or kunai in the arm. Her brow furrows, this is a lesson early learned.
T hough the girl was still playing tough, despite her face glistening as the sharp pain in her arm was doing anything but, helping her keep her cool. "Hnn, I'm fine. It's why I was tewing you to give up." Each time she said the word she wanted to actually give up, herself. "Don't push you'we wuck, neh?" Berii then brings her hands together; in an attempt of intimidation she gathers her chakra once more.

She'd have to end it soon… "To make me me go this faw…" Berii groans, too much slacking in her training. Obviously.

Ryo watched as Berii tried to counter his kunai that was thrown at her. This was really going to suck. Both had more or less proven they were capable of hanging with the best in this tournament. Not just physically but mentally. Despite the traps both sides were still moving and fatigued. "I cannot give up. I have no jutsu that will allow me to hide from your eyes." Ryo knew this portion of the exam represented combat in the field. In this case neither of them would likely complete an objective. They had both already passed and failed. The rest of this seemed to be about pride as an Uchiha. Ryo reaches down and picks up the Fuuma Shuriken from the ground along with a kunai. Once more he tosses the shuriken, only tossing the kunai at the same time.

Berii shuts her eyes and shakes her head, moving aside from the Fuuma Shuriken without reopening them, another light knick well light for a ninja that thing was sort of deep. Her right eye opens to turn her body a bit and avoid the attack, "Wewp, if you'we not giving up." The returning windmill ducked under as she summons a small scroll. "Guess I'm gonna have to fowce you, hnn. Gave you too much time with my Genjutsu wast time. I won't be so nice this time around." Berii's eyes both open up as she unleashes a weak genjutsu. Though, this one just playing on his wounds once again to stress him out. Each tomoe spinning wild as she attempts to shoot in wave after wave of pain into him, winding up for the heavier technique in just a moment.

Ryo pulled a kunai from the ground and sliced part of his arm as his wounds started to flare up. Luckily they stopped. Ryo was still trying to debate the best way to prevent her from using that genjutsu she caught him with last time. By now the boy is panting. She must have been as hard headed as him. Ryo picks up the Fuuma Shuriken once more as it had landed in the sand infront of him. He tosses it once more towards her. This time while it makes its return he moves to find a kunai in the ground. He pulls it and tosses it after. He was hoping she could not have much more left in the tank.

Berii's 'strategy' of sorts was sort of working. Just don't really move, at this point she was catching her breath and just making the slight adjustments to get out of the way taking in deep breaths as she does so, slowly easing them in with her movements. This was killing her mentally though as it was just starting to feel like some sort of training exercise. As the kunai gets thrown her tomoe spin once more, eyes glowing softly. As the large shuriken comes back around she crouches once more, looking over her shoulder and tilting her head to evade it as she placed the summoned scrolls on the ground, balancing them upright as her hands come together in a seal. In silence she watches to see how she would have to play out the next attack, on a free target where she could focus offensively? Or would she have to leap at an angle that was also defensive.

There the eyes go again with the spinning. He was certain this was going to be it. He was tired and now drained again. Without any defense that could truly break her genjutsu, things seemed bleak for the end of the match. Once more he tried to concentrate. Maybe all was not lost.
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"And Atsuro calls /me/ stubborn," Taiki says with a frown. He watches Ryo hurt himself over and over again trying to escape from genjutsu, only to fall prey to another one of those stare-down thingies. He then shakes his head as he predicts lots of healing time for Ryo in the future. The smell of blood was assaulting his nostrils and even he was starting to feel the strain of over-used chakra from his enhanced senses. "She's got him again, but if she wins, will she be able to fight her next opponent?"

"I was twying to save this but, not wike Ewemi didn't see this in the wast pawt of the exam…" Berii focuses her chakra into the scrolls and both make a soft hissing sound but, nothing else happens. Berii sweatdrops. "Kaaah…" The Sharingan took more out of her than she had thought, though perhaps this was what she got for trying too hard to ride on the edge. Pretending like she put down the scrolls for some other reason, she gets up and just waits around, peering down at him in with a false confidence.

Ryo was still down. He had not felt any attack, but he felt the toll the last attack had taken on him. His eyes were hard to keep open. Finally they close and his head hits the ground. He's out.
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Taiki is up in an instant, and headed toward the nearest exit. "Come," he says to his ninken and guards, pretty much ignoring everyone else. He'll get down there as quickly as possible to help the med-nin in whatever way he can. "Related stubborn fools," is all that can be heard as he disappears into the stairwells. It should be fairly obvious where he's going.

The fight was long and intense, it was quite obvious that Ryo wasn't going to continue, he was literally down for the count after the last genjutsu had hit, prompting Aoi to settle herself between Berii and Ryo. "This battle is over… The winner of the semi finals is Uchiha Berii!" Aoitsuki called out, they both appeared to be a little worse for wear, though it was the stamina drain that really had an effect. Medics began to pour into the arena, many of them aiming for picking up Ryo while also observing Berii's wounds. The long awaited battle had finally met it's end…

Berii goes over to poke at him with her toe; he didn't really seem to have much fighting spirit in him. A look would be given to the proctor, Berii just sort shrugs and huffs as he chakra system seems to be at an all time low. She was a bit irritated that it had to be taken so far but, she doesn't leave him there instead she waits for the situation to be called and for the medics to come on in. Her Sharingan fades away and her breathing becomes a bit heavy. She was going to have to spend some decent money trying to recover properly before the finals came up, all the more reason for Berii to not shift when the medics come to tend to her immediate bloody wounds. Looking into the crowd with a flat expression, she had studied the board long ago and only expected to get this far, there were only two people that worried her in the Survival portion and one of them actually didn't make it to this part of this tournament. Normal hazy eyes couldn't do much for scanning the crowd so she gives up her search for her next opponent for now. Now, fff the battlefield for some other group to do their thing for now.

Taiki is down into the arena floor remarkably quickly, following the med-nins with his entourage. He wastes no time and heads over to his genin who is passed out on the ground. It suffices to say he's not surprised when he hears Ryo's diagnosis, which causes him to close his eyes. "Well, since your medical center doesn't have an intensive care unit, take him to my suite. You and your medical team can do what you need, and I have a seal master-slash-medical expert there who is used to dealing with coma cases. Between your team and Uzumaki-sensei, he should receive adequate care." If the head of the team looks like he's even thinking of denying that Taiki adds, "That's my genin lying there. He is my responsibility. He will have medical attention, and I'll even help where I can since I'm in the process of learning medical ninjutsu myself." That said, he waits for the medical ninja to pick up Ryo's body, then leads the team out of the arena and back to his suite.

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