Disturbing the Peace


Mizuru, Akuro, Ryo

Date: December 10, 2011


Mizuru and Ryo are dispatched on a mission to deal with Akuro and some pirates.

"Disturbing the Peace"

Kohona Docks

Fire Ferry Docks [Land of Fire]
Welcome to the docks of the Land of Fire. The welcome here is met with several fisherman and merchants packing up their boats to travel to distant countries for trade. Other merchants seem to be arriving from random directions carrying their cargo. Several times a noble and large ship is also seen harbored here. One specific Ferry lies here, this provides transport to the Land of Water.
Rumors have been flying around for a few days about some idiot dressed like a cat recklessly sailing around between the Lands of Fire, Water, and Lightning. A group of pirates have been chasing him, trying to get their ship back. Today, a group of ten pirates who look a bit beaten up are seen walking around the docks looking for him. Their ship is actually parked at the dock, but they want revenge. That guy dressed like a cat is going to pay for making fools of them…

Word has reached Konohagakure from fishermen whose lives this is disrupting. They have requested a small team to come resolve the situation, but they may get more than they bargained for.
Among those sent to deal with the situation was Ryo. The rest of Team Hinotori was on vacation, working a part-time side job or on a mission. This left Ryo all by himself for the day. He was actually quite surprised when they sent him on a mission by himself. He readily expected something like dog catching or an agricultural based mission. He was told to meet his partner for the mission at the docks.
As Ryo arrives on the dock he spots a few pirates walking around, but he makes no move. He scans around waiting for the partner. Being one of his first missions without a real captain in charge, he had no intentions of blowing the mission before it started.
Nagi Mizuru here. This is my first mission as a genin and I gotta say I'm a bit excited. Normally they send medics out to increase the survival rate of the team so I'm not surprised. Still that was one of the strangest briefings I've ever heard. A man dresses as a cat on the run from a bunch of angry pirates, just doesn't sound like your everyday mission. I suppose that's a good thing? Anyway one other is joining me on this mission. Hopefully this whole thing can be resolved quickly and preferably with the minimal violence. Wishful thinking right? Well I've always been the optimistic type. As we arrive at the docks I kind of get preoccupied with the scenery. It was my first time to the docks since I came to the Land of Fire. Obviously I don't remember it the first time, was too young. I think I spotted the pirate's ship but no cat man in sight yet. Hehe that sentence sounded ridiculous. I looked to my partner wondering if he had spotted anything. Come to think of it I don't even know his name. "I think that's their ship. Any sign of the pirates?"

The pirates begin walking toward shore from the docks, their footsteps heavy on the planks as they decide to take their search inland. They all look rather pissed off, ready to draw their weapons at any time. As they walk, the last pirate in the line hears something and stops for a second to look around.
That is all the time needed! When the man stops, Akuro short young man adorned in strange multi-colored, cat-like attire leaps out from under a cargo blanket on a nearby boat. The tail attached to his clothing and his extremely long, braided blonde hair wave in the wind as he pounces like a cat, driving his knees up at the man's chin to knock him backwards into the water. With a huge splash, the man goes under as Akuro lands on his feet on the dock. "Meatheads, meatheads, everywhere!" he growls out as he steps forward into a feline-like stance. He reaches into a pocket and draws out what appears to be a deck of cards made with seal paper. "Who wants to see a magic trick?!"
As the partner arrives and asks his question, Ryo more or less points off to the side at the pirates. "They seem to be searching still. No.. wait. There is the cat guy." he tells the older boy. He watches as the smaller cat-like man pulls the deck from his pocket. "Might be a good idea if we just sit back and watch for the moment. We have no idea what this guy is capable of or if he might mistake us for enemies. Agreed?" he asks. Ryo took a step back to make sure he was far enough away not to be hit by anything random.
Well my partner has good eyes. That's splendid. As soon as he points out the pirates I start observing the strange cat man. I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. The guy was barely 5 feet and he just knocked one of those pirates out cold. While my partner spoke I heard him but my body kinda started moving on its own. "We weren't hired to observe we were hired to resolve. Come on. I'm sure they'll listen to reason." I must stress that I'm not nave. I just have a lot of faith in people. Surely this cat man/magician and these pirates have some amount of decency. I was certain that if we calmly explained the situation they'd see the logic and cease this quarrel. So onward I marched. I didn't take my time. I was between the two forces relatively quick. I keep my manors about me and spoke respectfully. "Ahem. Excuse me." I bow to each of them. "Nagi Mizuru, from Konoha. Pleasure to meet you." I'm doing well so far.
Just as the pirates are about to attack, some kid steps in between them and Akuro. "Nagi Nagi Nagi," the strangely-adorned young man says with a chuckle. As the boy is bowed, Akuro actually leaps to kick off his back and turn a corkscrew flip over the pirates. As he moves acrobatically through the air, a card drops down in the middle of the pirates, landing on the center man's head and causing jolts of lightning to surge through his body and cause him to fall down on his face. "Thanks for the hand, kiddo!" Akuro calls out as he lands.
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Ryo grimaces as the older boy runs off into the crowd. He follows behind slowly but does not enter between the two sides. As assumed the cat shinobi continues the brawl. He watches as the first card seems to be some kind of electricity seal. After a few moments Ryo makes a few hand seals before placing a hand upwards to curl around his mouth. "Fire bullet barrage jutsu." he says before six of seven small fireballs burst forward hitting some of the pirates from behind. After the jutsu is finished, Ryo watches to see if he has gained their attention.
Not that I expect anything a cat man to say to be typical his repetition of my surname did quirk a brow. "Um you can just call me Mizuru.or Mizu for short." Before I could stand erect from bowing I felt something pressed upon my back. It seems the cat man decided to use me as a platform. I then became preoccupied with the man being shocked. "That wasn't a very crowd friendly trick sir." I remarked with a frown. The cat man probably should've been the center of my focus but I'm sure the pirates wouldn't look too kindly upon me seeing as they cat guy made it look as if I just helped him. Though I kinda did, but that wasn't my intention. "Hehe easy now. I'm just here to keep the peace. Let's be sensible hmm?" My attention then goes to the man who had collapsed from being shocked. Ninjutsu seems to have been stored inside the cards. This lead me to believe that we weren't dealing with your everyday cat person.welloh you know what I mean. All of the sudden my partner does something brash. "Well. If they didn't think we were the enemy before." I grimace as I imagine the reaction he's going to solicit from them.

When the boy on this side of the pirates starts blowing fire bullets at them, Akuro looks to Ryo and tilts his head like a confused cat. "Leaf kids joining the party? Did you at least bring dessert?" his rather strange voice rings out from beneath the mask. He then lunges toward the pirates again, leaping ontop of one's head and standing on his hands as he kicks out to kick the two beside him in the head. He then rolls over to fling the man whose head is on into the water. "Peace is boooring!"
As Akuro flies around, three of the pirates that were just burned charge Ryo, the final three charging Mizuru.
Ryo shakes his head as the three comes towards him. "Three of you are going to be beat up by an eight year old." He then kicks the first one in the gut before drawing his shin gunto. He swings the blade at the other two making light contact as a warning. He then glances towards the other boy whom he had been partnered with. "I wanted to wait… someone else in had to run in though." the boy states. It seemed like a half-assed way of justifying the fireball. "Besides the mission is to clear up the disturbance. They did not state how we were to do such."
I rubbed my head for a moment. It was my first mission and already I could feel the stress beginning to cause a bit of agony upon my person. The cat man continued to pummel the pirates and at this rate peace was nowhere in sight. I detected the sound of footsteps rapidly drawing closer. Looking up it appeared as though the worst case scenario. I really had no intention to fight but at the same time I'm not going to let these pirates use me a punching bag. It's a good thing I'm proficient in ninjutsu. The first pirate would've bashed my skull in had that not been a clone. I have faith in people but that doesn't make me an idiot. People tend to do strange things when they get emotional. As the three pirates look baffled at the sight of my clone going up in smoke, I flanked them and knocked each one of them into the water. I assume they all can swim. My partner did have a bit of merit to what he said. "Awfully froggy for someone so patient." I remarked a bit cynically with a smile "I was just trying to avoid a brawl. Oh well right? Let's just finish up then?" I look for the cat man next and try to speak with him. "Any particular reason you've decided to incur the wrath of a bunch of pirates?"
"They're the ones that thought I'd be an easy target to pick on," Akuro replies with a chuckle. This is true. The pirates are only getting beat up because they tried to pick on him a few days ago because of his height and attire. The loss of their ship is their own fault in his opinion. Plus, this game is rather fun. The pirates begin to slowly crawl out of the water, seemingly planning to attack once more. Akuro lets out a rather maniacal laugh as one strikes at him, only standing still and being slashed through a spectral image. The real Akuro reappears standing on the man's shoulder with a claw-like weapon pointed down at the soft spot between his shoulder and neck. "Should I water the garden?"
There is a nod from Ryo to Mizuru. It was time to finish this up. As he looks towards the pirates, he holds his blade outwards. "Time for you to all to disperse or this game is going to become a lot less fun." Then the cat-guy stands on one of the pirates and offers to water the garden. Though Ryo was not sure exactly what he meant, he figured there was a high probability that it meant killing him in some form. "That will not be necessary. Please let the man go. If you kill them, you cannot play with them anymore."
Well I know I'm not the sharpest knife in the colored ink pen set but this cat guy didn't seem to be in the wrong. Nor was he in the best mental state I've seen but seeing as he wasn't the aggressor I can't really blame him for defending himself. My partner had the right idea now. Seeing as things have simmered down a bit perhaps reason could make it through to these guys now. "He's right. It's all fun and games until….until someone waters the garden." I assumed he was talking about doing something messy. "Listen up. If you want to escape with your ship AND your lives, leave now. You're endangering hardworking fishermen and merchants and disrupting peace. If you continue Konoha will be forced to take more drastic measures. Make no mistake if you can't handle a few kids and a cat manperson you won't last seconds against trained assassins."
"True. The little mouse won't be any more fun if he can't run away," Akuro says with a chuckle. When Mizuru speaks, Akuro looks up at him quickly. "Hey, I didn't say they could have it back!" he growls out before kicking off the man's face to lunge toward the ship. His claws cut the rope binding it to the dock as he lands at the helm, the ship beginning to pull away from the dock as he steers.
Crisis avoided, at least for the moment. Ryo glances back at Mizuru. It is a look of approval. Words at this point seemed to have a weighted effect on the cat-man. The boy then looks towards the pirates. "I think it is time for you to leave otherwise we will be forced to have you arrested." Of course with the boat leaving, there was a high chance that the pirates would be following it. Right now it seemed like the mission was a success.
I frowned at the cat man. He took their ship? I was under the impression that he was in the right here. Nevertheless at least he let the man go. I glance back to my teammate and return the nod to him. "Well I guess it could've gone worse." I still felt bad for the pirates though. "Wait I'm sure you could buy a boat off a fisherman. You don't have to take what's rightfully theirs Mr. Cat Man-person." It seemed I was too late though. The cat man person had taken off already. I sighed and returned a look to the pirates. "Well….you shouldn't go picking on people. If there is a lesson in this entire mess….I'm sure that's it." To my surprise I let out a yawn. "Well looks like you'll have to find yourselves another boat. I'm sure you'll be fine." I turn now to depart along with my partner. "Nice work uh…" I still haven't gotten his name now that I think about it.
As Akuro starts to sail away with their ship, the pirates dive into the water to chase after it. Of course, soon enough they'll be outrun as the wind carries it away once again. The strangely-adorned man pays no attention to the calls of the shinobi behind him or the pirates training to reattain their vessel. He is having way too much fun.
There is a puzzled look on Ryo's face as he watches the cat-man sail away. "The name is Uchiha Ryo." he states. His eyes still on the boat and the pirates swimming after it. "I think maybe we should go give our report…".
"Ah. Nice working with you Ryo." I can't blame him for the puzzled look. Hell it's stranger that I wasn't wearing one myself. "Yeah I guess the mission was a success…more or less." Again another yawn escaped me. Must've been more tiring than I thought. "Let's head back then." I suggested. And so ends a mysterious and peculiar mission.

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