Divisive Measures


Suzu, Hinotori

Date: September 20, 2016


As part of learning what it's like to be a police officer, Suzu accompanies Hinotori on chasing down a Genin who's been stealing from the Village.

"Vagrant Uprising - The Dead Don't Lie"


Uchiha Hinotori and Uchiha Suzuha have been called upon to apprehend a shinobi criminal. Suzu has been considering joining Konohagakure's ninja police force like her late father. Getting some on-the-job experience by helping Hinotori out seems like a good idea, and they need to bring the bad guy in anyway, soooo… It's really a win-win situation. The criminal in question is a Genin security guard in his mid-20s who has used his ninja skills to attempt to forge documents saying he participated in missions he wasn't part of.

It's unclear how long he's been skimming off the Village's profits, but he was caught in the act and is now on the run. So Hinotori and Suzu are chasing after him. As a Jounin and a skilled Genin, they should be able to handle it. Especially someone who hasn't managed to prove himself capable enough to become a Chuunin in all these years. But still… One never knows. He was skilled enough to deceive people for quite awhile.

Gekiretsu Madan is a rapid-fire Ninjutsu user, specializing in quick-fire high-impact attacks. And, apparently, has some level of stealth skills if he can sneak in and out of records like this. He is still inside the Village to the best of their knowledge, but now that he's been found out, there's no telling how long that will last. Hinotori will have to show Suzu how it's done… Though with their Sharingan, maybe finding their target by his Chakra won't be that difficult.

Man it's been busy at the Police Station, and it was funny how they managed to get him into the station, but thats something for later. Than again Suzu would know. With the mission setup for them, with the genin within the village still, HInotori didn't like that at all. Still he wasn't about to let this guy get away with what he's been doing, the village is Hinotoris primary concern. Though to be teamed up with Suzu, he was pretty happy about it.

His Sharingan active, they didn't have a lot of time at all, so HInotori orders Suzu to keep her eyes peeled, they would have to identify him quickly and once they do, get him. Thats plain and simple, moving along the streets, Hinotori walks, he orders Suzu to follow but along the roofs and use stealth as best she can, if she spots him signal Hino, if he spots him, he will signal her. They have to get him before he gets out of the village.

Suzu is mostly sticking to the streets, like Hinotori, but occasionally she leaps up to roof level to search there, and get a better view of the area. Ninja can do that sort of thing. Her Sharingan sees lots of Chakra sources, but having not met this Gekiretsu Madan guy before, she has no way of picking him out from the crowd. Hopefully, having a profile on him via the police would at least allow Hinotori to recognize him if he sees him…

And Hinotori does see him, but not because Madan is just standing around openly. He's under a Henge no Jutsu possibly, the Chakra of a technique of some kind active upon an old man tap-tapping his way towards the Village gates with his cane. It's hypothetically possible that's not Madan, but a feeble-looking old man has no reason to be walking around with an unknown Ninjutsu affecting him.

With Hinotori signaling to Suzu after spotting the suspicious figure she scans the same street the Jounin is on, trying to spot their culprit. Then she sees what he saw, the suspicious jutsu-laden figure. She leaps down directly in the old man's path, and folds her arms under her chest. "Going somewhere?" she asks. Maybe not standard police shinobi procedure to just confront the culprit like that, but she isn't trained in their protocol.

The 'old man', startled just lets out a confused mumbling as he tries to discretely back up, while looking left and right for a way out. If he was just some random old man who had done nothing wrong, he wouldn't be trying to escape now. Or with such nimbleness and speed as he turns around and flees! "Hey!" Suzu yells out as she chases after him… Herding him back towards Hinotori!

Hinotori sees the old man and the jutsu that he's using, yup he shouldn't be using something if he hadn't done nothing wrong. The Uchiha Jounin watches Suzu as she jumps down in front of the old man, and as she does that, eh focuses chakra through one hand as he forms the seal for his Shadow Clone and he create two clones and have them blend in with the crowd around them just in case the guy which Hino knows he will tries to bolt. As Suzu calls out as their mark tries to run, Hinotori flickers in front of him, "Please don't run, I'm not in the mood for this. Your caught now stop." he says to the guy. One of the clones move up to where Suzu is, and he whispers, "Get'em." the Hino clone says as the real Hinotori holds his hands out at his side, with the way he's acting, all laid back, the mark could think he's a chunin besides Hino doesn't look like he's an Jounin right.

As a crowd of spectators looks on with ninja getting violent in their midst, the old man pauses when he encounters another Uchiha. He misses the creation of the Shadow Clones, but is already trying to find another way out of here. "I didn't do anything! It's all a mistake! I was framed! These Uchiha are oppressing me!" he calls out, trying to draw as much attention as possible and make it difficult for him to get brought in without looking like a bunch of jerks.

Suzu isn't having any of that. With a Shadow Clone of Hinotori alongside her, she leaps through the air and drop kicks the guy in the back of the head, sending him plowing up the street with his face for several feet. That was a pretty brutal blow! But as the Henge wears off in a cloud of smoke, revealing the ninja beneath, he curses at them and then pushes up off the ground with his hands, flipping fancily in the air, and coming to rest in a standing position with a sword in each hand, so he can face off against Hinotori and Suzu at the same time. His face is dirty, with blood streaming from his mouth, but he doesn't seem ready to go down yet.

"You don't know what it's like! You Uchiha have it easy! You can get promotions whenever you like, and get paid whatever you want… You 'geniuses' get a free pass! You're fast tracked up the career ladder without even having to try! For NORMAL people like me, it's not so easy! The system is broken, favoring Kekkei Genkai shinobi like you two! So if I do the only thing I can to live a comfortable life, despite all my years of service, they send the Uchiha after me to take me in?"

His rambling self-jutifications seem intended to stir up resentment in the populace more so than garner sympathy from his pursuers. This jerkface is trying to use bystanders as a buffer between himself and justice for his crimes. What a coward!

The blow that the genin is hit with causes Hinotori to cringe, "Ouch." he says as he looks at the guy as his henge drops. He smirks at Suzu but he doesn't let her see too much of it. Though as the man starts going on about the UChiha and brandishing weapons. He sighs, he's heard all of this before and honestly it was getting tiresome. The clone that told Suzu to get him, he hands her a pair of cuffs, "This may not go well for the guy." he says and the clone goes poof.

This needed to be done and over now, and with barely a move a flicker of motion, Hinotori strikes the genin in the chest with only two fingers, sending a pulse of chakra through him. If Suzu sees this, it would have the same effect almost like a Hyugas palm strike. The strike stuns the genin, "Sorry folks, we will be taking him into custody, everything is alright." he says offering them a smile and nod as he walks over and turns the genin onto his stomach so that Suzu can cuff him.

Suzu frowns at what the man is saying. Sure, he's trying to involve the civilians. She isn't sure why she's being handed cuffs. It's not her job, and she has no legal authority to cuff a fellow leaf shinobi. She hands them back and shakes her head. "No. This isn't something just any Uchiha can do. You're the police officer. I'll wait until I'm authorized. But I WILL say this…" She steps forward after Hinotori takes Madan down before he can show off his skills. And she addresses the crowd. "I want to make something clear. This man was stealing from the Village to line his own pockets. He was blaming his own failings on the 'system'. The same system that we ALL work within. Further, he was blaming one particular Clan. I am not a police officer, unlike Hinotori-san. I also do not represent my Clan. So I am only speaking for myself."

She takes in a deep breath so she can project her voice a bit better and says, "The Uchiha are your friends, your neighbors, your protectors… We live here and are affected by the success or failure of this Village. The money the Village earns doesn't just go to its ninja. It goes to building, maintaining, and growing our community. Our 'gifts' are used for that purpose, not to give us an 'edge'."

She looks down at the unconscious ninja. "This man betrayed the trust of all of you, and us as well. Because we all, together, depend on each other. Stealing from the Village, no matter the reason or the person, is unacceptable. If it were an Uchiha who had done this, they'd be punished the same." She then scans the crowd, seeing if her words had any impact, or at least if she has made herself clear. Then she bows to them, to show humility after her righteous speech. "My apologies for the interruption of your day." Then she assists Hinotori and his Shadow Clones in escorting the prisoner to the station to get booked and prepare to receive proper sentencing and judgment at the hands of the Hokage.

Hinotori takes the cuffs, but he doesn't say anything at all to Suzu because she is right. He smiles as he looks up at her, with a touch he shocks the genin with a bit of lightning to jolt him to moving. He helps him up, "You failed yourself, no one here did that for you. When you choose to steal from eh village, you failed the people all around you." he says as he turns around looking to each individual here. He sighs and shakes his head, "One day you may have a chance to prove you've learned from this, but now you will pay for your crimes." he says as he begins to escort the man to the police station.

He grins as he looks to Suzu, "Good job today, and I liked what you said, you spoke from the heart." he looks around and begins to escort the guy away, "Training later on, and we can talk more." he says to Suzu, "Or you can come with." he grins.

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