Doihara Reception


Akane, Ishino, Yoichi, Kiyoshi, Amata

Date: July 6, 2014


The Doihara newlyweds' reception

"Doihara Reception"

Bioluminescent lake, Kiri

The moon was high and the night was bright, the water sparkling from
the moon and it's own internal light, providing the perfect backdrop for
the hundreds of people who had come to see the spectacle or pay thier
respects. Immediately following the wedding ceremony the party moved down
the beach some and up onto the grass where tables and refreshments were
set up for the many guests. The tables made a large semicircle facing the
glowing lake and a band was placed to the side. The head and center table
was for the wedding party, the bride and groom at the center. At Akane's
insistance Meruin had been placed there as well. To thier left was the
table for dignitaries and to the right was the family of the Groom.
The bridal party was seated first, much to Akane's gratitude, her feet
weren't used to those tiny heels she wore. Next the family of the groom
and the dignitaries were seated and then the guests.
Once the seating was accomplished there were toasts to the Bride and
Groom. There was enough time alotted so that any of the visiting
personalities might be allowed thierr moment, Akane was ever conscious of
the politics in this event. Next the food was served, though the plates at
the three center tables were of slightly different make than the rest and
presented from scrolls, direct from ishino's own kitchen.
Meruin found himself on the recieving end of a bit of a joke. His glass
of 'water' was quite salty. Upon commenting, Ishino informed him that he
had simply been served the tears of his enemies. There were laughs and
"here-here's all around before Meruin was served a proper glass of water.
Quite some time was allowed for the dinner portion, allowing the stars
to come out and add even more lights to the festivities.
Next, he band struck up a soft music and with a squeeze of the hands,
the couple began the rituals they had left to perform.
They made thier way to an empty table where Ishino produced a large cake
from another scroll. He was very conscious of security. Akane smiled at
Ishino then looked to the cake which was also blue and whites, sparkling
with little sugar crystals to match Akane's dress. Together the couple
made the first cut in the large cake. Traditionally they would feed
eachother a piece of the cake and Akane allowed Ishino to place the small
piece of cake between her lips and ate it with a small smile. Taking her
turn she carefully lifted a piece of the cake, cupping her other hand
under it to protect his pristine suit as she placed it in his mouth. A
smile and a shared kiss later and everyone recieved a piece of the cake.
By the time the last was delivered, She and Ishino were at the center of
the circle of tables for the first dance. It was a simple dance, the music
slow but celebratory, probably due to Akane's lack of dance skill. Once
that was complete, the couple switched out to dance with the various
perosnalities present and Akane made certain to dance with Ishino's
parents and brother and any dignitaries that asked of course. After a
while they returned to thier places at the tables to rest and watch.
After some time as the party was starting to wind down and the couple
prepared to leave for the night, it was time for the last few items on the
event list. Akane stood on a large boulder, with a little help from
TimeKeeper to get up there and threw her bouquet into the gathered crowd
of girls and women. But was a bit too focused on TK helping her back down
in that dress to see who had actually caught it.
Then she moved to the side and placed her foot on a stone, carefully
lifting thehem of her gown to expose the stockinged leg and then the
garter. She couldn't help but quirk a brow at Ishino as he lovingly
removed the garter from her leg, placing a soft chaste kiss to her knee
before standing and tossing the blue garter into the crowd of men.
Long into the night, attention was brought to them once again. It was
not known where the couple was heading for thier shirt honeymoon but they
waved as they entered the carriage that would take them back to thier home
for the rest of the night. At the lake the band continued playing for any
who wished to continue dancing.

Amidst the celebration, there is one part of the festivities that some people have whispered about and even wondered if it would happen. A man who's known for not even trying to make friends or even really be friendly in general, Kaguya-Hozuki Yoichi, is to make a toast to the bride and groom. When the time finally comes, the Swordsman would stand with a glass at the table with the bridal party, looking out over the crowd and finally starting.
"Thank you all for your attendance to this event. It is much appreciated and pleasant to see that our village can gather for such an occasion and merely enjoy it without the shedding of blood…. It is an honor to serve as best man for a brother Swordsman, a man with whom I've destroyed the enemies of Kirigakure across nations and continents. Though he and I may not always see eye to eye, I've seen him go to war for this great village time and again and never fail to give it his all. As for the bride, though I can admit to being a bit wary of her when she first came to this village, she has proven herself time and again and become a great asset to Kirigakure."
Yep, military speech from him. What else would one expect? After a brief pause, he'd continue.
"Though I am not a man of emotion myself, it is not hard for one to see that the fiery devotion Ishino and Akane have in serving the village is the same devotion they have to each other. May their years be long and prosperous, and may their house ever stand as a symbol of strength to those they teach."
As the Swordsman lifts his glass to drink, there are some definite gasps and stares. That definitely was not something one would've expected out of Yoichi, antisocial as he is. What's even less expected is him following the next tradition as he steps back from the table and over to the maid of honor, Kaguya Yuuka, extending a hand to offer a dance.

The initial rush of having to race to the ceremony never leaves Kiyoshi's system. Outwardly, the boy/man looked as calm as ever in his pristine black suit, white undershirt, and forest green tie erring a smidgen on the loose side, but inwardly was a different matter. And who could honestly blame him? Between setting his affairs in order, shinobi duties, and personal… distractions, it was a miracle he made it in time at all. Not to mention obtaining a suit that actually fit in the first place, a matter he still owed his elder brother Surumu alot for having actually thought ahead for once. Thinking on that eased the boy's racing heart, and is perhaps the sole reason why he did not cause a scene during the "I do" due to heart failure, if not something else. Then again, ever since being seated down in the first place he couldn't but feel as if he was being watched the whole time as well…
Time for awhile becomes an indistinct blur for the moss-haired giant. Words were exchanged between bride and groom, folk (himself in included) were ushered a little ways elsewhere, and before he knew it, he was sitting at the edge of the beach towards the fringes of the party, tie and collar loosened and mind divided between the present and elsewhere. He could hear the going-ons well enough, smell both jubiliation, tension, and a host of other scents on the wind, but none that seemed to matter. Truthfully, the youngest Moto was trying to recall why he even came to the wedding in the first place. He knew and understood that his purpose should be to congratulate the happy couple for finding each other and celebrate their union among friends, family, collagues, and so forth… But that did not feel enough… not quite right. Such heavy thinking manifested itself as head inclined, legs crossed beneath him, and attention gradually growing distant with every moment. Even the beauty of the moon reflected in a bioluminscent lake failed to reach him.
It is there and in such a position he would remain unbeknownst to most folk. Despite his great size, the youth had developed a certain knack for the sneaky arts thanks to a certain — Kiyoshi's head snaps up almost in an instance as the thought crosses his mind. Kaguya Yuriko. His… He knew not what to call her now and /definetly/ did not want to get into that right now, but in the past she was his best friend. His very first true friend. He remained indebted to her nonetheless, and it was high time that he chose to grow a freaking back bone! But how should — "No." He intones solemnly and hoarsely, then picked himself up, joints popping along the way. As soon as he is back on his feet and properly dusted off the moss-haired giant turns his attention upon the party. He knew not how Ishino's security detail would respond to any flaring up of chakra, but nevertheless, unless stopped the giant would disappear in an abrupt column of smoke.
Standing in his place when the smoke clears is none other than a mini-version of himself. No, not many, but an approximation of how he would look at his true age. A much more familiar face to meet than the giant he would — is truthfully. The spring-haired youth doesn't waste no more than a brief few moments more by the lakeside checking over his reflection before making a bee line to the party. His return could not have been timed any better, for now was the time to dance! Albeit, if Yuriko turned out not be around or even conscious at the moment, or worst-yet rejected his offer to dance anyways, a dejected Kiyoshi would take his cake on the way out with only a brief pit stop made to still do what proper guest do before slipping away for good.
But… on the off chance that all does go well up the dance being accepted, Kiyoshi would make darn sure to dance his butt off! That is… after working his way past the initial awkwardness that was bound to arise between friends. With Yuriko at his side, the feeling wouldn't persist for all that long though. Not once — if they fall back into a similiar rhythm like that of the Night of Mastery…

For her part, Amata was actually just sticking to the side of the reception, she still felt uncomfortable about the whole situation and even the chuckle at Meruin's response didn't move her. She simply keeps to her spot. She did bring a gift for the couple though. Something they might not even expect and something only someone like her could make. It's a pair of bracelets for the couple. One for each that when attached to each other fit together perfectly with the weave. The wire of Nuibari plus the webs of many spiders came together to make them and if the webbing is parted, it can be seen that Nuibari's wire is hidden underneath.

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