Dominance - Prescription


Sousa, Chichi, Seiji

Date: March 12, 2011


A meeting is made, a bargain is struck, and plans are laid.

"Dominance - Prescription"

An inn in Sunagakure

The little old man whom 'Sara' and 'Kai' met in the restaurant the other day strides purposefully through the streets. Trailing him are a pair of men with very similar faces, but different bearings. One swaggers confidently and holds his head high, a Sunagakure forehead protector gleaming on his brow. The other shuffles hurriedly to keep up, carrying a parcel of tomes and staring at the ground through horn-rimmed glasses. The little procession makes its way to the inn where Chichi and Seiji are staying. A few eyes glance at them as they enter, but they seem to know where they're going, so the inn staff merely give them a courteous smile and hello. The old man nods briefly, the ninja ignores the greeting, and the scholar stops to bow…losing his glasses, dropping his books in a hasty attempt to catch them, then hastily gathering the lot up and running to catch up with the other two. o.O; A message was slipped under the door some time earlier requesting that the two teens wait in their room until a certain time, so it should come as no surprise when 'Hige' knocks on the door. "It's me, Sara-chan and Kai-kun. Would you let us in, please?"

Chichi comes to the door, taking only a moment to verify to herself that the voice matches the voice of the old man they met. Yes, she has to actually stop and think to make sure her memory is accurate. She is not smart, okay! Once the identify is confirmed, she wastes no time in opening the door with a smile. "Hello, Hige-san! Please come in—" Then she sees that Hige is accompanied by two other people. One is an unfamiliar ninja. The other does not appear to be a ninja but is still unfamiliar.
It takes only two seconds for Chichi to form a few hand seals and then produce a glowing rod of light gripped in her right hand, crackling with electricity. She brings her Lightning Release weapon up and points it at the one who is obviously a ninja, but otherwise takes no action except to back up a couple steps. Her demeanor has shifted from cheerful to serious very, very quickly.
Maybe Chichi is dumb, but she has also had plenty of time to learn to be cautious about traps and ambushes and similar. "Hige-san!" she says forcefully. "You didn't say you were bringing anyone else! What's going on!?"

Seiji has been enjoying their time in the village, to his dismay. Well not his dismay, he's just on edge, worried a little about how things will proceede from here. Their scroll was sent in and info was told to Hige in confidence with a possible chance of meeting with the Kazekage, but nothing has been sent to them. Seiji has minimized their movements for now, only going out if they needed and when they did go out they were at the bath house washing up and relaxing. The two have spent their meals together, it was hard and at times had to just bare the angry Chichi and go out when she wanted to. When the letter came eariler in the morning informing them to stay in their hotel and not leave, figuring it must be important, but then again something could be going on.
When the knock comes, his sword is ready but not unsheathed, he watche as Chichi answers the door, her cheerful expression makes him smile, but then it goes away as he looks to Hige, but the moment Chichis demeanor changes and she creates one of her lightning rods, his sword flashes to ready, moving into a basic sword stance, "Whats going on?" he replies.

'Hige' smiles cheerfully. "Oh, very impressive, Sara-chan! To be able to call up that much chakra so quickly, at such a young age…you must be the one with the 'phenomenal cosmic powers', ne?" n.n The ninja leers over the old man's shoulder. "Well now, nobody told me she'd be such a cutie…and a big, independent girl too! I like 'em like that." The scholar holds out a hesitant hand. "Niisan, don't! Remember what happened last time?" The ninja looks like he's about to make some retort, but 'Hige' silences him by holding up his hand. "My apologies for the poor introduction. I suppose I should have been more detailed in my note. But these two are friends, and they're here to help out with your endeavor. Meet Hitsu-san and Omoi-san." Hitsu gives an indifferent wave, and Omoi bows, this time having the presence of mind to hold his glasses to his nose.
'Hige' glances up and down the hall. Doesn't look like there's anybody moving about just now, so perhaps a little risk can be taken to make things go smoother. "Now then, the two of you wished to speak with the Kazekage regarding your troubles…" With a few tugs and peels, various features of the old man's face come off, leaving one which is much more recognizable to the public of Suna and hopefully to Chichi and Seiji as well. "Here I am. Now, would you mind if we stepped inside? Being recognized by a passerby could prove troublesome."

Chichi responds intelligently for once, with, "I'm good at Lightning Release and I do lots of endurance training. I'm pretty sure there are ninja younger than me who can do a C-Rank Ninjutsu that fast!" She neither confirms nor denies the assumption that Hige made, but the explanation she gave >does< seem logical. Just being able to make a Lightning Release weapon quickly does not mean one has phenomenal cosmic powers! Glancing back and forth between the three men out in the hall, she waits until Hige introduces the other two as friends. None of them seem worried or tense at all. That actually makes Chichi >more< worried, because it implies they may be strong enough that having a sizzling rod of electricity pointed at them is not enough of a threat to be concerned over.
She backs up towards Seiji a bit, leaving a path into the room open, but she doesn't lower her weapon at all. The window is to her left, and there's no glass. Just curtains. She could grab Seiji, throw him out the window, and then follow after a moment later. No reason to stand and fight — especially if these three are really strong.
This plan she has come up with is derailed a moment later when Hige reveals himself and claims to be the Kazekage. So far he has taken no hostile action, nor have the other two. Maybe they're really strong, but they are >asking< to be let in, not just walking in on their own. Chichi glances to Seiji with her golden-brown eyes as if to see what he thinks, and then… She comes to a decision. The Lightning Release: Cattleprod jutsu she held ready is allowed to fade away into static electricity that crackles through the air.
"Okay, come on in," she answers finally. "But try to remember that there are lots of people that want the information we have, and many of them are not very nice. We're trusting you to not share anything about us — not even that we're here in the Village!" She then takes a deep breath and lets it out in a sigh as she closes her eyes briefly. Chichi opens her eyes and smiles as she bows, "Nice to meet you, Kazekage-sama."

Hearing the ninja speak about Chichi like that, only prompted Seiji to come closer. The two would be able to fight if the need arose, but as the scholar speaks and warns the ninja, Seiji looks to Hige waiting for him to explain. But when he introduces Hitsu and Omoi, he nods his head. Watching as Chichi explains why she is good, but then slowly move back to where he is, he knows the window is to their left and well he was already thinking of escape if the need arose and from the three at thier door, it's a fair assestment that they all are probably skilled.
The Yotsuki genin hand is relaxed on his katana, the room is to confining for a fight especially with five people in it and the risk of endanger the civilian population on either side of their room is great. Again no need to stand and fight when you don't need to.
"I'm not sure what…." he pauses as Hige begins taking off his disguise, then introducing himself as the Kazekage. Eyes narrowing as he looks to the now Kazekage, when Chichi invites them into their room, he moves backwards and moves Chichi back with him as he does giving them all room to get in, but slowly moves near the window giving them an escape route if needed.

Sousa nods and steps into the room, followed by Hitsu and Omoi. "We understand, Sara-san. I'm certain we can all be discreet, hm?" Omoi nods vigorously. "Oh yes, absolutely!" Hitsu remains silent until timidly prodded by Omoi. "What? Oh, yeah, whatever." Sousa gestures to the brothers. "Omoi-san here is a scholar of ancient civilizations. I asked him to come because I believe I already have a good idea of what your situation is, and Omoi-san once told me about an artifact which may be helpful. Of course, I'll allow you to tell me what your wishes are before we go into that. Hitsu-san is here to accompany Omoi-san, particularly if he travels with you. They're rather inseperable." Hitsu throws an arm around Omoi's shoulders, or maybe it would be closer to say neck. "Yeah, can you believe this runt is my identical twin? He'd be dead in a week without me." Sousa shrugs lightly. "You may find Hitsu-san's assistance useful as well. Despite his manner, he does perform his duties."

Chichi sits through the introductions and the explanation, and then asks, "Huh?" Ugh. It seems her brief flash of intelligence has faded. "Ancient civilizations? Artifact? …I don't get it. What's this have to do with us? Where are you sending us!?" Finally she throws her hands up in the air as she sits down in a nearby chair. "I'm so confused!"

Chichi sits through the introductions and the explanation, and then asks, "Huh?" Ugh. It seems her brief flash of intelligence has faded. "Ancient civilizations? Artifact? …I don't get it. What's this have to do with us? Where are you sending us!?" Finally she throws her hands up in the air as she sits down in a nearby chair. "I'm so confused!" she wails.
Finally, she settles down and points at Sousa. "Look, Kazekage-sama… We came to you because we heard you were some kind of science-wizard or something and liked studying things! So we were going to offer you a Bijuu to study, and in exchange we wanted you to help us prove that the people after us are bad guys to the authorities! If the people in charge find out what's going on, then we can go home!"

Seiji looks at all three men then to Chichi, then back to Sousa. He wasn't interested in the other two, but as Sousa explains that they may be travelling with them, he furrows a brow but waits until Chichi finishes asking her questions. He didn't like her being confused, but she is handling herself good so far. Sheathing his weapon, "What is the need of these artifacts and why would these two be accompaning us?" he asked. "Like Sara-chan has just said, we came here because we thought that you would be able to help us find out well why the Bijuu came about, as well as maybe studying one." he says as he glances at Sara, then back to Sousa. "The rest of what she said is also what we are looking for. But if our coming here proves that we are just putting ourselves in more danger we will leave."

Sousa rubs his chin thoughtfully. "I see. That is a little bit different than what I had imagined, but I believe the practical outcome will be mostly the same. I would indeed be willing to assign some of my intelligence agents to exposing the…'bad guys' to whom you refer, and I would welcome the chance to study your bijuu. However, I should still like you to attempt this trip, because it should make that study go much more smoothly and safely. Omoi-sensei, if you would explain the details?"
Omoi unwraps his parcel, selects a book, and starts flipping through it. "The Land of Wind was home to a thriving civilization long before the current residents arrived," Omoi begins in a professorly tone. "We don't know very much about them, but what we do know is fascinating. A highly advanced system of communication, powerful machinery, use of—" Hitsu smacks the back of Omoi's head. "Get to the point, egghead!" Omoi rubs his head ruefully. "Er, yes…at any rate, one of the machines spoken of by the texts we've been able to recover is supposedly able to 'Control the spirit within.' It was created to aid a warrior who was tormented by a demon. After going through the process, this man was not only in control of himself, he was able to draw upon the demon's power without risking being overwhelmed."
Sousa steeples his fingers. "I'm sure you can see how such a device would be beneficial to a jinchuuriki, and make the study of their bijuu far more expedient."

Seiji looks to Sousa for a moment, if he is going to help them maybe they can trust in what he says to them. "I see." he says thoughtfully. "How far is this location where the Bijuu civilization was?" he asks her. Seiji closes his eyes for a moment and listens as Omoi begins to explain to them of the civilization that they found as well as the device that allows a Jinchuuriki to be able to control the Bijuu that resides within them. Quirking a brow, he didn't know that there was such a thing and well now he wondered if the place was still around. Looking to Chichi and trying to judge her expression and thoughts on this. "HOw long would it take for us to get there?" he asks.

Chichi listens, remembering belatedly the names they are going by. Still, she shrugs and says, "Okay. We can retrieve this thingy and then you can study the Bijuu and then we can solve all of our problems! Sounds good to me!" The matter of how long it would take to get there completely slipped her mind until Seiji brought it up, but… Honestly, it's not like they're on a schedule here.

Omoi blinks. "Bijuu civilization? Well, there wasn't anything to conclusively link the demon in the account to bijuu, I just thought perhaps—" Hitsu baps Omoi again. "Tuhmayto tuhmahto, egghead. We just wanna know where this thing is!" Omoi coughs. "Yes, well…not long ago I was able to decipher the location of this particular historical site. By my calculations, it's in the desert, far from any current oases or trade routes, which explains why nobody has run across it. It should take us just a few days' travel to reach it. Frankly, I've been trying to arrange an expedition, but the state of the village has unfortunately put archaeological pursuits at a low priority."
Sousa starts putting his disguise back on. "I'm glad to hear you are amenable to this plan. I believe Hitsu-san and Omoi-san should be able to handle the rest of the arrangements with you. Any final questions or concerns before I depart?" Sousa's movement toward the window implies a 'better speak quick' qualifier. ;)

Well to Seiji it sounded like a Bijuu Civilization, but pushing the thought from his mind. Seiji feels that this may help Chichi, but then again Chichi has shown conciderable control. Rubbing the back of his head as Omoi continues about where the location of this civilization is, he nods his head. "Alright." he says simply as Omoi tells them how long it will take them to arrive at that location.
When Sousa ask if there were any other questions, Seiji thinks for a moment, "Well if we are to be talking with Omoi and Hitsu-san about preperations for this. When do you want all of this done?" he asks. "Sara-chan and myself aren't under any time constrants, but once we get whats needed, what will happen with us and what else will you use this machine for once your study is done?" he asks. He really hopes that is a smart question, because well………it sounded good to him.

Sousa puts his foot on the windowsill. "Afterward? Well, I imagine you'll go home, once your trouble is resolved, and in the meantime perhaps we'll find some odd jobs for you. As for the machine, it should be quite interesting to study in itself. And if nothing else, there are other jinchuuriki, you know."
Sousa hops out the window and is gone. Omoi proceeds to lay out plans for the expedition, while Hitsu leans against the wall and waits. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day.

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