Don't Mess With Kiri Concession Stands


Kefka (emitter), Akane, Naruko, Tsubaki

Date: May 27, 2015


Some pirate decides to

"Don't Mess With Kiri Concession Stands"

Land of Water

While the tournament is in full swing, the guards are pretty busy with keeping things around the ring and the village itself in check. Thus, when something seems to be going wrong with a shipment of things to the village for concession stands and such, the wealthy merchant, who knows what sort of money he stands to lose if it isn't brought back successfully, commissions the village for a team to go out and take down the pirates or whoever's attacking the ship.
The time would be mid-day before the ship bringing the shinobi would start to approach where the other ship is, signaled by the captain calling out, "We're coming up on your target!" As expected, another ship stands beside it with ropes and ladders set across. Bodies of the few guards and some of the crew already litter the deck of the ship and the water around it. The seige is basically won if they don't get a move on.

Akane had voolunteered to go on this mission because 1 she could fight well and 2 she was a medic and could deal with any wounded. But what they found left her gritting herr teeth. "We have to go. Becareful…." And with that she flashed out of sight, reapearing on the rigging of the pirate's ship….. sans jacket…. she drew out two hairsticks and allowed one third of her hair to fall about her. "Hey booooys~" she called, her only protection for her eyes being her glasses this time…. She arched her back to get attention.. crates or girl.. choose, little ones, choose.

Naruko was helping out with some guard duty, some nice work to do until it was time to head back home. Naruko wasn't all that concerned though. A part of her didn't mind that pirates were going about raiding around the area, this land didn't concern her in the slightest, Naruko was still a great believer in jutsu however. She wasn't at all stealthy in her approach, she merely takes a few steps closer towards the edge of the boat and waves her hands around. "Hey! You are all pretty much under arrest! Just give up so we don't have to beat you up! And stuff…" Hence her lost of enthusiasm.

Why was Tsubaki a part of this mission? Well, she didn't quite know herself. Likely it was due to the fact that most people in Kiri were a part of the tournament. She was expendable, in a sense. A Genin who could manipulate water, and maybe that was why? Not very useful, though. She mentally facepalmed at both Naruko and Akane, each for different reasons, and simply took a spot near the back of the ship for now. There was no point … No point in revealing herself or her abilities. Let those who wish to reveal themselves take a fall, and she would move in when she was ready. Her chakra begins to build up as she readies herself, the girl not sure… Still…

As the two kunoichi approach in a very stealth-less manner, the men attacking the ship have to pause and look up at them. They look around at each other, a bit puzzled, before some finally just shrug and start to charge with weapons and fling others. "Get out of here and we'll let live!" one of them shouts as they attack, apparently confident that they can fight the shinobi back. These guys seem to be a bit more competent than most pirate goons somehow.

Akane grinned darkly, her eyes hidden as they launched at her, she disappeared after one attack and poofed into a fireball at the next. Reappearing behind the man she tsked and tried to inject him with a rather nasty poison. "Now now, time for your medicine.."

Getting beat up wasn't in Naruko's plan, yet it still managed to happen some how. The first volley of attacks was met with her awesome speed, dodging and weaving with the aid of wind. Eventually the weapons did nick her flesh, knocking her back a few feet. She scrambles briefly and merely positions herself forward, cocking back her fists and countering back with a flurry of of pummeling strikes of her own. " Just give up or I will just sink this stupid ship!" Naruko shouts, whining as she weasled through the pirates.

Tsubaki watches the two move to attack, dodging the ones that are incoming and performing some of their own. The girl continues to stay back, two ice clones forming as they charge to the ship. Both hop over to the other boat, formless chunks of ice that were not henge-ed into their owner aiming punches to the 'pirates'. They were, being ice, sharp and even deadly in nature, even if the punches weren't all that threatening being a simple action.

SINK. "AHH!" Unable to move out of the way of the syringe from Akane, the pirate falls to his knees and then his back, writhing around in pain. The ones around him are shocked just long enough to make them leave Akane alone in horror of what might be coming to them. Meanwhile, despite some of their friends getting socked, some of them keep coming after Naruko, and Tsubaki seems to have revealed her position, as sharp objects begin to fly her way as well.

Akane snickered as the one man fell and Kyoujin drew a blade, stalking the downed man as the others left her alone… "Ohyou poor thing.. does that hurt? yourinsides wilbe turning to jelly any time now… shall i end it? Make it stop?" She purred.. And in one motion drew her shortsword and sliced the man's throat. Standing, she looked about them. "Tsubaki-chan~" Oh yes this wasn't Akane… This was Kyoujin reveling in blood… "Keep the correct ship rom burning hmmm sweetie?" She snickered and called to naruko "Heads up!" Just before she exhaled a huge fireball meant to catch the pirate's ship on fire and trusting tsubaki to keep the merchant's things intact….

Naruko merely explodes into a small puff of fire, hugging down against the deck as a massive fireball spewed right over her, they were pretty much 'toast' at that point. No way surviving an explosion like that, right? "Ugh…" Naruko groans as she merely sits herself up a little more properly, looking about the boat to see if anyone else was around, or if they got swepted up by the flames. Maybe, maybe not. Some of her wounds would heal in the mean time.

Behind the fire came ice. A freezing whirlwind that would drain the pirates and perhaps even keep them in place, the cold was so intense. Tsubaki paid no mind to the sharp objects coming at her, as the clone she produced would snag the weapons out of the air and use them on those that had attacked her.

Though some manage to get away from the incoming attacks, a good majority are roasted and skewered between waves of fire and ice coming at them. The few who remain look around to each other, seeming a bit frightened, though there seems to be some sort of smirk on their faces. A shadowy figure would barely cross the corner of one's eye from the pirate ship before a dragon-shaped blast of fire goes forward and attempts to curl around and blast through all three kunoichi. "Awfully rude of you to kill my men without my permission. Didn't anyone ever teach you any manners?!" a man adorned in a long brown duster with a large hat on his head bellows with a grin as he prepares for a fight with the remaining men that start to pop up from under the deck on both ships.

Akane blurred suddenly as the massive flame thrower was aimed thier way and she ran, scooping up Tsubaki on the way and moving her to a safe location before setting her down, she trusted Naruko to be able to protect herself. But then she stepped forward and returned the favor…. Fame for flame…

There was a lot of fire being thrown around, and honestly not enough room to actually move around the boat. Despite the temptation to sink the ship she began to simply recline back, thrusting off the edge of the ship from the fire blast that surged in their direction. "Ugh okay…. To many fire users in one place…" Naruko groans quietly, shaking her head briefly, more interested in waiting this out rather than tossing more explosive arounds… Too many people in the way, too many people to get hurt.

Tsubaki isn't a fan of all these flames being tossed around either. Perhaps it is more for her sake than the others that the cold around them seems to intensify, creating a small zone of cold air around herself. The girl takes the cold air she created, using some of the wind she has to blow it in the direction of the pirate-guys and drain them further of their energy, perhaps even giving them a bit of frostbite.

BLAST! Man after man is roasted and frozen all in the same moments, though a lone figure would be seen leaping from the deck of the ship to land on the surface of the water off the concussion of the blast. He's obviously damaged a good bit from the fire, yet a dark grin still shows on his face as he looks up to the kunoichi, despite all his men being dead. One might expect him to attack, yet, instead, he only looks up at them and laughs a bit. "Now that we've stopped blasting… listen… That fire's penetrated the ship by now." From amidst the crackling flame and the sounds of the ship breaking apart, one can hear something getting louder and louder… screams… not just of men, but of women and children and children as well. It seems these pirates trade in more than just stolen goods. "What a shame that the prisoners and the goods on that ship won't make it to market to be sold. Now the question is, do you come after me, or do you try to save the dozens of people in the lowest part of a burning ship? Choice is yours. See ya." With that he turns and starts running at near-flickering speeds off toward the horizon opposite Kirigakure.

Akane narrowed her eyes as she saw the 'captain' and heard his words. She could not deny the screams she heard and Kyoujin suddenly took over. She turned and barked an order to Tsubaki. "I'm cracking this thing open, you save as many as you can." And then she exhaled nearly a dozen fireballs cracking into the side of the hull. With a great spinning kick she completed the cut and water rushed into the hold, but water was Tsubaki's thing. She gave access to Tsubaki and turned, bolting after the man in the duster, trying to ignore the screams she'd left behind….

There wasn't any second options for Naruko, both of them was viable and she could literally do both at the same time. "Huh, one or the other then?" She speaks up with a grin, only to place her hands together and form… multiple Narukos. One would hang back to help out the others, searching for a way to get into the hull of the ship and pull the others out. The real Naruko on the other hand chased after the evil pirate baddie, One Naruko became multiple, and two of them grabbed the real deal, spun her around with two quick turns and flung her across the waters, speeds greather than what she could run herself, hopefully to slam into the pirate and then dog pile him into the water.

And suddenly, the air would turn freezing. Never mind the dude that was escaping, Tsubaki had her orders to take of those who had been trapped in the now-sinking and burning ship. There was no time to think, the Shirayuki simply acted. With the temperature now extremely cold, the water would begin to freeze over, and Tsubaki would aid in that process so that people would be able to at least stay afloat. Yes, they'll be a bit cold, but… It was better than dying. The girl moves quickly, hopping from her own boat to the one that was in flames, seeking out those who were in the water. She would do her best to pull as many of them onto whatever icebergs she had created and out of the cold water.

The pirate was SURE the kunoichi would opt to save all the villagers… Nope… He looks back just in time to see a bunch of copies of one and the other coming for him. "What the?!" he yells out as he tries to dart ahead, only to be slammed into and dogpiled ontop of by the Narukos. "Hey! Get off and go save the slaves, ya crazy blondes!"

Akane glared though her eyes were unseeable, and pulled out another hair stick, biting down on themetal casing she unsheathed the senbon and stalked forward. This poison she saved for special cases…. It caused quite a bit of pain and internal bleeding….She made certain the needle pierced his shoulder…. "You're mine. And This One will have a lot of fun finding out all your little secrets….."

The dogpile of Naruko's attempted to restrain the pirate, and so far it was working quite well. Some clinged to his arms and legs, along his neck and from behind. Naruko herself was doing her best to bring the mans arms behind his back. "Hey now just calm down a little bit, you are only going to be locked up and put somewhere for good. Repenting, begging, all that sorts of stuff," Naruko teased the man but she glared once Akane made things a bit more worse for the main, With that she attempted to simply give her a shove backwards. "Hey! Back off! You don't need to make things any worst. He's already captured. All we have to do is bring him back now…" Meanwhile Naruko's other shadow clone continued to help out in that aiding process, throwing any stranglers on the merchants boat that managed to slip out into the open waters.

Tsubaki is able to save those who had fallen into the water. The ones that were corpses and burnt to a crisp were a bit… Gone… But those with burns, she healed with some salve. She only knows basic medicine, but it was better than nothing in times like these. "You'll be okay," she would tell them all. "Just keep steady on the ice. It won't melt if you stay near me." Her voice is surprisingly calm and not halting in this situation, the girl knowing that she couldn't show any sign of uncertainty when so many were counting on her. To those that were in the sinking ship, she called, "Just stay there!" Then, using her skills with water, she formed ribbons to act as slides, solidifying them by freezing the water they were made of. Because they were manipulated by chakra, they didn't freeze until she called upon her Clan's power.

On top of being piled on, the pirate is a needle jabbed into him that induces… all sorts of interesting things… His body locks up and starts to shake a bit, though no sounds of pain past a grunt escape as his body is now free for the kunoichi to take back… if they stop fighting before he runs.

Kyoujin was suprised by the shove, so much so she did not even attempt to dodge it. But the set of her jaw was dark enough, hard enough suddenly that any fool could tell she was now quite angry. "Lay a hand on This One again, girl, and you shall lose it. This is Kirigakure. We deal with things in our own way." She withdrew the senbon and replaced it and its sheath in her hair. Then she turned to Naruko a cold set to her jaw, reached up… and removed her reflective lense glasses… to reveal pitch black eyes corner to corner. There were no whites visible and her chakra was as dark as ever…. Her voice reverberated just a bit as she spoke like there were two of them speaking at the same time. "We suggest /you/ back off before you learn just how barbaric We can be, /girl/. Though you do look tastey…."

"Give me a break, you can be a shallow as you want but you still prove my point," Naruko merely replies back, her demeanor for the most part remained unphase. " Have fun toturing or kill this man. I'm going to continue to go around saving lives," Naruko retorts, releasing the pirate from her gripe awhile making rounds back to the boat…. Hopefully to fetch up anyone else that might need it. At this rate though, it looked like Tsubaki had things covered. Maybe she was a more level headed person of Kirigakure, then again…Naruko didn't care to find out.

Tsubaki simply nods to Naruko and points out those who still needed to be pulled from the water, if they happened to be a bit too heavy for the girl to drag out. She wasn't that strong. Those who were still in the boat got to travel down to the safety of the ice via that ribbon of water. It acted as a slide of sorts, and Tsubaki was able to rescue a lot of people like that. She glances to Naruko, saying, "Help them… to the ship…" Her voice was a bit halting when she talked to the Kumo-nin, but that was how it usually was.

Kyoujin smirked darkly as she moved back toward the pirate, bending and binding him, she had let Tsubaki to take care of the people. the medic should be pleased…. But this man… well, he would be properly interrogated…. and by the time he got to meruin he would already be a bit worse for the wear…. Those black eyes did not leave her though. She looked far too happy with what would come next, the exact opposite of the medic's usual demeanor…..

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