Don't Trouble The Waters


Yoichi, Akane, Amata

Date: June 18, 2014


Yoichi, Amata, and Akana perform a covert operation in the Land of Waterfalls to get samples of the healing water spring there for medicinal and scientific use.

"Don't Trouble The Waters"

Land of Waterfalls

With the coming of evening in the Land of Waterfalls, most things would seem to be basically normal for this place. It's peaceful, not really much happening. Since most villages are trying to keep peace right now after the Hitokage threat while they recover, there's not much activity as far as war. This, of course, offers a perfect cover for three purposeful shinobi from Kirigakure traveling by night through the mountains toward the ravine missions reports from a few years ago. This place is still going to be heavily guarded, no doubt, and the Mizukage would like to not start trouble unnecessarily, thus he requested that this mission be kept covert as possible, thus Yoichi informed the two traveling with him that they'd need to knock the guards out before retrieving the water along with shrouding their identities. Adorned in a black hooded robe, the Swordsman moves through the mountains as discretely as possible with the others, staying away from main paths so as not to be spotted.

Akane was aware of Yoichi and Meruin's wishes to keep this quiet. So before they'd left the bounds of Kirigakure she had taken a little time to create some special items. She wore her typical costume, her hitai-ate about her neck. She carried a satchel on her back. As they moved through the Land of Waterfalls, getting closer to the target and it's guards and she started digging in her bag. "Yoichi-san, these are tranquilizers, there's enough to drop a horse but it won't kill anyone AND they're made of materials that can be found in the Land of Fire just in case it's analyzed. You have the most speed I believe." She held out a hand full of combat sringes and yes there were more in her bag.

Moving along, Amata was the slowest of the group but that wasn't really saying much. She was still head and shoulders faster than even most chuunin. She rushes along, squinting at the syringes before she looks ahead. She is wearing a hood as well, keeping her identity as hidden as possible and she keeps her blade at her side rather than on her back for ease of access. She is keeping some chakra in reserve as well as she sends spiders around their position in the event of needing webbing quickly. She simply keeps quiet, nto saying a word. She has ways of dealing with people non-lethally already.

As Akane explains her plan, Yoichi looks back at her and nods. He ponders a moment then reaches out for the syringes. Rather than grab them, however, he actually absorbs them into his hands. Seems he has an idea for an interesting way to use these… this guy might just be even scarier once he's learned medical jutsu. "The ravine is just up ahead… Be on the lookout for traps."

As Akane explains her plan, Yoichi looks back at her and nods. He ponders a moment then reaches out for the syringes. Rather than grab them, however, he actually absorbs them into his hands. Seems he has an idea for an interesting way to use these… this guy might just be even scarier once he's learned medical jutsu. "The ravine is just up ahead… Be on the lookout for traps." As they come up on the ravine where the fall is that contains the healing water according to the trport, he holds up a hand and looks down before bringing his hands into a seal. Rather than a big jutsu, he simply emits enough mist to mix in with that of the fall, merging his chakra into the other mist to pick out traps. Once he gets a feel for it, he starts pointing out chakra wires tied to explosive tags as well as guard positions around the ravine.

Akane smirked when Yoichi drew the syringes into his hands themselves. She had expected soemthing similar when she'd offered them to him. But it was cool to watch anyway. She pulled several out o fher bag again and offered three to Amata silently. It was always good to be ready, even if the swordswoman didn't use it.

When Yoichi raised his hand Akane stilled and took specific note of each trap he pointed out. Each guard's location. She pulled two syringes out for herself, two per hand and prepared to throw them should Yoichi give the order….

Taking the syringes, they go into a packet as she moves along. She keeps one out and looks at it, kind of pondering it as she moves along. She hmms softly to herself and then starts to look up and note the various traps and guards as they are pointed out. For now, her part in this is silence. Amata knows what to do should things get hairy and she just wants to be prepared to help out…and possibly examine the place they are going to a little before they leave.

Once Akane and Amata have a good sight over the situation, Yoichi would proceed with the first part of the plan. He extends each of his hands out silently as a pair of scissors that he uses to reach to wires that he snips on the water down as he begins to walk down the cliffside. The moves are made as silently as possible, hoping to be able to fire the syringes at the perfect moment for this to go off without a hitch.

Akane smrew a blade and proceeded to try to disarm one of the tags. Unfortunately she triggered it instead. She threw up her arms to protect erself from the heat of the blast. Then she yanked her Hitai-ate off her neck and shoved it in her bag which she then threw at Yoichi before leaping forward and literally appearing to fall, rolling down the small incline of the hill and into the path. They would know someone was there, if she exposed herself the other two might be able to salvage the situation. She landed relatively hard on her side and let out a cough as if she'd gotten the air knocked from her lungs. She'd made sure to make enough noise to bring the guards to /her/ and not to Amata or Yoichi.

Snipping her own wire on a trap, Amata is able to cut it cleanly without setting off the trap only to hear the explosion and look over as Akane throws herself into the open. She stares at this openly before squinting and hmming. She licks her lips before looking to Yoichi. He'd have to make the call here.

Yoichi blinks at Akane as she quite literally immediately fails at being stealthy in this situation, though at least she somewhat salvages it for them. As the guards begin to rush over to her with kunai drawn, the Swordsman frowns a bit while catching the bag and absorbing the rest of the syringes. They can't let her get captured, else her hitai-ate will get spotted… He looks to Amata, nodding at the syringes she was handed before looking back down at Akane just as the guards are approaching her. Pointing his right hand forward, he fires the original five syringes he was handed out each at one of the guards to jab into them and send them falling to the ground, leaving the ones who remained in the positions to Amata for the moment.

It seems it isn't Amata's lucky day. As the guards approach, while Yoichi might have an easy time throwing all his darts, Amata misses on every occasion save for one, leaving 4 guards up and standing. So, unless Akane has a trick up her sleeve, it looks ilke the might have been caught.

Akane held very still as the guards came looking for her and she wasn't disappointed when five simply dropped to the ground. Yoichi was a good shot…. Amata managed to drop an aditional one… perfect. She was suddenly on her feet then and the syringes she'd had in hand before were thrown like her daggers, straight for the men's necks, dropping them all. She narrowed her now-forest green eyes and took a breath. She looked up and around her, making sure that no one could see her and then she was just.. not there. She reappeared between Amata and Yoichi and held out her hand for her bag. "Sorry about that…. You guys get the traps from now on…."

Yoichi's eyes dart around as Amata's initial attack fails, though Akane seems to make up for her initial blunder by striking the rest of the guards into unconsciousness. As Akane reappears, he hands the bag off to her then closes his eyes. "I think we're clear now," he says before vanishing into a vapor that goes back down to where Akane was. "Not sure why you came back up. We're head," he says as he reforms at the bottom of the ravine and starts to walk toward the sound of the water source, a spring a head flowing from a spot in the rock. "You two can collect your samples first."

Moving up with them, Amata nods to Akane, "Good to see you not dead." She states matter of factly before moving along. She looks to Yoichi and then at the spring. She idly reaches out with a small vial and fills it before repeating it with a few more vials and putting them away. She nods her head and then looks to Akane with a nod as well. She gets out of the way so they can get the springs for their medical reasons.

Akane blinked then chuckled as Yoichi led them down to the path again. She shook her head and followed them down. Amata got to the spring first and while she was filling that small vial Akane pulled out what appeared to be two large canteens. It took her a little longer to fill hers and she looked at Amata, her forrest green eyes oddly friendly. "If that wasn't enough I'll give you some more later, Amata-san." She stepped back, securing the prescious water in her satchel then buckling it to her back.'

Waiting patiently as the other two take their samples, Yoichi folds his arms over his chest and goes silent. Once they've finally finished, he walks over to the spring and walks out onto it and brings his hands into a seal. While Akane took way more than Amata, he takes way more than either of them, absorbing huge quantities of the healing waters as they flow up onto him in streams.

A look at the woman and Amata nods before moving away from the area and nodding to Yoichi as well, "Let us move then, no?" She hmms and nods her head before turning to look on their path away, "I would hate for more of them to show up." She chuckles and nods.

Akane backed up, blinking as Yoichi walked into the spring. The second he did she saw the genius of it. Though she wondered how long the water's properties would last on him she couldn't help grinning largely — albiet darkly — at the Swordsman. Her stance shifted forward and she put her hands on her hips. "Nice, Hozuki." She turned away and headed closer to Amata then.

Once he's absorbed enough of the water, Yoichi turns to walk off the water. Catching that bit from Akane, he narrows his eyes on her. "Ah, the troublemaker is awake," he says before walking ahead to head back toward the way they came. "Let's get out of here…. peacefully." He casts a glance at Akane… rather the one that's awake now, giving her a look as if he's not afraid to knock her for a loop again if need be.

A glance at Akane and Amata hurrms before she keeps moving. She nods to Yoichi but doesn't say another word. For her part, Amata seems focused on simply leaving.

The woman's eyes were full on emerald now and there was a hint of confusion on her face for a moment just after the switch. She glanced around, reorienting herself and her place there. It was during this initial glance that she glanced at Amata. She watched the other woman with a hard stare for a couple seconds, but then moved on as if she either had no quarrel there or she didn't remember the arena at all. Kyoujin seemed to think for half a beat before she nodded her accord with Yoichi's words. Leaving Peacefully seemed to be an agreement despite the violent side of her showing.

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