Double Agent


Katsurou, Yuge

Date: June 22, 2013


Mizukage forms a plot against Konoha with Katsurou as the guy inside

"Double Agent"

Mizukage's Office

It was not long before Katsuro entered the village before a guard had caught up to him just before making a turn to the Shirayuki castle. The boy's heart sanked and his face went even more pale. He could only guess it was because of his lack of success with missions in the past weeks. He swallowed and followed the guard silently to the admin building which housed the Mizukage. Once inside, Katsurou's armor clanks and his boots thud along the floor. He watches as the guard knocks on the Mizukage's door three times before waiting for a response on the other side.

Yuge had the look out for Katsurou. The potential plot had proven fruitful, although it'd be hard to know for sure if Katsurou picked up on it or not. Assigned specifically to failing missions, that background needed to be set.. to make this look right. Working on his own work, he'd look up at the knock on the door. A small nod given and that voice would lift with one word. "Enter." Yuge would lean back in his chair, watching Katsurou get escorted in, then the guard leave, closing the door behind him. Yuge motioned to the chair across from him at the desk, waiting patiently for Katsurou to take a seat and either ask what was going on or wait for orders.

Katsurou follows the guard inside the Mizukage's office. He then watches as the guard leaves. Looking over to the Mizukage he sees him motion to the chair across from him. The Shirayuki was hesitant but he did not wish to disobey a command given from the Mizukage. With a few more clinks and clanks, Katsurou finally settles into the chair facing Yuge. He awaited silently for what the Mizukage had to say. Though, from his expression the Mizukage would easily be able to tell that he was a bit nervous to be in this position right now.

Well, no immediate confession of guilt. Good, there was a certain nervousness there.. which could be understandable. Yuge would close one file and open another, it'd be easy to see for Katsurou that it was a file on him. "You have been lacking in the latest missions. Do you have an explination for why, Shirayuki-san?" Yuge would look over the notes in the file a moment, before his attention was returned to Katsurou. It was carefully arranged to be neutral, Yuge wasn't going to give anything away with this questioning, seeking more information about the one he was going to trust with a rather dangerous mission.

Katsurou furrows his brows in thought as he recalls back his latest missions and the annoyance Kasumi has been. "I…" Katsurou starts but pauses. "I have no excuse, Sir. I was just incapable of completing the tasks given to me. I do plan on working vigoriously to ensure i /am/ capable in my future missions. I know i can do better, Sir." His gaze lowers to the record that has his name and photo on the inside cover. He frowns at the red marks that litter the papers inside.

Yuge nods slightly. Good, he was willing to work. The folder would be closed then. "I know. I set you up on those to have you fail. To provide a front for this mission that is of critical importance." The file got slid to the side as Yuge would steeple his hands together. "I am going to have you run away from Kirigakure. Your contact with Konohagakure has been the perfect lead in. You're going to run away from here, the hunter nin are going to chase you and they will give you amnesty in Konoha. From there you are to join their ranks, work with them. Gather information." Yuge shook his head slightly. "No one else is to know that we have had this meeting about the things that will occur. Understood?"

Katsurou's gaze lowers as he takes this all in. "You had me fail on purpose?" He says more to himself. He half wondered if Kasumi was even in on this plot. "But sir, i am not sure if i could just up and leave my clan, nor my sister Aoitsuki. She would be heart broken to think i have betrayed her once again. I…" His words trail off as he slips back into a deep thought. "I do not see how Konoha will allow a shinobi from Kiri to enter their ranks so easily, if at all. I…I apologize sir. This is just a lot to take in."

Yuge gives a small shake of his head. "This is not the first that a shinobi has been traded in this matter between Kirigakure and Konoha. We have had one of theirs join us.. She is still watched, but does not seem to be a spy." Yuge muses for a moment, a small nod was given. "I understand that I am impressing apon you a grand task. This is something that you ever slip up on in Konoha, it can be and probably will be your death." He'd give a slow shake of his head then. "I do not have another ninja in your unique situation, with the arrangement you have available, to use. The decision has been made. I'm going to give you a three day head start, then the hunter nin will be sent after you. Do you understand?"

Katsurou goes to protest but stops himself. He knows that he is bound to the Mizukage. His word is law. "I understand." He says in a defeated tone. "How long do you foresee my services being needed for this, sir?" He tried his best to feel honored to be given such a task but just as he grew attached with Aoitsuki once again, he is now being pulled away from her.

Yuge would ponder for a few moments, before a small nod was given. "Three to five years. This is not a short term mission. This is something that will take time to gather data. We will have a potential withdraw path arranged. However that is going to be purely in the ultimate emergency situation." He'd give a slow shake of his head. "It is not a light task. It is however, needed for this situation. We need the information, we gather that intel and we will be able to handle them properly. With the threats winding down within Konoha, they're going to go seeking another target. We are going to make sure that any potential threat sent our way will be crushed."

Katsurou nods. "I suppose if it is for the best of Kirigakure. I will let my hate of Konoha fuel my patients in this mission. Perhaps the day will even come that we can catch Konoha off guard and show them what kind of monsters we really are. I will personally turn the Hokage's office into my own personal ice throne room." The Shirayuki looks up to the Mizukage. "I apologize, sir. I did not mean to get carried away. I will do this for you, for Kirigakure. Is there anything else you wish to ask of me Sir?

Yuge shakes his head with a small smile. "That is a perfect way to look at it. We may enable you to do just that. No one else will know this is a mission. You are going to be hunted. My only request is that you do not die." Yuge would open the file, noting something within it, before closing that file. "Otherwise, that is all. You will get a mission soon that will put you as close as possible to the land of fire. Know it is coming and go when possible."

"Very well." Katsurou says as he rises from his chair. A troubled look falls on his face. "Sir…excuse my rudeness by asking this but at the end of this. Once we accomplish what we set out to do…where will i stand within the ranks of Kirigakure upon my return?"

Yuge smiles slightly. "As a jounin. If everything works as planned, you will be returning a hero and with the jounin rank. Train hard, I expect you to be quite strong with your return from such a task, Shirayuki-san." Yuge would give a nod then. "Until next we meet." He'd basically dismiss Katsurou with that, returning to his work. Katsurou would find that the guard was waiting down the hall, no one was around the door, it really had been arranged to be as secret as possible it seems.

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