Dreams - A Heroine's Bane



Date: Mar 12, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - A Heroine's Bane"

Unknown location

Over the roar of a slowly dimming dust storm caught within the rays of a
setting sun and the grating noise of over a hundred miniscule pebbles
slowing tearing there way through and past just about everything in their
path; only one thing was louder in an otherwise desolate area: the excited
activities of a gang of mountain bandits back from a successful raid. Yet
within seconds after the smallest creaks have left the last floor board of
the stairway outside things rapidly detoraited…

"Hey Takuma! Shouldn't you—" "HI-YAH!!!" In single kick the doors to
the out of the way tavern were kicked in; sending the bandit known as
Takuma on a one way trip through the roof, and a complete transformation
into a star. In that same instance everyone but the one responsible for
the assault watched with mouths agape and eyes wide as saucer. "ALRIGHT!
Listen up and listen careful boys n dogs for I dont have all day! Which
one of you muts took it!?!", Rise yelled as she whipped off her dusty old
to reveal herself clad in nothing but *gasp!* her pajamas!?!

Extended Awkward Silence

"Get her!!", The recovered bandit leader yelled.

With suprising unity and at the call of their leader, the bandits rushed
in one after the other and in some cases even in pairs! Yet despite the
overwhelming odds each were met with uppercuts that sent them through the
roof, spinning back hands that knocked them into clusters of their allies,
sweeping kicks so powerful that it wouldnt be until decades later that
those hit would be able to break out from the spin! All of this done as
the young kumo nin sidestepped, ducked, and somersaulted over their clumsy
strikes with just about every weapon imaginable! Despite her efforts
though the bandits just kept getting back up while others were starting to
pour out every door, window, and even the holes she made in the building
until finally they were clamoring over each other just to try and get a
lick in. Still Rise continued to fight on and on against the endless
horde; growing ever the more dirtier with her tatics until many of the
male populace of her enemies would find their future of a life with their
own sired children growing dimmer. In the end their numbers were just too
great even for her awesome strength. Thus she built all of her energy to
her feet and jumped. She jumped with so much power that the floor
shattered beneath her feet, and sent the bandits down into the abyss while
the Shirokiri herself continued to ascend into the heavens.
What awaited Rise at the zenith of her jump was thankfully not a swift
descent back to earth but some type of special, flimsy, yellow clouds.
Each just as sturdy as the earth. "Wha-what the? Just what the heck are
these things?.", Rise asked herself. Mere seconds later she gasped and
continued, "Maybe this is the place where those jerks hid it! This, is,
PERFECT! Now all I have to do is get back the statue of Hiroshi-kun back
and—"She turned her searching eyes upward.
Words can never truly describe what happened next besides THE WORST
possible, Hoorriiible sight Rise had every seen. A sight so down right
terrifying that every imaginary cell in her you cried out to erase the
image! The next and ONLY thing Rise could do to answer their cry was do
one thing: Scream, Cry, and Flee in absolute terror! For up above some
distant cloud made hill top stood three figures with the sun at their
backs. However it took little to no closer inspection to see that the
three figures at the top of the hill to be none other than an older more
muscular Ketsuki Aburame, Hiroshi Hyuuga, and her caretaker Ren no Tsuki
dressed in the brightest, most shameless set of clothing fit for drag
queens. Not only this, but each were striking such horrendously corny
poses that only served to spur Rise on. As if to make matters worse,
sitting precariously atop the sun was none other than a demonified
Sekisetsu wielding a whip and her most delightfully, mischievous grin.
"Get her my darlings!!"


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