Dreams - Akemi's Dream



Date: March 12, 2011


Akemi dreams….

A huge bonfire burned in the darkness. No other feature of the landscape
can be seen. A lone shadow is seen, casting away from the fire. The shadow
circles the bonfire slowly. Eventually the figure casting the shadow
passes in front of the fire. The lithe figure dances to music that she
alone can hear. Spinning, spinning, she dances around the fire. Slowly,
the music becomes audible, a formless tune, ever changing, but smooth and

Gradually the scene lightens and the fire fades away. The morning sun
shows an open grassy field, but still the pink clad figure of Akemi spins
in her dance. Scenes speed past, being played out on the open field at
impssibly fast rates. A massive battle is played out in less than a
minute. In another minute the bodies have been removed and all signs of
violence are gone again. Another minute passes and a travelling carnival
sets up camp, building around the dancer and days worth of carnival
activity pass through in minutes before the wole thing is disassembled and
moves on, and soon it is Akemi alone in the field once more. A shepherd
and his flock pass through. A herd of deer wander in before being chased
off by a pack of wolves. Travelers walk past, making their way with heavy
ladened packs. And soon the day has passed to night once more.

Akemi finally stops her dance, walking throught he pitch black of the
new nightfall. A light can be seen in the distance, faint, but growing
gradually. The new scene is revealed. Akemi stands in a small decorative
cricket cage. She steps to the bars, pouting out to the room. "Nana!…
Nana.. you better let me out of here" She pouts, "Nanaaaaaaaaaa" Whining
as the dream fades away.

"Dreams - Akemi's Dream"

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