Dreams - Daisuke's Dream



Date: March 13, 2011


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"Dreams - Daisuke's Dream"

Unknown location

A much more mature Daisuke stands atop the highest cliff looking out over the village, his village. Below him sits Konohagakure, yet it wasn't
Konohagakure. The massive spawl of buildings and hundreds of thousands of people walking the streets was due to the fact that Daisuke had finally
accomplished his dream of stability in the ninja world. He was exhausted but finally he could settle down. People from all over the world had come
to live in this capitol of ninja, and it was all thanks to his efforts.
The sun breaks through the clouds, shining upon Daisuke as his Kage robe flaps in a sudden breeze. The people all look up from their daily life
towards the mountain where he stands, yet instead of happiness, hatred fills their faces. Daisuke could see every one of their faces looking up
at him and the hatred and distaste in their faces. He was at a loss for words and so very tired, he didn't know what else to do.
So tired, Daisuke sits on the edge of the cliff overlooking the village, unable to comprehend why his people would now hate him after cheering his
name not so long ago. Had he lost their trust and respect somehow? He tried to think back on all his aunt had taught him to look for answers,
getting so frustrated. Looking up to the sky, the clouds grew dark and night suddenly replaced day. Yet this was a different kind of night, as
everything was pitch black, no lights on from the village, nor stars to illuminate the sky. He couldn't see anything and yet he could still
somehow feel the hatred and loathing that was coming from the villagers earlier. Without warning, two large eyes with burning red iris' opened and
a voice shouts out "WAKE UP."
Jolting into an upright position, Daisuke looked around at the familiar surroundings of his room. "Wha- huh?" he says in a daze, rubbing his eyes.
He wipes away beads of sweat from his forehead before getting out of bed, wondering what had just happened. Looking at himself in a nearby mirror,
he remains motionless for a few moments before nodding his head. "Thanks." he says, seemingly to himself.

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