Dreams - Diver



Date: March 14, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Diver"

Unknown location

Mune was dreaming. She knew this intuitively somehow. But she did not
focus on it. She was trying to mix some chemicals kept in beakers and
vials, in some kind of laboratory. The details were non-specific. She did
not question what the substances were she was mixing, or why. It all made
sense to her dream-self. Then she realized there was something wrong.
Something within the dream world was not behaving in a manner consistent
with the dream itself. The dark-skinned woman turned away from the
chemicals, leaving them where they lay. Unseen behind her, the table
dissolved into a puddle of green goo. A moment later, the walls behaved in
a similar way. Then the ceiling she had only been peripherally aware of,
and then the floor began to collapse…
There was nowhere to stand, nowhere to leap to safety, and so she simply
fell. She fell into the darkness that lay beneath the now-destroyed
laboratory, and plummeted until she splashed down in some sort of massive
ocean of… Dark-red liquid. On the surface it was opaque, but beneath the
surface, everything was tinted red. She held her breath before she hit the
surface, luckily, but as she lay on her back, sinking deeper and deeper,
the surface of the "water" faded away into the distance. White long coat
floating and wafting out around her in the red liquid, Mune found it odd
how she seemed to lack the ability to move her limbs or attempt to swim
back to the surface.
It was like some weight had settled on her… Like she was being dragged
down into the darkness… Mune's lungs were burning with the need for air.
She tried to hold her breath as long as she could, but eventually she had
to breathe. And so she did, and discovered that whatever the liquid was
made of, it was breathable. Further… It felt like air when it entered
her lungs. She took the dark fluid into her being and it made her entire
body go cold… But she could move again. Turning in the liquid, Mune
faced downwards and saw that below her lay dozens or hundreds or perhaps
thousands of serrated blades. They stood all around, and she was sinking
amongst them. Her eyes felt heavy. She could only hold them half-way open.
But even as she could see various others as dim shapes — Amuro, Datura,
Kanami, Tomoyo, Shinji — standing around in this dark ocean, and the hue
of the environment changed from black to grey-white, she noticed one
particular thing. Someone else was also floating beneath her.
A man, older than her but still relatively young. She recognized him from
the banquet in Kusagakure. Hei-Long. He seemed to be as laden with weight
as she was a moment before. They continued to sink until their foreheads
nearly touched, vivid cyan eyes staring into reflective black goggles.
Mune could tell that here was the source of the knowledge she desired.
With knowledge came power. Hei-Long possessed the knowledge that was
denied her by Amuro. So she would just have to take it. Her right hand
raised as Chakra blazed into existence around it, forming into a blade.
Her hand plunged towards the man's covered eyes, but he could no longer
hold his breath and he released it in a mass of bubbles that hid him from

Mune gradually became aware that she had fallen asleep at her desk again.
She opened her eyes and saw the papers she had been working on once she
lifted herself off of the writing surface. Scrawled on one of these
papers, along with various seal calligraphy, was the word, 'Munashiigan'.
Mune stared, rubbed her eyes and decided enough was enough. She needed
some real sleep if she hoped to pursue her research…

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