Dreams - Dream of Long Ago



Date: March 13, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Dream of Long Ago"

Unknown location

The sun is warm on the skin, white puffy clouds drift across a bright
crystal blue sky as the springtime, gentle breeze teases through the
treetops. Flowers bloom in vivid, beautiful colors, enticing butterflies
as they flit from bud to bud through the air. Yuuka giggles as she chases
after one, running quickly after it until it flies high enough that she
couldn't catch up with it, only for her attention to move to another
butterfly, her pale yellow sundress warm on the little girl as she plays
in the garden. Her tiny hand tries to swing a small tree branch in front
of her as she runs, snow white hair shining in the sunlight as she soon
becomes out of breath. Giggling, and always smiling while the gray figure
of a loving sibling watches nearby.
Everything is perfect.
The little girl's laughter fills air as she plays, unaware of the bright
blue sky slowly darkening, the clouds fading away as sky above becomes
pitch black. Her innocent eyes blink as she glances up over her shoulder,
confused at what is happening. Why it became so dark, so quickly. Yuuka's
aquamarine eyes widen as glowing streaks of fire fall from the heavens,
screams crying out hard all around her as buildings, homes are lit in a
sudden blaze. The night is quickly lit by the glow of the growing fires as
blood begins to spill in thick raindrops, beginning to coat everything as
pain-filled screams become even louder.
The panic-stricken girl drops her stick as she looks around quickly,
taking off to run as hard as her little legs can. "Oniisan!"
The blurred outline of the figure just out of her reach slowly fades into
the darkness

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