Dreams - Sisters



Date: March 14, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Sisters"

Unknown location

"What are you doing?" A musical laugh. "Get the underwear off your head
and give it to me!"

Yamanaka Riku yanks the pair of feminine underwear off of her little
sister's head. Both of the golden-haired children were standing in a field
of flowers, a lone tree holding up one end of the clothesline, a wooden
pole the other. Both were dressed in the purest white, hanging up clothing
of the same color. Endless fields stretches to the horizon uninterrupted,
unpopulated until they reach the mountains. The older girl begins to hang
the underwear upon the line, a chiding smile on her lips.

Yamanaka Ryoko was grinning. She wasn't quite tall enough to reach the
lines yet, so she was handing her sister the clothing, making as many
funny faces as she could between each one. Abruptly, the blue-eyed younger
sibling grins widely at the elder, holding out a wet towel. "Can I stay
this time, Nee-chan? I've missed you."

Riku wasn't facing her sister. Instead she was turned away. When she
speaks, her voice is quiet and somber. "…Then you shouldn't have killed

"W… what? But I-…" Ryoko screams as Riku turns around, showing the
ruined hole where her face used to be, blood, exposed flesh, and gore
hanging from the part where there used to be a beautiful face, the
shattered remnants of broken teeth all that remained of a bright smile.

Ryoko is kneeling over Riku, they are at the bottom of a cliff. Riku lies
broken, her spine shattered by the rocks after her fall. Ryoko lets out a
tortured sob as her sister begins to beg for her help. She tries
desperately to, to stem the bleeding, to keep her from moving her broken
bones. She wants to help, she needs to…

But every she touches her sister cries in pain. A bruise forms, then the
skin tears, bones are crushed as if by repeated heavy blows. She wants to
hold her, she just wants her sister close, but each touch brings more
pain, more cries to stop. She can't help, she can only make it worse, her
beloved sister is screaming her name in pain and anger, begging her to
stop, to stop hurting her, to stop MURDERING her, to-

It's with a scream that Datura awakens, the chill moonlight seeping
through the windows of her lavish quarters. There's sweat on her skin, and
she feels cold. Her eyes dart about the room, looking for a threat,
finding none. A shaking hand wipes over her eyes, and then covers her
mouth as she lets out a sob.

"Oh Riku…"

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