Dreams - The Price of a Perfect World



Date: March 10, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - The Price of a Perfect World"

Unknown location

As Maikeru gets up out of his bed, he walks up to the mirror and cleans it
off. He looks down at his hands and blinks… They're both… normal. The
familiar demonic glow of Jigoku is gone. He stares at them for a moment
before wiping off the mirror. That look, the bloodlust that has always sat
in the back of his mind… It's not there anymore. What has happened? Is
his life normal now?

He gets dressed and walks out the door to find himself back in the Land
of Demons, yet he receives no stares. No fearful looks. No disgust. No
mistrust. He can blend into the crowd for once. A new peace comes over him
as he starts to walk down the road. He walks out of town, looking up at
the beautiful sunrise of this first day of perfection. With a deep breath,
he finds himself more relaxed than he has ever been. Life is… simple.

As he continues down the beaten path, Maikeru begins to recognize this
path from an all too recent memory. It's the path to their spot, where
they were to meet… Dark clouds begin to cover the sky, and a strike of
lightning followed by deafening thunder signals the start of rain. As the
rain hits the ground and begins to drench him, Maikeru realizes this is no
normal rain. Crimson drops of blood rain down from the sky, the rain
growing heavier with every moment, and blood covers his body as it starts
to flow down the path. A chilling scream rings out from behind him, and he
turns around to see the masked shinobi once again standing over the broken
body of Aika, and then an enormous red-glowing man appears, towering over
them all.

"Remember," the growling voice of Jigoku rings out from the giant. "…
Or it will always be this way."

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