Drenched Packaging


Aoitsuki, Soren

Date: September 26, 2012


Doing rival missions, Aoitsuki is forced to steal away a package from Soren during his courier mission…

"Drenched Packaging"

Land of Rice

How was Soren talked into this. He was hired to take a package out to Fuuma alley. And despite his better judgement, he had decided to not ask what was in it. The box was just small enough that it fit into his satchel, something he almost never used anymore. He was told not to put it in a storage seal, so it was clearly something very specific. Regardless, Soren had made his way through Fuuma alley, into Ward 15. "Allright… so I just need to find this building…" he scratched his chin. Allright, it shouldn't be too far away. The evening sun was already setting, and Soren didn't want to remain in fuuma for any longer than he had to be there. The place gave him the willies.

Of course Aoitsuki had the opposing mission, resting along the roof of one of the tall builings overlooking the entrnace of where the package might be delivered, Aoi didn't have a cool as to who the person might be, so instead she kept herself ontop of the building, overlooknig anyone who came in and out, peering around for anything unusual that might be a package. Her kimono danced by her ankles as she awaited a sign… Of someone or something that might be holstering what she was looking for.
Soren sighed. Here was the place. He walked upto the building, knocking at the door. "I'm here on a delivery, for Mr. Kizuki." he said. There wasn't an answer yet though. Maybe no one was near the door? "Hello?" he knocks again, not being shy about the attention he was garnering. How was he know this mission was going to involve combat?

Suddenly there was a subtle plop as Aoitsuki had shifted her stance, landing right next to Soren, long locks of golden hair flowed down her cheeks, piercing azure gaze peering over him briefly as she arched an eyebrow. " You appear to have a package of some sort…Are you looking for Mr. Kizuki?" She arched an eyebrow and finally offered him an open hand. "I will relieve you off that package so you don't have to worry about it…"

Soren sighs. "As much as I would love to help out a pretty face such as yourself…" he glanced around. "I hadn't noticed you up until now… the weight of that, you probably just dropped from a rooftop I'm guessing? Which means likely your a trained ninja. The only reason you'd have to take the package is if you didn't want it in Mr. Kizuki's hands, or you were working for him. Which you'd also know it wasn't to pass to anyone's hands but his." he says looking towards her. "Sorry. You'll have to do better than that, miss." he says, smiling. Regardless.

Aoitsuki peered at him intently, though keeping her hand reached out for the package, as he had reached a conclusion she too had come up with her own. "You are intelligent I will give you that, but you appear to talk a little too much…" It was a slight tease and she flexed her fingers, beckoning him to hand over the package. " Let me rephrase what I was trying to tell you, give me the package or you are going to die," Blunt, straight to the point. She was going to depend on threats to get what she wanted.

Soren chuckled. "I figured as much. And like I said. You'll have to do better than that." he says, summoning his sword, and some Kunai with a couple blasts of smoke. He's left, standing there, leaning on the blade a bit overconfident like. "You sure you want to try this?" he asks her, giving fair warning. If things got too hairy, he'd probably hand over the package regardless.

"Is that suppose to be intimidating?" The Shirayuki questions him, taking a slight step back her aura began to kick up, her chakra rushing throughout the area it would appear as though the wind became more chilled, even her hair blanketed into a vibrant snow white rather than the traditional golden hair she had before, her skin becoming slightly more pale while chakra remains dense around her form. " Save us both some trouble and let go of that package," It was Aoi's last warning, and Soren's last chance to put things to rest…

Soren blinked. "Not really. It's just how I fight. Yours however, is a bit intimidating. Look I don't want to fight. I just took a mission. But if you insist." He focuses a bit of chakra, keeping his aura low, before removing the belt that the satchel was attached to, throwing it into the air behind him, before tossing a couple of Kunai, catching the bag, and pegging it against the building acrossed the way. "If you can get passed me, you can take it." he said. Besides, if she could get passed him easily enough for him to give it up, he'd have no chance against her anyway. "No then…" he grips the blade, quickly spinning into a slash, his muscles surging with chakra as the blade flashed through where the beauty's body was, twisting into a quick downward follow up slash.

The elegance of the Shirayuki was brought forth after Soren's strikes, she shifted her body, sliping around the thrust of his blade while reacting swiftly, a single kunai was draw from the arm of her kunai and she drags it against his blade, a swift motion to damage his gripe and slice against his body while rolling her body away from the second strike. " Is that how you want to play?" Aoi taunted him, clutching tightly against her kunai, the cold aura began to circulate and build up against the weapon, a hint of wind almost visible to show the piercing power of the weapon had increased. She took a step forward and attempted to impale the kunai against his flesh, soon rushing blades of wind appear to slice at his body from all sides.. "You didn't listen to me… I said you are going to die now…"

Soren winced at the counter, but it was just a scratch. He wasn't going to let -that- stop him. His blade rotated, chaakra infused in the blade as he quickly brought it up, parying the wind sharp, grazing back at her hand, before twisting his body, swerving between the blades of wind launched at him. "Nah. I don't care too much for the killing bit. It's such a waste if you really think about it." he says, twisting the blade around again, drawing the strike down acrossed her chest, before flinging a pair of kunai along into her shoulders. "But if you prove you can get past me, I'll back off without a word." he says, still smiling.

Just like that the both of them had become slightly wounded, trading blows with one another, hers a little more prevelant than his own, Aoi wasn't going to allow this to become a set back however, and as he struck once again she surged a powerful barrier of wind chakra about her form to essentially clear the attacks, disappearing in a puff of smoke. The winds once again began to pick up, while blades of rain surged from the sky above, Aoi was boring more chakra into her jutsu a few yards away from him. " You aren't listening, just because you say you are going to back off doesn't mean I have to play by your rules… I gave you a warning…and Now I will make sure you learn from it…"

Soren grits his teeth as the twin ninjutsu tear into his flesh. "Nope. I am listening. If you push passed the point where I back off, I'm completely confident in my ability to get away." he says with a grin, even as blood oozes from his wounds. "Besides, it's not often that I find someone I can actually fight fairly evenly." he says with a grin, his free hand tugging back. THe twin blades hurled earlier curved back, aiming to lash at Aoitsuki from the back, before he stepped in, striking with his larger blade again.

Soren's attacks began to wear away at her, making it increasinly difficult for her to strike back. Though she easily slipped away from his first curving and tricking strikes the last attack stabbined into her side, forcing her to roll to the side and letting out a heavy sigh… If this wasn't going to end the battle she was going to make sure the attack after was certainly destructive. " Just so you know… I'm not the type to give up," Water began to suddenly chun and pour, spinning into the form of a sudden wave to engulf him, smash his body against the ground of the area… She was strong…But she couldn't take very many hits.

Soren nodded. "I'm fine with that. I respect that." As the attacks come, he tries to move up the wall to avoid the attacks, but finds himself just a bit too slow in getting above the water levels. As the tidal thrashing smashed him against the opposite wall, Soren found himself wincing in pain. A few broken bones from the impact. He grinned, between gasps of pain. "Ah… nice… seems like you got me…" he said, slowly rising to his feet, and tugging the kunai out of the wall, dropping the satchel down next to him. "Here… You've clearly earned this." he says, picking up the satchel, and tossing it to her feet. "I know when I've been beaten. Now… the question becomes, are you going to continue with the onslaught?" he asks, wincing. It's just a bit hard to move, but he gets moving regardless. As much as he hoped he wouldn't get thrashed by her. She had been making it very apparent that she wasn't going to stop just because he gave her what she wanted.

Miscalculation was on Aoitsuki's side, she wasn't planning for the thrashing waves of water to become so effective, but it did, an error on his part in visualizing what was going on around her. With him completely drenched and wincing in pain going as far as tossing the satchel to her feet, "You are true to your words, but I'm true to mine as well…" A soft sigh escaped from the Shirayuki as she picked up the satchel and slugged it over her shoulder blade, she did feel like lashing out at him, finishing the battle completely but she wasn't a criminal and she didn't murder the defenseless either. " If we do have a mission against one another again, I expect you to just hand over whatever you may have," she concluded, her racing wispy aura disspitating, her vibrant snow white locks melting into the normal golden hue.

Soren grinned a bit. "As much as I'm sure this irritates you. I rather enjoyed our little bout." he says with a smile. Mostly because it actually seemed like they were on even footing for a bit there. "Regardless, I'll try to remember when next we spar. Take care 'snow white'." he says, taking a deep breath, and forcing the chakra into his legs, his body flickering up onto a rooftop, before leaving the area quickly.

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