Dressed For Disaster


Kaio, Onimitsu

Date: Unknown (log received July 2, 2014)


An enterprising shinobi equipper has dreamed up a unique advertising campaign for his shop. He wants ninja to stage dramatic fights on the edges of rooftops around the marketplace, with the winner loudly proclaiming they obtained their gear from the store before using it to vanquish their opponent. In exchange for free samples, Onimitsu and Kaio are drafted for the marketing campaign.

"Dressed For Disaster"

Toufuu Street [Sunagakure]

This populated section of East Wind street has many residential buildings, some two stories, and all constructed of finer sandstone blocks, held together with mud and rare wooden bracing. This would seem to be the more upper-class section of the city, where the richer villagers live. The street is bustling with a flow of people coming and going to the west and north. There are a lot of a people milling around, and talking, but most are in transit. This section of area is a hub of some of the most popular places in Sunagakure, and it gets a lot of traffic.
To the west is the epicenter of the village, the bustling central point where villagers gather for all purposes. To the south is more well built residential houses, and to the north a large crowd of people is present between two large buildings.

An enterprising shinobi equipper has dreamed up a unique advertising campaign for his shop. He wants ninja to stage dramatic fights on the edges of rooftops around the marketplace, with the winner loudly proclaiming they obtained their gear from the store before using it to vanquish their opponent. The performance is intended to be humorous and obviously fake, so feel free to ham it up, but do try to make the equipment usage look effective and cool.
Onimitsu wanted only to resupply his reserve of weapons, perhaps purchase more suna worthy clothing, and MAYBE have someone take a look at the Yoshimitsu. Instead, he wound up roped into another mission due to Sunagakure being a little short on hand at the time. Next thing he knows, he's stuffed into a somewhat uncomfortable standard issue chuunin clothing. Noone would mistake him for a chuunin of Suna, but that wasn't the purpose of the outfit. He and another were to test outfits on the streets of Sunagakure. Naturally, all the proper channels were followed, so no shinobi on patrol would interfer with the mini-campaign.
Now all that there was left was to set the stage in a matter of speak, and keep in mind to use the 'special weapon' each outfit came with. For Onimitsu, it was a fold-up sword. But for Kaio, well… only he'd know.

Kaio was calmly walking around Suna, thinking about his life. He'd decided to buy new kunai for his puppet: Its launcehrs were almost empty. He made his way, hironically to the same store that Onimitsu and surprise: He was stuck on another d-rank mission. The boy felt amuzed when he was told about their mission. He received his equipment which was just a small quantity of Kunai that were specially designed for puppets. The man on the store said that cinse Kaio was doing him a favor that the first batch of kunai would be free. Kaio glanced at Onimitsu, noticing the Kiri headband. "Should have gu guessed." The boy thought. To Onimitsu, he asked: "Well, how do you sujest that we proceed? I fight using Kugutsu so we will probably have do adapt something."

Onimitsu tugged at his headband to loosen it up. He hated the heat almost as much as he disliked being dragged into this silliness. But, since it would pay for his resupplying and then-some, Onimitsu would endure. "Kugutsu… Hmm…" Onimitsu stroked his chin thoughtfully. "All though this one should perhaps not ask this of you —ah hah." As he spoke, the man's attention had been on scanning their surroundings until he found what he was looking for. "This one shall secret myself there, and, assuming you have something flashy in your arsenal, you shall use it to 'give away' my position, to start." He explains. "Agreed?"
"Agreed. I can just send some kunai at your location. Of course, I'll aim carefully as to not hit you." The boy finishes. He has some difficulty taking this mission seriously.

Onimitsu nods his thanks, then does what all self-respecting chuunin shinobi and above do. He disappears in a busy place using pure speed to avoid detection, if only temporarily. Kaio would spot him moving into position a few moments later. Just being positioned where he was has already attracted some attention, though mostly from casual onlookers who couldn't help but probably think 'Is this guy for real?' given how obvious his approach was. And who could blame them? They either were or have seen enough within Sungakure to tell bad from half-way decent at least. Now it was up to Kaio to draw more focus to his presence…

Kaio sighs internally. He feels espozed by participating in sucha mission but oh well. He shouts overly looud, in a clear atempt to call atention: "Hey, you, stop!". He touches the scroll on his back and, dramatically, proceeds to summon his puppet: A large, hum human-faced, four-armed puppet. "Lets get him, Azura!" The boy exclains. The four arms point to Onimitsu. The puppet emits its characteristic clicking sound and kunai are launched at the specified direction. Its clear that tthe thing is all set-up: The kunai aren't actually aimed at the Onimitsu, just at his general direction.

The blades would come nowhere near, but between the dramatic shouting and Onimitsu leaping to his feet, they were gathering a few more curious onlookers. So far, so good…
"Curse you, Shinobi! And thou puppet as well!" Onimitsu outcries as he took hold of the sword hilt strapped to his succeed and drew it out. The remothal is smooth, though the fact that it appears twisted and lacks a blade draws some sweatdrops from the crowd. "This one shall have his… wait, hold on a moment." He says, going from loud and dramatic to awkward and nervous as he fiddled with the weapon. He taps it against the palm of a hand, peers down the slot where the sword would go, and even shakes it a bunch of times to get across the point the 'weapon' wasn't much of an actual weapon.
"Ah hah!" He yells, stomping his foot as he stepped into an offensive sword kata, twisting the hilt into proper alignment. In the next instance, a blade with a beautiful gleam poofs into being. Its blunted for the sack of the demonstration, but it still 'looked' pretty darn good from a distance.
"Tremble machiner, for I, Jo, shall now split you in two with this unbeatable weapon." On that note, Onimitsu leaps high, twisting in mid-air to build up momentum for the inevitable drop down slash at Kaio!
Internaly, Kaio sweatdrops. He looks on fearfully at the incoming ninja and readies his puppet. His movements are -very slow-, to give the other Shinobi time to hit him.

Even blunted the blade could do some damage in the right hands; such as Onimitsu, for example. Still, the impact is hardly more than enough to elicit a wince out of the boy at most. Onimitsu would not cause undue harm, after all.
Soon after, Onimitsu leaps back, scattering the slowly growing crowd a bit in the process. "Does thou now understand the error of his ways, or shall this one bring unleash greater woe upon the?!" He exclaims after snapping his feet together, placing a hand at his hip, and the pointing the sword at Kaio's form.

Kaio screams loudly as he is hit by the blade. He falls to the ground and bows to Onimitsu. "Please, for give me, Shinobi." The boy says, feighning defeat. Inside, he winces and th thinks to him self "Ridiculous."

Onimitsu nods firmly and makes a flashy show of sheathing the blade again. "Unfortunately young one, forgiveness does not exist in this ones heart. Thou head shall roll and be brought back as a trophy." Onimitsu states rigidly. Despite his words, the blade is drawn again. Yet. They drew the crowd, but now they had to sell the rest of the gear. Onimitsu clothing being chief among those in need of praising. That, and there still haven't been any declaration of just who these products belonged to… though the fact that their staged fight had moved in front of the shop may not be lost on those nearby.

Kaio stands, giving various, obviously faces, winces. "Ok. If you won't forgive me, I will destroy you." He shouts as he prepares his puppet once again. Four large blades sprouting from the puppet's four arms. It goes towards Onimitsu and starts to strike him. The strikes are almost laughable , not having any force put on them and being easy to dodge.

The movements were bad, but Onimitsu makes a point in making them as many believable close calls as possible, demonstrating with his own attempts at evasion just how smoothly the line of clothing allotted for even the most abstract moving. By the end, he ends up behind the puppet, sword drawn once more at the back of the puppet with one hand while he stared at its controller with that sole eye of his. "Pathetic attempt, young one! Thou life must not mean much if this is all that can be mustered against Tao's high quality wears and armaments!" He exclaims.

"I'm not done yet!" Kaio exclains -too loudly-. He moves his fingers and the puppet starts launching blunt-ended kunai from its molt. The shots are all wild and randon as if he isn't even trying. In truth, he isn't.

Onimitsu eye widens for a fraction of a second. Afterwards, he makes his move. The shots were random, and though blunted, could still cause trouble if some random pedestrian grew too close. So, he took it upon himself to step close and deflect those blades towards the offer with the blade and dodging what those he could afford. A few he takes as if shielding the onlookers from random Kunai fire. Not a single one tears or pierce his clothing, though there would be some light bruising. Onimitsu only takes a brief moment to examine the clothing, momentarily and genuinely amazed at the cloths quality before his focus turns back to Kaio.
"Hahah! Not bad Young one. A valiant effort, but one still in vain!"

Kaio nods, noticing that his strike failed. "Try this!" Kaio exclains. "Lets see if those clothes of yours can withstand this!" He moves his fingers and his puppet starts firing dull Senbon from its molt. The shoots aren't so randon this time and are aimed at Onimitsu.

Onimitsu doesn't try to dodge, but for the sake of the increasingly growing crowd makes a show of being surprised by the attack before shielding as face and 'vitals' with his blade and arms. Again, the clothing holds up to the assault with only the barest markings as proof that the attacks even landed in the first place. There would be some mild bruising beneath the swordsman speculated, but again, if the clouds could turn a piercing strike as readily as a slash then they weren't half-bad at all.

"Are you afraid of me? Did my allmighty puppet is making you fear for your life?" Kaio asks, his voice loud. He winces inside thinking how orrible is htis sentence. His puppet stops firing senbon at Onimitsu. The four blades retract back on its four arms, four clubs sprouting from the arms. The puppet rushes at Onimitsu, starting to batter him with its clubes. The strikes are fast but again no strength is being put bheind them.

There is no verbal reply. But again, Onimitsu does his best to keep up the fa├žade of helpless, but not yet defeated just yet. That is, not until one of those four clubs crash into his gut. It doesn't hurt in the least, but he still folds over it and drops down to his hands and knees, soundly defeated to the onlookers from the looks of him. "Yes, yes, a hundred times *cough cough* Yes… Tao's clothing is powerful, but alas, my spirit has proven unworthy of it."

Kaio has to put a hand to his molt to stiffle a chuckle. approaches Onimitsu. "Raise, worrty warrior." He says as he r reaches to take the man's hand. "Raise and lets forget this fighting. You've proven that your equipment is the best. Most other enemis would have died due to my lethal assault." He internally laughs from the 'lethal assault' comment.

Onimitsu raises as bade, though slowly and stiffly at first. "Thou words… They are very much appreciated. As is this one's gratefulness for his life being kept in hand. This… This one must repay you! Come, come!" Onimitsu says, waving Kaio and along with those more interested in the gathered crowd to follow him into the shop. "This one shall show you the best of the best of Tao's wares, and then, you two will become an even greater shinobi!"

Kaio nods and smiles to Onimitsu, following him and the ratter large crowd back to the store. He feels happy that the performance is over and will certainly be buying his supplies from this new shop.

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