Drinking Alone Is Hard...


Sayaka, Suteresu

Date: February 2, 2013


An angry, red-haired foreigner shows up in Sunagakure to get a drink. A socially-inept assassin tries to get her to spill some information. Somehow, violence is avoided. …Just barely. Drinking alone is hard when people won't leave you alone.

"Drinking Alone Is Hard…"

Sand Storm Bar - Sunagakure

It's morning, a few hours before noon, and already the desert is getting hot. The Land of Wind is not generally a place for those with weak constitutions or low-tolerance for heat. One red-haired woman has entered Sunagakure, passed through the guards at the gate with her official travel papers, handed over her sword for the duration of her stay in the Village, and agreed to the terms of her stay — follow the laws, don't cause trouble, etc. She was kind of curt and disinterested the entire time, but she didn't give them any trouble. All in all, the only really unusual thing about her was that she somehow made it this far across the desert in clothing so ill-suited to desert travel. There's an awful lot of skin showing, but no sign of sun-burns.
Oh, well. That's ninja for you. Infact, some people just plain aren't as susceptible to sun-burns. And she's an Uzumaki at that. Those people are tough! So, Uzumaki Sayaka has made her way to the nearest bar immediately, plunked herself down at the counter, and begun drinking heavily. It's not even noon yet. She turns an eye to glare at anyone who tries to get too friendly with her, and eventually those in the bar get the hint that she's not going to tolerate idle conversation, pick-up lines, or anything similar.

That figure was just one shadow of many among the people within the bar. He was ignored as most simply didn't see him there, considering his own particular outfit that was actually rather suitable for the desert, with no skin showing other than the little bit around his eyes. Either way, he had been given an assignment. A wanderer that had a blade and was associated with the Uzumaki had made their way into the city. Gather what information that could be gleamed from an unoffical stand point. Thus, the silent figure would be watching her for a long moment, before finally approaching. It would stop at the bar, those red eyes giving the tender a look that said to ignore him before he'd sit next to where Sayaka was at. After a moment, that soft, crooning tenor would reach out to her. "You are new in town, yes? Searching for something in particular, or simply sampling the fine wares of the bar?"

Sayaka is perfectly aware that someone is approaching her. She's also completely aware when he sits down in the stool next to her. She doesn't even look up. She just snaps irritably, "What does it look like I'm doing, baka?" She has two empty bottles of sake in front of her, some stronger stuff that's half-gone, and—No, wait, she up-ends that bottle and finishes that off too. She doesn't seem to be paying any further mind to the snooping snoop next to her, and just raises a hand. "Another bottle of that last one," she says to the bartender.
And if she gets the impression that the covered-up guy next to her is sitting there so he can look at the front of her wide-open kimono, she makes sure to turn a glare on him with her right eye — the one that's not scarred over, and make it clear she does not appreciate such attention.

The figure has yet to actually look at her once he sat down. She'd see a side view of him, red eyes fasten on the wooden bar before him, hands clasped casually atop that wooden surface. "It looks like you're absolutely miserable and are seeking some way to escape the memories and or emotions of such things." That soft croon would pause a second, the figure's head finally turning slightly, red eyes matching her single one. "Otherwise, you are simply seeking something and rather not have to shair such information with would be interlopers. I could be misreading such things, of course, which is in part why I have asked, yes?"

The red-haired woman angrily turns to face the guy next to her and says, "I'm DRINKING, idiot! There's no deeper meaning than that! You asked because you clearly can't mind your own business. But if you don't stop prying and get away from me, you'll regret it!" Then she snatches up the bottle offered to her by the bartender, says, "I'll take it with me," and tosses some ryo coins down on the counter to pay for her drinks as she slides off the stool, and starts heading for the door. "Don't follow me," she snarls in passing.
A very unpleasant person, perhaps, but she did kind of make it clear she didn't want to talk. A complete stranger trying to psycho-analyse someone who doesn't want company is probably not going to end well. If said stranger truly wants information as part of a mission, maybe he's going to have to be more direct.

The figure didn't move as she yelled, then took her drink with her. For being an assassin? His forte was not exactly information gathering. Well, to be honest, he usually killed his targets. A moment's breath, enough to let her get to the door, before he'd get up to follow her. Once outside, he'd start searching for her. If not within immediate sight, those shadow clones would be used to scatter outward, trying to find her so he could approach her again. Well, he had tried the 'sociable' route. But she wasn't very social. Maybe the blunt route would work? It wasn't like he needed a lot of information, right?

She hasn't gone far. She's not trying to escape, after all. She's still there on the street, and heading back south down Toufuu Street at a brisk, but unhurried pace. Sayaka is, internally, just deciding this Village wasn't worth stopping at. She'll go resupply and be on her way. But she knows she's being followed pretty quickly. She has remarkable awareness of her environment to make up for her limited depth perception and 'blind spot'. So she stops in the middle of the street, turns around, and waits for her pursuer to catch up so she can find out what he wants from her. She has decided that if it's what most guys want from her, she may have to strongly restrain the urge to stuff this weirdo in a trash can, and instead simply seek out the Village's police or equivalent.
She has no idea who Suteresu is, of course, because he didn't bother to introduce himself. If he had, she might have been less inclined to ignore him.

The figure would simply walk up to her then, stopping before her with a nod of his head. Red eyes staring at her own eye, watching her for a moment before a nod was given. "Sociable doesn't work." That soft crooning tenor would start. "I am seeking general information reguarding your coming here that are outside of a normal report. I was told to try sociable.." The figure would shake his head slowly. "It did not work. If there is any general information I can give for the report, it would be appreciated. Otherwise I will have to continue to follow you until I obtain my own information." His arms folded over his chest as he'd watch her with a shrug.

Sayaka narrows her eye and hisses, "I couldn't give a used fig about your 'report'. I don't know you, you CLEARLY don't know me, and you haven't told me who you are. I don't have to tell you anything. If you were really an official, you'd have told me who you are by now, and what you want. But since your 'report' is 'unofficial', just write down whatever will make you happy. I don't answer to unidentified strangers who won't stop harassing me. And if you continue following me around, I WILL go straight to this Village's police and let them know you're being a pest. Now, you have three options."
Sayaka holds up her left hand, with three fingers extended, to illustrate. "Option number one: Tell me who you are and what you want." She puts down her index finger. "Option number two: Get turned over the Village police and have to explain yourself to them." She puts down her ring finger, leaving only her middle finger still up. "Option number three: Get lost."

The figure would stare at her for a long moment, mayhap making sure she was done, before a nod was finally given. "My alias you can use is Suterusu. I am a chuunin of Sunagakure. The police would do nothing for you, as I am on a mission for Sunagakure." That figure would shrug then, continuing to watch her calmly. "There is no need to be so offensive about such things. A simple request of introduction is more than viable for finding out who I am."

Sayaka stands there and glowers throughout Suteresu's explanation, until finally she has had enough. In a few quick steps, the shorter of the two COULD move into close-range and push her face in close to yell in the man's face. Instead, she shows some degree of restraint and instead just stays where she is and hisses her question out in fragments. "What. Do. You. Want. From. Me?" Then she loses that restraint and yells anyway. "Spit it out, already! What do you want to know!? I already told the guards at the Village entrance what I was here for! What do you think you're going to get from me you couldn't get just from asking them!?" Angry, angry, angry. Being angry might be her normal state.

The figure continued to stare at her. If the wrap wasn't there, she'd probably see that a brow was raised. Instead, those red eyes continued to just watch her, unblinking. Once she calmed down slightly, or at least quit yelling at him, he'd finally shake his head slowly. "I do not have anything specific I am seeking. You are a wanderer within Sunagakure. I am to find out where you are from, what you are doing. I realize the offical report at the village gate is filled out. However, quite often people will put something simple for that request, although they may have an alternative reason. I am simply seeking it." The figure dropped his arms by his side then, that soft crooning tenor continuing on. "If that truly is all you are here for, I can put that as well. It's a matter of having to verify information. That is, in part, what Sunagakure does."

"Uzumaki Sayaka. Land of Whirlpools. Resupplying. Leaving after a drink." Sayaka answers in a very clipped manner, trying to keep her temper under control for just a little while longer. "If that's all, I'm going to go now." Her tone indicates she expects that to be all, rather than that she is inviting more questions. Not a pleasant conversation, but at least Suteresu got what he came for. Kind of.

That figure would stare at her for a moment more, before the soft croon would respond. "Uzumaki Sayaka. No official affiliation, Origin from land of whirlpools. Travelling so resupplying. Dealing with anger issues. Now that she's had the drink, will be leaving. Most likely due to contact after initial entry into village, will not return." The figure paused, as if weighing his words, before another nod was given. "Alright. It works for the report I have to put in. Please have a pleasent day." He'd go to turn away then, and if not stopped, a gust of wind that comes by with a puff of dust, he'd vanish with it, actually trying to hide this time, of course.

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