Due Dilligence


Sei, Tsiro

Date: February 26, 2016


Sei comes by to speak with Tsiro over the reasons he sent Kiji to the hospital.

"Due Dilligence"

Kaguya Village

For Tsiro it was a normal morning. He stood on his porch and watched the light rain fall into the cloud of fog that hung just slightly above the ground. To most this would have looked pretty neat. To Tsiro it was something he had grown accustomed to having grown up in the village. It was one of those sites that just seems less impressive after the 100th time you've seen it. For the most part the Kaguya village remains fairly quiet.

With the fog, it would make it even easier than normal to be able to get into the Kaguya village. Sei, having checked up on Kiji and finding out who exactly put a gaping hole in her chest from her, came looking for Tsiro the next time he had free. Silence, unless one could pick up the sound of spiders walking across the ground. Either way, Sei's brood would lead him to land in silence before Tsiro, emerging out of the fog as if it was there by his design. Sei would straighten up, pitch black gaze settled on Tsiro and gave a small nod in greeting. The brood that was around with Sei would start building that harp, preparing for Sei to be able to talk to Tsiro.

There was a surprise. "It's been a while. I hear you went out and became a clan head." Tsiro states as he spots Sei. Tsiro then turns around and opens the door. "Come on in Sei." While Tsiro was not exactly sure the reason for the visit, it was obviously not a hostile thing. Otherwise it would have started with an attack. So there was little reason not to invite his former student in.

Sei tilts his head to the side, then whistles with a small nod. He would shrug slightly and follow after Tsiro to head into the home. Sei's gaze covered the room, exits, potential traps, the typical things a shinobi would scan for, to make sure a place is secure. Sei pulls out that white pad, the surface unfolding to allow Sei's brood to spread across it in writing. ~I use genjutsu to speak now. I know your adversion but it does make communication faster. May I do such with you?~

Tsiro sees the writing. "I would rather you not use the genjutsu. The writing will suffice." Tsiro states as he moves into the room. He offers Sei a sitting pillow and then sits on one himself. There were not real traps in Tsiro's home. He more or less felt anyone who came in had to deal with him and that was usually bad enough. Almost like having a vicious looking guard dog.

Sei nodded lightly with a whistle. The brood would finish making the harps, but they did not start playing it. No point for the music for now. Sei would nod lightly in thanks for the pillow and settled where provided. The white surface continued to be used as the brood would move across it, rearranging into the new words. ~I came after finding out about a spar that was held between you and Okumo Kiji. Considering the damage done to her, I wished to verify that it was intentional due to what she can do, instead of doing it just because it can be done.~

Tsiro appreciated that Sei did not use the genjutsu anyway. There was something about genjutsu that just rubbed Tsiro wrong. As Sei brings up Kiji, Tsiro nods. "There are certain lessons every shinobi needs. Skills are wonderful but without the knowledge of how to apply them, they are useless. This is what I noticed with Kiji. Yes, the method was extreme but because she had a healing factor, I used it. I do not believe any physical damage will be permanent. Mentally though she will learn to look out for that situation in the future. A small price for something that may save her life later. Do you not agree?" he asks.

Sei would listen to Tsiro politely, nodding with a whistle. The text would shift once more on the white tablet. ~I agree it is a lesson that has to be learned and Kiji-san has done fairly well on figuring it out on her own. My main concern was the severity. You knew she had the healing factor so pressed her. While I do not mind you assisting other Okumo, I wanted to make sure this situation was due to that knowledge.. others could not recover so easily from missing organs.~ Sei would watch Tsiro patiently while the words scrolled, letting him read what Sei was here about.

As Sei had his spiders write out the next message, Tsiro would reach for a thing of pitcher of water on the table. He poured it into a cup before looking back at the writing. "I do enjoy killing. The sound of bones breaking beneath the weight of hammering blows. The sounds of screams as someone feels pain like nothing that have before. I have had my share of rampages that leave a trail of destruction behind." Tsiro then offers the cup to Sei. If he took it, he'd find its water.
"By no means though am I in the buisiness of killing shinobi of the village that have done nothing to deserve it." Tsiro states. He then grins at Sei. "I am guessing the true question you want answered would be if it was rage or calculation. If that is the case, it was calculation." He knew his own heritage. He also knew Sei knew him.

Sei actually had a look of relief for a moment. He'd nod with another whistle. ~From what was said of it and how it looked to my estimation, you were calculating in your strikes. I also know you and of you. I'm just trying to do due dilligance for one of my clan and make sure.. with some tact. Thank you for understanding.~ Sei would drink the water while the spiders wrote, the cup held down to allow some of the larger of Sei's brood to take some water too.

Tsiro offered a nod to confirm that Sei was doing his job as clan head. "I would expect no different." If it had been a Kaguya he was sure that Enbu would do the same. "So, how has being the head of your clan been treating you? I imagine its a fairly busy position with all of the Okumo running around." It was true that their clan seemed to be surging in numbers. They were likely becoming larger than the Kaguya.

Sei pondered for a moment, then shrugged, drinking more water. The spiders would dance across the tablet once again. ~It is busy. I have obtained a mate. The clan grows in ability and numbers. There are plenty who are eccentric, so it takes proper management to make sure everything runs smoothly. I'm sure you understand how it goes. The Okumo are secretive, so that makes it even more complicated.~

Yep. The Okumo were secretive alright. Tsiro knew of the experimentation they had done on their own people in order to become stronger. He was not sure how many frankenstien spiders they may have actually put together. For all he knew they could have had an invasion force waiting down in that tunnel network of theirs. He had only been down there once. It was not a memory he cared to remember. "The Kaguya do not seem to be growing as much. As least nothing real notable." His clan was no where near as secretive. Ok, so they werent secretive. They were barbaric. That was their thing.

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