Dust Bowl and what it brings


Abel, Imota

Date: September 13, 2010



"Dust Bowl and what it brings"

The Dust Bowl - Fort Kyuusen

The Dust Bowl had been an abandoned battlefield, long forgotten, and essentially a resting place for those whose job had been to kill and do that only. It was one of those place where grave robbers, risked to venture, perhaps thinking that at one point, they would find something of worth beneath the dirt and dust of this land. It was here, that Imota had been camouflagued and waiting just near atop the above portions of a nearby spire. He had been camouflague in a dirt covered and dirt colored tarp, within a crevice just above. He was waiting.. For what, had yet to be determined. It was a mission said to detect a passing caravan meant to carry supplies. Whether it had been a meeting or an ambush, had been hard to say, but Imota, would not need his eyes, as he hid. He sensed the chakra of anything that moved in this dead place, and of course, he was where he hid.

Abel would wonder around the dust bowl to see if he could find anything he could steal some scrolls or things like that. After walking for a while he would feel this sharp pain in his side, holding his arm he would smile as he started to shake it off. "Damn what the hell was that?" is asked to himself as he thought he was the only one there.

A chakra would flash into his senses, as Imota hid. This wasn't who he was expecting.. The chakra was stronger that the average villager, and for the most part, it had been rather familiar. Imota would make a handseal as he hid, and focus, only for a single image to flash into his mind. He rememebered the chakra, but only from a recent time when he had came out to this place. He remembered two faces from that day. One of another nin, and that of Abel's. As to who the chakra belonged to? Well Imota's chakra sensing had been a work of progress in that regard. Either way, the nin's presence was an impedance of the worst kind. One which would probably blow his cover, and disturb the mission at hand.

Imota's planned efficiency would be hindered, of this nin had been allowed to stay around. Imota had not wanted to kill if things had not been needed, for it would have been a waste too, and would require even more work, in hiding and disposing of the body. Instead, he would do the more easier thing, and try to coax the presence to leave. Imota would push his way out of the crevice, and fold the tarp in one flick of his hand, before sprinting down the side of the spire, light footed, and then flickering behind Abel. "Leave now….", would be said in the most drab of voices, computerized and without any sentiment. "This is not a request."

"Whoa a ghost is here….Sweet I never fought a ghost before this should be good." is said as he stood there and smirked cracking his neck and then forming the seal he would build up chakra just incase things got worst. "Alright ghost come out and show me what you got if you beat me I'll leave but if I win you'll have to give me a scroll with ninja moves on it." is said as he moved to the center of the dust bowl.

"……………." It doesn't happen often, but Imota, had been stupified, and confused to the point of where figuring out a recovery was just too hard. Had this kid, really been that dumb? It was a tough one to figure out, but Imota's face wouldn't show that at all, though his jaw had been hanging just loose enough to where if he hadn't paid attention, it would drop.

He would look to the horizon, and the sun in the sky. He hadn't had much time, and it was soon that impatience would set in. "This nin is not willing to produce an explanation of how incorrect your claims are." With that, aflick of a wrist would produce a scroll, and out of the smoke would appear a modified fuuma shuriken, large and 6 pronged. Imota would say, "Leave now.. Your current warning is now final.", and with that his stance would seem to widen, his own chakra giving rise to what his next actions will be.

"Hey ghost thing you still here?" is asked with as stright face as he looked around and still saw nothing. Tapping his foot on the ground he would start to get slightly pissed. "Alright your starting to piss me off?" is asked with as he went back to looking around he would check so of the old swords and notice the rust on them and so he tossed them to the ground. As the summoning of the Fuuma shuriken catches he eye he would turn around and smirked as he looked at the kid standing there giving his orders. Reaching into his ninja pouch he would pull out his own fuuma shuriken. "Your not doing anything special kid so run along before you piss me off." is said as he built up more chakra.

Surely Imota would not been anymore surprised at the Uchiha as he would prattle off than anything else. He would simple crack his neck, freeing it of tension, roll his shoulders, and wait to see what would happen. Of course, like any of those who would not pay attention to him and how small he was, the big weapon would draw Abel's attention. He would look to the boy as he would go on about his prattling again, and before the Uchiha could even finish his statement Imota, would say, "Target acquired..", before then attacking by throwing his shuriken, guided by wire, and heaving it with authority at the Uchiha. Even if the shuriken had been off target, the other kunai which had been concealed in its shadow would not, threatening the boy with attack.
Of course, Imota was never the type to attack with out a contigency plan, for even if those two failed, what may be of surprise is that the shuriken, and the kunai had been laced with string, only to be manipulated, and yanked, in order to tangle and hog tie toe Uchiha pig in wire.

Abel would be cut up as he he was caught with the trap he would smile and looks at the kid. "What's this all about?" is asked as he was up there he would slide his arms out of the trap like it was nothing. "That was cute….But not its my turn." is said as he smirked and threw the shuriken at him. As it flew he would throw a kunai and flash through hand signs. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" as this fire ball was smalling since he wasn't trying to hurt him.

And now a fight was in bloom. It made Imota sigh on the inside.. Why did this person have to show up? His mission was upon him, and if this Uchiha had managed to blow it for him, the results could have been disastrous. Imota would look to the sun. He still had time, but how long would that last? As Abel would escape his String Reeling Technique, Imota would look on at his question and remain silent. What Imota didn't know, could very well kill him at this point, so better to be safe in the bliss of ignorance, than to be dead with information. Dead men told no tales. But of course, as brash as the Uchiha had seemed, Imota, had predicted retaliation. Imota would see the Shuriken throw… But would not indeed see the kunao that had been hiding in its shadow, and it would cut his arm..
Abel had seemed to know the same technique.. Indeed this would be a use of similar tactics.. Imota would make a few observations in his head, and commit them to memory before he would then look to the fire ball would be both announced and fired, only to smash into a blown up dummy of Imota. The dummy would be burned and punctured, only to explodes letting out air, and a gaggle of concussion grenades and acid bombs. But they had only been a distraction for Imota, had been attacking behind, with his large shuriken which had been sharpened and streamlined by the element of wind.

Doing good he was hit with the wind attack with a frown he would look at imota and started to think of what he would do to him without hurting him to bad. He would flash through as seals. Started to build the chakra up into his cheeks he would smirk as he attacked with three fireballs this time he would aim it with his mouth as he moved his neck since the attack could only move stright. Abel still would think of something more to do but nothing was coming to mine so he smirked as he was waiting to test out his new jutsu.

The attacks present to Imota were rather fast.. This seemed to be the Uchiha's talent. Imota would have been profiecent with his clone techniques but only one had seemed to be awhole lot faster than he had been and that would be where Imota would seem to be caught off gaurd. Imota would look to the Horizon yet again. This was getting aggravating really quickly. Time had been going faster the longer his energyn and chakra had been wasted in this fight. He could not let this keep going.. The burn sustained to his oblique hurt, but it was not lethal. He would have to take care of it soon. But for now, his face would show nothing of the pain he felt. But instead, the change of focus for whicht the nin had been well using of, would change..
The plan would have to change. Imota would seem to handseal, and a for moment, smoke in a large poof would envelope him, and when it would clear, reveal nothing. Imota, would then take the large shuriken he had in hand, and seem to heft it toward Abel with ease.. It would be aimed for his feet, for the boy to simply jump over it.. But then something weird would happen. As the shuriken would be evaded, the Imota who had thrown it, would poof into nothing. A clone!!! Thats when Abel would hear another poof from behind him.. The Shuriken would have poofed, and transformed into the /real/ Imota!! And the boy was now chargring his large shuriken, the real one, air swirling around it, as it would spin extremely fast, and with that, be thrown at High speeds, toward Abel!

The tiny things was getting to Abel as he smirked he would take off and hide from the sight of the kid and builld his chakra. "Alright I'll show the kid really power." is said after taking a deep breath. "Abel would take out a kunai and smirked as he started to think of a good plan.

As the kid flicker out of sight, Imota could still 'feel' where he went. But would Abel be chased? No.. Imota would only see whether or not the kid had left, before taking any action. Pursuit was a waste of time, and if he had not been around once the caravan had made it, it could be a risk of his failing the mission at hand. He didn't and could not make that choice, and be pleased with it. So while he would sense where the nin was, he would do nothing, but track him, anticipating what would be the next attack, or hopefully, his choice to leave.

Abel would jump out into the open and smirk, looking at the kid he would yawn and flash threw some seals. 'Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" as he fired off two fireballs they would fly towards Imota burning everything in their way. THis was now the sixth time he was using this move and he hoped it would work this time. As the first fireball would reach Imota it would turn into a clone that would reach out and grab Imota holding him in place as the fireball would hit.

As Imota would jump out and then announce his attack, before then seeking to fry him, Imota would sigh, and say, "To announce one's attacks, is defeating blunder in the application of surprise and stealth, Konoha-san." He would then watch the fireballs be blown, and yet, not falter a step. Imota would stand their, unmoved as the first firstball would then change into Abel, promoting him to smile.. "This nin appologizes that this plan for you will not work.. For your technique, is sloppy.", and with that Imota's large shuriken began to swirl once again with air, this time, in a mass almost similiar in size to a mini-tornado.
As the techniques would approach, Imota, with an extra large swing, would then slicke upward, producing a huge blade of wind, about as tall as the spire for which he had stood. The Blade would be so larger, that not only would it split the fire clone in half, but it would keep moving, even managing to slice the Great Fireball down the middle as well!! Both halves of the clone and the fire ball, would land at the Sasaki's side with a thunderous explosion, as Imota would stand there, still unmoved. Imota would peer to Abel with cutting eyes and say, "Now.. allow this nin to show you the truth in what is better stealth tactics." And with that, Imota would seem to fade from view slowly and yet completely.. Leaving not a trace.

Abel was done he didn't seem to have it today and so he was pissed with himself he would leave food and water and coins (money). He would then walk way and leave the kid. "I failed the Uchiha clan and is a worthless in everyway. "Abel would drap his head and takes off.

Hearing the boys words would have stopped Imota mid seal as he would prepare his next attack. He would look to and as he would leave his things Imota would flicker down and say, "To speak such ill words of yourself will not promote growth. It promotes inefficiency, and a lack of worth ethic. You sir, are brash and do have a distempermant liken to a wild tiger. But your technique is strong. You sir, just need to disciplin your mine." Imota would take up the food and then look to give it back saying, "Face me when your mind has developed a into that of the tactical. I await it patiently." And with that, he would flicker back into hiding, as he would wait for the Caravan. Perhaps time would allow him not to have his cover blown, if Abel had left soon enough.

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