First Promotion Exams - Easy Ambush: Keiji vs. Naoki


Naoki, Keiji, Mizuru

Date: January 16, 2012


Exam Scroll Battle

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First Promotion Exams - Easy Ambush: Keiji vs. Naoki"

North Shiren Caverns

The tunnels of the Shiren Caverns. The place where the survival portion of the Chuunin Exam was taking place. The caverns are extremely quiet for the most part. Every now and again there is a sign of life moving, be it a reptile or a rodent. The current tunnel seems to have no one in it. Just lots of sand from a hole in the ceiling of the cavern. Some light shines down through the break, but other than that the tunnel remains fairly dark.
Underground, sitting and waiting is Shippodoku Keiji. "Ok… most participants have to go through one of these tunnels to get into the area. High traffic… check. Location is suitable to my style… check. Trap set… check." The boy's words are but a whisper as he sits beneath the earth. He was waiting for someone to cross so that he might start the attack. He remains motionless with his pincer finger at the ready.
‘ Naoki would be wondering around in search of his team members, since this was his second time out of the village he would use the time to take in everything around him. Sighing his little heart would be racing as he thought about all the cool fights and new opponents he would be going up against. As he walked with his hands into his pocket he would sigh "perhaps I should find a different route?" is said to himself as he stood there. Scratching the back of his head as he spoke once more "man I feel so light since I took off that weighted vest." laughing he would yawn as he stood there trying to think of why he didn’t get any sleep the other night. "Here it is my chance to shine." is stated as he smirked and just allowed himself to just stand there for a moment. Naoki would already have his chakra built and stored into his legs for quick support.
Keiji felt the movement as someone had entered into his area. As the body stops, the boy ponders if maybe he was detected. If he was then this person must not have had a real way to attack him. Then again, maybe it was a coincidence. After a few moments of the body just standing there, Keiji decided to move under him and spring his trap. Rising from the ground with his hand, Keiji moves his pincered finger towards the boy's ankle. He was attempting to hit a nerve there to cause the boy to suffer some minor paralysis. With his other hand, he made a quick slash for the boy's back.
Now that he was above ground, he was able to tell more about his opponent. For instant that he was a boy. He had yet to get a look at the front of him. He knew not which village he was from or anything else.
The sudden attack that came out nowhere would catch him off guard as he was caught by the Pincers and then the stricken he would be bleeding and not a little blood but a lot. As he sighed he would try and make a swift escape for as it stood now the young genin had no chance of winning and he knew that. "Damnit all." is said as he dashed off into the geyser pits (What was that just now?) Only after using his heavenly spin to kick up so dust and cause a mini sand storm.

The dark pupils of Keiji follow the boy as he runs into the geyser pits. There is a grimace on the boy's face as he realizes it was a move out of desperation. No one knowingly runs into a geyser pit unless they are to suffer a worse fate elsewhere. "Then again… it does keep me from travelling beneath the earth. I would not want to get burned." Again the words are more of a whisper to himself as he dashes forward after the boy. This time he lashes outwards with a pincer strike from each hand. "Let me know when you submit." Keiji states. His voice does not appear angry by any means. This was just business.
Naoki would dodge the first strike as he swayed slightly before a sharp pain rushes through his body and thus the second strike would hit. Naoki eyes narrowed as he once again try and make his escape there was nothing more the young genin could do and for now that was the smartest choice he could think of at the moment.
There is a mental note made by Keiji when the other boy is able to sway away from his attack. He had still not really seen the boy's face, but it was apparent he was in survival mode. As he tried to escape again, Keiji's dark pupils were able to track his every move. His body was keeping up with the boy as well. "I have no desire to harm you boy. I only seek your scroll." There would be two more slashes, this time Keiji aimed them for the back of his legs in an attempt to put the pressure on.

Naoki would take the last two attack and with that a squirt of blood would fly into the air, slicing his tie that held his ponytail he would start to what in his mind to be a long moment of failure. "Damnit…have I really not grown." is started as he slammed and hits the ground in a pool of his own blood.
Keiji moved to the fallen boy. He turns him over to reveal the face of a Hyuga. "My apologies. I came only for the scroll." the boy states as he reaches down into the pocket of the boy. He pulls the scroll out and slips it into his uniform before looking over the blood flowing into the ground from the kid's back. There is a slight grimace on his face. It was one of the first he had shown now that his assignment was over. "It seems I over did it. Lets hope you do not meet your maker this day."
The boy then flips the boy back over, except this time he props the body against a rock so that his face is not in the dirt. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a roll of cloth. "We need to stop the bleeding."
This place was a maze. Mizuru had passed up the same rock like 3 or 4 times. Then again all rocks look the same. The young medic was moving about carefully. There wasn't much room to move around and jump about. Mizuru was looking for either Naoki or Kizuken. He needed to group with them if he wanted to survive his part of the exam. The young medic didn't run into either of the two though. While he was looking for the two he did try a gather any supplies he could. Food, water, all that good stuff. Being medic he had a fair amount of knowledge of what was poisonous and what just looked poisonous. Both most likely would taste swizzly. He rests behind a large earthen spire near the wall of the tunnel. Mizuru peers around the rock after he's rested up
"Hmm I haven't seen anyone yet. Probably just as lost as I am." he chuckles. He moves out at the same steady careful pace as before. It was dark, what he'd do for Byakugan at this moment. But the other senses are just as useful. Mizuru can hear voices up ahead. His eyes widen and he stops. He waits and tries to confirm the distance before approaching. When he does begin to approach he finds a both peculiar and unnerving sight. Naoki looks horrible; the amount of blood he seemed to be losing was definitely fatal. Not only that but there seems to be an unknown shinobi with him too. "Dang it, Naoki." Mizuru doesn't have time to wait and think though. He emerges making way towards Naoki. His hands are in the air showing that he doesn't plan to provoke or anything of the sort. "Good you're putting pressure on it. I can take it from here." he says to strange shinobi.
The sound of a voice came from behind him. Keiji glanced back in time to see the other shinobi approach. "You are a medic?" the dark pupiled boy asks. He then allows the other boy to take over. "I will leave him in your care. It seems you know him." The forehead protectors were the same. It was a good indicator. Keiji then pockets his roll of cloth and takes a few steps away. He was watching for the moment.
Mizuru nods to Keiji to answer his inquiry about being a medic. The bleeding needed to stop first of all. He maintains pressure on Naoki's wound. The medic's attention is completely on Naoki at the moment. He was trained for this. He sure as twix wasn't about to let a friend die. He didn't even think about Keiji's advantageous position. "Come on. You're a stubborn little thing so I know you're alright." Mizuru takes out another clothe to press to Naoki's wound. These lacerations didn't seem like the work of a shuriken or kunai. The shinobi must've had some other weapon, Mizuru didn't notice it when he glanced at the boy though. He figured it was concealed.
"Ok…" he mutters as it seems the bleeding has slowed nearly to a stop. He checks Naoki's pulse making sure he's still there and sighs working off some nerves. Naoki apparently didn't take his advice about taking it easy. The bandages he had from before with his last spar were still there. Mizuru sighs and snips the surrounding wraps with a kunai. With that done he administers heal to the wound and starts repairing the damage done
Keiji had seen enough when the medic seemed to sigh. He figured this was a good thing. "When he wakes up. Tell him… it was nothing personal." Soon after that Keiji began to sink into the ground. Though he was no longer visible, he remained in the area. He did not want to cost someone their life when it was not a requirement.
Mizuru finds truth within the shinobi's words but before he could thank him for using such restraint the guy was gone. "Hmm…got our work cut out for us. Should be interesting." he comments as he continues to heal Naoki. He's alert now. It would really suck if someone were to come upon them with the intent to battle right now. He figured Naoki had lost his scroll already. Mizuru would worry about the exams after he took care of Naoki. Still this was quite the handicap.
Naoki body would regain his color as he shifted slight his eyes would twitched as he was posted up. "Damn." is released as he slipped back up.
Mizuru looks up from the wound for a few moments at the sound of Naoki's voice. "Be quiet." he says. The wound was closing up nicely but Mizuru new that the majority of Naoki's damage would take more than some healing jutsu to mend. He sighs and shakes his head "That was too close."

"I haven't grown at all." is stated while in the mist of his dream world as he took in a deep breath he would slowly release it. "my body." is stated as he drapped his head and a another breath would escape his him.
Mizuru sighs "I said be quiet. You're not in the condition. We'll have to move soon. I can sit here like this for too long. We're sitting ducks." Mizuru glances left and right before continuing. "After I work on this a little more we need to move." he sighs seemingly stressed but actually relieved that Naoki was alive.
Naoki eyes would open as he sighed and felt another powerful sting, "sorry Mizuru-san." is stated as he stood up with a faint smile on his face that didn't match his eyes at all. (I swear I will kill that other nin…if its the only thing I do in life. I will acquire power so I can put him down.) Naoki would struggle to stand due to what happen and he would reach out and grab Zuru hands. "Hey let's go find a safe spot to set up camp….once we acquire that we can a figure out everything else." Naoki would use his Bykugan to lessen the chances of any type of enemy contact.
Mizuru groaned again at Naoki again. He figured since Naoki was talking so much he must've not been too injured. When Naoki grabs his hand Mizuru was pretty much finished anyway. He nods to Naoki "Sounds good. Can you stand?" he asks rising up. He'd assist Naoki if he had to and prepare to move off. He looks to Naoki noting the Byakugan's activation. "You can put that to rest. It puts a strain on you. These tunnels limit mobility and what not. We should be fine without it for now."
Naoki would scope the area over before reverting everything back as he spoke there was no longer energy and his words no longer held any weight. "I see a couple of battles nothing major." is stated as he sighed and hit the side of a tree touching his chest they would start to think about what just happen. A new seed would be planted inside of Naoki.

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