Echoes in the Bone


Kenta, Shinobu, Tatsuo

Date: August 6, 2015


Tatsuo and Shinobu has progressed far enough in their medical lessons that Kenta decides to introduce them to something new. This time, it's the diagnostic jutsu.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Echoes in the Bone"

Konoha Hospital - Kenta's Office

It's been a while since Kenta set Tatsuo and Shinobu on their task of mastering simple medical ninjutsu techniques. From what he's learned, they've gotten good enough to rejuvenate large beetles and similarly simple creatures. This means that it's time to work on something new. Today's lesson is set inside of Kenta's office. He's too busy to leave the hospital for long, so not having to travel anywhere else increases the time that he can spend training with two of his students. This time, he arranged three seats all facing each other in front of his desk. Kenta's already seated in one. There's also two thick textbooks, nothing like the mountains of materials that he provided last time.

Two puppies walk into the doctor's office and hop onto the offered chairs. One is, obviously, Kame. The other is… Kame? Though it's a much shyer Kame, and she seems to sort of duck down in her spot while the real Kame tries to hop into Kenta's lap. Yip! ~Hie Kenta! Treats? I want treats! Oh, and pets!~

Tatsuo has been busy on his own doing many things and spending a lot of time in the library studying himself. When Kenta mentions another lesson the boy prepares and arrives to find…all the chairs taken? Huh? "Um…" he says uncertainly, looking to Kenta. "Am I…in the wrong spot?

Kenta blinks at the sight. He can instantly tell which is the real Kame, but it's all very strange. When Kame tries to jump onto his lap, the medic-nin readily allows her to do it, which frees up one of the chairs for Tatsuo. "Ummm… are the two of you practicing something? Gatsuga?" he asks tentatively. Kenta is already prepared for Kame and he reaches behind the tiny stack of (two) books to get a shallow dish filled with bbq flavored ninken treats. He hold this steady for Kame to eat from while he flashes Tatsuo a smile. "Go take a seat, Tatsuo."

*POOF* Shinobu is sitting in the chair that 'Kame' was sitting in while Kame enjoys both pets and treats. Ahh, this is the life~. Shinobu glances over at Tatsuo and waves quietly to the Nara, a genjutsu allowing for the two to hear her and understand Kame. 'Sorta…' she tells the medic. They were actually trying to do that Human Beast transformation that Atsuro mentioned in passing, but they haven't practiced as many Inuzuka techniques as they had their own clan's technique.

"O-oh…" Tatsuo says before he gives Shinobu a little wave of greeting before he moves to sit down quietly. "Sorry I'm late…" he adds to Kenta although he was actually on time. Still he seems apologetic before he finally looks to the book in front of him curiously. He reaches to pick it up without waiting…

"Umm… don't worry. None of you are actually late." Kenta takes the remaining book off the desk with his free hand and holds it out to Shinobu. He can't resume petting Kame until the girl takes the book. "It's time for the two of you to learn the diagnostic jutsu. It's one of the most important jutsu in a medic-nin's arsenal. Umm… it's incorporated in a lot of other jutsu, but also something that stays useful on its own, no matter how experienced you become with other jutsu. That book is your study guide while you learn the ins and outs of it."

Shinobu peeks at the book and draws it into her lap, opening it to read its contents. The girl … doesn't understand a lot of it. But at least there are pictures! Sadly, they're gross ones that show off the muscles, tendons, ligaments, veins, etc so that a medic Nin gets the full picture of a body.

Tatsuo skims through the book as Kenta speaks, reading it with a very curious aire while listening to Kenta at the same time. When Kenta mentions the diagnostic jutsu Tatsuo looks up quickly and nods, "That's how you find out what's wrong, right?" The question comes quietly from Tatsuo but he looks fairly excited.

Kenta nods his head up and down in response to Tatsuo's question. "That's correct. Umm… the diagnostic jutsu helps you find out what's wrong with someone. But first of all, you need to find out what it means when there's -nothing- wrong with someone. How the jutsu works is that it sends small pulses of medical chakra into a target's body. The chakra is molded in a way that makes it move through the insides of a person's body and 'bounce' back to you. You can tell what's going on inside the body by learning how to read the subtle information that the 'echoes' carry. But it's very hard for beginnings to understand, which is why I included that book."

Shinobu isn't exactly sure how the book is supposed to help… All she can do is look at the not-so-pretty pictures and study them, but that doesn't give her any idea on how they would all feel when she echoed chakra into people's bodies! The girl looks at Kenta, hoping he had an easier way to figure all this out besides reading. Kame rolls over in Kenta's lap and paws at the medic's hand when it stops petting.

Tatsuo nods as he listens to Kenta before actually ducking his head a bit at the mention of hearing back from the diagnostic jutsu, looking…abashed? Maybe he'd already been experiencing with what he'd read. Might explain how he knew it…

Kenta kind of recognizes the look on Shinobu's face. "Umm… so the book will help, but you need actual experience for this. Now, I want you to follow me very carefully." The young man makes a series of hand seals in slow, exaggerated motions to make sure that his two students see what he's doing. "As with most medical ninjutsu, you won't need hand seals after you're experienced enough. You won't be there for a while yet. Now, I want you to touch my knee one at a time and channel a bit of the chakra that you molded into it. The impressions can be a little different depending on who's using it, but I want you to tell me what you feel. You probably won't be able to do more than distinguish bone from flesh and flesh from blood flow at this point. That last one might be hard too."

Shinobu gives Kenta a small nod and watches the handseals… Sadly, handseals aren't her best. It's why it sometimes takes her a while to develop a new genjutsu technique. The girl copies the handseals as best she can, her slowness unintentional as she makes them. And then a faint aura of green chakra appears to outline her hand, and she places a hand on Kenta to see what she can see…

Tatsuo waits for his turn to try the diagnostic jutsu on Kenta. He had secretly tried it before but he hadn't been ableto quite get it right but now he understood why. He'd expected a different knowledge than an echo. He looks a bit sheepish as he now rwalizes it but since Kenta didn't seem to realize he might be safe. He waits to try and realizes what it all means this time, only realizing after the fact that he forgot to do the hand seals. He's already been practicing it too much…

See, hear, feel… all those are relative. The chakra that goes through Kenta's body doesn't reach far, since the two Genin are just beginners, even with Tatsuo's previous practice. It flows through about half of Kenta's leg before it bounces back. The chakra echoes are a little like vibrations, but vibrations that are felt within their chakra networks. There's some echoes that feel slower, as if it had to travel through something dense. Others are quickly, but actually a little more "fuzzy", as if disrupted to a tiny among. There are nuances to the echoes that can barely be detected and hard to decipher. But for the most part, the Genin can instinctively tell from the "shape" of the echoes that the slower ones outline bone and most of the remaining carries some kind of information from flesh.

Kenta is paying attention too, but he's sensing the chakra that was pulsed through his body. "Ummm… not bad for a first start. Or maybe not a first start for Tatsuo…" Kenta gives Tatsuo a speculative glance. "It's probably all very confusing for you right now. You have to practice very hard to be able to read tiny changes correctly. This is something that you need to practice every day. Practice the jutsu on healthy people of different ages and gender to see what the norm is. Ummm… also try it on people with bruises and scrapes. You'll learn how to differentiate whole flesh from damaged flesh."

Shinobu cannot really tell some of the more minute differences that more experienced medics can pinpoint in a heartbeat, but the echoing feedback she gets to her chakra system is similar to how she knows when a genjutsu works… It's not the same, so she'll have to adjust, but it's similar. That's something. A very blurry mental image of the inside of Kenta's leg forms in her mind, and she sends another pulse of chakra into Kenta to try and see it again… In more detail.

Tatsuo ducks his head quickly at Kenta's words but doesn't respond since there wasn't a question in there. Whew. He glances over to Shinobu before looking back at Kenta. "Um…could I try it on you again Kenta-sama?" The question comes quietly and he waits to hear a yes or no. If granted he'll do it once more, pushing the chakra harder and further to see all he could possibly, pushing through to try and sense as much as possible. And then someunexpected chakra slipsin causing him to pull away. "Um…thank you Kenta-sama."

Kenta nods his head at Tatsuo. "Sure, go ahead. I want the two of you practicing on me now until my break is over. Umm… that way, I can answer any questions that come up. That book is good, but it's not a full substitute for a teacher. I want the two of you to come to me if any other questions come up that the book can't answer either." Kenta extends his leg a little, the one that Shinobu's not already using. "Go ahead, Tatsuo."

Shinobu continues her exploration of how Kenta's insides are supposed to look like. Mostly his leg. It's a very interesting leg, no? The girl furrows her brow a bit as she starts to figure out the differences in the pulses. It starts forming a picture… But her pictures is a bit bulky. "H… How…?" she starts off asking. Then genjutsu takes over. 'How…. do you find… chakra veins? And normal veins?' she asks quietly, not sure what they're supposed to feel like. The difference was too miniscule.

Tatsuo moves forward to try again but a sickening chakra mingles with his own asit pulses through Kenta, causing Tatsuo to pull back again and give Kenta an apologetic look. "I'll keep trying Kenta-sama," he says quietly in assurance. Someone is just being a pain in the marrow right now.

Kenta winces slightly when he feels the odd chakra flow into him. It doesn't exactly feel bad, but it doesn't feel right either. Chakra produced by humans don't feel like that… The young man musters a small smile for Tatsuo. "Don't worry. Just try again. Medical ninjutsu is all about control and that'll help you learn control for other things too."

Kenta watches Tatsuo a moment longer before he turns back to regard Shinobu. "Ummm… veins are a little difficult to detect at this point. But blood flow tends to disrupt chakra pulses in some specific ways. You'd probably notice that the pulse gets tugged a little out of shape in one direction, usually in somewhat straight lines. It's a -very- subtle affect. Ummm… the chakra network is even harder to detect, unless you're a sensor or you're very familiar with chakra flow. The best way I can explain it is that when your chakra pulse goes through someone's chakra network, the returning echoes have a slight flavor that's different than what your own chakra is supposed to feel like, because there was a brief mixing for a moment."

Shinobu doesn't quite understand what was all going on with Tatsuo. The girl was more focused on getting this right… She frowns at the reply Kenta gives her, nodding slowly. So she just had to look for a tug in her chakra… And traces of another. She could perhaps to the latter, but that is once again based on the fact that when people attempt to expel genjutsu, the interrupt their own chakra. So she knows what it feels like to be pushed out, at least.

Tatsuo still seems a bit sheepish and takes a moment to close his eyes and focus - and chastise someone - before they open again. "Hai," he tells Kenta before putting three finger's on Kenta's knee to send the chakra through. This time it's only his and he pushes it hard to try and send it through Kenta's whole body, chewing his lower lip at the same time as he focuses.

Kenta nods his head again. "Umm… don't worry that you're not succeeding the way that you want now. That's what the daily practicing is for. This lesson is just to give you two enough familiarity with the process that you have something to base things off of." He glances at the wall clock. "I have another half an hour before I have to start my next shift, so just keep going for now."

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