Edge of Destiny


Kiyoshi, Feari

Date: October 24, 2014


Kiyoshi search for understanding the Seven Swords(wo)men continues. This time, it is Samehada's turn…

"Edge of Destiny"

Bioluminescent Lake [Land of Water]


A distance from the trees of the forest leading into this place begin the sands of the beach that surround the lake. Fine and water-smoothed, they are soft beneath the feet and gentle on the skin. The water is nearly clear, what lies within it able to be seen for quite a distance down. Blue hued, the fresh water is always in constant motion, whether gently or fiercely depending upon the weather.

Overall, it is an excellent place for a day spent by the water, but it's true value is best seen in the dark of night. That is its light.

Seen at the water's edge where the waves meet the sands, a cerulean aura shines around the lake. Under the feet of those who walk the beach, an ultramarine glow gives testament to the fact that they were there. Walking the circumference of the lake, one would find the footprints and hand prints of those who'd come before, drawings both simple and intricate, poems and letters pressed into the sand, and eventually the very steps they'd started their journey with.


A beautiful summer's day; it is pleasantly warm, and under the bright light of the sun there's nothing more you could wish for… if you were anywhere else but the Land of Water. One within said lands can hardly go anywhere without hearing rumblings of the Silence's actions; though more specifically, the aftermath of their releasing the Daimiyo following the Mizukage's declaration. Kiyoshi buried whatever concern he had for such things, and simply kept running towards his goal. He knew not, or for that matter cared within the moment if Feari was in a speaking mood or not this morning. The Moto has put off learning more about the seven swords for far too long for his liking, for one. Albiet, if he was to be more honest with himself, he would know that the search of Feari was for the sake of distraction over anything else…

Despite the weather, the Bioluminescent Lake was rather empty. Almost completely actually. Perhaps due to the threat of the silence or the impending threat of civil war about to break out. Then there's always the reason that one of the Seven Swords had 'rented' out the lake for their own personal use. Though as it currently was, Feari wasn't doing much of anything. Simply standing near the shore, staring off into the distance. Like normal, he was dressed to his best with a wide brimmed hat accompanied by a purple plume and a large, black ovoercoat reaching the sands beneath his feet and left open, revealing his torso underneath. Strapped to his back, was an odd-sized blade wrapped in purple bandages.

Feari would hear Kiyoshi's footfalls and labored breathing long before the man broke through the tree lines. Whereas once upon a time Kiyoshi could stop on a dime, now he can hardly keep himself from moving once he started. The same was especially true while on all fours, but thankfully as things stood Kiyoshi was able to adjust in time so that the damage was no more than a great deal of sand being kicked upon reaching the shore line. Sand that fell short of piling on Feari should he not move at any point. "… You're.. the one… they call… Feari-sama… right?" Kiyoshi asks in-between attempts at gathering his breath.

Detecting the presence of another and Feari's eyes would cut sharply in anger toward the direction of the one approaching. The intruder was fast though, seeming to be on course for a collision that was bound to happen were Feari to not move out of the way, something he had no intention of doing. His feet held firm after shifting slightly on the loose sand and burying themselves some. A hand would extend as if that would be all it took to stop the individual, but whether or not that would be true is not something to be seen as they came to a halt on their own. The sand that kicked up however was surprisingly more than enough to get Feari to give way and move before his outfit was covered and dirtied.
The figure less of a blur, Feari took a moment to inspect the individual and his eyes were quick to soften. "That is one of the names I am called by, yes." His arms would cross over his chest as he relaxed in his stance, the blade upon his back twitching some as if on its own accord and reacting to the presence of Kiyoshi. "And you are the one, that unlike others, have some fashion sense."

Eyes that had fallen towards the earth as Kiyoshi recovery gradually make their way back up to regard Feari, and study him. "I… hm…. Thank you.. I guess." He says, though the last part comes out as a murmur while the boy scratched at the back of his head. A moment or two of awkward silence passes before Kiyoshi shakes off the feeling and asks, "Feari-san." Kiyoshi pauses and looks away for a moment, then shakes his head and sets a firmer gaze on the dandy swordsman. "Feari-sama.. If I may, might I prod your mind?… Specifically…. About being a seven swordsman."

Feari nodded at the other while disregarding the usage of -san and -sama. His focus was busy on the others appearance; their frame, build, curvature and skin tone. The fashionista's mind was racing on the different possibilities of outfits he could dress the other up in. "Hm?" Focus wavering, "And what is it you would like to know, Kiyoshi-san?" A hand would raise to adjust his hat, tipping it back some. "Do you plan to take up the blade that Ishino had left behind?"

Kiyoshi gritted his teeth to keep from sighing in relief, though doing so made him seem irritated. Not that Feari may even mind at the moment unless the 'scowl' ruined whatever mental image of clothing design that came to mind…
"Ishino-san did… I wasn't aware that-… Doesn't matter." The moss-haired giant rubs at his forehead before something else clicks in mind, prompting the man to regard Feari in a new light. Not once did he mention his name, and yet… it didn't matter. Or at least, Kiyoshi chose not to trouble himself more on the subject for the time being. Mostly. "No.. I do not intend to. What I would like to know is what drew you into being a seven swordsman in the first place."

Feari tilted his head at Kiyoshi, pondering the type of individual the man was, "I'm surprised you didn't know. It was quite the display Ishino had made." He shrugged his shoulders at the topic. "Not like it matters. It's in the past and what the future holds for us is more important and pressing. The Silence, a coup d'etat. Haven't seen trying times like this in Kirigakure since a shipment of fabric had reached the bottom of the waters due to a unforeseen storm." He'd shake his head at the thought, remembering it like it was yesterday. "That and all the wars Kirigakure is placed in…But back to your actual question." Humming silently, "You know, since I was young, blades had always fascinated me. Each one being unique and different from the next, especially when used by those of different levels. So what happens when you get 'one of a kind' blades used by those of exceptional skill? You gain not only reknown, but fame as well as infamy. It wasn't something that I sought, but something that had found me…"

Aside from a small frown touching the corn of Kiyoshi's lips, the man remains respectfully quiet and fully attentive. That was until Feari mentioned the lost shipment of fabric bringing about trying times. Now /that/ earned a lofted brow and created its own internal storm of debate, but only up until things returned to his original inquiry.
"What do you mean by found, exactly?" He asks warily.

As apparent by his current wardrobe, Feari had come out here to train. It was important, necessary even considering what the Land of Water was going to be going through, but even when trying to find seclusion of some sort, there are always those that appear with curiosity and questions on their minds that need sated. "Pardon me a moment." Both hands would fade into the insides of his coat only to retrieve a pair of scrolls, that would be unraveled before lifted high above and twirled about, creating smoke in the process.
As the smoke settled, a table would be before Kiyoshi as well as an empty chair. Feari would be sitting in another one across the way, his outfit changed to one more casual and appropriate for the conversation or situation at least. Tea would be poured into one cup and then another, "Please, sit." Leaning back into his chair, a cup in a single hand, "As you go through life, a shinobi life that is, you find yourself in situations that are far beyond your own capabilities. You manage to survive though and you are stronger for the experience, but as each time comes you realize your luck can only last for so long before you need to change the circumstances."
He'd sip at his tea, blow on it and then sip once again, "But how can you do that? You can continue to train, growing and learning in the process. Even updating your wardrobe as you go along. Each stride however not putting you where you'd like to be. Where…I would have liked to be." His eyes focusing on the dirty brown eyes of the other, studying the other once again or simply admiring Kiyoshi's features, "You know anyone can apply to be a Seven Swordsmen, right? Of course. A Genin, Chuunin, Jounin. Even a villager if they so choose. Being accepted and approved is another matter though. Then there becomes the sword that you will get. Seven of them, but not all available at the time. Do you wait or take the ones that are remaining? The blade that remained for me was Samehada. An unusual weapon like the other seven and picky of it's wielder to boot. Believe it or not, Samehada chooses its wielder. The wielder does not get to choose the blade…"
"And that's what happened with me. I needed something more, but I didn't know where I would find it. It wasn't until I was summoned like other applicants to 'try their hand' at wielding Samehada that the blade had chosen me. It had found me, it's wielder and in return I have become something more than I was before.

Kiyoshi nods curtly in answer, but upon seeing the scrolls, the man takes a respectful step back as well. He needed not to in the end, and chided himself mentally for having done so. Every day it seemed his instincts were becoming less and more trustworthy. An odd predicament to be in, and one he wished was less the case.
Hesitantly at first, Kiyoshi accepts the offered chair after unsheathing the battle axe at his back side and burying it blade first into the sand until it stood on its own. The tea on the other hand is merely given a passing glance before Kiyoshi's eyes settled on Feari. Soon after, Kiyoshi found himself lost again in Feari's story, though he does falter in the beginning for a moment. It is an instance he knew he should've felt kinship with Feari, but instead found himself wanting to reject the notion. Thinking of the past.. of where he might've been had his choices been otherwise twisted up his heart too much still despite all of his accomplishments.
Then there was the matter of becoming a seven swordsman regardless of prior status. As much as Kiyoshi wished to believe the same could be for him, he knew — felt in his heart that such simply could not be. His spiteful side may have faded all but completely away from , but the memories of his treatment for simply being a foreigner has yet to follow suit…

"Sounds a lot like it was almost destiny the way you put it." Kiyoshi says and chuckles weakly.

Feari sipped at his tea while watching Kiyoshi's reactions to his story. In the end, the swordsman offered a smile. "It most likely was, as are many things that happen in life. Better to believe it to be destiny than coincidence. Much like our meeting today. We had not had the pleasure of conversing before this time and yet, here we sit; enjoying each others company, sharing tea and, to what onlookers would believe where they to catch us in this moment. On a date. I hope you don't have any jealous or vindictive lovers. I have enough problems fighting off the sexes as it already is." Offering a playful wink as he peeked out underneath his straw hat.

Kiyoshi had been nodding absently along in agreement and even preparing to take a sip of his own tea when Feari's words truly click in mind. For an extended moment, all is still about the Kirryu as he tried to settle down excited nerves without giving away just how caught off guard he was. In the end, Kiyoshi offers a twitchy smile in turn before finally guzzling down half the contents of his cup. "So, Samehade is some type of conscious sword?" He asks, tactfully bringing the conversation back to less nerve reckoning areas.

Feari hadn't intended to unnerve the other and hadn't noticed if he had. Simply continued on as he was until receiving another question. "In a way, yes. The blade is a living being and as such must feed and does so through chakra. However, Samehada is as picky about what he eats as I am about what I wear. We both have tastes and standards and anything less just won't suffice. If I see an exceptional piece of clothing or fabric that I simply can't live without, then I will make it mine. Samehada on the other hand, if he detects chakra that is unlike any other, then he must consume it. I've only seen him do so once, with an individual that was banished just recently. A wandering medic named, Mushi." The man was curious how Kiyoshi would react to that name. The two were Jinchuriki, but did Kiyoshi actually know of such…

There were reasons upon reasons upon reasons that kept Kiyoshi distracted from the matter of Mushi's banishment. None of which truly dulled the ache enough to keep the youngest Moto from wanting to lash out just thinking about it. Hearing her name spoken so casually following an admission of involvement pushes Kiyoshi quickly to that edge…. but he doesn't act upon impulse wholly. Instead, he offers silence and a mask of apathy for a time on the surface. A closer look on the other hand reveals a tightly clenched jaw, finger tips blackening and nearly shattering the tea cups side, and an unmistakable flare up of a hybrid of Bijuu and Human chakra; a more or less unique result of his pairing with the Gobi.

"I hope that answers your question." With no response to what he had said, Feari could only assume his answer had sufficed. Though he had suspicions as to why the other had seemed to lost the sudden ability to communicate. Mushi was a well known wandering Medic and seal expert and given that Samehada reacted as he did in the presence of the woman, it was clear she was more than just an ordinary person. However, Feari had never met the woman before, so didn't feel strongly about her banishment one way or another. "I will add, that as Samehada can not always consume the chakra of others, he must due with feeding on my own. Much like the spiders of the Okumo, the kikaichu of the Aburame or the bees of the Kamizuru."

Kiyoshi is still out of it when Feari first chose to speak on. Few things truly sparked the boy's — man's ire, and those that did still typically took time. That is, so long as those few things are seperate from one another. Which Mushi's banishment obviously did not fall under. The only thing that seems to promote some sense of peace returning to mind is time and Feari moving the subject back to Samehada. He is disorientated, though, only to the point that setting the cup down and resting back more heavily against the chair was necessary. "Is it painful? And while your…" Kishi pauses and rubs his forehead furtively. "How does it feel to wield it?"

Feari sipped at the tea once again, giving himself a moment before responding. When an answer came to mind, he'd place the cup down on the table before them. "No, it doesn't hurt. It's a slow drain, I'm sure if the blade was turned against me, it'd be a different story. Though I couldn't imagine that happening." A smile would form on his lips "Wielding the blade feels quite different. Most blades you learn to make it an extension of yourself, but Samehada is already a seperate entity so you must actually learn to work well together." Feari would then lean forward and peer at Kiyoshi from underneath his straw hat. "How does it feel to change? Does it hurt?"

Kiyoshi smiled as well, though he knew not fully why. Maybe the idea of the blade chosing him in a fight tickled his fancy? Either way, the question posed causes it the falter and morph into something more grim. "It feels… It's hard to the desribe." Ignoring etiquette, Kiyoshi rests his elbow atop the table and forms a bridge with his fingers to rest his chin on. "It used to be like what it may feel like to have your insides set on fire while your still alive…. Not that you entirely care, cus' you feel… powerful… invigorated…. But yeah, the whole being burnt alive from the inside out on top of having your flesh slowly peeled away isn't exactly painless thing." Kiyoshi gives a morbid smile.

"So you're flaming?" Feari chuckled as he leaned back in his chair. He was in quite the jolly mood, despite being interrupted for small chit-chat when his original intentions for being out here was to train with Samehada. Still, he was some what surprised that Kiyoshi wasn't perplexed in the slightest that the Swordsman knew what truly resides within the behemoth that sat before him. "And yet you still use the power at your leisure. Do you hope it will get easier with time? That your body may adjust or acclimate to the strain you are putting it through?"

Kiyoshi snorts. "Not exactly." He states dryly. Seeing Feari's jolly mood however erased any hope of his ammendment having any effect on the swordsman. "I used to hope to be rid of it altogether, rush or no rush…. But that doesn't answer your questions" Kiyoshi cracks a weak grin. "As far as that power is concerned, I don't mind enduring pain so long as I have the means to protect those I care about."

Feari nodded at the others statement, "One of the few things people seek power for, but what if you can't control it, was that ever a consideration?" Waiting for an answer, hoping this one would be more straightforward. "The seven blades are powerful weapons and Samehada may be the most powerful of them all, but in the end, it is still just a tool. I don't have to worry that my overuse of the being may be my downfall, but can you say the same?" He'd humm quietly.

Kiyoshi gaze turns to his practically untouched tea. "It was for a long, long time and… still is sometimes." Kiyoshi raises his head just enough to shake it morosely. "Don't take this the wrong way, but… as difficult as it would be to deal with an out of control me, I… I have enough faith in the Mizukage and those under him being able to contain the problem." The Kirryu officially falls silent at that point, rehashing his own words as he listened to Feari. "If I still saw the Bijuu… My friend just as you see Samehada then… Yeah, I'd worry about it alot."

Feari would bring a hand to the table, fingers idly rapping a top it, "Contain or erradicate?" The man would shrug, "Either way, I have the same faith." The same hand used to rap would grab for his tea and take another sip, the cup now empty he'd grab for the pot to give himself a refill. Bringing the cup to his mouth, he'd blow, but hold off on taking a drink, "You may have misunderstood me before. I value Samehada, but do I consider him a friend…What is a friend? Those that are constantly by your side through thick and thin no matter what? Those that you can call on to help you when you need them and they'll be there? Naturally the list can go on and in the Samehada may just fit all of those qualities. So like your bijuu is a friend to you, Samehada is a friend to me. However, friendship is never permanent. Nothing is. You just have to be ready for it when it happens. Even my wardrobe, though splendid as it is, will some day fade and I will have to adjust to the changes of fashion or be left behind…"

Kiyoshi lofts a brow and smiles crookedly at the question. The answer was as clear as day to them both. The smile falters and wanes completely as the Feari moved on. "That may be so, but the day where we aren't friends, friendship will be the least of my worries." Kiyoshi conveys with a grim look about him. "Until then, I rather not worry too much about trying to adapt for it. There's already enough on my plate as is, and from what I heard, the more you try to prepare for bad things, the more likely they are to happen."

"Luck typically favors the prepared, but you are right. If you go looking for trouble, you'll find it." Feari would drink at his tea before setting it aside, "So did you have any more questions for me? Samehada or otherwise. I'd give you some tips on fashion, but you seem to have that under control. Unless you need a new outfit.." He'd trail off.

Kiyoshi nodded absently in agreement, though question posed prompted him to perk up a little. Instead of an immediate reply, Kiyoshi turns to guzzling down the contents of his tea completely before gently setting it aside this time. "I do, but… I'm gonna have to hold off for now." He admits as he rose up from his seat. Around the midway point, Kiyoshi pauses for a moment and and "hmms" thoughtfully. "Tho' a new outfit… no, another time for that too… Thanks, Feari-sama, for speaking with me… And… while i know I'm just a genin, if in the future you need a… I guess sparring partner.." Kiyoshi trails off from there, and waits only long enough for an answer after snapping his weapon back in its holster before taking off.

With Kiyoshi arising from his seat, Feari would take a moment before doing the same. "Until then I imagine." A few scrolls would be produced and in no time, the table and tea set were gone and the mans outfit had changed back to a long trench coat and wide brimmed hat. "But don't be a stranger. Your company is enjoyable enough and you're easy on the eyes." He'd smirk, "You're as much a 'genin' as a scarf is merely an accessory…" Turning about, he'd head back to the shore taking the same position he was in before Kiyoshi had appeared.
"I wouldn't mind a spar, but what I need now is some more time with just me and Samehada and the blade isn't something I can use in a spar against someone from Kirigakure. It wouldn't be right…Something else will have to be in order though…" A few hand seals would be made and the water before him would ripple before a few figures appeared that were clones of Feari.

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