Eight Arms' Reach


Isra, Maikeru, Tsiro, Yuuka

Date: November 3, 2012


A giant octopus terrorizes a small fishing village on one of the local islands after its citizens stop following its eccentric orders.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Eight Arms' Reach"

North Sea [Land of Water]


Out from the Land of Water, the sea can be both welcoming and unwelcoming. Sometimes the sea is calm, and other times storms and waves rock ships and cause destruction. There are some small islands out from the mainland between the Land of Water and other countries. Deep sea fisherman can often be spotted out here, collecting fish to sell at local markets.


A quite… odd request came into Kirigakure. A small village on an island that's a day's trip south of Kirigakure wants its 'god' gotten rid of. While the request seems quite eccentric, the threat is apparently quite real according to scouts that were sent ahead just to be certain someone wasn't just trying to screw with the village. Apparently, a giant octopus, likely from a family of summons, is terrorizing the village-folk because they stopped doing what it said when its requests got too extreme.
To make themselves seem less obvious to the approaching creature, the Kirigakure shinobi sent to deal with the situation were sent aboard a merchant vessel that was already headed for the island. Since the beast is liable to attack at any time, the team leader for today's mission, Maikeru, told the team to Henge themselves into forms of workers on the ship and just clean up and do random chores to make themselves look busy either until they reach the shore or until they are attacked. The Jounin himself currently holds a mop and is using it to clean the deck of the ship while keeping an eye out for potential danger.

Someone wants to get rid of their 'god'? Very odd indeed, but Isra finds it very amusing. She didn't think she'd be participating in getting rid of someone of that caliber. More like some 'thing'. An octopus that's angry because no one did what it said. Hm.
Taking the orders given to her and the others around here, she disguised herself with henge as a regular worker of the merchant ship they were on. She found herself making the cargo was secure.

While the mission was a strange one, it wasn't any stranger than when the entire village had to be rescued from a giant spider emerging from the sea. The wave in its wake alone caused trouble. Henged as one of the ship's workers, Yuuka is perched up in the crow's nest with the length of the telescope extended and pointed out at the horizon. So far there hasn't been a sign of anything big out there. Sharks, fish and a few birds, maybe. But nothing as huge as a sea monster dubbed god.

Tsiro was happy to be out in the fresh air. Even if the air had the distinct smell of salt water to it. He was henged as deck hand. Right now he was moving along the deck inspecting the rope to make sure the sail was secured. He really was not sure this was an actual job though. For the most part he only heard stories of people swabbing the deck if they were in trouble or being on look out. The mission kind of reminded him of the whale hunt he had been on a month or two back. Hopefully this one did not end the same. He really did not want to be lunch for a giant octopus that thought of itself as a god.

Everything seems to be going pretty well so far. The ship approaches the island with little issue until they get about a quarter mile from the shore. Suddenly, enormous tentacles come up around the boat, wrapping around its hull and threatening to pull it under. "No one approaches the island!" a deep voice rings out. "Until they do as I say, they don't deserve to eat or sleep!"
Looking up Maikeru drops his mop and stretches out a bit. With a puff of smoke, he drops his Henge, now adorned in his normal Jounin attire as he focuses chakra throughout his body. "Well, well, look who's arrived," his voice rings out dryly as a few of the seals on his right arm disappear, a blood red aura appearing around his body. "Everybody get ready!"

There's something strange about just sailing along and then coming to an abrupt stop in the middle of the water. It's just not normal and large tentacles popping out of the water and wrapping up the boat is equally un-normal. Isra, thinking that she's done a good job of securing cargo, rushes up to the top of the boat with her henge down and ready to face off against this fiend.
She focuses her chakra and prepares to go on the offensive.

Welp, so much for the telescope. The tentacles appear through the ocean's surface, water falling from its huge height and splashing onto the deck as they wrap around the hull. The booming voicing seemingly out of nowhere. Yup, telescope not needed anymore. Its tossed aside as the image of the old man in the crow's nest puffs and disappears, replaced by Yuuka as she straightens tall and exhales a long breath. "Ready…" Stepping up on the railing the kunoichi jumps off and smoothly lands on the deck itself, falling into place as she concentrates energy in the pit of her stomach.

There is little shock from the young Kaguya when the ship is stopped by the massive creature. In a sense they were the bait and this was the catch. Like the others Tsiro also dropped his henge. Soon the boy began to look more like a porcupine than a shinobi. His fingers meshed together as he started to build his chakra. Next those crimson eyes turned towards the nearest tentacles. He was considering that his first point of attack.

"Oh, shinobi, huh?" the creature asks as its massive form rises up from the water, its tentacles apparently long enough to still hold the ship in place while it does so. "This is my island. Turn around and go home or die!" With that, the creature breaths out a massive jet of water, Yuuka being the fist one to be aimed at since she's the highest up and then Maikeru.

Maikeru only smirks as the water jet comes at him, and it seems to just bounce off of him. "Little rude to spit on your guests," his dark voice rings out without inflection as he forms a giant version of his fist and sends it flying at the creatures gaping mouth, intending to quite literally punch it closed and stop the water jet.

That octopus was huge, but she didn't think it'd be /that/ big. She guesses she should've known from its voice, but this might just be harder than she hoped for. Drawing a few tags from a pouch, she observes the jet of water it spouts toward Yuuka and Maikeru, something that she knows could easily tear a hole through this ship.
With a tag in hand, she tossed it forward and it would explode in a bright flash of light to blind it. From there, she'd proceed to try and get it's tentacles unraveled from this ship by blowing them up. One at a time, now…

Giant, huge, octopus. Figures this was the thing that was terrorizing the village on this particular island. And its no wonder they decided not to worship it anymore, or whatever it was. Still, it made it in a bad mood. Yuuka narrows her aquamarine eyes on the massive jet of water, steering the weight into her right foot before pushing off, flickering with sudden speed and disappearing just as the jet shoots through the air where she had just been.
Flickering into existence, the corner of her lips tugs with a slight smirk. The best way to attack this thing is with distance. And that will work just fine for her. Exhaling a sharp breath Yuuka bends her knees as she draws back her right arm, extending her left in front of her. Gathering chakra at the center of her palm she concentrates it into her bones, huffing out a sharp breath as she throws her right arm out and spins a sliver of ivory at blinding speed. With the octopus as large as it is, there's no way it would be able to avoid it. The tiny sliver of bone quickly expands in the air, growing into a massive, messy net of ivory heading straight towards the "god".

Tsiro was going after the intended leg. Well, thats where he had planned to start for now. The boy ran up and jumped towards the leg using both his elbows to come down in a stabbing motion. Although he had not realized this, but if the Octopus were to let go of the ship and dodge his attack, he'd be going for a swim. Not that he feared swimming, nor was he kicking himself for a lack of a plan. The kid just loved battle.

Putting up a wall in front of itself, the creature manages to block the first few attacks coming its way, yet the giant net of bone manages to snag him and bind him down enough that he can't block the next coming attacks. "Uuurgh! Leave now!" it yells out, a bit of pain showing in its voice, but it's definitely far from done fighting.

Though Maikeru's attack doesn't make it through, it apparently does distract the beast enough so that Yuuka's does. "Nice teamwork," he says as he makes one more of the seals on his arm disappear, a light wicked smirk tugging at his lips as he prepares for the next barrage of attacks.

Isra figures she may as well just keep the explosions coming until something happens with everyone else doing all the work around here. Gathering up a number of tags, she sends them all out toward the large octopus to give it some doses of pain. Nothing like these people around here can put out, but it's something that works. If only she could manage to somehow unseal that fire, but…it wouldn't be safe for anyone around here.

Yuuka smirks just slightly. "Lets go all at it." she murmurs, clasping her hands hard together and smoothly pulling out the long length of an ivory sword. The dark smile grows as the angle of the sharp blade bends at an angle, becoming aerodynamic and more suitable for traveling through the air. "It doesn't stand a chance." With a sharp breath Yuuka pushes into a sudden hard spin, releasing the Camellia Sword with the built up momentum and throwing it straight at the creature.

Tsiro was happy Yuuka managed to stun him. Now clinging onto him with his bone, the boy lets go of the beast with his elbows and begins spinning around in a circle, using the bones protruding from his body to tear into the beast like demonic roller from hell. "I wonder what cooked squid tastes like. Hey Yuuka, have you ever made me cooked Squid?1?" he yells. He knew she made lots of sea food, but after a while the boy quit caring what it was. It tasted good.

Once the first set of explosions rings out, the giant creature is able to force itself free via breaking the bone netting over it and put up a wall of water to block the next few attacks, though a couple still make it through. "DIE!" the creature roars out as it lets forth a burst of chakra, sending up an enormous cage of water to attempt to trap all of the shinobi within and keep them from moving.

While the others attack and the creature sends up the mass of water, Maikeru has already flicker and is standing on top of the mast with a cluster of seal tags in his hands. "How about you do that?" he asks a bit sarcastically as he begins throwing tag after tag down at the creature. If they hit, they will drain a good bit of his energy out before exploding violently.

So much for explosions, they're almost entirely ineffective against this thing. Isra is just about out of options as all she has left is water at her disposal, but it /uses/ water so it probably can divert it to. To that, it appears she's trapped inside of a cage of water. This does not bode well.

Yuuka narrows her gaze subtly at the giant octopus, sharply following the movements of its tentacles as it breaks free of the ivory vines. The sheer amount of chakra being gathered could be felt vibrating through the air as it forms the water, sending it straight towards the shinobi on the deck of the ship. Bracing her feet the Kaguya kunoichi silently braces herself before she flickers and disappears completely, moving with sudden speed only to reappear behind it. While Maikeru throws explosive tags down at it, Yuuka clasps hard at its slick surface and with barely a breath, several dozen sharp spikes slash through her kimono and pierce deep into the flesh, inflicting damage while also keeping the huge creature from shaking her off.

After landing on the water, Tsiro saw the giant cage of water form. The boy dashed at it, using his chest bones to rip a hole in it. As he landed on the other side, the crimson eyes looked at the Octopus. "Your starting to ink me off. Die already." The boy then lunges himself once more attempting to hit the Octopus with the bones protruding from his elbows.

Being stabbed into several times by bones, the creature lets out cries of pain, and its attempts at using water to blocking leaving it with little energy to attempt to avoid the incoming tags. The last bit of its energy is drained out before the tags explode, shaking the entire area. Sounds of rushing water ring out as water falls off of the ship and back into its normal place in the size, and, when the smoke clears, the giant creature is floating down toward the bottom of the sea.
"Guess that's that then," Maikeru says from his perch at the top of the ship. Once most of the water has flowed off of the ship, he leaps down onto the deck of the ship and looks around. "Guess we can relax and just wait for the ship to head back after they make their delivery now." Hopefully they waterproofed the cargo like Maikeru told them they should have.

Isra was soaked in water, but more importantly, the cage was cleared and the octopus was leaving. Huzzah! She then sighed to herself and grumbled. "This ship is still fit to move, right? The tentacles didn't manage to wreck it all that much, right?" She wondered while looking around the place.

The last of its energy ripped away from the creature, Yuuka is quick to pull away from it, tucking her feet between herself and the octopus as she pushes off in a hard jump to launch herself through the air. Flipping slowly, she watches the dying creature as it begins to sink into the ocean, easily landing on her feet on the water's surface while the last visible tentacle begins to fade deeper into the depths. A small smile tugs at the corner of her lips and with little hesitation she dashes towards the ship, reappearing on deck as water flows back to the sea. "That went smoothly."

Tsiro moved back on board the ship just like the others. He grinned at Yuuka as he walked towards her. "If only one of us had grabbed a leg. We could make a feast for the village. I hear octopus is like a… whats the word… not a desert but a rare treat. Oh well… there it goes." Tsiro then looked at the ship. "I wonder what that leg would smell like by the time we got home. Maybe it's better off this way… So Yuuka, I'm hungry…" The young Kaguya smiles at his sensei. He was trying to con her into cooking.

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