Emergency Assistance! Convoy Attacked!


Hige, Kajiru, Zori

Date: September 8, 2015


An emergency request is received to help a convoy bound for Kadomai. A large group of bandits was intercepting it and they only had so many guards. An initial strike force was sent to protect the convoy and kill what they could while waiting for the remainder of their forces to arrive.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Emergency Assistance! Convoy Attacked!"

Land of Fire

It's early morning in Konoha and activity has already begun. There's a bit of hustle and bustle around the administrative building that is more than there normally is this early which for certainly can't be a good sign. Kajiru and Zori would both receive word to meet him at the front gates within fifteen minutes. Whatever it is they apparenly are in quite a hurry to get there and get it taken care of. Luckily the weather is being friendly and isn't too hot or too cold, and there is no rain or silly things like that.
Hige and Konsho wait just outside the gates, the boy with his arms folded over his chest and staring into the village, waiting for the others. Hige's actually wearing his hitai-ate and jacket, so whatever is going on Hige is going in his official capacity as a Jounin.

Arriving at the gates, Kajiru idly steps along peering at the gear Hige is in before she idly places her hands behind the back of her head, "What's going on?" She hmms and peers this way and that, "We going to have some fun?" She then grins, "Is it a dangerous mission?! I hope it is. My last mission was real boring." She nods her head, "Really boring." She then leans forward, "I hope it's not boring." SHe giggles.

Zori arrived at the gates of Konoha, along with his Jounin whom followed behind him keeping an close eye on the boy. Zori looked around and saw that Hige and Kajiru have made it. The Jounin greets Hige "Hey there Hige. I brought Zori, he has taken his medicine already." Zori crosses his arms and stares at Kajiru blankly. Zori has already taken his pill and it is well in effect. He has brought his pills with him just in case.

Hige smirks faintly at Kajiru's enthusiasm, wondering how that might change once she see who else is coming along. "Yes it's going to be fun. Yes it's going to be dangerous." He answers her questions simply for the time being, waiting until…ah, there he is. Hige looks back to Zori and the guarding Jounin as they arrive, giving them each a nod in greeting. "Thank you," he tells the Jounin with a nod. "You've been doing a good job and I'll make sure Atsuro and Daisuke know. I'll need you to keep an eye on him still, though if something happens you're to return to Konoha with a report. Understood?" He waits for the man to agree before Hige turns back to the others. "Alright, we're short on time. I'll explain on the way." Hige turns and jumps into the trees, starting at a pretty decent clip, definitely something more than he normally would start out with. Konsho will take up the rear guard as he always does once the other two get to following.

Grumbling, Kajiru notices Zori and hurrms as she does. SHe stares for a long moment before shaking her head and listening to HIge. She growls softly to herself and races off. She follows after but there doesn't appear to be any way to get her to speak up anymore. She hates the idea of Zori along and figures best to keep her mouth shut…lest he open his.

The Jounin nodded in Hige's direction "Understood Sir". The Jounin eyes narrow over to Zori. He whispers to Zori "Be on good behavior kid." Zori's attention was distracted from Kajiru. He turns his head over to the Jounin "I got it…" Zori growls softly. Zori turns his head in Hige's direction when the Inuzuka headed off. Zori and the Jounin followed behind Hige going at a decent pace.

"We got a messenger pigeon that had been sent from a convoy that had been heading to Kadomai. They were bringing in supplies and people from the border to help out with the surrounding area here, since the war with the Recluse can still be felt by the farms in the area. They spotted a large group of armed men closing on them and sent out for help." Hige explains this all as he moves along at an ever increasing pace, the boy watching the others to see when he'd need to slow down but wanting to go as fast as he could. "They have some hired guards but were apparently outnumbered almost two to one. We're going to be the first team to arrive and we will be a strike force. We will do as much damage to the other group as we can while trying to defend whatever remains of the convoy and it's people.
"I can't stress this hard enough. The people are more than the goods. They are the number one priority. We'll stand with the hired help to hold off the attackers for as long as we can. Other teams are being formed as well and will be sent out as soon as they're ready and we have to hold out until they arrive. Any questions?"

"I suppose not." She states as she moves along. Kajiru glances back again at Zori as they move along. She rushes this way and that, bouncing along after Hige. She's faster than most any genin. As fast as a chuunin might be as they just took on the role. Even as they move along, she glances up, "When we arrive, I'll bring us help." She nods her head and continues along.

Zori shakes his head to Hige's question. The Jounin replies "Not at the moment." Zori notices Kajiru glanced at him and grinned in her direction. When Kajiru started to bounce around showing off her speed. Zori snickers. "Why dont you leave this.. to the big boys" Zori pauses then continues "If would be sad if you broke a nail" the tease sent at Kajiru.

"The only words I want to hear out of your mouth are ones that pertain to the mission. If you don't have useful information or a valid question than just shut the help up. This isn't the time to be playing around." Hige doesn't even look back as he speaks, but instead increases the pace even more. "We'll be there in about an hour so be ready." Apparently Hige isn't in much of a playing mood. "The sooner we get there the better. If you feel like you might be wearing yourself out with the pace then say something." And then he goes faster, pushing off so much that he's nearly a hundred feet ahead in a flash.

Grumbling as she looks at Zori, Kajiru glares at him and then Hige speaks up. She growls softly and races off after him, moving to all fours as she moves. Occasionally she seems to burst into her form of being a partial wolverine transformation as she races along, picking up speed and pouring it on. SHe really is quite quick. She stares ahead for now, doing her best to keep up.

"Heh, whatever" Zori replies nonchantlantly as he picks up speed as well. His speed might not be as good as Kajiru's or Hige's but hes no pushover. He can still move at a pretty decent pace. The Jounin stared at Zori in disapointment of what he just heard Zori say to Kajiru. The Jounin remains quiet as he follows behind.

Hige keeps it at that pace, not wanting to wear anyone out too much before they got there. And only one of them could ride on Konsho is they got tired so…there was only so much to be done. After nearly an hour the sound of shouting and metal clashing reaches his ears. "We're nearly there!" he calls out loudly over his shoulder. "Be prepared. Whatever you need to do make sure it's done before we get there. Clean kills of the enemy. Don't toy with them, don't torment them. If you aren't sure if a person is an enemy or not find out first. I don't want any innocents to die by our hands."
That's the last instructions Hige gets to give as they burst through the treeline on the sight of a brutal battle. A short distance away in this large open expanse between forests the road and surrounding grass is painted red with blood. Bodies lay scattered here and there from sides while there are many fights still going on. It seems the enemies brought nearly fifty man in this attack and there had only been twenty five guards. Needless to say they are losing sorely. On the bright side it's fairly easy to tell sides. The guards are in a semblance of a uniorm and the convoy folk are semi-expensive traveling clothing. The bandits, or whatever they are, are wearing worn out clothing that's been patched far too many times.
Hige doesn't hesitate, whistling for Konsho to join him as he launches into the air with the pub, coming down on the group of baddies closest to the convoy, easily tearing the surprised victims to shreds.

Before anything else, once they are there, Kajiru nods and then bites her thumb. She then slams her hand into the ground and seals form around her before a poof and a large bear, larger than any other bear could be bursts up out of no where and roars. He then looks at the fight that is happening and watches Hige attack. He then nods to Kajiru, "Got it!" HE then races forward even as she transforms into her fierce wolverine form again and completely. She roars out herself, not yet advancing even as Bureizu coats his paws in chakra and jump kicks into the first guy before slamming a palm into another and backfisting yet another before letting out a bestial roar.

Once they arrived Zori looked at the battlefield. The bodies that were spread across the field gave him the rush that he needed. Zori grins as his wires lashed out from underneath his sleeves at the baddies slicing and slashing at them that were able to reached. The Jounin remained behind Zori as he peered throughout the battlefield. The Jounin doesnt feel like he would be any use in battle.

Bodies are shred by the cobined attack of Hige and Konsho, blood dripping of the duo's claws and fangs as they stop spinning. He turns back to look at the convoy folk who are rather surprised by his appearance. Yet they stay their hand upon seeing the jacket and headband. "Who's in charge of this convoy?" He asks, looking up at those closest with a stern face.
"Oh, it's the Leaf Village! They got our message! Thank the lord!" One of the convoy men cry out upon seeing Hige's outfit.
"I'm in charge." The voice comes from a middle aged woman who steps around a few others. She has a fighters build and carries a blood stained sword in hand. "Thank you or coming. We didn't think we'd survive."
Hige shakes his head at the woman. "Don't worry, I brought you some strong fighters and we'll protect you. More teams are on the way, including a medic team." Hige explains all this as he takes in the state of those nearest the convoy, then glances back at those falling on the battlefield. "Sound a retreat. We'll cover you. If any of the wagons are broken leave them and the supplies. We'll help with replacement costs later. Your lives are more important."
With the orders given Hige turns back around to face the battle just as shouting comes from atop one of the wagons of a retreat, with a flag made of someone's blue shirt being swung rapidly in the air. Apparently it's a predetermined signal since the convoy guards start retreating while defending.
"Kajiru, Bureizu, Zori, take care of any that are stopping the retreat."

As she watches Bureizu work, she growls a little at just the sight of Zori's strings. She then races off and looks for a particularly nasty looking fellow who seems to be chasing down a couple of retreating guards. She dives at him with a roar and attempts to land on him and start mauling rihgt away. Her attack going in claws and teeth first.
Meanwhile, Bureizu takes two arrows to the back that don't even sink in. The bear's skin seems to simply not even be penetrated by the blow. He turns with a roar at the two that attacked him and races toward them. While Kajiru savages her opponent he races in for a massive uppercut toward one of the pair before spinning around for a spinning heel kick into the other before he lands that foot and lets out a roar with both paws up ready to fight.

Zori watches Kajiru as she attacks the baddies. Zori snickers as when Hige gives out his order. "Very well." Zori then looks over at a nearby group of baddies. His wires then travel over to them slicing and slashing at their bodies. The Jounin remained behind Zori watching.

Hige looks over the area still, jumping up to stand on Konsho's back so he can see more. The slow groaning of wheels tells him the convoy has started moving again as a soft squeaks starts to echo. When he looks back it seems that three of four carts still worked and the fourth was just left in place for now. Hige nods to the convoy before he drops down to ride on Konsho's back. "Let's go."
Not that all the guards had more or less successfully retreated the attention of all those bandits turns of the five still remaining. Of course The one goes down under Kajiru's pounce-maul technique, causing him to flail his arms and cry out in pain. Bureize again has success as people aren't quite sure what to do with a giant bear standing on two legs with armorish gear. It helps them to get punched sky high, throwing them back a good distance and more likely than not killing them. Zori's wires are equally as effectivev as uncertain and poorly trained bandits fall prey to them. One tries to run away but the wire easily catches up to him, decapitating him.
As Konsho rushes one of the groups lightning surrounds the boy of the pair as Hige stands and jumps off of Konsho. The pup starts spinning and together they meet up in a violent lightning spinny claw fangy death.

Rushing off of her latest prey, Kajiru growls out happily as she races forward. Even as the bear turns to spot Kajiru he calls out for her, "Kajiru! Here!" Bureizu grabs her as she rushes him and she leaps up off of his paw as he pushes her high into the air. She aims to land on another even as Bureizu aims another kick at another passing bandit before slamming a fist into another and then he rushes forward on all fours, headbutting another. Each hit causes an almost blasting sound with each unleashing a torrent of chakra.
Kajiru ends up trying to maul yet another victim after pouncing on them before popping up and roaring out her own roar before laughing, "Who else seeks death?!"

Zori saw that the convoy started moving as well. Zori turned his attention back over to the battlefield. The Lightning display caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. Zori eyes dart over to Hige watching his lightning element fang over fang in its true glory. "That..guy" Zori mutters to himself. His eyes dart back over to the baddies, this time his wires lashed out at them in a straight line. With a slight movement of his finger, the wire branched of into a multitude of them moving in unision in pursuit of wrapping the baddies to a tree or something closeby. The Jounin smirks when he see's Kajiru mauling his unfortuate victim. Remaining behind Zori even though Zori hasnt really moved from the spot since he got here.

Kajiru claims another victim before the man even realizes where that growling sound is coming from. HE didn't think to look up! It would prove to be his downfall. Literally. He falls down and cries out in pain as the wolverine starts tearing into him, leaving him nothing but pain. Bureizu is still kicking butt as well as there's not much one can do when confronted with such a creature besides say your last prayers. And while Zori's wires surely attempt to wrap his victims around something…they're in a field right now! Instead they get wrapped up in various pairs, cursing as they try to escape the confines of the wires.
There's no chance for the ones that Hige hit, a smoldering crater will blackened and ravished bodies at his feet as the dust settles. Just as it seems they might be okay with what's left another fify or so men and women break out of the tree line of the opposite forest and start rushing the shinobi. There's…a whole aid of a lot of them. But as luck would have it a second team arrives, the Chuunin landing next to Hige while two other Genin land next to Kajiru and Zori. "We're here to help," the Chuunin says before he and the other two Genin charge in and start fighitng the new group. Hige glances at Kajiru and Zori and motions them forward as well to help with this new large group of bandits.

Much of Kajiru's recent time has been spent, well, getting a bear companion so she hasn't trained a whole lot so her tricks are few but effective. She races forward, biting and slashing and kicking claws across more enemies as she goes. At the same time, Bureizu is moving along as well. When others arrive, they are greeted by a grin from Kajiru that is filled with reddened teeth and a face that looks savage from battle. She's not what one would be called subtle. At the same time, Bureizu might actually be called the more proper of the pair as he gives a swift kick to a man followed by a backhand meant to send the man flying before he bows to the chuunin, "I bed you welcome."

Zori smirks when his victims got wrapped up in pairs. Zori was ready to finish them off in a heartbeat. "Time to finish them" The wires begin to tighten around the bounded victims but then something happened. When the other two Genin arrived by Zori, his concentration broke for the moment. Zori turns his head over to the two Genin. I didnt need any help…grr. Zori stares at the newly arrived Genins for a moment. Then it was back to the battlefield. The new baddies arrived as they moved in and so did Zori's wires. Lashing out at the new baddies slashing and slicing at them. Zori managed to manuever a poison bomb with his wires nearby one of the baddies giving a slight tug of his wires the poison gas would be released.

Hige and his gruop cause more damage inside the new arrivals of bandits and by the time they're done some have taken to fleeing for their lives. Just at that time a few more teams arrive and Hige calls for his team. "Kajiru, Bureizu, Zori, to me." He wipes his sleeve along his chin to wipe some of the blood off but it smears it more than anything. His fangs and claws are covered in the stuff as is a good portion of his body from the spatter and spray of his enemies.
With his team breaking off the other freshly arrived times give chase after those that are running into the opposite forest. Hige looks back to his group once they're near and he nods, giving them a bloody fang toothed grin. "Good job guys. Bureizu, you have my thanks. Our part as the immediate strike force is done. We'll leave the cleanup to the fresh teams." A glance over the others and nobody seems the worse for wear. "If you're hurt we'll stop at the convoy on the way back. The medic team is there now. Other than that, we'll head back to the Leaf. At a much more leisurely pace."

Grinning, Kajiru comes walking over to the others as she shakes off her claws. She hears that they are finishing up and she shakes off her claws again before spitting out what is in her mouth. She then reverts back to normal. She grins with still red teeth and then nods, "You got it." She then smiles to Bureizu.
Bureizu gives a bow to Hige, "It is a pleasure." He then smiles to Kajiru, "I'm going to head back then. I will see you next time I'm in need." He then gives a bow and then looks to Zori. He hmms and shakes his head before simply disappearing. THe bear going back to its own land.

Zori hears Hige calling out to him. Zori walks over to Hige grining at him. Once Zori arrived in front of Hige, Zori looked Hige over and saw the blood on the Inuzukas chin and it was smeared. Zori has no blood on him. Zori always knew Hige was a savage. Zori then looks over at Kajiru when she got near. She had red teeth too. Yep both savages. Good thing Zori is innocent in whatever he does. Zori's Jounin walks on over and pats Zori on his shoulder. "Well since it looks like everything is under control here, we should be going." Zori's eyes dart over at the Jounin then back at Hige. "Alright..Hige. Im out of here. Clean yourself up, theres blood on you everywhere." Zori grins wildly. Zori's enjoying the sight of all this blood more then what he would hoped for. Zori's eyes move over to Kajiru. "Kajiru" is all he says to her as he and the Jounin begin to leave the area going back to home.

Hige reaches out to ruffle Kajiru's hair but stops when he realizes there's still blood on his claws. "Yeah, take him back home please," Hige agrees with the Jounin with nod. "Check on the convoy on your way by and get some healing if either of you need it." Hige looks back down to Kajiru and thumbs over his shoulder. "I smell water that way, so let's go clear our hands and faces at least before he head back and give someone a heart attack." With that he'd lead Kajiru and Konsho off and leave the cleanup to the cleanup crew.

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