Emergency Supply Rescue


Kiku, Shuuren, Takeshi, Tsiro, Yuuka

Date: August 28, 2012


An emergency team is put together to rescue one of Shuuren's caravans.

"Emergency Supply Rescue"

Outside the Mist Village

Desperate times call for desperate measures. While Shuuren has been keeping his trips to Kirigakure to a minimum lately, a situation occured that called for his immediate attention. A caravan carrying valuable items was taken hostage by a group of bandits. Luckily, his caravans are more like sets of three vaults on wheels that can be locked with a switch by the driver but only unlocked by a key that Shuuren carries on his person at all times. Since this happened in the Land of Water, Shuuren sent a letter ahead to Kirigakure to prepare a team as quickly as possible. This load is apparently important enough that he agreed to pay the price of an A-Rank mission for the team to be ready as soon as he arrives at the gate.
Driving a horse-drawn coach built for speed, chariot-like in its aerodynamic making, Shuuren arrives at the gate of Kirigakure and pulls the reigns to bring the coach to a halt. The driver's seat has room enough for two, seats built across from each other behind it for group seating. As the coach halts, he looks around, a stern look on his face as he searches for the team.
Dusk beginning to settle over Kirigakure, the sound of clopping hooves breaks through the stillness that hovers over Mist Lake like a lingering fog. Beneath the hem of her hooded kimono the figure standing lakeside lifts her rich aquamarine eyes in pause, waiting for the coach to part through the trees and near before Yuuka glances over her shoulder, spying Shuuren for a silent, speculative moment. Clearly he was the client, and having met him before this would be the first she has seen him face to face. He was so young, certainly didn't dress like a shinobi to be sure, so it makes her wonder. After a pause Yuuka quietly turns and presents a calm, gentle smile. Much more so than one would expect of a Kaguya woman as she lowers her chin with a light nod in greetings. "Would you be Shuuren-san?"
Tsiro had become used to being summoned for missions. The first couple of times the missions were rough, especially when they are the type your not able to speak of. The last couple though had gotten better. Plus Tsiro was excited to be back on a mission with Yuuka. It was the first one he knew of since her return to active duty.
The boy no longer wears the old attire she would have seen him wearing. He now wears more mesh and camo pants with small slits for the bones to protrude out of.
Tsiro arrived at the gates only moments before the carriage pulled up. "Hey Sensei." he states before stepping onto the back of the carriage as it arrived.

Takeshi does what Takeshi does best, he just appears, sliding out from behind the trees to follow Yuuka up to Shuuren, yawning loudly. "So, what are we doing? You had to pick my name out of the list? Either that or you want me to help you on an a or s rank mission." Then a shrug, "Either way. You the client?" He gives a nod to shuuren, "Sup?"
Kiku sighs, as she arrives on horseback as well. She sighs a bit as she shakes her head a little bit, and notices Yuuka and Tsiro. As the woman rides up towards the pair, she stops, and sees Shuuren. The woman turns the horse around, and covers her face up with a mask of bone that grows out of her skin. The woman tries to get the horse to start going the other way. Bad day, bad day, this makes a Jackie Chan bad day look good…
Adorned in his normal white suit, the young businessman glances around to the incoming Kaguya as they arrive at the gates. A nod is given to Yuuka as she speaks, "Yes. It's my caravan that's been hijacked on its way to make a delivery." He then glances to the old man walking up and shrugs his shoulders, "Perhaps you can give the young ones some wisdom on how to disable bandits' bodies without killing them. I have a much better punishment in mind for them than a quick death. If you would all please take a seat on the cart, we'll be on our way." Kiku is given a stern glance as she rides up on her own horse, and the Jounin Medical Ninja rolls his eyes. "Tie your horse up somewhere and get on the cart with the rest. I don't have time or patience for you trying to divert from the plan today." Rather stern from an ex-boyfriend, but he IS the one signing the checks today.
Turing her head faintly, Yuuka lifts a pale brow as she watches the exchange between her teammates, from the first impressions of Shuuren as he explains the mission in further detail. The fact that he didn't want the thieves dead makes her wonder if he's really from Kirigakure or not. Still she ponders in silence before she lifts herself up effortlessly to slip into the seat next to him, glancing back easily at Tsiro to give him a warm smile, knowing exactly how excited he would be. "Alive is doable. Do you want them wrapped up with a bow as well?"

There was a little surprise as Takeshi had shown up. What on earth could this guy be hauling that had him needing two Jounin, a lowly Chuunin and a beast of a Genin? For the most part the boy sits their patiently just waiting for the mission to get under way. His eyes scanned Kiku for a moment. She did seem to know everyone.

Takeshi nods at Shuuren, "I see. We can do that. Taijutsu is my specialty, should be fairly easy then." Then a shrug as he moves to get into the cart, bowing his head slightly, "Wake me when the action starts."
Kiku glares back. "Is this punishment cause of what happend?", she says. The woman ties her horse up, and growls a little bit. "Yes sir. Right away. Sir. Some tea for the trip!", she says. "Or do you think I might lose control of my Shikot again?", she hisses. THe woman takes a moment to get into the couch…
Shuuren is bit relieved as Yuuka takes the seat beside him. That cuts out any chance of awkwardness from Kiku being the one to sit by him, though she may get jealous. Smirking slightly at her question, he says, "No, but the chains in the box under one of the back seats will do." At Kiku's question, he glares back at her, saying, "Just shut up in get in. I don't have time for your mouth." Once all are aboard, the whips the reigns to signal for the horses to take off. The cart begins to speed off at a rather impressive speed down the path, moving through the misty path at full speed. If anyone's in the way, they better move. Once they reach the docks, they turn in the direction toward the Kumourite village, Shuuren's eyes locked on the path ahead as they ride hurriedly toward where the caravan was stopped.
The continuous bickering was making it increasingly difficult to ignore, or at least act oblivious towards as they snap at one another. Clearly the pair knew each other and were on bad terms for one reason or twelve. Listening only briefly, her expression tightens as Yuuka turns her covered head to glance over her shoulder at Kiku, "Whatever is going on right now you better get over it right now. This is a mission and if you are distracted you will get someone killed, including yourself. If we can not trust you to hold our backs then there is no reason for you to be here." Lifting her aquamarine eyes towards Shuuren, she gives him a hardened look to signify the same message in essence, that he needs to put the mission in front of everything else for now and deal with personal problems later. Though being the client Yuuka utters not a word as she turns forwards, obscuring her facial features beneath the hood as the cart takes off at a hard speed.

Well, some things never changed. Kiku copping an attitude with a man. Yeah, nothing new. Of course then Yuuka lays down the law and Tsiro is glad not to have been caught between the two. He was somehow shocked Takeshi was able to pretend to be resting. Then again Takeshi usually was able to take stances on things Tsiro could not understand. Things like picking up servants on missions where everyone was to die.
Despite laughing his ass off on the inside, Tsiro is glad to see the coach get moving. Soon all the bickering would be behind them and the mission would be done.

Takeshi wakes up at the bickering and nods at Yuuka, "Hmm. Kumorite? Well…Haven't been around this area in awhile. It's good for an ambush, that's true. So probably something to keep an eye out for."
Then he looks over at Tsiro, "Tsiro, how's the training going? Strong enough to beat me yet?"
Kiku turns her head towards Yuuka. "Just keep your hands away from him, or you won't be touching anything ever again.", she says. THe woman turns towards the window, and glares out it. Yup, jealiousy! THe woman just takes a few deep breaths, trying to settle herself as she looks outside the couch. Simple mission, so she'll practice some of her genjutsu and seals instead of using her taijutsu. Since Maikeru arrived, she's been in a not happy mood. Right now, her attention is on the scenery.
Shuuren keeps his eyes on the road ahead as Yuuka scolds Kiku. When he turns his gaze toward him, he lifts an eyebrow but makes no response other than that. All he cares about right now is getting the mission done, which is why he told Kiku to just shut up and get in, so he doesn't feel her speech applies to him. He simply keeps his eyes ahead… At least until Kiku actually threatens to hurt her leading Jounin if she puts her hands on him. He blinks then glances back over his shoulder at her for a moment before looking back ahead at the path as they race ahead.
Up ahead, the caravan is seen halted in the middle of the road. As described, they look more like vaults on wheels, as Shuuren has stepped up security since more and more bandits and pirates seem to be after his cargo lately. The leader of the group is picking at the lock on one of the doors with a kunai knife, attempting to pick the lock.
"There they are. Prepare yourselves."
Something inside of her tenses as Yuuka lowers her head, completely obscuring her normally gentle features into shadows as silence completely engulfs her being to transform into something darker part of herself, something completely unlike the young Kaguya woman's usual gentle self. Whatever nerve Kiku had touched upon came incredibly close to her own death. Without a word in reply, the couch increases speed through the shaded forest, under the growing shadows of the coming night before the caravan becomes visible several yards head of them. Yuuka lifts her eyes just slightly, her expression dark as she pushes herself up to stand while the cart still rams at full speed. "Annoying…" she growls as a long kimono sleeve lifts upwards, and with a light flick of her hands scatters a half a dozen bone seedlings. Under her will each violently expands into a wide net of ivory to ensnare several thieves, including the dagger-wielding locksmith; vines wrapping dangerously tight around limbs and throats.

Tsiro's crimson eyes focused on Kiku. Of his entire life, she was the first to ever commit the sin she just had. Not one single Kaguya had been dumb enough to ever insult Yuuka, at least not that he had seen. An elder, a swamp land vagabond, even an Okumo that thought it fun to attack everyone he seemed to be on a mission with respected her. Tsiro cracked his neck for a moment. His mind was debating hospitalizing her again. Not that she would learn from it, but it would teach her the place in the clan she held.
As the caravan comes into view, bones begin to protrude from the arms, legs, chest and back of the boy. He had become like a human porcupine. He glances once more at Kiku. "I will deal with you later." He then hops off the caravan. Now bone splinters were being shot out of his mouth towards the backs of the knees of the bandits.

Takeshi is in the back of the caravan, snoring.
Kiku just sits on in the couch, protecting the Elder Kaguya. Somebody has to keep him safe while he's sleeping.
As the Kaguya all seem to be turning their malice on Kiku for a moment, Shuuren glances back for a moment. Though he doesn't say anything just yet, he hopes they can all stay focused on the mission at hand and this newly formed vendetta be handled later. As they begin to attack, he continues to drive the coach forward until slowing it to a halt about thirty feet from the captured caravan.
The thieves look up just in time to see the shards of bone coming their way and aren't quite quick enough to get away from being entangled. "Hey, can't a thief plunder around this place?!" the leader calls out as he falls to the ground with half his men. Tsiro's bone needles take a few of them down on their knees, though the rest begin to charge toward the shinobi, the disabled ones that can still use their hands tossing kunai to try to fend the shinobi off. It is clear, however, that they are nowhere close to shinobi level fighters.
The half dozen thieves she had entangled in her bone are lifted up into the air, a mass of limbs and grunts as those captured struggle against the net of vines. Narrowing her dark gaze at her catch, Yuuka scowls as she looks to Shuuren out of the corner of her eyes. "Better catch your bounty before I decide to kill them on a whim." she murmurs, her lip curling with a low growl as she drops the catch into the back of the cart, ensuring that the thieves would have more than their fair share of bruises later.

Tsiro rushed forward dancing between those who were not dropped down. Bones from his elbows and knees smash into things like their arms, legs and maybe an abdomen here or there. He glanced back towards the others. Takeshi was going to miss all the fun and Yuuka seemed to be still upset. He looked back at her for a moment. There was a possibility she might take Kiku out herself.
Kiku continues to sit back, and watch the others deal with things. Anytime there's an attack made towards her or Takeshi, Kiku puts up a seal barrier to protect the elder. There's no point in her getting mixed into things better handled by the other two.

Takeshi snorts loudly in his sleep, several thieves fall out of tress and a couple of the others fall head over heels and flip around a couple of times. None of them dead of course. Surprisingly, boxes begin appearing on top of the current carriage, but the elder is still snoring soundly, before opening one eye, "You're all noisy."
As Yuuka makes her threat, Shuuren glances over to her and lifts an eyebrow. He lets out a sigh and shakes his head, whipping the reign on the coach to ride around the caravan. Once there, he hops off and walks over the caravan, pulling off the bolts holding the part that keeps the horses on that one off and attaching it to the front of his coach. Apparently, he plans ahead for this kind of thing. Once that's done, he goes over to the caravan once again, reaching into his jacket to grab a key and putting in a slot on the side of the caravan. The wheels unlock, and then he turns the caravan to attach and bolt it to the back of the coach he drove here.
Once Tsiro and Yuuka have dispatched of the thieves they were attacking, the remaining thieves that are attacking him and Kiku that have been chased off a bit as he drove the coach start to jump over the coach. A couple even leap toward Shuuren, kunai aimed at his chest.
Standing where she had been seated in the coach still, Yuuka flicks her keen eyes over her surroundings while Shuuren makes his way to the caravan itself, swiftly attaching it to the back of coach while other thieves begin scattering into the woods themselves. Really she would love nothing else but to give chase to each one of them, hunt them as the dark monster in the night and spill their blood at the last possible instant, but no. She needed to keep her eye on Shuuren, to watch his back as he worked. And her caution proved to be valid as a pair leap at him with kunai aimed to stab at him. "Baka…" Yuuka growls at her breath. With a sweep of her hand she scatters more slivers of bone into the air, materializing nets of ivory vines to ensnare them both and wrap their arms tightly against their bodies. Turning, she pulls them towards her through the air to look one straight in the eye, "If I hear so much as one word I will not hesitate to feed you just a fraction of my bone and tear your insides apart, second by each agonizing second."
Takeshi snorts again, "When did Yuuka become queen of the vampires?"
Kiku was watching the scene, and reacts a second slower then Yuuka cause Kiku has to create the seal on the bone while its extending out of her skin. She throws the blade so that in lands in the ground in front of Shuuren before a seal barrier comes up in front of Shuuren. Too bad its only right after Yuuka does her bone vines. Kiku mutters a few times, and sits back down on the couch.
Tsiro looked back in time to see Yuuka take care of the bandit looking to take out Shuuren. He returns to his duty and continues to slice into bandits with his bones. Even those that are fleeing get bone shards spit at them. Finally he looks back towards Takeshi. "Do we really gotta split our pay with Sleeping Gramps?" He was hoping the humor might lighten Yuuka's mood.

Takeshi opens an eye and stares at Tsiro, "Yeah, you do. I did my part, I just didn't have to leave the carriage to do it. Don't blame me that I'm older than you and have more subtle abilities." Then a yawn, "But I don't want the reward anyways. I make enough money as it is. You can split it amongst yourselves. Not even sure why I'm here."
With the combined effort to save him from the incoming thieves, Shuuren looks up and gives a nod to Yuuka. As he glances over to the grumbling Kiku, a faint smirk touches his lips as he leaps back onto the coach. "Load all our friends into the hatch under the coach, and we'll go finish this deliver so you all can go back to what you were doing." He glances over to Tsiro as he speaks, chuckling a bit. "I'm sure the Mizukage will divide the money fairly," he says as he looks back ahead, waiting for the Kaguya to finish their work so they can go.
The couple that Tsiro is still fighting are the last, and they appear to be waning quickly. "P-Please! We'll go!" one of them shouts out, cowering from the boy.

With a light breath Yuuka straightens the curve of her back enough to appear human at least, her dark gaze lifting from her catch to the other, seeing the last of them caught or having fled into the forest. Not that they would survive that long. Lifting her eyes towards Shuuren she listens to his instructions and lowers her chin with a soft nod, glancing back over her shoulder at the others she had already gathered. The nets and her caught thieves appear to move on their own accord as Yuuka slips them into the hatch beneath the coach.
Tsiro grabs the two that he was fighting after they submit. He then tosses them into the hatch. He then follows up behind Yuuka and enters the coach. He places a hand on her shoulder but does not say anything. He nods at Shuuren about the divide made by the Mizukage. He was not really overly worried about how the money was split. It had been more a jest.

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