Emoting - One Bit Truth



Date: March 25, 2011


None given.

"Emoting - One Bit Truth"

Unknown location

A single word among others continued to play over and over within the
one and only stag beetle style armor wearing shin obi of the hidden mist
as he dipped ever so slowly, but always more closely to the ground before
the resounding *clink* of metal on metal break the silence engulfing much
of the villages gateway area. Yet before the armored man, Onimitsu, could
take even a proper step forward to the gate, he staggers forward until
eventually with a final heavy exhale he falls to a kneel. This
inadvertently sends his helmet sliding off his face to reveal to the few
still roaming at such an early hour, a reason to gasp at the sight of
Onimitsu face or turn to look back in curiosity. A reflexive glance away
to scan the area and lowering himself into a defensive stance however, in
the case of his chuunin partner for the days current mission. The same one
who rushed to his side the moment his body began to sway unnatural. At
least more unnatural than the few times ANYONE has ever seen of a
intoxicated Onimitsu.

When no signs of an enemy shinobi were sighted, nor any signs of the
gate guards among others going on the alert as well, Hitoshi turned his
gaze down towards partially collapsed Onimitsu with the intent to ask him
what was going on. Unfortunately, words failed him completely and it took
most of his shin obi resolve to resist outwardly showing just how much the
sight of the maskless man rattled him. Even so it still took some time for
Hitoshi to recover enough to help him. By which time the armored wearing
former chuunin had managed to calm his haggard breathing and by extension
his heart rate, wipe the sweat coating much of his visage along with the
blood trailing from a small gash ruining part of his forehead with the
back of his gauntlet, then finally fall further forward to press the
ground with a steady hand to push himself up into a stand. All while his
armor began to rattle more than it should; giving away the fact that his
body was still unstable still trembling from fatigue.

Hitoshi pulled his body back just in time to avoid back hand from
Onimitsu, but not fast or more likely smart enough to resist gazing back
into the eyes of the strangely fatigued man. Burning crimson rings
surrounding cool, dark pools that threaten his own physical stability
forestalled further action on Hitoshi's part only long enough for Onimitsu
to eventually tire of glaring, and wasting time better spent on carrying
out their mission.
"Gomen.", He stated formerly barely above a whisper, but at least
without betraying his hidden annoyance. That is until he picked up his
helmet with practiced ease and slammed it in place. "But regardless. We
can not forestall journeying to the Land of Iron any longer. Not with the
stakes this high." Onimitsu intoned gravely as he lowered himself into a
sprinter starting stance. "Not when the 'True' Yoshimitsu." Upon hearing
that name Hitoshi quickly sobered up, but wouldn't be allowed once again
to say anything before Onimitsu vanished with nothing to show of his
existence except memories, dust, and a very deep engraving from where his
foot dug into the concrete for the first few steps.

The Race is on…

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