Emoting - Project: Kindness, Promise, Crossroads, Our Land



Date: March 22, 2011


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"Emoting - Project: Kindness, Promise, Crossroads, Our Land"

Unknown location

— While we wore the same smiles,
We passed through the years together. —

The scene opens with a figure standing at one of the cliffs that give a
good vantage point and view of Sunagakure. The wind collides with the
figure's cloak, sending the edges flapping in the wind as he holds the
hood down with one hand.

— The sceneries kept changing,
And we struggled to accept it. —

The first glimpse of the sun appears over the horizon, sending blissful
light over the horizon and illuminating the sky with colors this figure
has never learned to appreciate until today. And as the wind finally
forces down the hood of the figure…

— I throw away my useless pride. —

… Tears are visible on his face, flowing down his cheeks. Images of all
the places he has visited in this village and all the people he has met
flashed in front of his eyes. And before this beautiful place today, he
was helpless and unable to stop the tears.

He slowly came to realize that pride was holding him back from showing
this place a little kindness. For the first time he was faced with the
choice to forfeit it.

Suddenly, he feels himself bursting with chakra and his hand raises
towards the sky over Sunagakure.

— May kindness come to this world. —

As the figure's closed hand, extended towards the sky over Sunagakure,
opened, as if trying to grasp the sky — it was surrounded by a crimson
misty sheen, flowing down on the wind.

— I Gotta Say —

His chakra spiked…

— Even if I show off my bravery or my strength —

… with such force that it sent the lower edges of his cloak fly up for a
moment, as if changing the direction of the wind itself, or stopping it.
The crimson mist fell to the ground revealing the misty thing to be tiny
crystals, shining in the light of the rising sun.

But whatever he was doing, he hesitated. His eyes closed half-way, and he
bit his lower lip. There was always something.. just beneath the
surface… always. Something he never wanted to deny again.

— I can't survive alone —

His hand lowered, and the wind continued to buffet around him sending his
dark hair flying, following the current, just like his cloak.

The figure's gaze lifted skywards, watching the puffy clouds and the sky
expanding behind them. There were rare cases when this figure felt… it
wasn't a lonely feeling. Just.. that's right. Humbling.

He smiled.

Thoughts like that always made him think of one person. Didn't he just a
few days ago promise her he will change? He promised her a change. But
now, he wasn't sure, if he promised her that he will change himself or the

— Our promise from that day —

He sat down on the cliff, elbow hoisted over his knee as he watched down
on Sunagakure.

The figure sighed and shook his head, his smile turning into a grin. Soon,
heartfelt laughter echoed over the cliffs.

He remembered what his promise meant.

— It remains firmly in my heart, —

This time… he was gonna make things right.

- Even now. —

The wind ruffled the figure's hair as he sat on the cliff-face and stared
down at Sunagakure. His cloak was flapping lazily in the wind now, like a

— New encounters come after each farewell. —

The figure's thoughts strayed constantly to all the people he has met ever
since he left the village.

— find light down a new path, and move on. —

Even now, the image of giant gates shutting behind him, as he headed into
the sunset his outstretched shadow following him, played over his head.
And on his travels…

— Since the day I was born,
That has been the way my life was molded. —

… he never found a place where he was welcome.

— Before we realized it, —

And now, when he finally understood that place was never far away…

— We have both found our own futures. —

… it was taken from him. Or better yet, he gave it up before he knew
what it meant.

The figure looked towards the administration building of Sunagakure, lying
in the distance.

The wind howls loudly.

The figure's lips move silently.

— I Gotta Say —

And whatever words the wind stole, they were followed by the figure
looking as if he was just told someone important to him died.

And suddenly, he looks angry and stands up, proud and defiant.

"Didn't you hear me?!"

— Even if you are far away where I can't meet you,
There's a resilient bond between us. —

"I will never forgive you, Sousa!!!" He shouts with all the strength he
can summon, and his echoing words can be heard over the howling wind. But
there's no way they could reach Sousa or anyone from up there.

"Do you hear me!? I have a dream I will never give up and a promise I
can't break!"

— "May my dreams come true."
I am praying from the bottom of my heart. —

"And there's nothing you can do to stop me from coming back!"

'Itami, Tsubasa, Yane…' The names and faces sprung to the figure's

— We're friends forever.
We pledged to meet again someday,
Crossed our little fingers,
And set out that day, —

"Just you wait…" He addressed the people in his thoughts, everyone he
considered a friend.

— For unseen destinations,
And though we may be lost, —

"All this time… and I finally found the place I belong to…"

And then the figure stretched out his hand and started charging chakra
into a crystalline round object that kept growing in size.

— We are making progress, —

"So just you wait… cause I'll be joining you soon."

The object, easily 30 meters in diameter, is now in the skies far over
Sunagakure. Alarms all over Sunagakure ring.

"And wherever my path might take me next. I'll be with you…"

— Always —

"… always."

The figure's eyes narrow at the huge 'falling star', plummeting towards
Sunagakure and his hand clenches into a fist.


As the figure balls his hand into a fist the star explodes.

— I Gotta Say —

"Are you sure this is alright, Kureno?" Came a surreal, female, voice as
Kureno turned his back on Sunagakure and started walking away.

— Even if I show off my bravery and my strength, —

"I guess." He replied, shrugging his shoulders. "After all…"

— I can't survive alone. —

"… this place /is/ my home."

The star's explosion had littered the entire sky with tiny crystal
fragments so numerous they painted a portion of the sky red.

— Our promise from that day, —

"But you always used to hate this land and Sunagakure. You sacrificed
everything that was related to it! Your name, your pride, your clan, your
status… everything!" The ghostly voice came again.

— It remains firmly in my heart. —

The figure turned around to look at Sunagakure. "That was before I
realized I just hate the Kazekage. This place has shown me nothing but
kindness." He pauses.

— As life goes on… —

"… I think I like it."

— I musn't forget, yeah. —

"No. I love this vast land and everything about it." He smirked.

The crystal fragments were shaped like cherry blossoms and were snowing
over Sunagakure. And despite the numerous alarms, the figure could clearly
see people gathering in the streets to watch the spectacle. He could
imagine their excitement right now.

"Did you know, Hotaru, that I, too, always wanted to see snow?" The figure

— Don't let it go… —

"What are you talking about!? Destroy it. This is what you always wanted,
isn't it!? This land belongs to manipulating cowards. Erradicate them,

"This Land belongs to those who are not afraid to sacrifice everything to
protect something. This Land belongs to the people, not the King!" The
figure replies and pauses, "This is OUR LAND." He shouted the last part

— I remember this vast land and all my friends. —

"Now be silent, ghost. I will have no more of your venom. I will protect
this land and fix all the mistakes I've made." The figure said as he
turned around once again, and continued walking towards the sunrise,
crystal cherry blossoms falling all around him.

He was smiling.

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