Emoting - wasted time



Date: March 27, 2011


None given.

"Emoting - wasted time"

Unknown location

A thin man stood across the table from Mitsuomi and seemed rather calm
as he spoke in a hushed tone to the Tokubetsu. This calm was not reflected
in the man to which he spoke however. It was not long before the man
speaking prattled on unintelligbly and then fell silent and stark still.

Mitsuomi's form had grown tense enough that it shook slightly. That was
its only movement for a long time. Even his breathing seemed to halt in
movement, but not in its low growl of warning.

After what seemed an eternity, but was only a moment or two at the most
Mitsuomi's eyes shifted from the table to look at the man before him. They
had lost the lightheartedness they held at the start of their talk. Now
they were tainted dark and dangerous. The pupils almost swallowed by a
darkening iris. Their gaze did not rest on the man as he first felt, but
instead peered through his form with an intensity that drew a cold sweat
on the thin man's neck.

These moments were precious, and though they were agonizingly long in
their briefness, they gave clue as to what would happen. With a simple
shift Mitsuomi's hand met the table and passed through it as it were
tissue on his rise to his feet. With an absent glance he saw the wood now
resting around his arm and with a show of power shattered it with a surge
of chakra that made the air suddenly feel like it too fled the room.

Then came a sinister grin that twisted his face into that of a demon's.
A soft laugh or maybe they were just his breath between his teeth. Hard to
tell with this sort of man that got that sort of news.

The thin man lept out of his skin at the sight of it and moved to flee
to safest place he could in the time he had…and that was just a feeble
roll to the side of Mitsuomi's immediate path. He looked up just in time
to hear heavy thuds upon the floor. Mitsuomi's boots rang out like nails
in a coffin. This wasn't going to be pretty and may the saints preserve
whoever it was that had done what they shouldn't have done.
Mitsuomi's mind swirled now. So many thoughts and so many urges, but
all begged for the same thing…vengance. This man would pay, and dearly.
As he reached the door, his smile grew and his eyes became those of a
demon. The iris gone and replaced by a spiraling mass of ever darkening
hues cast in a frame of crimson. His skin itself seemed to come alive. He
was giving into sweet insanity.

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